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the anti princess

/* pairing : bts x reader

/* genre : butler bts + princess reader au

/* disclaimer : (of course) profanity, hints of domestic abuse, that’s it, really. oh yeah, and there’s lots of dialogue.

/* summary : you were a typical princess; attending balls, shuffling into tight clothing, and having to socialize with sleazy strangers. the job disgusted you, and you hated every part of it. except for your seven servants, who actually treated you like a human being; but you can’t help falling for them.

/* parts : teaser. prologue. (COMING SOON)

here’s a little preview of the upcoming prologue ! please think of this post as a sort of masterlist for all of the remaining chapters.

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Sentry and Chara for 5?

((me screaming into tumblr inbox whydidntyoutellmetheresanasktumblrwhyareyoulikethis)) so anyway… sorry it took so long..

Angst/Fluff prompt 

“You made your choice.”

dramatic children are dramatic lol

they’re having a bet who can finish a bowl of super spicy ramen* fastest… or just finish a bowl at all

hint : it’s a tie XD they’re both ded

((*in context : there was this weird sorta challenges here over who can eat spiciest food and it was quite a trend couple of years ago, people made spiciest snacks with levels on it and 10 is the spiciest level. It has died down now tho but it’s a pretty fun idea for this :3c))

Your name is Hanazawa Shigeo, and when you are twenty four years old, you meet a boy.

His name is Reigen Arataka.

[For @tardistype221b. I was your gifter for the Mob Psycho 100 Holiday Gift Exchange 2016 at @christmas-shou! I am so sorry for how late this is. Happy (belated) Holidays!]

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yoongi scenario | insomniac

❣️ I heard cuddling helps you sleep better…

💌 requested by anon // 900 words // fluff, roommate au

Originally posted by justanotherwriter1

Maybe it’s too much coffee too late in the day. Maybe it’s too much stress mounting minute by minute. Maybe it’s too many thoughts, cramped too close in his head.

Yoongi doesn’t know the reason. He just knows he can’t sleep.

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Headcannons for modern Lams?

*cracks knuckles* alright, here we go

- John hella wears 90′s style striped shirts

- they definitely meet on their first day of classes (history class taught by washington) because alex pours an energy drink into his coffee, stares john in the eye, and says “i’m going to die” before downing it

- John gets into a fight. Alex finds it incredibly hot. 

- Alex is a huge flirt. huge flirt. he writes poetry about John’s freckles. 

- but as soon as john reciprocates his feelings Alex is a stuttering mess

- lams is the type to be up at 3 AM preforming songs in their underwear together on the kitchen table

- they definitely go to protests n political rallies together (getting angry about the same thing is great first date material) 

- FMK with historical figures 

- (”You’d bang George Washington??” “You wouldn’t??”)

- they might have fights over lil things, but at the end of the day they always come back together

- Even when they have a big fight and Alex is temporarily kicked out of their apartment, all John does is worry about him not finding a place to crash at

- they don’t give a FUCK about pda, they’re always holding hands, touching, kissing, etc. occasionally gets them kicked out of places.

- man these nerds love each other so much, the living embodiment of “kick his ass baby, I got yo flower”

Fictober Day 2 - Candy

Chizuru swatted at Souji’s hand and shot a rather ineffective glare at him as he dipped a finger into the bowl of melted chocolate she’d only just set to the side.

“Okita, that’s for the kids!”

He raised an eyebrow at her as he smirked and slowly licked the sweet substance off his finger, thoroughly enjoying the way a flush started to creep up her cheeks. She pointed the chocolate-covered spoon at him threateningly, but before she could do more, he closed the distance between them, trapping her wrist in his hand.

“Then I guess I’ll just have to take this,” he said, watching as she stuttered and the flush crept all the way up to her ears as he licked the spoon in her hand.
Klapollo fluff.

“He’ll be happy to see you!” Trucy bounded past, turning around so she could face him as she continued, “Haven’t you noticed how he gets as soon as you walk into the room?”

“You keep saying that, but I don’t see it.” Apollo followed her, keeping his pace slow since Trucy insisted on walking backwards in front of him.

