too much cuddles

Yuuri’s sure if it got even a degree colder, his balls would end up bluer than the goddamn sky.

“O-o-of all the t-t-times, wh-why now?” he stutters, stuffing his hands further into his track suit pockets. Any deeper and he might just rip a hole through the material, but Yuuri couldn’t care less. It’s freezing, and he knows as night falls, it’s only about to get colder.

He’s no stranger to harsh weather- Hasetsu has hit him with ridiculously hot summers and chilly winters, but Russia’s cold bites in a way no other place ever has. Yuuri’s spent a majority of his life in an ice skating rink, but the sheer amount of pain he feels at the moment is unnatural. No amount of exposure to ice could possibly prepare him for this.

“The fuck is wrong with you?”

It’s a familiar voice, the anger and stubbornness a comfort that cuts through the fog in Yuuri’s brain. He never would’ve thought Yurio’s voice would be a source of such happiness, but it is.

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instead of netflix and chill let’s do vrisrezi and chill. instead of having sex you invite me over to your house and i talk about vrisrezi nonstop for six hours until you get tired and fall asleep


I knew I loved you then, but you’d never know.

Just say you won’t let go.

Okay, I’m just gonna say what everyone some people are probably thinking:

If this is maybe, possibly, the last season we have CS then we better be getting THE SEX SCENE TO END ALL PG RATED SEX SCENES after this wedding. Like it better be EPIC. 

I mean, I’m sure it’s been pointed out before but just for kicks

List of people who have had very much implied sex:

  • Snow and Charming
  • Regina and Robin
  • Regina and Graham 
  • The Evil Queen and Rumple (to quote Emma Swan: Eww)
  • Rumple and Belle (multiple times)
  • Zelena and Robin (eww again)
  • Freaking CORA
  • Phillip and Aurora (they made a freaking baby, it counts)
  • my memory’s a bit fuzzy but August? 
  • Possibly Emma and Neal (basically, I mean hotel room + sex = Henry)
  • James and Jack (I mean, come onnnnn)

This list gets kind of less legit towards the end but I’M JUST SAYING. IT’S TIME. I mean, preferably before the wedding we get something, but I’m not going to hold my breath????


what i understood from the trailer was that steve/tony are gonna fight over whose bff is cooler. civil war: “my james beats your james” 

Book & Cuddle (Genji x Reader)

//lets get that cyborg booty. swiggty swooty im coming for that booty

Your eyes skimmed the page of the book. It was just another day, in the Overwatch base. Everyone had return from their own mission and are safe and sound in the base. Then there’s you, an Overwatch Agent who likes to be away from the field and enjoy a good book.

Sometimes you wonder why you become an Overwatch Agent. Sometimes you don’t wonder about it. Finding for a good book to read was hard. Everytime you want to go out and went to the bookstore, Genji seems to volunteer to be your bodyguard. Besides, you don’t need a man to be your weapon and shield. You can take by yourself with that skills of yours.

The day went on, hours passed, minutes passed and seconds keep on going. The peaceful time was disrupt as Tracer and Lucio flashed by. They were having another race. Again. You sighed as you put down the book and watched the race.

A green light came by. Genji Shimada. The cyborg came and sat next to you. The distance between you was closer than before. Shoulders were close. Knees too. “Today will be good today.” Genji started as the both of you watched the race.

“Sure is…” You sighed happliy at the race. Lucio was catching up. The girls were cheering on Tracer and the guys cheered Lucio. As for you and Genji, you both went neutral at it. Reason why; you both knew the outcome.

“Does your wound still hurt?” Genji asked. He was still worried about the wound from the previous mission. Said mission was to retrieve some materials which Winston needed. Of course, it was an undercover mission and Genji, decided to be your bodyguard. From a high and hidden place.

The mission was going smoothly until a man recongnise you and everything went downhill. Turns out, the person who sold the materials backstab you. He was a Talon agent who was sent to kill you. Genji watched the whole scene unfold. From hearing shouts, cries to gunshots.

Quick as his Swift Strike, he managed to swoop down and grab you. He saw that you were badly injured, the side of your stomach was bleeding. Genji’s visor scanned the wound. It feared him. You were loosing blood and the wound was deep. Like someone stab you with a knife.

The good thing is that you got the materials before the bloodbath began.

When Genji burst in, with you in his arms, blood staining his cyborg body and your clothing, everyone freaked out. Asking questions. Mercy was there to help Genji. She sent you into a surgery. Truth to be told, the blood you lose wasn’t that bad. Its just that it seeps to your clothes. The stab wound, she managed to stitch it and successfully healed.

Still, it hurts when you laugh to much. Since that day, Genji has been treating you like a fragile China Doll. Always stay by your side, helping you.

“The pain is getting less,” You answered his question. “I’ve met Mercy, she told me that is good news and my recovery is fast.”

“That is great to hear.”

A wave of silence passed by. The race was over, leaving you and Genji, alone, surrounded by books. In the library. Peace and tranquility.

“Would you like to seat on my lap?” Genji blurted. He quickly looked away, a little blush was forming. His playboy skills has return. In reply, you cover your face with the book you’ve read.

“I…” You mumbled. “I would… love too…” Cue face becoming red as a tomato. Genji adjusted his position.

Soon, your back was touching Genji’s chest. He was warm. His legs, however became a fence around your body. He wrapped his arms around your waist as you propped up your legs to lean onto Genji. Sure the both of you were blushing as hell, that doesn’t mean this was a good pose. For a start. As a couple.

“What are you reading?” Genji face was next to your cheek, he was nuzzling your face. Gently and cautiously.

You blush at the contact. “O-oh, this book is about facing hardships in life and many deep stuff in it.” Genji hummed in response.

“What’s up with you?” You turn to face the young Shimada.

“Me? Nothing.” He played with your hair. Avoding your gaze.

“Suit yourself.” You change your attention to your book. You were so deep into the story that you didn’t notice Genji had taken out his mask. He was hesitant at first but he better do it. He has a chanc and he will use it.

The plot was beautiful to you, thats when you felt a pair of lips kissing the side of your neck. You gasped and almost drop the book. “G-Genji…”

You turn to face him once more. What you got, shock you. Once your lips was close to him, he leaned down and captured them. It was a sweet and subtle one. You embrace the kiss.

It was just another day. A peaceful day. Books and cuddles was your perfect definition of a peaceful day. Especially when a certain Shimada came by just to cuddle with you.

I can have an amazing day filled with friends and family, but be up till twelve with a heavy heart thinking of how lonely I actually am.
—  currently