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i’m genuinely so invested in 13 reasons why and the cast. i’m highkey rly sad i’m done with it already. i loved it so fucking much and i love the depth of each character and their backgrounds. and i love the cast so much they did so welll bringing one of my favorite stories to life holy fuck! really felt like i was living in their world. the cast is also just so attractive and diverse, ethinicity wise and sexually etc. i fucking love seeing all the premiere photos and instagrams and cast pictures together bts and just hanging out like such a cute little family. miles and brandon are adorable lil bbs. i love alisha katherine and dylan so much too. It’s amazing and i praise my bb selena for handling this project in the best way possible. ok i guess i’m done talking about this for awhile? Idk maybe. I wanna watch it again lmao and again and again. i want a season 2!! i know it might take away from the original story but there is so much more to go into with the other characters that i would love to watch and see unravel. clay and skye? whatd mr porter do with the tapes? tyler’s guns? did bb alex survive? how do people cope w their actions when they find out about his suicide attempt? how is jessica doing with her rape? did she get justice and did bryce pay for it? Howre the parents after hearing hannahs audio files??? I NEED TO KNOW this show got me rly fucked up. reading it was one thing but seeing it made it seem so much more real and added another dimension of heartbreak for me. God everything about this show and it’s cast was perfect. also I miss jeff

PWS MAD (Member’s Appreciation Day)

photo: Stephi @stephiramona / edit: Angie @novice-at-play

It was a great honor to be able to edit one of Stephi’s photos! In its unedited state, it was beautiful with the amazing mood and mystery! There were so many ways to edit this wonderful capture, but I decided to go with a warm, “hopeful” edit by adding a bit of warm tones and some diffused light. I have to admit I was a bit intimidated by editing someone else’s work, but Stephi is a good friend, so I know she wouldn’t hate me too much if I ruined it!! ;) 

PWS MAD - Angie

It’s so interesting what other people see in your photos. I took this photo at sunrise in October and I would have edited this photo like I always edit foggy photos and that felt so boring. So I submitted it for this MAD. And I’m not surprised that I love Angie’s edit.

PWS MAD - Stephi

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So for the 1k follower micro fics (Congrats!! I've been around since 100 I think lmao) I was thinking shance model AU? Like Shiro is a photographer, and Lance looses his first photographer for being too reckless in his shoots or having too outlandish ideas or smth. Shiro finds him and recognizes him and they work together? Romantic obviously, shance is beautiful. Thank you if you decide to do it! 😉 Hmu sometime you're awesome?? Ily?



An annoying brat.

Won’t listen to his betters.

A waste of a nice body and face.

I heard he’s still here just because he knows the CEO.

You really don’t want to work with him. He’ll just drag you down.

All of these warnings floated through his head, but he pushed them away. Shiro had a very strict rule of judging people for himself, and Lance wasn’t going to be an exception. Allura asked him specifically, calling him after months of silence, so the least he could do was genuinely try.

“Listen, Shiro… I know you work in Japan now, but just this once, won’t you come back?” she begged. “I have this male model, and he’s everything you ever dreamed of. Slightly androgynous, especially when he puts on makeup. He’s tall, naturally skinny, has so much natural talent…”

“What’s the problem, then? What do you need me for?”

“No one would work with him.“ 

Shiro was quiet for a moment. “Why?”

“He’s… Cocky. He knows what he can be, but he’s not there just yet, and it pisses people off, and depresses him too when the photos don’t come out as well as they could.”

Shiro hesitated. Said he needs some time to think about it. In response, Allura sent him the guy’s portfolio. He didn’t hesitate in the least when he booked the nearest flight out to New York.

Lance was so much more than his photos.

His skin, the most amazing shade of caramel Shiro has ever seen, practically glowed. It was clearly well taken care of. His hair was soft and shiny, even if a bit short to really play around with. Legs that went on forever, a smooth, taut stomach, slim waist and a gorgeous face.

Shiro’s stomach flipped and tightened as he crossed the room to officially meet him.