“That’s because you never see him when you’re not around!” Trucy repeated her usual argument.

“Of course I haven’t! That’s part of the definition of me not being there!” He was past the point of exasperation.

“We’ll see,” Trucy said. She gave him that all knowing smile and turned around to walk forward again.

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Where are all the snarky!draco ficks at?.. I need some sarcasm and bickering ... but lately I find only ficks with too much fluff ... and sappy draco or worse draco who's not draco at all... wth :( help

Snarky!Draco fics are the best!!! What is Draco without his biting wit, right? We are very fortunate in Drarry fandom to have many writers who have great takes on Draco and all his brilliant sarcasm. These are just some of my favorites. 

Chaos Theory by @tessacrowley (103K) - Chaos: when the present determines the future, but the approximate present does not approximately determine the future. One gene varies, one neuron fires, one butterfly flaps its wings, and Draco Malfoy’s life is completely different. Draco has always found a certain comfort in chaos. Perhaps he shouldn’t. Featuring Genius!Draco.

This is an absolutely brilliant story – one of the first Drarry fics I read, and it remains a favorite.  It is an AU canon retelling in which Draco is sorted into Ravenclaw and proceeds to run circles around his fellow students and professors. Draco’s interactions with Snape are particularly amusing as the two unleash their sarcasm at each other. It’s also a gorgeous slow-burn love story. Heed the warnings, as the plot goes very dark.

Azoth by @lol-zeitgeistic (88K) – Now that Harry is back at Hogwarts with Hermione for eighth year, he realises that something’s missing from his life, and it either has to do with Ron, his boggart, Snape, or Malfoy. Furthermore, what, exactly, does it mean when one’s life is defined by the desire to simultaneously impress and annoy a portrait? Harry has no idea; he’s too busy trying not to be in love with Malfoy to care.

This is an 8th Year fic and another one of my favorites. The plotting and writing are superb. Post-war Harry returns to Hogwarts to take his NEWTs, but Ron opts to join the aurors, leaving Harry somewhat at loose ends in regard to having a best male friend. Enter Draco, who becomes Harry’s tutor for potions. Harry, Draco, Hermione, and assorted other familiar characters end up participating in the Hogwarts Apprenticeship Program, with Harry apprenticing under portrait!Snape. I can’t even begin to describe the wonder that is zeitgeistic’s Snape: It has to be experienced. Harry ends up falling for Draco, who retreats to his customary sarcasm to remain emotionally distant.

All the Sense in the World by @l0vegl0wsinthedark  (10K) - He had absolutely no idea what was about to happen. Maybe Malfoy would kick him in the face. Maybe he’d scream loud enough that the whole school would rush in and see him lying there between Malfoy’s legs with his cock rock hard. Maybe he’d hex Harry’s rock hard cock off. Hell, maybe Harry’d wake in his own bed in a few minutes with a rock hard cock and would never again be able to look at Malfoy without sprouting an instant hard-on.Or maybe he and Malfoy would have sex.

By the author’s own admission, this fic is barely more than PWP (very compelling porn, I might add.). The boys find themselves in the Hogwarts infirmary, and their beds just happen to be next to each other. Draco is grumpy from a potions accident, so initially he is not receptive to Harry’s overtures. As you can imagine, this state of affairs doesn’t last long.

Hey, Potter by SunseticMonster (16k) -  Harry returns to Hogwarts for his 8th year, determined not to let Malfoy get to him. But when the snarky teasing starts up again, Harry finds that returning the jibes with compliments has a far more interesting outcome. 

A charming take on the enemies-to-lovers trope. Draco’s snark in this fic hews close to the tone that Rowling established in the original books. Think  sophomoric insults that can only warrant a good eye-roll. Naturally, insults give way to Something More. This is also a story about healing in the post-war era, with a bittersweet subplot about letting go. 

And for some Post-Hogwarts recs:

After Hours at the Ministry of Magic by birdsofshore (11K) - It isn’t precisely how Harry planned to spend Christmas Eve: trapped in a lift with his ex-boyfriend, somewhere between the third and the fourth floors of the Ministry of Magic.

