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The Signs as Cats
  • Aries: A small, friendly calico cat that loves to play and run around. doesn't enjoy cuddling too much, but is lovable as hell!
  • Taurus: Fluffy Siberian cat with big eyes that you fall in love with the second you see them. Very sweet and loving, they're the cat you'll want to keep.
  • Gemini: A Manx, very cute and friendly, but they're different than the rest. Usually an outsider, but they have a heart of gold.
  • Cancer: Munchkin cat! They're loved by everyone, a crowd favorite. No one can say no to them, even if they can be a little evil sometimes. They're always forgiven.
  • Leo: A small, fluffy, Scottish Fold. Leo's are great friends, and not everyone can have them as their friend. But if you get one, you'll feel extremely lucky.
  • Virgo: Siamese cat that is beautiful inside and out. They're kind and fun and always make everyone feel welcome.
  • Libra: A fluffy Maine Coon. They're sweet and pretty and fun, but if you get too close, they'll attack. They love your attention, but don't get too friendly!
  • Scorpio: Big ass Persian cat! Lovable and sweet and your best friend - but you have to let them warm up to you before you get too close.
  • Sagittarius: Savannah cat. They look like they won't be friendly and they'll attack, but they're just as nice as any other cat.
  • Capricorn: A sweet, loving Ragdoll. They don't get as much love as they should, but they don't mind. They appreciate any amount of attention and kindness they get, and they'll give it right back!
  • Aquarius: A classic Tabby cat. Some may say they're not special or unique, but they each have a personality you can't help but love.
  • Pisces: Bombay cat. They're cute and friendly at first, but they can attack you like a panther if you don't give them what they want. Make sure you give them lots of attention and love, and they'll be your best friend.

Imagine Draco and Harry sitting on the couch wrapped up in blankets, but not in the mood for fooling around, and watching Disney films. Draco is babbling on and on about the misinterpretation of wizards and Harry listens, amused, as Draco lays his head against the other boy’s chest and animatedly talks with his hands. Harry has to hide his grin as Draco attempts to figure out why the wizard from The Sword In The Stone likes muggle inventions so much and Draco ends up muttering through the “Wizard’s duel” about how thats not how a REAL wizard’s duel is fought.

People can show affection without it being romantic. I can care and love deeply without the intent of making you fall in love with me. Everyone needs love and everyone needs to feel safe and secure and needed. I believe in platonic intimacy, I believe in the depth of true friendship.
—  platonic affection is real and it is needed. Send some back maybe?
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7 days of robron - day 1: favourite scene
6th April 2015

The Signs as Cats

Aries: A small, friendly calico cat that loves to play and run around. doesn’t enjoy cuddling too much, but is lovable as hell!

Taurus: Fluffy Siberian cat with big eyes that you fall in love with the second you see them. Very sweet and loving, they’re the cat you’ll want to keep.

Gemini: A Manx, very cute and friendly, but they’re different than the rest. Usually an outsider, but they have a heart of gold.

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Aw ye. Happy 4th of July, guys!!! Stay safe!

  • Love loves loves to cuddle. If Ivan is a teddy bear, Alfred is a koala. Yes, he is a clinger. 
  • If he sees you sitting somewhere without him, he’ll pick you up, sit down, and place you into his lap. And he can do it easily too with that inhuman strength of his. 
  • He’s also a chatterbox so silent cuddles are rare. When he has you in his arms, he’ll let out a long hum, then, “How was your day, babe?” and just close his eyes as he listens to you talk. He’ll butt in too and talk about his day but never about boring or upsetting things. 
  • Alfred also likes to grope but he’ll keep it pg. It’s more of a comforting thing. Almost like a massage of sorts. But he is very good at controlling his strength so you won’t have to worry about him hurting you. 
  • Kisses will also be included in cuddle time. While you’re talking, he’ll leave long, wet kisses on whatever skin he can reach then right after, he’ll nuzzle the spot and give it another kiss. 
  • Work must be done on your side too! He really likes being petted. So please run your hands through his hair and give his head light scratches. He absolutely loves it and it helps ease his stress so much. 
  • He also really likes it when you give him full body hugs. Like you wrapping your arms and legs around him and squeezing him tight. You don’t have to worry about him. He’s like the freaking hulk and can carry you around like nothing, no matter your weight or body size. 
  • Not only does he like being given full body hugs but he also likes to give them. So be prepared to have him cling to you like, as I said before, a koala. He’s such an affectionate bab. 

