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Why are there still so many people who believe that cheetahs are the fastest animals alive when it's clearly peregrine falcons?

Listen, it’s all in how you’re going to split hairs or various other integuments on this one. Without any qualifiers, peregrine falcons are the fastest animal. However, they hit their record speeds of 320km/hr+ in free-fall - so, once you start getting into “fastest animal moving under it’s own power”, things get messy. When it comes to powered flight, peregrines only hit about 65-90km/hr.

Cheetahs aren’t even a close second in the unqualified “fastest animals” category though, with their speeds of ~120km/hr; a whole slew of other speedy birds who enjoy plummeting to their deaths just haphazardly smashed their way in there with no regard for those poor earth-bound mammals

So let’s get into some qualifiers. Fastest self-powered movement? Nope; Brazilian free-tailed bats noodle around at a casual 160km/hr - and, as you may notice, this also means cheetahs aren’t even the fastest mammal. It’s only once we rule out everything that isn’t a terrestrial mammal that cheetahs finally take the crown. You tried, cheetahs.

This isn’t even going into speed options beyond our restrictive, human-sized measurements - for instance, in terms of objective body lengths per second the Southern California mite just absolutely crushes it with 322 body lengths per second (whereas cheetahs only score at about 16). To translate, this is the equivalent of a human running 2,092km/hr

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Cute past!Ardyn with his black chocobo *_*
I want to know more about Ardyn’s past life before he became evil guy…


get to know me: [5/∞] favorite pairings → dolores abernathy & william the man in black (westworld)

“My path always led me back to you, again and again. I grew tired of you after a while, of course. Looked for new adventures. But I guess your path led you back here, again and again. One more loop, looking for something you could never find. Chasing your ghosts. You were lost in your memories even then. I guess I should’ve known that’s what I would become for you: just another memory.”


“Have some fire.
Be unstoppable.
Be a force of nature.”

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I am a ball of emotions after this chapter, every word Touka said, every honest feeling she delivers,,—how she gives Amon advice/helps him to have courage and go see Akira, speaking about her own personal feelings and fears, the exchange of thoughts.. the way Amon feels about the fact she’s rabbit but doesn’t blame her, he understands the circumstances&the other side of the story, honestly..  everything about this talk with Amon was everything I ever wanted and never expected.

Max + girls || Run Back To Me

When you’re in a predominately white fandom, and the main characters are white and their actions are racist, telling the white fans that their faves are racist is a death wish. Especially if that white racist fave is a female.

Telling the fandom the author, who is a white man, is racist is also a death wish. It’s just annoying when these white people act like they care but they really don’t. they will do anything to defend their racist idols and I’m sick of it.  

They will literally try to justify their actions and they don’t understand? Nothing their white favorite character does is wrong in their eyes—especially in fantasy/sci-fi fandoms and I’m frankly sick of it.

I’m tired of feeling racial vibes thrown toward me in a fandom full of white people who claim to be accepting, but the moment you call out a woman who is am imperialist you’re sexist? The moment you call out the author you are just bitter.

Like am I the only one who has gone through this? fandom racism is just as bad as real racism but it’s hidden behind long paragraphs and people who act like they care about social justice.

If you’ve faced racism in your fandom feel free to add on. Please…..


You need to obtain her from Captain Vane, alive and unharmed.
And you need to return her to Carolina, to her father - and when you return her, you’re going to explain to Peter what it is you are trying to accomplish here.

A Nassau that can self-govern, pardons for your men, and a stake in their own future.

Miranda Barlow Memorial Week: most empowering moment

But my god it’s so beautiful when the boy smiles
Wanna hold him, maybe I’ll just sing about it

C: I’m going back to school tomorrow. I’m not that excited. I don’t really know what I want to do with my life. I’m trying to explore classes. I feel like I should be confident in my major but I’m not. Sometimes I don’t see the point in school. I want to learn programming but I’m scared I’m not smart enough. I want to do creative writing, but I’m worried no one will get my style. I hope I can get the courage to explore. I’m smart, but I doubt myself too much so I take classes I know I’ll pass.

      Hello there. I am going to be talking about some rather serious stuff. This is addressing a lot of the issues I have been currently dealing with on this site. In no way is this a vent or vague post; I am just letting my stance be known. This will be the one and only time I am going to speak on this matter. If you still care to read, feel free. If not, I completely respect that.

      As some of you may know, I have been getting some fairly negative anons because of how close I am to Skull ( @deathforsaken ). Quite frankly, I don’t really care. It doesn’t bother me at all because those who send them literally become nothing. They don’t matter. And because they don’t matter, I will never post them or answer them. That being said, I am talking about this because of how it affects Skull.

      I could really care less about myself but I really don’t appreciate when these things affect him? I get it. He’s a popular Reaper/Gabriel roleplayer. But we did meet before this site so even if we don’t roleplay together, what anyone says or does will not affect this. That being said, don’t just snuggle up to me to get close to him? And don’t give him shit when we thread together. That’s just not cool and you’re stressing him out.

      What I do care about is having people to interact with. I really don’t care about follower counts or anything like that. The fact that Skull is popular doesn’t matter to me. We just have fun and that’s how it should be. That being said, I’ve been noticing a lot of fake kindness in my direction. I will not point fingers or name names. That’s not the type of individual I am. That being said, please only follow me if you honestly enjoy seeing me here or want to interact okay? I don’t bite but I do not like fair weather friends who are only here with me because of pity or because I’m close with Skull for headcanons.

      Those I do chat with know that I do appreciate them greatly but I will say thank you regardless. But seriously, if you’re only here because of Skull; please just leave. You’re not worth my time to have to sift through things and I will not fluff numbers for followers for people who don’t want to interact. Sorry but that’s just how it’s going to be now. 

       From this point, I will be going mutuals only and I will likely be making a requirement of the people who would like to more seriously work with me as a roleplay partner. Casual threads don’t need to worry but anything involving ships or in depth information are going to require more.