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The Lamp (ASiP), TJLC, & I'm an Idiot

This is a combination meta & partial retraction. I want to speak about a previous meta involving a lamp. Then I will go into detail about framing of that object in ASiP. This is likely an introduction to what will be a series of metas regarding the stupid object in each episode of the show thus far. If you’re interested in reading more metas about colour theory and Sherlock, please let me know. I’d love to go more in-depth with it. 

Full disclaimer, I may be reading too much into the lamp. But, I’ve found that once I get hooked, I’ve got to see it through to the end. While this may be unintentional in terms of scene blocking, it’s there. It’s interesting and I’m going to expound upon it. 

I often wonder how the bulk viewership will feel if/when Johnlock is actualized onscreen. Now I know. You see, a few weeks ago I wrote a meta about what will henceforth be referred to as “the lamp.” I strung together my sparse knowledge of colour theory and what I thought was a nice little tidbit of deduction about Moftiss intent. “Wow! It’s brilliant they put that in this episode. It fits so well in 221B it’s like it’s been there the entire time!” I said to myself as I typed unaware. 

I was watching with my dad over vacation last week (He’s a first-time viewer.) and as we get our first glimpse of 221B, something strange caught my eye on the camera pan. 

“Whoa. That’s weird. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that’s the lamp I wrote my meta on.”

*next camera pan*

Well blow me down and call me buttered toast. 


Oh, me, thinking I was so clever noticing this stupid, obnoxious lamp! 

You know what else has been there the entire time? TJLC. It’s been framed, much like the lamp, Framed so I didn’t notice until it was important. Until it was, quite literally, in front of my nose. So I went rambling on about how ingenious it was, when it’s in fact been there all along. How long have Moftiss been writing TJLC?

Since the start. 

Below I detail all the scenes from ASiP involving the lamp. 

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To be fair, I started this before episode 3 of book 4. And I know the dialogue is kind of rushed, but I don’t have time to do as many frames as I wanted to.  =/  Too many class assignments, not enough drawing time…

Anyways, as much as I think Korra desperately wants to be the avatar, I think she’s probably still dealing with a lot of internal anger and PTSD.  I think that’s why she kind of isolated herself from everyone; she’s trying to remember how to be the avatar.    And I really just wanted to draw Korrasami hugs to deal with the pain…