too much

I am angry.

Isn’t it sick that upRISE, avex’s label, is doing everything to appeal to domestic fans only? If you’re an oversea fan of Acid Black Cherrry, you get next to nothing in terms of informations, official photos and events.

 It wasn’t this bad before, when I joined the fandom in 2010 upRISE started caring about oversea fans more - they’ve made official fanpage of ABC on facebook, they also made a twiter account. 

During Project Shangri-la in 2013-2014 something has changed, because after it was finished they stopped publishing blog entries with yasu’s photos, they stopped tweeting and we stopped having yasu to tweet from time to time. Not to mention that yasu has abadoned his personal blog in 2009 and since then he never had any social media account. 

Recently even PSC company is being more open, with bands like the GazettE, who have been known as the most “strict” one when it comes to being open for fans. 

DAMIJAW is also under upRISE, but ka-yu was allowed to make an instagram account and he is well known for interacting with fans on DAMIJAW’s official twitter account. Several photos were shared there, not to mention DAMIJAW’s youtube channel with many video comments from the band.

Yet, ABC is still being closed for oversea fans, despite being one of the most popular artists from avex at the moment. It’s no secret that ABC is joining a-nation festival almost every year to help avex sell tickets for this event, especially last year (2015), when they announced Acid Black Cherry participating kind of last minute. And we got a confirmation of this with this year’s avex information leak.

If ABC’s mangament is aware of our existence, why they are making everything to pretend we don’t exist? Why ABC has not performed oversea, not even once? FC trip to Guam barely counts, since it was a closed event for a few people. I’m talking about real tour which has never happened. 

ABC just celebrated their 9th anniversary. Time to make such big move next year, yasu.

why do some people hate on makeup so much?? like first ok the people who wear it are wearing it for themselves not u and second have u ever tried to do those wings things?? that’s true art. u draw one too long and it’s like half ur face is flying away. have some respect for masterpieces when u see em.

Remember when you were at the cinema to see Batman v Superman for the first time and you’d waited 3 years and you’d heard so many things, but the room went silent and lights went off and Beautiful Lie started playing and the logos came up with the leaves blowing in front of them and you knew in that moment it had been worth every second of the wait