The summary tells you pretty much all you need to know about this story, which is a variation on the forced proximity trope.  As you can imagine, Draco and Harry are not as over each other as they might seem. The air in the elevator grows increasingly hot and stuffy, so of course they have to remove clothing to moderate their body temperatures. And then they ruin it all with some smokin’ hot sex.

I’ll Be Good For You by Burning_Up_A_Sun  (7K) - Harry swears his naked calendar will outsell Draco’s naked calendar. They snark over their bad break up, and then, well, it is the Draco tops Harry fest…

Harry and Draco end up the subjects of two calendars produced to benefit needy crups and kneazles. The situation is tense, as they had broken up a month prior. A little competition has always fired up the two, though, and it’s all for charity, right? Features the use of TWIZARD to track the sales figures in real time, #NakedPotter vs. #NakedMalfoy.

Sweatin’ to the Voldies by commas_and_ampersands (dark_branwen(24.2K) -  The-Boy-Who-Lived has become The-Boy-Who-Ate, and his girlfriend just can’t take it anymore. After Ginny leaves Harry for presumably slimmer pastures, Harry realizes that if he has any chance of getting her back, he’s going to have to get fit quick. It’s really just his bad luck that a certain pale, pointy bastard owns the only wizarding gym in the country.

Ok, titles are hard. I totally get that. However, I’m shallow, and I wasn’t in a hurry to read this story until I read another review that claimed the title wasn’t representative of the work overall. This is both true and not true. The humor in the title is actually a taste of one of the most fun stories I’ve read in a long time. Draco is just so mean to Harry in this fic. I’ve never been so delighted to be proven wrong about judging a book by its (kinda) cover. Bonus: Great supporting characters in Luna and Goyle (in spandex!).

What You Do With Your Life, A.H.K.B.C.B. (After the Hero Kills the Batshit Crazy Bastard) by oldenuf2nb  (40K) - Draco Malfoy had waited years in hope of seeing Harry Potter utterly humiliated….

Oblivious!Draco and pining!Harry. Also one of the most erotic descriptions of body shots I’ve ever read. In short, amazing UST ending in, well, resolved ST. Very resolved.

And a bonus:

Auror Peacock Extraordinaire by dustmouth -  As part of a new departmental initiative, Harry finds himself with a partner he never asked for… and Draco Malfoy.

This comic is pure genius. Draco is hired to train Harry in how to work with his new peacock crime-fighting partner. It goes about as well as could be expected. Do enjoy…Draco.

The Kiss

The first thing Sherlock notices is that John’s fingers are not soft. They stutter across his cheek, roughened callouses catching on evening stubble as John’s thumb grazes across his cheek.

The next thing is that John’s hands are warm. So much warmer than he could have imagined, radiating heat that he is certain isn’t actually being emitted from his skin, but rather must be a combination of his own anticipation and the proximity of John’s entire body to his own transmitted through the one place they’ve come in contact.

John’s eyes are soft, wondering, a little dazed. Guilt creeps into Sherlock’s spine. A burning reminder of all the time wasted where he had done nothing but push John away with his own misunderstandings, only to have had made it all the worse with the walls he built and the lies he told. But that’s over now, Sherlock reminds himself. John is here, staring up at him with a small, crooked smile and soft navy eyes that are so full of affection it’s difficult to breathe.

It is impossible, later, to untangle the moment. It seems as if in one instant they are staring at each other, laid bare, words they’ve never said hanging from their lips, and the next John’s mouth is on Sherlock’s, with no in-between moment of hesitation or awkward slide of noses.

Fire and lightning and something that reminds Sherlock of soda water, all fizzy and expansive, rockets from his lips into his stomach. It is so forceful that he almost pulls away, but John’s hand is there, now, at the back of his neck, fingers toying with the curls there, and he stays, and the fire and the lighting and the fizzy something becomes manageable, if only just.

He wants to categorize John’s lips, how they are slightly chapped and slightly dry and very firm. He wants to hold the reality up to his imagination and say ‘see? This is so much better,’ but he cannot because John’s other hand has slid around to the small of his back and is slowly moving down over the rise of his arse. Not squeezing so much as palming, massaging, and Sherlock cannot focus on more than one thing right now, so he chooses John’s lips because they’ve opened slightly and John’s running his tongue along Sherlock’s bottom lip, and oh.