-Mun Sparkles 

BTS / Maknae Line Reaction to You Straddling Them


It was nearing midnight and you and Jimin were on the couch currently watching a movie. Around this sort of time you would usually be passed out sleeping due to long days of classes or work shifts, but since it was friday night and you and Jimin finally had some time together you fought the sleepiness begging to take over your drained body as you tried to stay awake. Your eyes were slowly shutting as your head found its way to rest on Jimin’s shoulder. Wanting more comfort, and cuddles you climbed onto Jimin’s lap placing each leg on the sides of his as you snuggled your face into his neck sighing in satisfaction at the warmth. A little taken back at your sudden change in position, a contented smile formed on his lips as he slowly wrapped his arms around your torso and pulling you closer placing a kiss to your temple. You smiled into his neck at the gesture absolutely loving this way of falling asleep.

“Let’s go to bed babe, your’e clearly really tired” 

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You had just walked through the door of the dorms absolutely done with everything. Today was not going in your favour, from getting detention for forgetting your homework because it may have slipped your mind when you were watching re-runs of Friends to having a bad hair day, all you wanted and pretty much craved right now was a good cuddle from your boyfriend Taehyung. Walking through the dorm greeting the boys and making your way over to Tae’s room you prayed he was there and to your luck he was laying on his bed on his phone. Sluggishly walking over to him with a pout on your face you slumped onto the bed and buried your face in the softness of the sheets. “What’s wrong jagi?” Tae asked as you felt his hands rub circles on your back. “My day isn’t going so well” you replied but it was muffled by the sheets. Leaning up on your arms so you could face Tae you moved further up the bed and climbed onto him to straddle his lap desperately needing cuddles. Tae chuckled at your pouty state as he continued to rub your back pulling you closer to him placing a loving kiss to your lips.

“Don’t stress too much jagi, cuddles fixes everything”

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It was a peaceful afternoon at the dorm, it was just you and Jungkook and it was really calm and quiet without the six other boys. This was all very strange to you because whenever you came over the house was always nosy and chaotic whenever everyone was home. You were standing in front of the TV flipping through the channels looking for a show to watch when out of nowhere your sides were attacked with tickles causing you to flail forward erupting in laughter. Your stomach began to hurt at the intense laughter as you turned around to see a playful and mischief smile on your boyfriend lips. “What was that for?” you retorted placing your hand on your hips. “Nothing” he replied turning around and slowly walking away with a smirk playing on his features. ‘Oh he’s not getting away with this’ you internally told yourself running and jumping on his back causing him to fall into the sofa. You wasted no time and attacked his sides causing the same reaction you had earlier. In the midst of the situation you ended up straddling his lap with both of your intense breathing caused from your little play fight filling the quiet atmosphere. The sexual tension that was now taking over the atmosphere and it was overwhelming causing Jungkook’s face to heat up and turn red at the realisation of your position and the close proximity of your bodies. You couldn’t help but smile at his flustered state and leaned in to kiss his lips.

“Haha – well that escalated quickly” he nervously chuckled

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Croix is definitely the type to be an actual puppy when it comes to Chariot. Like, she puts up a front when she’s around others, acting like she’s in charge and so cool. But the second Chariot calls for her like “Croix! What did I tell you about leaving your garbage near your workspace? Come clean it up!” Croix gets that yelled-at puppy look on her face and whimpers and limps over to her like “Yes, Chariot…”

Conversely, Chariot is kind and timid around everyone else, but when it comes to Croix she’s firm and demanding and grabs her by the ear and will drag her all the way across campus to make her clean up a ramen cup.