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scripture chase!!

visit each of these references and keep track of the specific words to unlock a super special secret!!!

  • Helaman 1:15, 12th word
  • Ether 8:19, 7th word 

  • Moroni 10:7, 7th word

  • 3rd Nephi 9:18, 1st&2nd words

  • Alma 19:17, 9th word

  • Mosiah 27:10, 11th word

  • Jacob 6:10, 3rd word

  • 2nd Nephi 3:7, 42nd word

  • Alma 5:53, 9th word

  • 4th Nephi 1:9, 13th word

  • Alma 28:2, 14th word

  • Alma 56:31, 15th&16th words

  • 3rd Nephi 12:16, 2nd word

  • Enos 1:2, 5th word

  • Words of Mormon 1:3, 24th word

have fun!!! and remember not to spoil the secret,so everyone can find it for themselves!!!!! :) :) :)

anonymous asked:

ON THE SUBJECT OF ISABEL BEING A CHEM PROF, what would her thoughts and reactions be to the students who were obviously queer and whatnot; and about those students who were trying but just can't quite grasp Chemistry very well... as well as the ones who waste their potential and he ones who sleep in class. I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts.

( Okay, we’re going with the ‘verse where Isabel creates an immortality drug and was once known as Doctor Poison in 1918, but this can be applicable to Isabel Maru, the ill-tempered scientist born in ‘78 who was once acquitted of several poisoning murders during grad school. )

obviously queer and whatnot
    Let’s be real, she helps organize the #QueerInSTEM part of the pride parade, wherever she is. As for the individual students, she would definitely try to connect them with the college’s diversity and inclusion office if they came out to her, but unless they are good students in her department, she wouldn’t put too much effort into getting to know them outside of her classes and the occasional “Queer In STEM” mixer. She might be mostly reformed, but she has no big interest in getting to know the 20-somethings who lack true talent in chemistry. She prefers the queer faculty members, occasional art history lecturer Diana Prince, and her protégées.

those who try but just can’t quite grasp chemistry
    No patience. None. She’s known for being a tough professor, and her ratemyprofessor page reads like a horror story (with the occasional glowing review from one of her mentees). She’ll try to explain three times: once in class, once in tutorial, and once in office hours. If that doesn’t work, she hands you the department tutor’s card and tells you to stop wasting her time. (The tutor comes with instructions to apologize to anyone who does show up to their sessions; Isabel appreciates effort but hates dealing with it.) She much prefers her grad students to her intro-level undergrads.

wasted potential
     Unless they’re brilliant, she’ll let the undergrads slide through the cracks. However, if they are brilliant or they’re one of her grad students, she will kick their asses up, down, and sideways to get good work out of them. One of these recently won a Nobel Prize, and when she got the news, she forwarded them the email in which she told them to get their shit together and stop fucking wasting her precious goddamn time on grade school rainbow soap experiments eight years ago. Without comment. (She got a cookie basket for her efforts.)

the ones who sleep in class
     The TA who draws the short straw gets to wander around the lecture hall and slip notes asking them not to return until they find an interest in chemistry onto their desks. If they fall asleep in lab, they may or may not have water spilled on them by clumsy Doctor Maru, who insists they use the emergency shower just in case. (She’s 137 and needs the amusement. Come on.)


04.10.17 // hello!1!! first day back from spring break and it’s been pretty gud tbh. these are some pictures of a mind map i did for history and to help prep for a test :))

i cant believe our favorite trans boy is now a pink zombie and he’s best friends with the best big cat, who is also a pink zombie,