too much cheek bone

justatrashcanhere  asked:

# My gosh Sansy, you're just too much for me. *gives him a kiss on each cheek(bone), then the teeth* I love you too, more than you could ever know.

*he chuckles and blushes a bit, before kissing you back softly* YOU DESERVE EVERY BIT OF IT MY DARLING. *he laces your fingers together as he holds your hand and grins a bit* NOW, HOW SHALL WE BE SPENDING THIS DAY TOGETHER?

After things have wound down, after seeing that his crew is safe, after they’ve wished him happy birthday with warm grins and laughter, Jim slips his hand into Bones’ and they head back to their temporary lodgings at Yorktown. They take the long way, because they’re so used to only walking the same corridors over and over.  It’s different.  It makes Jim have to tell him.

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