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Warren Dealing With His Scars

Those small moments where Warren has trouble dealing with his scars.
1. The X-Kids are having their usual movie night, and Jubilee just so happens to pick Beastly. (screw timelines, work with me.) The others are mesmerized at the gorgeous love story the movie portrays and goes through, and sit in amazement as it plays. They are silent mostly as the move goes on, and towards the end are all inwardly terribly emotional. Even Scott has fallen silent as he sits next to Jean and she leans on him in the same, quiet state.
Warren, however, grows steadily uncomfortable form beginning to end. He shifts every now and then next to Kurt as the blue mutant has his tail wrapped around his waist and leans heavily against him. He bows his head and tries to just stop watching it, suddenly hyper aware of the tearing scars that shatter the left side of his face. He moves his hand and wing up to slyly cover them without being obvious, and feels his chest and eyes burn. Kurt seems to know what is going on, and tightens his grip on his angel. He trails a hand up and down Warrens back between his soft wings, and the angel shifts even more, sighing a little. Warren can feel the others glancing at him, mostly Jubilee and Ororo because they apparently know nothing about respect, and he tears his gaze away from the screen and shuts his eyes. Stupid scars and stupid movie; making the horrible markings look like some terrible thing a loved one has to get over and learn to love and move on from. But that’s what they were, Warren remembered. Just thirty minutes until the end, these stupid characters dealing with themselves as the stupid boy thinks he’s ugly because of his stupid marks and stupid scars and the stupid problems he has with this stupid girl and stupid love and stupid, stupid fucking shit movie. Warren gets up roughly, sending Kurt falling to the side with a gasp and looking up at the winged mutant in shock. The angel doesn’t look back as he walks out of the room in a tight ball of tension and anger, earning more confused and worried looks from the others as he turns and leaves. Forget them. What do they care? Why would they do something like that? Warrens voice cracks even in his mind, and he throws his bedroom door open to walk in and slam it shut. He paces a bit, suddenly aware of what he just did, but he doesn’t care. He’s breathing heavily as his eyes betray him and let his tears fall in slow motion, and Warren lets out a frustrated growl. Should he fly? Take a break in the sky for a few hours? No, Kurt would worry too much. Should he go back? Fuck no. Should he sleep? No, he was much too worked up for that. Just as Warren was debating taking off out of the window anyway, Kurt bamfed behind him into the dark room. Warren paused, facing the glass of the cold window, and let Kurt come closer to him. He didn’t turn to face him, and kept his gaze unfocused and away on the moon outside. The blue mutant walked up behind his angel, and placed a gentle hand in the curve of Warrens back. Warren twitched, tensed, but then relaxed as Kurt rubbed gentle circles into his skin. He could feel Warrens small scars through the fabric, the ones that had been there for years and they had forgotten about. Kurt moved to stand in front of Warren slowly, and looked down at him with bright, shining eyes full of love and longing. “Varren…” Kurt doesn’t have to say anything else. Warren leans into him slowly, closing his eyes and letting his love run his hand through his golden hair and slow motions. “What do you even see in me?” He whispers quietly into Kurts shirt. “More zen you could ever imagine…” Kurt kisses Warrens head, and lets his lips rest against his curls. Warren doesn’t reply, and Kurt understands. “You should have told me you did not like zhe movie…” Warren doesn’t respond again, and Kurt knows he is done for the night. Forget the movie; Kurt would spend this night proving to his angel just how beautiful he still is, until Warren wakes up confident and happy with his beautiful self again.

