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dark tumblr user boyf-riends show us the hidden dance pants headcanons

why am i enjoying this so much

•they probably really like to cuddle. try not to think too much about paul whitty cuddling with another paul whitty

•they have quiet movie dates at home where they cuddle and watch romcoms and eat hot pockets for dinner. when this happens jeremy leaves and goes to michael’s and does not come back until the next day out of consideration and also fear. mostly fear.

•jenna is like super nosey abt their relationship and jeremy’s like woah,, you need to back off

•actually they’re all pretty curious about it but once the initial hype dies down no one really thinks about it much except michael (who always either happens to be visiting the heere household at the same time as mr reyes or is at his house with jeremy, who is venting about how much his dad and mr reyes are together,,,even tho him and michael are together just as much) and people all but forget until some random drama student walks into mr reyes’ classroom and they hear “look, if you’re going to occasionally sleep in my house and use our crappy microwave for your hot pockets that’s fine, but you should at least do some dishes every once in a while.” “i don’t ever see you doing any dishes, jeremy.” “yeah well-this isn’t about me!!!!” “i’m not there that much jeremy, i hardly think you should expect a guest to do dishes.” “your clothes are in our laundry! you have your own key!!” and the student just slowly turns around and leaves

•when they finally decide they want to move in together or smth they both together and separately ask jeremy about 150,000 times if he’s okay with it and he’s always like “yes go ahead” but they just keep asking and as they’re walking into play rehearsal together one day mr reyes is just like “jeremy are u sure it’s okay?? if you’re not comfortable-” and jeremy shouts, in front of the whole cast, “GODDAMMIT YES STOP ASKING ME AND JUST MOVE IN ALREADY YOU SPEND ALL YOUR FREE TIME AT MY HOUSE SO THERE WOULD BE NO DIFFERENCE” and mr reyes just replies “jeremy, watch your profanity” and jeremy mumbles “sorry dad” and takes his seat

•the pants song (reprise) is mr heere and michael trying to support each other and emotionally prepare for their dates with mr reyes and jeremy

•mr heere is mr reyes’ BIGGEST fan. mr reyes does a bunch of community theatre and mr heere goes to EVERY SHOW. jeremy tags along a lot too. hype man heeres.

•speaking of hype men, mr reyes and mr heere are super supportive of jeremy and are rly proud of everything he does??? give jeremy two sweet and totally in love dads who give him all the love and appreciation he deserves

•if you’re paul whitty and you’re reading this i’m so, so sorry

•if you’re anyone and you’re reading this i’m so, so sorry

Croix is definitely the type to be an actual puppy when it comes to Chariot. Like, she puts up a front when she’s around others, acting like she’s in charge and so cool. But the second Chariot calls for her like “Croix! What did I tell you about leaving your garbage near your workspace? Come clean it up!” Croix gets that yelled-at puppy look on her face and whimpers and limps over to her like “Yes, Chariot…”

Conversely, Chariot is kind and timid around everyone else, but when it comes to Croix she’s firm and demanding and grabs her by the ear and will drag her all the way across campus to make her clean up a ramen cup.

People can show affection without it being romantic. I can care and love deeply without the intent of making you fall in love with me. Everyone needs love and everyone needs to feel safe and secure and needed. I believe in platonic intimacy, I believe in the depth of true friendship.
—  platonic affection is real and it is needed. Send some back maybe?
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MTL Likely to Cuddle You in Their Sleep


Hoshi: You’re just gonna have to get used to being constantly of overbearingly cuddled when you’re asleep.

Dino: He claims he can only get a good night’s rest if he’s cuddling you.

Seungkwan: The King of Skinship strikes again.

Woozi: Constantly cuddles you in his sleep, but gets embarrassed when he wakes up and realizes.

Joshua: Even though he’s asleep when he cuddles you he still feels all warm in fuzzy while he’s dreaming.

Jun: If he wakes up and his arms are not around you he’s very confused because it’s almost always the case.

S.Coups: He likes to cuddle, but it’s usually a very lazy cuddle where his arm is just loosely wrapped around you.

DK: He sometimes cuddles you, but it’s really a fifty fifty chance.

Mingyu: He usually just sleeps next to you, but once in a blue moon he will cuddle a little in his sleep.

Jeonghan: He just full on sprawls out on the bed when he sleeps, he looks like a starfish- you won’t get a cuddle.

Wonwoo: He’s not huge on skinship, but still likes to just be in the same place as you.

Vernon: He’s an awkward boy that doesn’t cuddle too much, he is really secretly giddy whenever he lays in the same bed as you though.

The8: He’s a restless sleeper so instead of cuddles you’re gonna get kicked, but he feels really bad in the morning.



i hope all the girls i meet know that i’m gay

I can have an amazing day filled with friends and family, but be up till twelve with a heavy heart thinking of how lonely I actually am.
—  currently
(36) Gladio’s pick-up lines.

Prompto: Are you okay, Gladio? Time to hit the sack. Stop walking in circles.
Gladio: I just…there’s something missing. Can’t sleep without it.
Prompro: Oh? Should we help you?
Gladio: Ah! There it is.
Gladio: *picks Ignis off the ground*
Ignis: Oii! 
Gladio: *tucks him in bed and lies at his side* There. Much better. Now I can sleep.
Prompto: …
Prompto: So that means we’re switching bed buddies tonight, right?

Crafting with Bts:

A/N: Literally what the title says, how crafting with bts will go like. *Istg Dan’s “don’t cry, craft!” Is stuck in my head on loop*


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He’s so down to it he already bought everything you do and don’t need. I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually pushed you away at the glitter part.


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Remember when he sat down and wrote all those messages to the fans and he was so concentrated and dedicated? This case won’t be any different. Sure he groaned at first but once he’s into it, there’s no stopping him.


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If you’ve been procrastinating then doing with with hobi will change your mind. He obviously would never say no and it turns out to be the best hours of your life. Hoseok is sunshine. Do I need to say anymore? Plus he helps with cleaning the after mess so another bonus point.

Rap Monster:

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At first Namjoon judged you so hard like you want me to do what? But he won’t be able to resist your pout, dragging himself away from his comfort zone. Btw this turns out to be the worst idea ever because he’ll eventually wreck something.


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Getting him to concentrate on something is easier said than done. Jimin said okay at first but after too much goofing around with the material you started losing your temper. Good thing he sat down and actually helped before you burst at him.

V/ Taehyung:

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Another Hoseok here, except he won’t clean the mess afterwards. In fact he will cause so much mess, littering the table and floor, you’ll have no space to walk. But hey, at least you laughed for straight on two hours, whether you have paint on your face or not. So much cuddling too.


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You might as well leave it up for him to finish himself because he won’t let you do anything. Kookie put on soft music and shushed you whenever you tried to help or give advice. But you obviously can’t take any of his perfect shit and that’s why you have over 50 pics of memekook on your camera roll.