Lance noticed him approaching and broke into a wide, slightly goofy grin. “Well, hello there, handsome. Is that a camera in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

Shiro was a goner.

They worked well together. Lance had a lot of great suggestions, but he was very pushy about them. Shiro could see how it might irk other photographers, but smitten as he was, he didn’t mind at all. And once he gained Lance’s trust, the young model became much more obedient and willing to listen to him.

They clicked outside work, too. Soon, dinner together became a habit. Either they ate out at restraunts, not exactly dates, but a bit too flirty to be friendly, or they cooked together in Lance’s tiny kitchen. Eating out was nice, but to Shiro, no gourmet meal could ever be as good as eating Mac&Cheese from a slightly chipped bowl in that kitchen.

It was in Lance’s kitchen that he first heard him laugh so hard he snorted.

It was in Lance’s kitchen that he saw Lance cry for the first time, plagued by insecurities about an upcoming shoot.

It was in Lance’s kitchen that he fell in love with his cooking.

It was in Lance’s kitchen that he fell in love with the charming, cocky yet insecure, incredibly adorable, irresistibly sexy man.

It was in Lance’s kitchen they had their first kiss. It was against the counter they fucked for the first time. It was in Lance’s kitchen that Shiro kneeled one day, holding a small box, diamond ring resting on velvet for the love of his life to accept. 

I have had such an amazing journey losing weight and getting healthy. There were many ups and there were many downs but boy has it been one of my favorite chapters of my life.
 Weight has always been a problem for me since I was a little girl, it’s one of those strange things where I don’t remember not being concerned for my weight and I have
one of those bodies where if im not working hard at it it’s very easy for me to gain weight, which happens often, I’ll lose 20 pounds and gain back 10 i`ll lose 50 pounds and gain back 20.
 But the key is to not obsess about it. I know that`s one of those things where it`s easier said then done, but i remember obsessing so much that if i ate one bad thing I
would legit cry and feel like i failed myself. The journey can be hard like that, but you`ll enjoy it so much more if you have a better understanding of balance.

I used to be very overweight and I worked really hard and lost a bunch in a short period of time and I have gained some of it back, and people ask me if that upsets me,
and truthfully it doesn`t, not one bit does it bother me because it`s life, it`s going to happen and I enjoyed my journey so much that it`s exciting to be doing it again, and I`m still
happy with myself and you should be to. I have been having a lot of messages of people telling me how they have gone through a weightloss and have gained some of it back.
YOU GUYS, IT`S OKAY believe me, it`s okay because we`re not perfect and we sometimes slip, weather we gained a little weight or we spend too much money or let our
rooms and apartments become a mess, it`s life and we pick ourselfs back up and start all over and by doing this you appreciate your journey so much more.

 I know being on tumblr or pinterest there is a ton of amazing weightloss photos and stories and they are truly inspiring, but we also need to talk about the ugly side to
that sometimes, because the fact that no one talks about weight gain after a weightloss makes people feel discouraged and makes them feel worse about themselves and makes them feel alone because
no one talks about that. I am here to talk about that, coming from someone who has lost a lot and has gained some back I`m honest about it, I`m not ashamed of it, because
I`m working on it now, and so can you! And everyone gaines weight back for various reasons, like if they were pregant and haven`t been able to have the lifestyle back
because they no longer have the time, or maybe you were in school and had a little more time to lose weight and now you`re too busy balancing 2 jobs and can`t seem to
find the time like you had before. It`s a common issue and I`m here to go through it with you guys, because it`s okay and we`re going to work on it together!

I have already started my journey again and I feel great, and i`m not ashamed to have to lose weight again because LIFE HAPPENS sometimes, and we can`t all dedicate 2
hours in the gym and cook a healthy meal 3 times a day and so this post is for you guys, because we will find ways to overcome the challenges that stop us from being the best
we can be for ourselves !
If you have gained weight, or even if you haven`t even begun a journey at all, just know i`m here for you and know that I have exsperienced it all, and i`m here to tell you it`s okay.
If anyone ever needs to talk or wants advice on anything please do not hesitate to message me!

