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The Ridiculously Detailed Inquisitor Questionnaire that No One Needed

Obviously not all of these questions are needed, but I tried to come up with as many as possible to use as a character reference for writing. Thought I’d share! I tried to keep things from getting redundant as much as possible.

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My favorite rare pairing.... Bellatrix X Remus -> the twist of it all is the result of them singing together is the kid is Hermione and she's raised by him... knowing everything but her mom never remembering either of them for to protect them....

Hermione couldn’t believe her eyes.

You can’t, or you don’t want too? She thought to herself as she stared down at the Prophet in front of her. all around her, students were chatting, moving away to classes, normal activities. A few students were somber like her, and the teachers were hardly touching their breakfasts, but none of them knew what she did… 

Hermione looked down at the paper again, her gaze focusing on one face. It was a face she had only seen in pictures before. Though, in her father’s pictures, she had been much younger. The cruelties of war and evil not yet lining her face, her hair still wild, but without the crazed look in her eyes. 

Hermione pressed a hand to her mouth, using it to physically hold back the sob that tried to escape as she looked at the picture of her mother- Bellatrix Lestrange. 

Her father, Remus, had told her the story of course. Had told her once she entered the magical world about how he had loved her mother dearly, and how she had loved them. 

Loved them so much that when she had been forced into the war by her husband, she had erased them from her memory to keep them safe. 

Her father never said it, but as she looked at her mother now- laughing hysterically, occasionally snapping her teeth at the camera- if the memory charm had broken her. 

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💎 After everything happened, they were stuck together like glue during school. They usually would skip classes to go to the cafeteria during each of their lunch and gym periods.

💎 About a month later, though, they had already missed too much and had to eat lunch in their respective periods. 

💎 And then again next week they ate in the school’s darkroom while Jonathan developed pictures.

💎 Steve would sit in front of the darkroom floor, making it so no one else could come in that period.

💎 On days Jonathan was absent Steve and Nancy would eat in the bleachers, still during Jonathan’s lunch period.

💎 Jonathan used to eat the school’s disgusting pizza everyday, but Nancy started making ham and cheese sandwiches for all three of them.

💎 Sometimes Steve would pay for the three to leave campus and eat at the Dairy Queen in the next town over if they were feeling fancy.

💎 They avoided eating in the cafeteria because, you know, the staring and whispering.

💎All three of them would sleepover at Nancy’s on Fridays to eat Nancy’s mother’s brunch.

💎 The OT3 eating lunch together

On today’s episode of “I spend way too much time making costumes and have no idea what sunlight is,” we will tackle Evie Frye’s floating cape! Silly game designers thinking we won’t notice the compete absence of buckles and clasps. 

Side note: this tutorial will be for Evie’s red cape, the one she wears at the start of the game and the trailers. (Finished product pictured above.) However, all the capes are the same length and style. If you chose to make a different cape, you’ll need to supplement for your design with different fabrics and details. I do hope to one day make all of the capes, so if/when I get around to making them I’ll be updating this post.

Let’s get started!

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Likewise - An Eggsy Unwin imagine

You’re terrified, breaking into a cold sweat as you stand with the other recruits. A man stands before you. ‘Merlin’. You’d bet your right pinky that his real name is bog standard, and kind of boring. The only thing that makes you feel slightly less nervous about all this is that you know you’re not the only one out of place here.

There’s the boy standing just in front of you, to the left, who looks like he’s fresh off the estate. Snapback, polo shirt, way too much Lynx Africa – the works.

You’re not like the others here. Upperclass men and women, probably having everything handed to them on a silver platter by their parents. You grew up in a working class family, with your dad long gone from the picture. Your mum had tried to have other relationships, but nothing worked out. Being the youngest of three, you were determined to prove yourself. Kingsman was your shot.

It had been a surprise when your mum’s ex had turned up out of the blue, telling you that he had a job interview. On the way, he had explained everything. Kingsman was a small agency of agents trained to take out threats. Each Kingsman agent had a different alias relating to the Knights of the Round Table. Jack explained that he was otherwise known as Gawain. They had recently lost their Lancelot in a rescue mission gone wrong, and you were going to train to replace him.

Merlin finishes delivering his speech and exits the room, leaving you to write your name, blood type and next of kin on the body bag left on your bed. You stare at it for a moment, eyes wide. The boy in the snapback whistles.

