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⚠️Warning: Kindly view with precautions. I hope your heart can handle this‼️⚠️

I think this is my most favorite Camila and Lauren’s interactions in an interview nowadays 😍 Their twinsies look, oh my! too much cuteness!! And usually only Lauren who did the killer staring attack with her magical emerald green eyes. Here, we get to see Camila counterattacking Lauren’s with her playful eyes staring deeply into Lolo’s soul. ⚡It’s too much to handle!! 🔥 I just can’t!! The CamRen feels is too much here 🌩🌪🌊

- 5H Interviews with Vodafone Yu

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I just finished gekkan shoujo nozaki kun and I can't stop thinking about how it's a perfect ushiyachi crossover and about them sharing an umbrella on a rainy day and oh my goodness these children are too much for my heart to handle

THAT’S SO CUTE ???? (also potentially hilarious)

ngl i’d watch gekkan shoujo ushijima-kun


Feeling unsettled about not seeing each other. (x)

A quick SNL recap contains more lezzy fantasies with Kate and ScarJo, and more and more Trump bashings!

- AlBal (I’ll call him from this day forwards) as President Asshole again, this time the Orange Anus/Liar-In-Chief is the asshole of all assholes of how can handle the situation from alien invasion? Really?!? 

- I love my fellow whores in the military!

- Ms ScarJo, congratulations and welcome to the Prestigious Five-Timers Club! 

- I am oversexed too much of my Kate is pluckily cute her Rough Night co-star’s/ScarJo’s cheeks. 

- #GrabYourWallet ASAP, the spoiled rich bratty First Daughter and her cautionary perfume since Red Flag.

Complicit*- The fragrance for the woman who could stop at all of this, but won’t. All of these illegally promoted by Kellyanne ‘The White Evil Dipstick’ Conway. 

*I looked into the dictionary what’s that it means! LOL 

- Can you adopt the cute pooch turns out to be a Trump-spouting monster? 

Aww hell NO!

- Please, take me to Cherry Grove! 


- Three girl crush words: Lorde is cute! 

- Be careful what you wish for, Jeff Sessions!

- Why Alex Moffat is so damn hot in a suit? 

- Why Beck!?! Why you had been so hot for being shirtless again!?! 

- The Olive Garden commercial set is soooooo fucking wrong and hellish funny!

 - Pete! I missed you! 

- Shud is back from the watery grave with Conk: 15% maiden and 85% blobfish. 

- So many gay 'viruses’ on SNL had infected my human life as a rabid fangirl! 


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Again, congrats ScarJo!

Next month: the return of Lous C.K. with musical guest The Chainsmokers!