I`ll be sharing a lot of tricks and exercises and food ideas for those of you who just don`t have much time in your day and things that are working for me!


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Hello! I love your writing <3 I also love fluff. That being said, since you are the best writer ever, do you think you can do a super fluffy day at a carnival (ferris wheels, other rides, foods and mini games for prizes) with the whole RFA gang? MC can be with your favorite member or Saeyoung cause he need so much love! It can be funny moments filled with fluffy cute small moments. I need the fluff >n<,

B-best wri-writer ever? *blushing*

So I don’t really have a fave, as I said before, because I think they all need so much love. But I chose Jaehee because, well… girls just wanna have fun *wink*

If you squint really hard, you can see the fluff and the carnival, it’s just the idea of a carnival is kinda different in my country, so I don’t know much about it and I focused on this dynamic between Jumin, Jaehee and MC. I hope you still like it, tho:

RFA at the carnival

  • It was Seven’s idea, it’s been a while since the RFA doesn’t get together just to hang out
  • It’s also a celebration due to the success of the café you and Jaehee opened a few months ago (although nobody said this officially, otherwise Jumin wouldn’t show up and wouldn’t let Yoosung go too)
  • So yeah… at first, it’s very awkward between Jumin and Jaehee. “Long time no see, Assi… Miss Kang.” “Good to see you, Mr. Ha… Jumin.”
  • But you and Seven manage to light the mood, you two are the most excited about the rides and keep telling everybody how amazing this is gonna be!
  • Zen is fascinated with the house of mirrors. How can he still manage to look so perfect even with his face all distorted? Ugh… he’s such a God’s mistake!
  • He also is showing off to you and Jaehee when he makes the bell ring at the strongman test, starts sneezing when he sees the prize is a stuffed kitten
  • “I think Jumin would like that, give it to him.” You suggest, Zen refuses giving a gift to Jumin. “Nevermind, I’ll give him.” You take the kitten.
  • Jumin is obviously uncomfortable, he watches while Yoosung and Seven are having fun in the bumping cars, Seven cornered Yoosung’s car and keeps bumping over and over.
  • He’s just… there, sitting on a bench. He starts scrolling on his phone when you sit beside him. “Not having fun?”
  •  “I’m just… working.” “I see… you really are a hardworker checking the chatroom where everybody is right here.” CAUGHT!
  • “You know I just came because Luciel basically kidnapped Yoosung, I’m not still comfortable being around…” “Her.” You finish to him, noticing the glance he gives to Jaehee while she’s shooting a target with Zen.
  • “Can I be honest with you, Jumin? I think it’s time to move on. Stop considering this a defeat, so what if you lost your assistant? You earned a new friend!”
  • “I… don’t need new friends.” “Jaehee really admires you and respects you, she’s ready to move on and forget the past, why can’t you?” he starts scrolling his phone again, is he listening? You sigh in frustration. “I’m not gonna tell you how to live your life! Okay, maybe you don’t need new friends, but you’ll definitely lose the few you have if you keep acting like this. Here’s a gift from Zen.” You storm away from him, throwing the kitten at him.
  • You’re worried that maybe you were too harsh, but Jaehee makes you forget this when she drags you to the roller coaster. You love her smile and he way her now long hair flows with the wind.
  • You two almost forget that you came with the boys. You try a lot of rides together and she earns you a stuffed turtle at one of the booths.
  • But you’re really alone when you go to the photo booth. You take silly pictures and you feel really hot when she leans closer to you. Is this gonna happen? For real? You’ve been waiting for so long…
  • “Ah, you’re here, Miss Kang, can we talk in private for a little?” the last photo is your flustered face due to a Jumin who just barged in to the photo booth. Seven is definitely keeping this photo.
  • Zen, Seven, Yoosung and you decide to grab something to eat. Most of the time, the actor and the hacker are trying to goofy off to make you two relax. It’s been a while since Yoosung isn’t able to just hang out like this, and you… are worried. Isn’t that conversation taking too long?
  • When they go back, Jumin scolds Yoosung for not waiting him to eat. “Yoosung couldn’t possibly know what you want, stop being a spoiled jerk!” “Hmmm, so I’ll have what you’re having.” Jumin takes Zen’s food out of his hands, the actor open his mouth to start a trail of insults.
  • “Before you make a scene, remember this is a public space, this can’t be good for a public figure.” And Zen sits reluctantly. Jumin is acting weirdly playful, what happened?
  • You want to ask Jaehee, but she sits across from you and start eating in silence. She looks hungry… and tense. Shit! Did you screw up?
  • For the last ride, Seven chose the Ferris Wheel, he takes Yoosung so he won’t sit with his boss. Zen wants to go with you, but Jumin gets in the way.
  • “Don’t thing too highly of yourself, though. We should just let the ladies stay together.” Well, Zen can’t disagree on that. “Also, you gave me this kitten, and I’m repaying the gesture. “ oh god… Zen will push Jumin off the Ferris Wheel, we should keep an eye on them.
  • You and Jaehee are together and alone again… you’re so afraid to say something, but you have to. “How… how was it with Jumin?”
  • “Painfully awkward…” oh god… “But I think we’ll be able to talk more properly when he goes to the café next Monday.” WHAT? JUMIN? ON THE CAFÉ? This is… this is… unexpected.
  • “I have no idea what you told him, but it worked.” She smiles sweetly, oh my… she’s not mad at you! And she’s so beautiful…
  •  You feel the thud of the Ferris Wheel stopping, with you two at the highest top. “Wow, the view is amazing…” she probably means the whole vision of the carnival, but to you, the view is her smile right now.
  • You’re staring, probably too much as she looks at you and blushes. “Do you think Luciel somehow hacked to leave us on the top like this?” she asks.
  • “Yeah, probably…” she’s leaning closer again… so hot… so hot… “Remind me of thanking him later.” And she finally does what was promised since the photo booth fiasco.
  • A kiss, the first one. You’re trembling and your face is on fire, her lips are so soft… you almost didn’t notice the fireworks exploding in the sky. Another Seven’s doing? Nah, just a very on point coincidence.

