too much for me to handle

“Do you want me to keep things from you? I never know how much of my feelings are too much for other people to handle.”


For me, the most rewarding thing about having reptiles is learning a different “language”. Dogs and cats etc are fairly predictable in their behavior and easy to relate to since they have a lot of the same emotions as us. Reptiles are totally different - in a great way! I’m fairly certain that back when we’d first gotten Donut, we handled him too much. He was so cute and we really wanted to hang out with him. Now that we’ve got more experience with lizards, we’ve definitely come to understand them a lot more. We’re always joking about how grumpy they are and how they hate us because we’re stupid, and they have all gotten really rude over time! They curse a lot. I think once you get to the point where you’re able to accept/appreciate that they’re never going to love you like a dog does, and that they don’t necessarily want to be touched that much, it’s much easier to enjoy them from afar and appreciate the little weird things they all do

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Honestly the last thing I want is more sexualized straight-women-playing-lesbians. I want queer women in tv showing real lesbian relationships meant for queer people, not for men to fetishize. Most "lesbian" movies are porn. I'd want something like a Hollstein sex scene because it conveys real lesbians in a committed healthy partnership that we've grown to love. It's made for a queer audience. (And Natlise cares for Hollstein as well). I wish we had 1000s of tv shows like Carmilla.

I think that’s what the anon was referring to, or at least what I want obviously XD  Like Carmilla was my first lesbian media that wasn’t animated or video game or book/comic that I consumed bc it didn’t feel sexualized.  I felt kind of “gross” with what I saw on tv/movies so I avoided it so I didn’t feel guilty about my coming in to terms with my sexuality.  Or it was just too much at once for me to handle (I needed to start with something “soft”??? less intense??? and work my way up there??? I needed progression???)  I’ve known since I was 16 (and probably showed signs when I was a kid) but I didn’t accept it until I was 21 when I watched Carmilla.

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(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ This is the Amazing Person Award! (and trust me… you are AMAZING) Once you are given this award you are supposed to paste it in the ask of eight different people, who, in your opinion, deserve it. If you break the chain nothing will happen, but it’s sweet to know someone thinks you’re amazing inside and outside ♡

Hahaha thank you 😘 Well I’ll give it to Aneurin then, as he deserves it more than me! I’ll pass it to: @fionnaesthetic who’s the very best, both on social media and in real life ❤ @wellclutchmypearls who wrote my favourite Tommy / Gibson fic. @onedirectionlauren16-blog who keeps me updated on my Dunkirk babes whereabouts. @xxelthehistoricgamer who I can go crazy on my fluff cravings of Tommy / Gibson. It’s important to keep me sane. And finally @dunkirk-trash @lehsyi @tommy-and-gibson with who I can go crazy when Aneurin is too much to handle hehe. Here, have a little Aneurin GIF. I miss him ❤

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girl i'm fresh in college, it's my third month here and i'm thinking about how scared i was last year around this time thinking about this exact moment. it's such a great experience + you're more free, more people around you, learning more everyday. so it's okay to stress it because of the greater responsibilites of being more independent but not too much stress my love, or ill have to come over and give you a long hug + pep talk. 💞

omg mary you are truly one of the most calming people in the universe. i feel much better about all of this now. but like… if you want to come over and give me a hug and a pep talk i would be 10000% okay with that (since i basically need one like everyday y i k e s). it’s just hard because change is really exciting but sometimes college feels like a challenge that i really can’t handle?? that turned into a lowkey rant ignore me pls ily with all my being :~) 

god ive made like 13 million gil this weekend alone just selling leather and tannin i craft from the shit my retainers bring me

and im just. this is too much power. i’m inching up to 50 million gil and that is more money than i feel qualified to handle (except i totally will because ill need it if ishgard housing is ever released)

i want to get something funný on a custom made shirt but the fact that i can get just about ANYTHING printed on a shirt is too much power for me & i don’t know how to handle it…. WHAT do you choose when you have every option in the world!

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness

griffin and rachel's first date
rose buddies- ep. 66
griffin and rachel's first date

uhhhm…but yeah should we talk about our first date? …ye- yeah there’s just not a lot a lot happened we went to a…a fairly nice restaurant here that was known for their nice desserts yeah and then I had to..get gas on the way there and I spilled gasoline like pretty much all over my pants?? and i stank sooo bad *laughing* yeah the smell was pretty intense was very overpowering. and then we were gonna go to barton springs, right? were we? and then it got-we got rained out? we got rained out..yeah…and I don’t remember what we did I think we went to Grace and Bristol’s pool. and swam in that instead…..oh yeah! Yeah it’s ver..very romantic. and then knOW HAHA H A…YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS AFTER THAT A H AHAHAHAHA LITTLE BIT O THAT *grunt from home improvement* AND A SOME O THAT boINGUGUGGGUUH and a little bit o that OOOooohhNOOOooo and a little bit o that *gets real close to the mic and makes mouth sounds* and a little- a wHOLE BUNCH O THAT..C O W A B U N G A DUDE!! and some of that *borat voice* uh mY WiFE…and some of that *deep breath* MUH SWAMP *breaks out into laughter* and some o that- okay..okay please stop..I was gonna *laughing* i  was gonna sit in silence until you stopped….uh but you really got me with my swamp

⇁ plums & melons | 01

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pairing⇁Jimin x Reader

genre⇁smut, slight humor, drama || brother’s best friend!au 

warnings⇁public indecency, dirty talk, a lot of teasing, jimin’s porn preferences, and boobs

word count⇁6.3k

The long time running game between you and your brother’s best friend started when you noticed his fascination with boobs—yours specifically. It was never supposed to amount to more than harmless flirting and lingering glances, but now, one year later, Jimin was ready to change that.

alternatively: Jimin and you play a game. the loser is fucked. metaphorically. literally. all the above??

01 || 02 

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