“This is fucking mental,” he mutters.

“Tell me about it,” you reply. He raises his eyebrows at you.

“You weren’t expecting this either?”

You shrug, shaking your head. “Nah. I never thought I’d end up in a job interview to be a spy, of all things.”

He holds out a hand to you, which you accept with a warm smile. “I’m Eggsy.”


“Pleasure to meet you, Y/N.”

You nod. “Likewise, Eggsy.” You hope this is the start of a good friendship, assuming that you both survive.

   *                          *                          *                        *                        *

“Y/N, wait!” You’re too busy throwing your clothes into your bag to care. Your breathing is laboured, your chest heaving as you try to stop yourself from crying. You came so far and you did so well, and now it’s all over. You just have to go home, and not tell anyone what’s happened.

Eggsy grabs hold of your shoulder, spinning you round to face him.

“Where are you going? You can’t just leave,” he insists.

You shake your head. “I’m not just leaving. Merlin told me to go. I failed. Good luck with the rest of the interview.”

“Look, we can talk to him. We can explain what happened -”

“No, we can’t, Eggsy!” you snap. “It’s over, I’m done! I wish it didn’t have to be like this, but it does. Guess it’s just you, Roxy and Charlie now. I failed, okay? I didn’t hit the target.”

“You were just outside the target! You missed it by millimetres!”

You press your lips together tightly. “I fucked up. Failure’s failure, there’s no skirting around it. I – I need to pack.”

Before you can turn around to face your bag, his hands are clutching your cheeks, pulling you closer until his mouth is connected to yours. Your hands flutter for a moment as you wonder what to do with them, before finally letting them rest on his waist. It feels like you’re standing there for hours, locked in your embrace, though you know it’s only seconds.

And all too soon, you’re breaking the kiss. It’s only then that you realise the tears are falling fast and heavy, and there’s too many for you to wipe away.

“I’m going to miss you,” you mumble. “You were the best part about this whole interview, but we both knew one of us would go home sooner or later.”

He pulls you into his arms, resting his chin on the top of your head. “Yeah, I know,” he agrees, with a soft sigh. “I promise, no matter how this ends, I’ll come and find you, Y/N. I won’t let you be the one that gets away.”

You smile into his shirt in spite of yourself. “I’ll hold you to that. I love you, Eggsy. Endlessly.”

You look up to find him grinning at you like a complete idiot. “Likewise, Y/N.”

What the signs hate most about school
  • Aries: too much sitting down
  • Taurus: the stress that comes with group projects
  • Gemini: when linked classes don't have lessons that are related
  • Cancer: people talking
  • Leo: not having friends in class
  • Virgo: cafeteria lunches
  • Libra: class elections
  • Scorpio: ID picture
  • Sagittarius: people disrespecting the teachers for no reason
  • Capricorn: being told to stop doodling
  • Aquarius: getting reprimanded if late to class but that one kid is always off the hook
  • Pisces: teachers with monotonous voices

A girl in my kindergarten class said that
the gap in between my two front teeth
made me ugly,
for the last nine years
I’ve kept my mouth closed in pictures.

A boy in my first grade class said that
I talked too much and that it was annoying,
for the last eight years
I’ve been nervous to talk around people.

A boy in my fourth grade class said that
I was fat and then laughed as he strutted away from me,
for the last five years
all I’ve wanted was to be pencil thin.
One week later,
a group of boys tell me that I am fat
and that I am ugly
as they snicker and high five one another,
they neglect to realize
that there are oceans forming in my eyes
and that the salt water stings too bad to keep my cheeks dry
and waves roll down my red face
as if it is a sandy beach
polluted by self hate.
For the last five years
I cringe every time I am near a mirror.

Upon the beginning of middle school
I realized that I look different than everyone
I felt as ugly as my fellow classmates said I was.
“Why don’t boys like me?”, I ask myself.
Suddenly it dawned on me,
boys like pretty girls.
For the last four years
I’ve tried to make myself look pretty.

A girl in my sixth grade class said that
I dressed like a middle aged woman
and wore too much make up,
for the last three years
I’ve refused to wear skirts.

A girl in my seventh grade class
made fat jokes about me.
So did her twin brother.
Little do they know
that their “humorous” remarks
are one of the reasons for my tear stained pillow.
For the last two years
the urge to thin myself down has increased greatly.