Selfie Sunday PWS Member’s Submission

_going home

And like every Selfie Sunday we also close this one with a photographer not worth seeing and change back to

PWS - Photos Worth Seeing

Thank you all for your amazing contributions. We think that we didn’t promise too much when we said that this Selfie Sunday will be fantastic. So much creativity, terrific ideas, and of course brilliant self-portraits.

You out there, yes, you #photographers on Tumblr, you all make the Tumblr original photography scene what it is: Outstanding!

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Yes!! It’s been awesome! Earlier today, there was a Voltron meet-up at the Hilton next to the Sheraton where Anime Boston is held. Obviously, most of the people there were cosplayers. And they were all so amazing!!!!

I’m honestly Blown Away by how many people showed up. I risked my neck to climb up on this wall in order to get a group shot, and even then I barely managed to fit everyone in. I had to take a couple of panoramas! That’s how many people there were!

And there were so many artists selling Voltron stuff! Like, I dropped about $50 worth of stuff today alone, and there are still things I plan on buying tomorrow. I’m drained rn so I sound kind of mellow, but believe me- I was literally bouncing off the walls, that’s how excited I was. I lost my voice because I was chatting so much lmaooo.

I didn’t talk to too many people because again, lost voice, but the energy was so positive? People were there to have fun, and it showed. Every time a certain character/ship/scene was called to come up for photos, people cheered. There was actually quite a bit of screaming, but we kept getting scolded for it lmaoooo.

So yeah. Thank you, so much, to the mods of @relatablepicsofvoltron for arranging this amazing get together. I got to connect with so many people!! I took so many pictures!! I’m still deciding which ones to post, lmao


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Can I get some words about Malec & Madzie grocery shopping at Walmart and everybody wanting different things and cute banter. Please and thank you

ahh okay this is too cute!!!!!!!