2. It’s a bad night when Warren is shaken and filled with nightmares of Apocalypse and the world ending. He dreams of falling in the jet over and over again and again, and trembles as he cries out in his sleep. All he can feel is the fire engulfing him as his skin boils and tears from the bones of his cheek. He can’t even remember anything past the split second when the nose of the jet made contact with the ground, but his mind apparently does, as it throws him into the world of hell and explosions so loud his ears ring and every bone in his body shatters to bits. He wakes in a petrified, sweaty mess as his throat aches and his face burns with invisible heat. Kurt doesn’t seem to have noticed, and sleeps peacfuly next to him on the bed. Warren sits up, pulling his knees to his chest, and runs his hands over his healed face. He winces and frowns in a cry as tears gather against his palms and thumbs, and he breathes a drooling gasp quietly into the dark. His wings are cold yet hot at the same time as they quiver behind him, hanging only inches from Kurts head on the pillow. His face is destroyed and ruined becuase he was a stupid, lonely idiot and desperate for attention and change. Now he was marked and scarred in an ugly mess; forever to walk the school and remind everyone of what he did. How apocalypse had taken him, and how he had gladly obeyed. How he betrayed his beautiful wings with an ugly, horrid body. Fuck, why was he even still here? Why hadn’t the X-Men just left him to die on his own under the jet? Warren was in the middle of contemplating these terrible thoughts of dying and ridding the world of his horrible presence, when Kurt stirred and opened his eyes. He frowned as he felt his angel missing from his side, and rolled to see Warren in his broken state on the bed against the headboard. He didn’t need to ask what was wrong to understand what was happening. He sat up, and scooted so he was sitting in the same position next to Warren. Kurt lifted his hands slowly, and gently wrapped them around Warrens own; pulling them away from his crying face with ease and care. He frowned as Warren stared blankly at their joined fingers and kept quiet as his tears fell. Kurt understood what was wrong. So he leaned forward, just like the last time something like this happened, and kissed Warrens scarred cheek. He moved his lips in slow pecks across the twisted skin, and Warren shuddered and closed his eyes. “You aren’t grossed out?” Kurt doesn’t answer at first. He only responds with a hand on Warrens other cheek to lift the angels face up to look him in the eye. He waits a moment while Warren looks at him. Warren looked for a hint of doubt in the yellow moons; anything to give away that Kurt didn’t mean the words he was saying, but found none. His bottom lip quivered as Kurt stared at him with nothing but love and compassion for the sorry excuse of himself, and it was then that Kurt knew he had one. Warren had trouble accepting himself for his true beauty and what he really was. He always got so terribly distracted by his scars and past; always falling back after he caught himself thinking he was anything more than an ugly, evil fighter. So Kurt leaned the few inches forward it took to press his lips tightly against Warrens, and held him close in a warm embrace. He ghosted his lips over Warrens when he pulled away, feeling the light bumps where the edge of his lips had been torn and healed in small scars that shattered the pink. He loved Warrens mouth. He’d have to tell him that in the morning. But for now, all he would so is hold Warren close, and whisper hushed German of how beautiful his angel was.

3. There’s a student in the mansion who takes a photography class, and has a project where she must go around and photograph the ‘natural beauty of people.’ Warren doesn’t care, honestly, and ignores the preppy girl as she floats around the school and snaps photos of students in poses and wide smiles. He walks through the day with his friends as they get through class on a rather energetic day, and thinks nothing of it. They fly through classes as everyone seems to be excited about the photos being taken, and the gossip of it fills the halls. By the time midday comes, and the gang sits down for lunch in the dining room, the girl manages to catch them. She talks with excitement about how she’s been looking for them, and asks them if they would like to be photographed. Everyone agrees, and she takes her time snapping the pictures of the gang in odd poses, making goofy faces, squeezing in to fill a single frame, and anything else they can come up with. Warren, however, has stayed seated eating quietly as his friends move around him in a flurry of laughs and