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Karma is a woman
With a blackened heart
And revenge dripping from her
red lips.
—  move aside, and let justice be served (a.m.t)

I posted this on snapchat but not many people can see it there, so imma put it here. Call your reps. Please. So many people depend on the internet! We can’t just let the FCC take it away from us!!!! Call them! Protest! Sign petitions!!! Do what you can to save Net neutrality!!!!

Link to the petition:

okay hear me out, I’ve been thinking about this a lot and then there was this post and things kinda spiraled out of control;

  • So Adam is a southerner and after leaving for college and becoming more comfortable with himself, he starts letting the accent slip more often and ofc it shows the most when he’s really happy or talking to Ronan.
  • Usually those two things correlate.
  • Southerners are also known for using sweetheart, darling, and sugar a lot, and even though Adam makes it a point of using none of them usually; he still grew up hearing the words at the end of every other sentence
  • So one night Adam is in bed, tucked in and warm after a long day of lectures, and he’s got his phone pressed to his hearing ear as he sleepily tells Ronan about his day, voice soft and slow and his accent thick.
  • Adam is in that hazy place between sleep and wakefulness, and the murmur of Ronan’s voice when he starts speaking makes him feel safe and warm, so he dozes off for a few seconds and doesn’t catch what Ronan says. 
  • They don’t do pet names except for Ronan sometimes calling him babe but Adam is tired and content and he loves listening to Ronan speak, and the haziness of sleep loosens his tongue and so he sleepily asks; “What was that, sweetheart? I didn’t catch it” and the line goes silent for a bit
  • except Adam doesn’t notice it just then bc he’s too tired and Ronan sometimes needs to regroup his thoughts, so Adam is used to waiting for Ronan to find his words and he just closes his eyes and waits for Ronan to speak again
  • Meanwhile Ronan Lynch is having a religious experience on the other end of the phone, like his face feels so hot he’d be actually embarrassed if he weren’t too busy marvelling at Adam’s voice wrapped around the word sweetheart.
  • What he ends up saying, after several beats of silence, is “Jesus fuck, Parrish, just how tired are you? Go to sleep, fucker.” but his voice is soft and he’s smiling a little and Adam lets out a huff of quiet laughter.
  • Adam answers “Don’t wanna. I wanna talk to you. Miss you.” even as he can feel himself starting to lose the battle against sleep, and knowing he won’t be awake for much longer
  • He hears Ronan’s sigh of fond exasperation, followed by “Miss you too, asshole, but you need to sleep. I’ll just.. I’ll talk to you in the morning.” 
  • Adam nods without thinking, the warm feeling in his chest growing, growing, growing. And he breathes an I love you into the phone, Ronan returns the sentiment and disconnects with a “Good night, Adam.” 
  • The next morning when Adam is more awake, he remembers the phone call and figures out the reason behind Ronan’s prolonged silence and the smile in his voice afterwards. The memory and its following realisation leave him with flushed cheeks and a shit eating grin that he might have learned from Ronan himself
  • He makes a quick decision, picks up his phone, and dials his boyfriend’s number. Ronan answers on the second ring. 
  • Adam smiles and, with a voice slow as honey, he says; “Mornin’, Sugar.”

concept: t'challa and bucky get into a fight because they find out that both of them have given tony the pet name of ‘kitten’


Why don’t you two get it together? ❤️

Welp! Here she-uh.. I am in all her glory! I legit own every piece of clothing on this gal. The hand made beanie, the dorky red box plaid shirt, and some old jeans! The bracelet is something I always wear it was a gift and it’s made of jade shaped into a bamboo shoot.

A Wolverine! I think that is what I would be in the Zootopia universe (Or furry/fursona) I really get into some feisty moods if you know me well enough. When I have a temper it’s a pretty bad one. (Especially over food ;) ) OH and do I love food!! I swear I dream about it all the time… Even as I eat it. I think if I could afford it I would be a food hoarder.

Enough rambling!

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okay but i love your icon but what is it

To answer your question, behold.

   His name is Antoine. And he is an Anorexic Martian on a Surfboard.

Legacy pt. 2

Parings: Jugheadxreader

Warnings: swearing, meh a lil violence

A/N: thanks so much for the feedback on this and as greatly requested here is part 2. Hope I didn’t screw it up too much dolls.