An insecure and sad girl in the eighth grade
stands before me in the mirror
as a distorted image is displayed
all I see is flaws.
I blame those who have said these things to me.
for the last nine years
I’ve hated myself.

—  “when will people realize their words hurt?”
S. K. Stinziano

For makeup class we had to make a picture morgue and they were due today but I missed my last class so I didn’t know so I got stuck doing mine as late night homework. 

Halfway through (when I was almost dead of boredom) I decided to have a little fun with mine. 

What started off as subtly slipping in Gavin here and there…

…slowly got less subtle and was more than just Gavin…

…which turned into blatantly including Roosterteeth and various other YouTubers.

And eventually I ended up with four slides having only them. 

Maybe my professor won’t notice. 


Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while 😅 School has been going pretty well. Had a bunch of tests (not all of which I feel confident about, but not much I can do about it now). That’s part of the reason I haven’t posted recently…. But I had a three day weekend this week, so definitely feeling less stressed now 😊

My boat class has been a lot of fun this semester! One of the pictures I posted is of Kaneohe Bay during our class. A couple weeks ago we saw a small group of manta rays feeding out there. They were incredible! And really big too! Haven’t seen anything out there since then though. Mostly we’ve been learning all the sailor’s knots and practicing how to read a chart so we know where we are. But I’ve been having a lot of fun! The boat class has been my favorite class this semester.

The other pictures are from the symphony I went to a few weeks ago. We saw the Honolulu symphony with my honor’s class. It was really incredible! I especially loved Tchaikovsky’s pieces. I had Marche Slave stuck in my head for weeks after I saw it.

Spring Break is coming up pretty soon. My roommates and I have been planing a trip to Kauai for four days for break. Kauai is very beautiful from what I’ve heard. It’s the island used for Lilo and Stitch if that helps at all 😄 I’m really looking forward to it! I haven’t got a chance to visit the other islands yet, so I’m excited to see more of Hawaii besides Oahu.

In other news, I went in for a job interview today! It’s for the mail center at my college campus, so nothing too exciting. But it’s something 😊 I’m pretty sure I got it. They said that they just had to fill out some paperwork, then they’d get back to me. They said I won’t start until fall next semester, but it’ll be nice to have a job lined up for when I come back after summer.

Well, I should probably get going. Bye!

Reflekta : Highlights

My weekly Reflekta highlights!

Progressively edited with gifs and pictures!

Thanking @ladyofacat and @chatnoirs-baton and @adriexnette for their gifs I allowed myself to use temporarily!


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Imagine Maya keeping a sketchbook that she brings to school everyday. So, instead of paying attention in class, she just draws pictures. 

So now, Lucas keeps looking over her shoulder because he really wants to see what she’s drawing because he secretly loves her art, but he’s way too embarrassed to ask to see them (plus, maya is really private about her art because they hold a lot of meaning to her). 

So, one day, Maya realizes he’s looking, so she writes something dumb on the page like “having fun there, huckelberry?” and pretty much after that Lucas doesn’t try and peek at her drawings ever again.

Sometimes I see a picture of David gazing at Gillian and I think that he’s like the high school jock, not one of the asshole ones, but the guy who has three letters in more offbeat sports (cross-country, swimming and tennis) but also is in all AP classes and gets into arguments with the English teacher about the meaning of the word “utopia” and sometimes his smile is dorky and shows too much teeth and you love that and at every party he wears mostly black and just chills in the corner sipping his beer but sometimes he DJs because of course he knows about those Icelandic and Scottish bands way before anyone else in your town and when you go outside for a smoke he comes up and talks to you and he’s so tall and has to bend at the neck to look you in the eyes but when he does and you make eye contact you feel like you’ve kind of been touched by the hand of god.

Tips for the Short Answer Questions
  1. Pull in outside information. If your prompt is on a Thomas Nast cartoon about “Boss” Tweed, mention the eventual arrest of Tweed or how Thomas Nast was bribed to cease his cartoons (which he did not take).
  2. Connect your writing to the picture or passage. Do not just describe what you see in the prompt, explain what it means and why the author included it. Similarly, be sure to reference what is actually in the prompt.
  3. Write enough, but not too much. This is an art and can vary from each question of the prompt. Don’t spend too much time on one portion of the question.
  4. Be specific. If you say that pre-Revolution Southern society was based on hierarchy, explain what you mean. What sort of hierarchy? Did this extend to race, age, class, and/or gender?
  5. Don’t stress. There’s only a few points given for the short answer and you only spend 10-15 minutes on it. It will most likely not effect your overall score. (That does not mean to forget about it or to not try.)