giggles as the camera flashes. Kurt has joined them in the fun activity, and Warren is left alone on the bench. He doesn’t mind, of course, and lets his mind wonder as he has a moment to himself while the others are distracted. “Warren, get over here!” Of course. Warren looks over at Ororo and Kurt who smile widely at him and beckon him to their side. He sighs and gets up, walking to them with a raised eyebrow and eyeing the girl with the camera who suddenly stands still. “What?” He looks at Kurt and smirks, putting a hand on his back. “You have to get a photo with us!” Jean says to him this time with a smile. “Is it okay if Warren is one?” Ororo speaks now, and smiles at the girl as she throws an arm around Warrens shoulders and they crowd around him. “Uhhh…” Uh oh. Warren pauses, and feels his blood rush with heat. “I-I don’t know, I mean…” she starts and blushes, looking at the others unsure. “It’s sorta for people who are, you know, like naturally pretty and stuff?” She tries a smile, but realization suddenly sinks in for the others, and Warren bites his cheek. He huffs suddenly and whips around, rolling his eyes as he storms off and out of the room entirely. He walks quickly to the garden outside, unknowing as to why. He was furious with himself and the stupid girl, wanting to just tear apart anything and everything. “Fucking stupid-” He hisses, and snaps his wings open. He lifts them to take flight, but is stopped suddenly when he is met with a face full of dark smoke and a frantic Kurt. “Varren…” He squeaks out, holding his hands up desperately to keep the angel from taking off. Warren wants to yell at him and push him aside to fly away anyway, but the look in Kurts eyes stops him. He bites his lip and glares at the blue mutant, his feathers standing on edge and his heart racing. Kurt takes a step forward, looking at Warren with teary eyes and moving his hands to rest them over Warrens chest. “I’m so sorry… Ve didn’t know she vould say zose horrible zings…” Kurts voice is quiet and broken, and as he pleads Warren with raw emotion and a quivering lip, the angel forgives him. He sighs and lets his wings fall back to his sides, but doesn’t change his expression. He is still pissed and angry at himself, and wants nothing more than to lock himself away as he looks away from Kurt and stares at his feet. The blue mutant pauses a moment, checking to make sure Warren was okay with him moving closer, and gently wraps his arms around his love to pull him close and kiss his ear, feeling even worse than the angel did.

4. The X-Kids have decided to take a day out to the zoo, and all load the car for the hour drive into the city. Kurt is terribly excited and his tail sways madly as he explains the whole way about how excited he is and how he’s always wanted to visit a zoo. Warren smiles at him and wraps an arm around the blue boy as he leans back on Warrens wing. The ride is full of plans for the day and all the animals they are excited to see. They are shocked that Ororo has never seen a penguin in real life, and vow to make that their first stop. Warren sits quietly and lets them talk, not as thrilled as they are to see a bunch of animals that will want to hunt him down anyway. When they pull in and make it inside after buying the tickets, Kurt buzzing and shaking with excitement, Scott and Jean grab Ororos hand and look at the others. “Meet us back at the food court in an hour!” They say and take off towards the penguin exhibit. Jubilee smirks and looks up at Peter and the others. “You guys want to start here?” she asks, and Kurt nods frantically. “Yes! Lets go!” He giggles and starts forward on the trail through the zoo. They see the rhinos, seals, zebras, elephants, tigers, and giraffes by the time they have to start heading back. Warren is having a good time with Kurt and the others, surprised at himself for laughing and smiling as they walked on. Kurt holds his hand and laughs with him, leaning against his side as they near the busy food court. But as they are about to find Jean, Ororo, and Scott, a mother and her daughter cross their path. They all stop to avoid hitting each other, and suddenly the girl looks up at the tall mutants in front of her. She pauses, frowns, and grips her mothers hand. It is then the mom turns and sees them, looking down at her daughter in confusion. “Mama, that man is scary,” they hear her say quietly to the woman, and all four of them freeze. They think she is talking about Kurt, and Warren is now ready to kick her ass and shove the child straight into the alligator pool. But what the mother and her child do next, changes all of their thoughts with just a few simple words. Their smiles fade as the mother looks up at them in disgust, now glaring and quickly pushing her daughter away. “Don’t worry about it sweetie,” the mom says hushed to her daughter as they leave and are walking away. But just before the two are out of ear-shot, the little girl speaks up as she turns away. “His scars and wings were scary!” Uh oh. Not cool. Kurt freezes, the hurt expression on his face quickly replaced by shock and horror, and all three of them turn to look at Warren with the same feeling. Warren stares after the child and mom, frozen with a blank expression. He wants to fly up in a flash and grab the girl; take her into the sky and drop her like a rock onto the hard cement. ‘Scary wings. Scary scars.’ That’s what Warren was, wasn’t it? His heart suddenly feels too heavy to keep beating the fast pace that had set in, and the angel deflates with clenched fists. He takes a deep breath in, suddenly aware of all the eyes on him in anticipation. He opens his mouth, but closes it. He needs to leave- get out and fly back to the mansion to hide in his bed away form the world. He twitches on his feet, and turns to walk off- He’s stopped suddenly. A rather strong hand grips his shoulder, and he instantly knows who it is. Kurt spins Warren to face them, and all three have a firm look on their faces. Warren can feel his blush against his thick, scarred skin, and gives them a hard look. “Kurt, don’t-” His voice betrays him as it comes out weak and quiet, and Kurt silences him by pulling his face forward and planting a heavy, strong kiss on his lips. Warren freezes and grips Kurts shoulders, but the blue mutant stays put and works away at Warrens mouth. When he finally pulls away and looks at Warren sternly in the eye, the angel knows he’s in a losing battle with this one. “Don’t even say it,” Kurt whispers, and moves in for another kiss. Warren doesn’t fight it this time, and smiles as the others smirk and leave them to some privacy, going off to find the others on their own. Warren smiles even wider when people passing by glare at them and hurry off. “You know me so well…” Warren whispers when he pulls way, and dares a small smile. Kurt returns it, and simply leans forward to kiss him again.
BONUS: After Kurt and Warrens quick exchange when the angel had stormed off furious at the stupid photography girl, Kurt leaned back from the hug and smiled. “Come, on, zhe ozers talked to zhe stupid girl,” Kurt gives him a look that says he knows something Warren doesn’t, and Warren can’t help his small smile as he follows him down the hall. They re-enter the dinning room and are instantly met with the gang, all looking happy and smug as if they’d won something. “Warren, this is Jillian, and she would love to take your picture,” Jean says slowly, and nods to the girl. The others smile and turn to look at the girl as she blushes and holds the camera with stiff hands. Warren doesn’t ask what they did or what they said. He just lets her apologize quietly, and lift the camera to snap a simple shot of his face.
Only one week later, the girl avoiding the gang the entire time as school went on, her photos are entered into the state photography gallery. Everyone is thrilled as the highest quality photos are chosen and put on display before the judges, and Xaviers mansion gets a big shout out.
Her photos won, nonetheless, and were accepted two years in the art mueum of New York City.
Everyone is thrilled at the gallery, and they all take a field trip to see the photos hung and framed on the wall of honor. They spend all day as the girl floats around and chats with mutants and humans about each photo, and the X-Kids laugh and smile at their own portraits on the wall.
But dead center, star winner of the entire gallery with the most votes and comments from professionals and artists, hanging up for all to see in a polished frame?
Warrens picture; the only black and white, raw, flawed, scared, emotional, head shot photo of just Warrens face, staring at the camera with a story to tell written in his eyes as they gleam and glow against the flash. People gather around the small, glossy photo, and mumble quietly in admiration about how his scars tear across his face in almost an artistic way. How his is the only one to portray the truth of beauty, inside and out. He has been through a lot, they say. You can tell that this one is special. 'The Natural Beauty of People’ doesn’t even BEGIN to describe this one, they comment.
Warrens photo outshines them all with pure emotion, bright and silent. And as the angel stands back behind the crowd, listening to peoples comments and lovely remarks on his glorious photo, he lets his mind believe that maybe, just maybe, they were right.


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