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Jughead POV

I didn’t see much of yn for the next two weeks after our first encounter and believe me, I looked. I was bordering stalker territory. During lunch I’d sit with Toni and the rest of the Serpents, including Sweet Pea, in hopes it would draw her out. It didnt. It was if she never existed, no body talked about her and it seemed that nobody besides me wondered where she was. I was beginning to believe I dreamt the first encounter and the few times I did see her, Sweet Pea was close behind. Too dangerous to steal a few words with the green haird marvel.

School had ended and almost completely cleared out, I headed towards my locker, footsteps echoing slightly. I heard a steady rhythm of banging and turned to see YN at her locker, piling the books in. I couldn’t help but stare. Bigfoot has been seen more in the past two weeks than this girl.

“Take a picture Bonehead it’ll last longer” she cut my daydreaming without breaking focus on her locker. I quickly glanced back to my own locker before squeezing my eyes shut tight. Okay Jug, yes she probably knows a thousand ways to kill us but she’s just a girl, we’ve talked to plenty of girls…except we haven’t.

“Are you having an aneurysm? Because if you’re about to drop dead I need to know so I can flee the scene” she threw herself against the locker beside mine smiling. Okay jug talk talk talk.

“Uhhhhhh” no jug form actual words you idiot.

“Let me guess, Toni has been giving you history lessons?” I could only manage a nod. What is happening, I’m not this person?

“Too bad, you were interesting for like half a second there Bonehead” she pushed off the lockers and began to saunter off again.

“That’s half a second longer than you” I managed, receiving a scoff from her. Yeah that was a pretty lame come back. She seemed as if she was about to say something but my favorite person in the world rounded the corner.

“Is there an issue here yn?” Sweet Pea crossed his arms at the other end of the hall.

“No SP”

“Go on, run along, your handler is waiting for you” I smirked, yes much better Jug. She smiled at me slightly, still one of the most beautiful smiles I’ve ever seen in my life.

“Much better Jones” she then turned and headed off with Sweet Pea but not before he threw me a dirty look.

After collecting Toni, we arrived and she quickly left me for the dance floor as I took my surroundings in.

The Warehouse was exactly what the name entailed. A warehouse. Seemed to be an abandoned Christmas tree factory of sorts.

I stood for a moment before slowly walking around the perimeter of the dancefloor, afraid to get too close incase I was sucked in.

A hand suddenly went around my mouth from behind and I was hauled backwards, fear enabling me from fighting back.

I was pulled a small distance down, what I assume was, a now disused service hallway and then inside a small broom closet, not quite the place I thought I might be mugged. I managed to force my eyes open from squeezed shut and there stood a smiling YN, our bodies almost touching with the size of the closet. Such a beautiful closet.

“Uhhhhhh” is all I could manage.

“Wow, and you continue to be quite the wordsmith Jones”

“Are you going to kill me because honestly if you do it here, you’re going to get your nice clothes all blood and that’ll be murder to get out” she chuckled lightly in response to my pun.

“No I just don’t feel like a party that much”

“Really? I thought you’d love a party?”

“There’s lots you don’t know  about me, things Toni can’t even teach you?” Now that,you ladies and gents, is how you peak interest.

“Are you sure you’re not just avoiding your handler?”

“No one can handle me”

“Bet I could give it a shot” she raised an eyebrow at me before stepping even closer to me, our chest and toes now touching.

“Not afraid of me?” She whispered

“Petrified” I moved some lose hair from her face.

“Good” she leaned in then, our lips colliding. Electricity began to coarse through my veins and I was in the middle of a lightning storm. My hands went to her hips and hers wrapped around my neck pulling me deeper.

“Something’s wrong” she broke from me suddenly, looking in the direction of the door. What did I do? I could feel the colour drain from my face.

“Uhhhh sorry?” I offered before she looked back at me face going from hardened to sympathetic.

“No no no” she laughed, rubbing her hand down my face, I wanted to hold it there but I felt in her current state she might cut the hand off.

“Something’s not right”

“What is it Lassie? Timmy stuck down the well?” She hit me into the chest playfully but then her face hardened again.

“Here take this” she pushed a closed switch blade into my hand.

“Oh my god what the hell?!”

“Something’s wrong, we have to check it out” she then pulled a handgun from her jacket. I was both incredibly turned on and frightened at the same time.