  • so alec and magnus are babysitting for the weekend
  • (only because i’m making this vaguely canon compliant rather than going full out adoption, i have too many words for that scenario)
  • and they need to get all this stuff in which… magnus is really fond of just getting take out… he has a standing deal with this nice asian place come on alec pls
  • but alec is the Responsible Dad and insists on cooking because madzie absolutely cannot live off of chinese takeout and fast food for the weekend
  • for one, catarina would have them both murdered in their sleep
  • (magnus agrees, seeing the error of his ways)
  • so to the grocery store it is!!!!!!! and madzie has to come too because somehow they didn’t talk about this beforehand
  • anyway madzie’s never really been shopping that much before??? iris always had someone else at the house to look after her, and she was also always terrified of someone seeing madzie’s gills
  • hence all the scarves
  • magnus and alec are totally fine with looking after her though, and it’s only when they get to the store that alec realises he’s never really been shopping that much before
  • someone else always did it for the institute and because there’s so many people they buy everything in bulk
  • but he totally can cook so he kind of just… focuses on what he needs and makes this plan in his head and he’s really good at picking all the stuff they need
  • it’s magnus who spices it up, grabbing seemingly random things which drives alec crazy until he finally asks what it’s all for and magnus just names this traditional asian dish alec’s never heard of and it’s like “oh. okay cool.”
  • only whilst the two of them are busy flirting and debating amongst themselves madzie is silently grabbing everything shiny from the lower shelves and sneaking it in the cart
  • so they get to the end of the aisle and look at the cart and it’s all “did we really need all of this”
  • madzie just smiles, and they’re both too soft hearted to really stop her
  • (also warlocks are immortal and have enormous wealth and magnus basically goes ‘hey, fuck it, not like it matters that much’ )
  • so they get home with this assortment of like… raw ingredients for their cool dishes, and then random boxes of cookies and jelly and for some reason a lot of yogurt????
  • and then when they’re in the kitchen, magnus just pulls something out of the bottom of one of the bags and presents it to alec like a trophy
  • and it’s one of those cute little teddy bears you always find at the end of the store, holding a massive love heart
  • and alec just laughs and reaches into another bag and pulls out this slightly tacky scrapbook photo album that he got for magnus
  • surprise presents for everyone because madzie totally gets the most presents from them over the weekend tbh
  • anyway they kiss, making this amazing stack of food and are the best babysitters ever
  • catarina’s even a little bit proud at the end of it all

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MELLY. DOES THE RECENT ZAYN PICTURE CHANGE THE ZUSTIN COLLAB ODDS TO 80-20? Justin was wearing a jacket in his previous Instagram photos emblazoned with "Fear of God" on the back. THIS CAN'T BE A COINCIDENCE. fjfkhfjd

WHY is this happening today I am still incapacitated from a 3 hour nap and this is TOO MUCH for one hoe. 

A monkey. Booger green hair that he still manages to look amazing with WHAT KIND OF FOLLICULAR SORCERY. Pink medical scrubs. And now you come here with talk of Zustin

Fear of God is a Fancy Hoe™ brand. Both the Biebs & Zehn have been wearing it:

It could just mean they both enjoy the same fancy hoe brands. But mayybeeee


Here’s most of my photos from Sakura Con Friday and Saturday!! :D It was so fun hanging out with my nerds V @iamnotamuffin and Jumin @iheartanime14!!! It was our first time going as well and it was also the biggest con we’ve all ever gone too!! It was such an amazing experience and I hope we can do it again next year x3 


I had an amazing surprise high tea for one of my best friends and she loved it! Well, we did too, and I’ve had a great time. Directly after that was Italian food because of my parents’ 24y anniversary 😅
Loooots of food today (and no running because of soreness) but it was an amazing day :)

-bonus checking out bridesmaid’s dresses online for one of our friend’s wedding next year😍

Cursed Child Review - 19th April 2017

Just realised that I haven’t done my review for Wednesday! Been busy and trying to my photos posted and only now have I had time to do it. However, this is not going to be a detailed one as I have done in the past, because I doubt I will remember everything as it is and as I thought it was going to be the least time I saw the original cast before cast change so I wanted to sit back and just enjoy the show as a whole.