He thought it would be very strange, to have someone else’s tongue in his mouth, but it is not strange, it is marvelous, all wet velvet heat. John groans, a small noise, but the reverberations in his mouth are exquisite, and Sherlock presses more firmly against John, trying to get him to do it again. He does, louder, and the sound goes straight to Sherlock’s cock, the heat pooling below his stomach, coiling in his spine.

But that is not for now. For now Sherlock takes a tentative lick, tasting, exploring, and John opens to allow it, tongues twining together, and a small, needy noise escapes into John’s mouth. A tiny huff of amusement ghosts across Sherlock’s cheek, and then both of John’s hands are on his arse, pulling him flush, John’s erection pressing into his thigh, and the small, needy noise grows deeper.

John pulls away. No, wait, where -

“Sherlock,” John breathes into Sherlock’s still open mouth. “Christ, Sherlock.”

Sherlock’s tongue ceases functioning for speech. He stares dumbly down at John, his mind flipping through all the things he wants to say, all the things he should, perhaps, say, and settling on none of them. He says simply, “John,” and burdens that one syllable with everything he cannot find words to express.

John smiles, really smiles, that brilliant, thousand-watt smile that lights Sherlock’s heart and pulls his own lips up in response. Sherlock leans his forehead against John’s, their noses brushing, breathing each other’s air, existing in this same shared space for a heartbeat that seems to stretch and contract around them.

There is a knock on the door, and a familiar sing-song call, and they both giggle together before John takes pity on the poor landlady and lets her in.

This is a thank-you ficlet for @inevitably-johnlocked for their invaluable assistance in finding me links! Thanks so much!

Don’t imagine your bias trying to get over you. Don’t imagine him pacing back in forth in the dorm, trying to talk himself out of texting you while his bandmates look on with concern for his sanity. Don’t imagine him throwing himself into his work, exhausting himself every day only to fall into bed and dream of you each night. Don’t imagine him showing up at your doorstep at three in the morning, completely and totally wasted, with tears in his eyes as he confesses, “I messed up, jagiya, and I miss you so, so much. This is torture for me, being without you is the hardest thing I’ve ever tried to do. I’m losing my mind, you’re all I can think about anymore. Please, please take me back.”

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If you're still doing that fic meme, how about Ten and Rose's first TARDIS kitchen disaster?

A/N: This is un-beta'ed and terribly late. I apologize on both those counts. All the other overdue fics from this meme are started in some capacity at least! Also, thanks to andrastesgrace for giving me the exploding pancakes idea. 

Retrospectively, they probably should have known something would go wrong. Rose wasn’t much of a cook, it wasn’t that she couldn’t - after all Jackie hadn’t always been the one to cook back at home. She found it a rather boring necessity, to be quite frank. Add the Doctor into the mix, distracting her further, should have spelled out disaster in bright neon letters. But apparently it hadn’t occurred to them, since they were in the kitchen, surrounded by the remnants of ingredients and with a bowl of pancake batter sitting on the counter by the stove.

Said batter was also on the ceiling and both of them.

“Pancakes don’t just explode Doctor.”

“Well that’s not entirely true. On Fr-”

Rose fixed him with a steady glare. “On Earth, where I got the recipe from my mum, pancakes don’t just explode.”

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He’s supposed to be out getting diapers, but he can’t stop himself from wandering through the toy aisle while he’s out. It’s his inner child that drives him to it. Castle walks down the aisle lined with plush stuffed animals on either side. He’s not looking for anything in particular, but his eyes are instantly drawn to a grey ball of fur on his left.

He runs a hand over it. Oh. It’s soft. Soft like that one robe Kate likes to wear in the winter. The one he can never seem to keep his hands off of. Castle plucks up the toy and when he turns it over in his hands he quickly realizes it’s an elephant with a white bow tied around its neck. Well now he has to get it.

Castle gently places it in the cart along with the diapers and heads to check out, hoping that he can beat Kate home with it. He wants to surprise her.


