too much blahblah on my blog

my secret’s out, I’m horrible final fantasy trash. I’m sorry. I’ve been a fan since the 80s. my brother freakin helped me learn how to read by reading the first final fantasy and dragon quest to me when we’d “play together” (read: he’d humor me and talk me out of my bad decisions for what strategy to use lmao)

disgusting… revolting… final fantasy trash. OTL

(nah I’m just playin, I LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT…  though sadly I didn’t like XII or XIII :\ *fist shake* but may the classic series, and all the way up to 10… I’m there.)

There is a stupid homestuck related reason as to why my love was POKED WITH A STEAK AND RABIDLY IGNITED so it counts that I can blahblah about it here? (i just want to talk about my favorites and link AWESOME MUSIC THAT I HOLD DEAR to the bigger audience and this blog has the most followers hahahaha)