For the show, I had booked myself a Premium Seat at £199. Never before I have booked a premium seat, but if you have the money, it is worth every penny. I was sat in D20 and it was quite honestly a perfect view. Probably helped I had no tall people directly in front of me and that a child was sat in one of the seats in front me.

Jack North was on as James Potter Jnr/Cedric Diggory/James Potter Snr. I thought he was fantastic, though he is much shorter than Tom Milligan which threw me a little.

James Howard was on as Draco Malfoy. I have already had the pleasure of seeing him in the role back in November and I am delighted he will be taking over the role when Alex leaves next month. I did come to realisation that I do prefer James to Alex when it comes to certain scenes. I also feel his performance was much better than the first time I saw him in the role.

Quick note about Paul - it seems he has either been told to stop or he has given up doing it, but he is no longer randomly taking off his coat as they are discussing who will be transfigured into Voldemort. I have to say I did miss that moment!

Jamie and Poppy were simply brilliant together as always. I am seriously going to miss them when they leave. They have such an amazing chemistry onstage and they have done a wonderful job of building up the relationship between Harry and Ginny, which seems to get better every time I see the play.

I pretty much sobbed my way through James and Lily’s deaths. I actually made the conscious effort to watch Paul during that scene and whoever it was who mentioned it was right, he is the only one to remain watching as Lily dies. Something else I did noticed during that scene, as the cast is moving off stage, is the way Sam is attempting to pull Jamie up, he pulling at Jamie’s arm in a way that suggests Albus is at a loss at what do for his Dad.

Stage door was fantastic as always. I stand by what I said when I posted photo, they are a beautiful, amazing and wonderful cast. They were all so complimentary about my poster print, all impressed I had been the one to take the photo. Annabel even took a minute just to take it in.

I received birthday wishes from a couple of the cast members, Paul included. I managed not to sound too much like an idiot when I spoke to Anthony, congratulating him on his Olivier, telling I loved his speech and his reaction. Bless him, he told me he truly had not expected it.

Very pleased that I now have a ticket for cast change, even if it is only for Part Two. It’s only four weeks away, people!!

Mistakes- Andre Burakovsky

Word count: 2,474

A/N/ this is a sequel to Little Black Dress


[Mistake (noun)- an action or judgement that is misguided or wrong]

Everyone makes mistakes.

Mistakes are a part of life. They make you stronger. They teach you something. When you make a mistake, you learn something about yourself that you never could have guessed.

Some people make many mistakes, some few. Some mistakes are large and unforgivable, some minuscule and gone the next day, and some are somewhere in between.

Some people see their mistakes and some are completely blind. Some just don’t want to face their mistakes. Or the people they effect.

I made a mistake.

I know that now. I’ve known since that night. Since the moans began to fade into the terrified silence of regret. Since our bare skin rubbing against each other became an awkward space between us, much like a barrier. Since the smell of intimacy turned into the smell of betrayal.

Keep reading


I have been too busy to really edit pics or take more cosplay photos lately but I did have an amazing party last weekend where I wore my makkachin shirt 👌🏻 The theme was swag (why even have a party if you arent gonna have a theme) and .. well.. we tried I guess

we are all big yuri on ice fans except for one person who is now very much regretting ever becoming friends with us <3 (we still love her tho nobody is perfect)

~B.A.P world tour 2017~

Alright so the concert ended (sadly) and I just got back to the hotel….
And all I can say is that it was absolutely amazing!!! It was so much fun and so lovely and each one of them were such sweethearts~ So much love and energy! Swooning~

There was so much going on like:

- a girl got to go on stage and Zelo played her boyfriend and she won a camera with videos and photos of them on it….like wow so jealous!!!

- Zelo also kept throwing his used towels into the crowd

- Yongguk killed me with his voice and freaking low shirts showing sooooo much of his chest

- Youngjae filming with a fan’s camera for a while

- WATER GUNS! (drenched Zelo)

- also they introduced themselves in German - Himchan was so good I was really surprised

- they taught us a little dance so we could do it together

- always saying “that’ll be our last song” just to come back and rock on!

