too metal for that shit

“Endless, endless…don’t you see? This is what my destiny is!” 

sh…rug? My dreams never make sense. Fever dreams, much less so. Micolash had some kind of final form in this one, where he was turning into a Great One. He kept fuckin’ talking, too. Like. He wouldn’t stop talking. Actually, he ended up being eaten by a Great One mid-sentence but he was pretty chill about it all.

why tf does everyone in the universe want to ship sh(e)it/h or ot.ayu/ri??? i keep unfollowing more and more ppl and then trusted leftover ppl start posting that kind of stuff too?? my dash is so dead im crying i dont know where to go

anonymous asked:

What an awesome blog we have here! \o/ Could I request what music genre sekizan, hachioji, ebumi and sumiaki like to hear?

Sekizan would listen to para para and idol music like Perfume and AKB

Hachioji would listen to the top 40 and isn’t probably too interested in music

Ebumi would easily go for metal, emo angsty shit and rock. A dash of old school hip hop thrown in (like Kris Kross and Run DMC)

Iwashimizu would probably listen to alternative music and ambient music like soundtracks.

Thank you for the ask!

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