Ah, a composite gif of trying to get a bunch of nerds to sit still for a picture in a dark room! TRUE BEAUTY. 

Our second meeting was a HUGE SUCCESS! 6 people showed up (including one awesome person that none of us had met before… most of us sort of tangentially know each other and it was really great to meet someone new and I really hope it keeps happening) in a blizzard and pretty bad road conditions. We talked Thor, Saga, Squirrel Girl, gender/race/class equality and representation in comics, academia, anti-academia, Bitch Planet, pizza… ALL OF THE IMPORTANT THINGS. We all drank far too much soda, as well.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3


Here are the pictures I took of James McAvoy after the Ruling Class performance.

If you have the chance please go and watch it! It´s great and with an awesome cast! I loved every one in there and sometimes even forgot to look at James because the other actors where amazing too! 

The photos are a bit grainy because there wasn´t much light but I love the first one because his smile is so big it could bring light to a whole world! Lucky girl who has that picture :D  you rock!

I got more then one with him because I have two lovely friends who have the biggest heart ever and are really too nice to me!!! widgenstain and issabella fed me with more then one new profile picture for Facebook!! xDD 

(Girls I love you if it´s not still clear)

This man has a golden heart! He was so tired and done but kept smiling and taking pictures, I need more human beings like him on this world!

Pros of learning about the American revolution after listening to the Hamilton soundtrack: 

-I was the only one in our class who knew Yorktown was the winning battle in the war.

Cons of learning about the American revolution after listening o the Hamilton soundtrack:

-Every time we talk about the declaration of independence I whisper the “we hold these truths to be self evident” of Angelica’s rap in The Schuyler Sisters under my breath.

-Every time I see a picture of George Washington I just think about how much better Christopher Jackson is.

-Every time Thomas Jefferson is mentioned I go “Whaaaaaaaaa?”

-Every time John Addams is mentioned I’m way too tempted to yell “Sit down John you fat motherfuCKER!”

-I’m way to anxious to get to the Federalist Papers.

-Not enough talk about Alexander the greATEST OF ALL THE FOUNDING FATHERS.

Like literally, most of your hate on the newbies is so fucking unjustified.

You hate Eli because it’s implied that he’ll get with Emma. You don’t hate him for killing a dog or being a creepy motherfucker or lying to Kieran or talking shit about his dad. You don’t hate him for the possibility that he’s the one who spiked the drink, since he came in with it after. You don’t hate him for the fact that he’s the only one who wasn’t fucked up on drugs. You hate him because he and Emma were accidentally too close together when putting up decorations for Kieran’s birthday party.

You hate Gustavo because he likes Brooke, because he kissed Brooke and because he doesn’t care for Jake much. You don’t hate him because he draws creepy pictures of The Lakewood Six or for lecturing Noah on his personal life choices or for staring at people for a moment too long or for constantly making depressing, annoying comments in class to attract attention to himself or for trying to get too close to your faves or for not belonging, for not fitting in. You hate him because he has an interest in Brooke and Brooke has an interest in him (which isn’t his fault as a character, or Santiago’s either, btw, it’s the writers’ fault).

And now Zoe. The only reason you hate her is because she’s unsure of Noah’s feelings towards Audrey and doesn’t want to be second best. She’s independent. I’m sorry that that’s such a deal breaker for you.

// note; applies to majority, not whole fandom :)

These pictures of Harry on a bike in jeans and a beanie and a jumper have killed me. He looks like the hottest, coolest, nicest guy on campus that ACTUALLY KNOWS YOUR NAME??!?! because of one class you had with him freshmen year and that’s like INSANE and WHY IS HE SO NICE AND SO COOL? and he rides past your house on his bike ride to classes all the time and always says hi and you always die a little inside when he does and mostly embarrass yourself every. time. and you just wish, wish, wish you could pull it together and he could be your boyfriend because damn is he HOT and COOL and NICE GOODBYE I’M V V EMOTIONAL