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Do you ever watch tv? Which are better, modern tv shows or old time radio dramas?

they’re very different things. modern tv–or at least a good chunk of it–is focused around scandal, which isnt something i really care about. also theres lots of dramatic background noises to increase how dramatic things are, but mostly i really cant take it seriously. i like to watch fantasy or scifi stuff, though. and steve and i like to watch sports. (we’ve been very carefully keeping him away from any extreme sports and the xgames. the last thing we need is steve trying to use the Deathbike to do stunts).

i like to watch cutthroat kitchen. it’s basically exactly what happens when more than one avenger tries to use the kitchen at the same time, except i dont have to help clean up afterwards. 

the old radio dramas were fun. campy by modern standards, but we used to really enjoy them. tony was nice enough to get old recordings for stevie and i, so we could hear how things ended for our favorite characters. be warned: tony is terrible to listen to radio with. he gets easily distracted and starts talking. 

steve and i used to have HUGE arguments about what certain characters looked like as kids. he would draw what he thought they looked like, and i would draw what i thought they looked like, and steve would always win because nobody ever looks like what i draw. humans dont work like that. 

i am not good at drawing.


“Guess it runs in the family.”


Kenobi v Skywalker Stance

The comparison is quite self-explanatory but still. I think even if Rey isn’t a Kenobi (which I desperately want) she still does represent the hope/goodness of Obi-Wan in this Trilogy. Because we know Kylo does represent the conflict of Anakin (Also shares those Goofy Skywalker stances, I mean look at the last set.)

(Disclaimer: I’m perfectly aware these are just regular Jedi stance and any Jedi/Jedi in training can be using them)

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Do you really think Jungkook is in love with Jimin and vice versa? I want your honest opinion. 🌚

Well actually I think there’s something going on between them. We saw a lot of moments that normal friends wouldn’t do but jikook did. They always care about each other, look towards each other directions (heart eyes😍), are very comfortable with each other, spend their free time together, always want to be together, have fun together, are memes together, but also are flirty with each other… there’s a lot things going on 😉 

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But I’m not sure if they are together. Love is between them for sure but I don’t know if they are a couple right now.
On the other hand we have a lot of proofs. One of my favorite is that v live when Tae went to Jungkook’s hotel room. Kookmin world did this analys. I watched and later read it a lot of times. If it’s true then well… they are close for sure 😉 
It’s very complicated. We can’t say that they are a couple but we can’t also say that they hate each other. But one thing is certain:  

Kookie loves Mochi 😍

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And Mochi loves Kookie😍

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thank you for ask! ❤️

also I can’t wait for new bv, I want to see them cuddling while they are sleeping ❤️