Sure enough, when he makes it back to the loft, his kids are the only ones home. Alexis is sitting cross-legged on the living room floor, playing peek-a-boo with her baby brother. It warms his heart, seeing them together.

“I think he’s winning,” Castle jokes, shrugging out of his coat.

Alexis groans, causing Elliot to laugh.

“It’s not that kind of game, Dad.”

He pats her on the head as he passes them. “I’m well aware. You and I used to play it quite often.”

Castle unloads the couple of groceries Kate asked him to pick up and drops off the diapers in Elliot’s room before he returns to the living room, brandishing the stuffed elephant. He sits on the floor with his kids and passes the toy over to his son. The baby squeals in delight and buries his face into the soft fur.

“I thought Kate told you to stop buying him toys every time you go out,” Alexis says, laughing at her little brother’s delight over the animal.

“Yeah, but this one’s an elephant,” Castle protests. “She loves elephants.”

“Your funeral,” she jokes, pushing herself off the floor. “I’ve got to go ready for my night class. See you boys later.”

He bids his daughter farewell and then turns back to his son. The boy is still hugging the elephant tightly, his small little fingers rubbing over the fur. Well, at least he likes it.

Kate steps through the door at the same moment Alexis starts to step out. They greet each other in passing.

“And how are my two favorite boys today?” she asks, slipping her coat off and moving to hang it up.

“We’re doing pretty good, aren’t we buddy?” Castle answers. “How’s our favorite cop?”

She hums, walking over to them and skimming her hand across her husband’s shoulders, before sitting down on the couch behind him.

“It was a long day,” she sighs. “Just glad to be home.”

Castle turns and reaches for her hand, placing a kiss to the inside of her wrist. “We’re glad you’re home too.”

She smiles at him, before shifting her gaze to her son.

“Babe, what’s with the elephant?” Kate asks.

“I spotted it today while I was out getting diapers. I couldn’t resist. And he really seems to love it, look at him.”

Elliot now has his chin resting on top of the toy’s head, his tiny fingers still buried in the fur.

“Castle –”

“Come on, Kate. He’s continuing your family tradition of loving elephants.”

She sighs, transferring herself from the couch to the floor. Elliot finally releases the toy to crawl towards her. She lifts him into her lap and his hands reach out, stretching for the elephant. Castle laughs and hands it to him.

“I think he has a new favorite toy. Like mother, like son, huh?” Castle says.

“More like, like grandmother, like grandson,” Kate corrects. “All the elephants I have were hers.”

Castle skims a hand up her back, scooting closer.

“She would have loved him, you know,” she says softly, with a small smile. “And you too.”

He kisses her cheek. “We would have loved her too.”

Kate smiles down at her son as he starts to chew on one of the elephants ears.

“I’m willing to let this one slide. But seriously, Castle, no more new toys for a while, okay? He already has more than he knows what to do with.”

“It’s just so hard not to spoil him,” Castle says, rubbing his son’s back. “I mean look at that face.”

Kate laughs, shaking her head. “He is the cutest. All thanks to us, of course.”

“Oh of course,” Castle agrees, laughing as well. “Good genes and all.”

She smiles, bumping her head against his as Elliot starts to wiggle around in her lap. Yeah, she really loves coming home to her boys.

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not sure if you've done this yet but could you please do coliver + 37? Thanks!! <3

37. “Wanna dance?”
I’m so sorry for how late this is, but I have midterms and they take up too much time. This turned into a huge fluff fest, but I hope you like it anyway and thanks for the prompt!! <3
P.S: The song mentioned is La Vie En Rose by Louis Armstrong

Based on this post

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They moved gently to the humming music, their bodies swaying so slowly they would seem suspended in time to anyone watching. And, Oliver thought, maybe they were suspended in time. This dance after all was making up for the one they missed over six years ago.

Oliver tightened his arms around Connor’s waist, mouthing the words against his boyfriend’s temple and feeling the other man’s smile pull at his cheeks. He often wondered what would have happened if they hadn’t ran into each other a couple years back. He wondered what his life would have been like if Connor Walsh remained the unattainable crush from Oliver’s high school years, and silently thanked whatever deity listening that he never had to find out.

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