…..also I might be deaf and my throat is gonna be soar from all the shrieking, screaming and singing…..

All in all my whole body hurts and I feel more than tired but it was so so so so worth it!!!

For @whotheeffisbucky, because I always promised I would write some fluffy head canons about you and Lance. 

Lance was literally stunned when he first met you. The guy is more cultured than we give him credit for, and met you at a certain show you were putting on. He was amazed by it, and when it ended, stayed for a moment, looking for whoever was responsible for it.

And of course, he saw you. He was dressed pretty damn formal that night, all in black, and came up to you. Lance’s plan was to stick his hand out, say ‘I’m Lance,’ and see how long it was until you fell in love. But he saw how beautiful you looked in that dress, and sorta just fell in love himself. He spent a long time talking to you, before he asked if you would meet him for Coffee the next morning. Which you did.

He was at the cafe pretty early. He’d been up earlier, making sure that he looked perfect. He didn’t want to fuck this up. And then when you came through the door looking so damn perfect, he tripped on the foot of the table, and had to catch himself. That’s why you suggested you bought the drinks over.

His dates got so romantic from there. He would take you to the Cinema to see movies, restaurants and order all these amazing different foods. His favourite one by far was when you both went rollerskating and he got to hold onto you all night and then you took cute photo strips in the photo booth. He keeps one of them inside his wallet at all times. 

He’s there whenever things get too much. Holding you on his lap, and reminding you that it’s all going to be okay. He never wants to see you upset, because you’re too beautiful for that. 

And then he realised; he’d never kissed you. Lance wanted it to be special, very vanilla, because he’d only ever get to have his first kiss with you once. But it all went wrong. He ended up having to be an extra for a Gymnastics Tournament the night of the date he planned. But you didn’t mind. You fixed it; suggesting a movie night at his.

And that’s where it happened. You were leaning into him on the couch, and stood up to get a drink, but misjudged your balance and fell into his chest. It just…felt right. He leaned in and kissed your beautiful lips, and he knew he was completely smitten for you, and that he loved you so fucking much. 

Sex with Lance is usually as women expect it; rough and quick. But not with you. You, were special. He would spend hours, making you feel like a princess, and making sure you were alright. He wasn’t one of them people who would just disappear, either. He’d cuddle you until the morning and then make you breakfast, served with a smile.

It’s pretty safe to say that Lance is smitten by you. And that he will never let you go, no matter what. 

Being Peter Parker’s Accomplice Would Involve

Me: Shit Human who uses google to find gifs so doesn’t have credit

Being Peter’s Accomplice Would Involve:

  • Meeting on the roof one time as you both stop try to stop the same crime and just get in each others way and get pissed off ateach other.
  • Learning to work toegther after you save Peter’s butt several times and he saves yours.
  • Laughing at each other’s first suit attempts
  • Doing your homework together because you can whine about how little time you have because you both get that you’ve got the superhero thing going on
  • The internet shipping the two of you together
  • Laughing about this and making lots of jokes
  • Deep, nightime discussions on the rooves of buildings with your legs swinging over the edge
  • “When do you think we’ll get too old to do this?”
    “Are you really expecting to survive to an age where it matters at this point?”
  • Reminding him he can’t save everyone, and isn’t expected to
  • Joking about starting an Instagram to post pictures in your secret identities
  • Getting to a scene of a crime too late and finding only the aftermath. Peter instantly notices how much it’s affected you so he gets you out of there, away from the bodies and he just holds you.
  • Making up origin stories for each other - because sometimes the same one over and over again gets boring
  • Letting each other take photos of the other in costume so that Peter can sell them to the Daily Bugle
  • “Hey, let’s just focus on this city alone because even though loads of bad shit goes on in the world, New York seems to be the only one attacked by superhumans. Just saying.”
  • Leaning on each other for support when it honestly just all gets too much.