“Why the fuck do you have gun?!”

“The real question is why don’t you Legacy!” She then stepped out of the closet, keeping the gun low with me reluctantly following her behind.

While what we left was chaos, it was nothing compared to this. Words could not describe the improvised war field before us.

“FUCKING GHOULIES!” YN shouted before stepping forward. I went to grab her to stop her from walking head first into the battlefield but I was tackled against the wall by a familiar face.

“STAY OUT OF THE WAY LEGACY! YOU’RE NOT READY FOR THIS!” Sweet Pea barked over the shouting.

Yn walked up the side steps to the metal frame balcony above the old production floor. What the hell is she doing she’s opening herself up to get hurt.

She raised one armed hand up towards the ceiling before firing a single bullet up. The whole room stopping instantly at the sound of a gun. Yn rolled her eyes and then lowered her arm back to her side.

“You have 10 seconds to clear the place Ghoulies before I really lose my temper.” She didn’t shout, she didn’t need to with the silence she commanded with her sheer presence. Slowly the faces I didn’t recognize began to retreat backwards, the Serpents regrouping. What is actually happening? Where am I? When did it become the 1950s?

It wasn’t till the place seemed to be completely cleared of Ghoulies that Yn spoke again.

“Toni, Fangs, SP, run diagnostics and then I want a full status report in the back office in 10 minutes.” Once again there was no need for her to raise her voice.

“And don’t keep me waiting. I’m not in the mood.” The room sprung back into life as the Juniors began to process what happened.

Yn had reached the bottom step and I walked quickly to her.

“What just happened yn?”

“What happened was I got distracted and we were attacked…Go home Jughead” her eyes were sad but her face was still painted to be that of the strong leader I was now certain she was. I was a naturally born Legacy, she, a natural born leader


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Hakuouki: Harada Sanosuke Hen Soundtrack

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I know it’s from the Live hush

I made a soundtrack today; if you would like it too it is available. Same rules apply! Also, I embedded the right track numbers into the files themselves, but they got all shuffled when I uploaded them and it won’t let me move them around so just in case here is a list of the correct order:

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Who can proclaim the mighty acts of the LORD or fully declare His praise? Psalm 106:2
“Almighty!” That’s one of the names for God. He is everything we
can imagine that is good, righteous, and holy. But He is so much more! He is more than we can imagine and so much more than we can declare. Even our greatest moments of praise are great
understatements of His glory. El Shaddai, the One True and Almighty God, He is worthy of all glory, honour, and praise!
He is too marvelous for words and beyond our mind’s
comprehension. Yet, He hears our feeble attempts
at praise and is pleased, blessed and delighted with our love and our effort to glorify Him. Surely we can rest our hope and our future in this Great God

Just saw a post where someone said Tony didn’t listen to anyone but himself during Civil War. (Yeah I’m calling u out m8).

…..what? What about the tiny tiny detail where Tony listened to 117 countries and the UN and the law? Or when he listened to Sam in the Raft? Didn’t happen? Kk. I suppose they took when Steve tried to tell them about Zemo at an extremely bad time before a fight (instead of calling when he found out -cough cough-) and just blew that one moment way out of proportion, like allll Cap stans do, and the moment become the whole movie.

You know who didn’t listen to anyone? The same Spangly American who literally rolled his eyes when a seasoned war veteran told him he was being arrogant for not giving a shit about what 117 countries.

I’m also so done with the “he did what he thought was right!” Well so did Tony and guess who’s the main target of that ridicule AGAIN

The sad thing is that I used to love Steve and after Civil War I was thinking “everyone makes mistakes and deserves redemption, just like Tony.” But then I saw the fandom and the whole “perfect Steve is perfect once again. Freedom! God bless American ideals of completely shitting on what other countries want and doing their thing anyway.” As that one guy once said:

Better to remain silent and be thought of as a fool than go speak and remove all doubt.

I’m just going to rant for a second: I’ve read a lot of articles that argue that Deadpool can’t be pansexual because he hasn’t experienced anything except heterosexual sex, or that he must not “want” to actually have sex with men, and only likes to make gay jokes for fun. (Also, apparently, pansexuality is seen in the general public as “wanting to fuck everything”? I can’t believe people can be so ignorant- they’re obviously thinking of arrogant, entitled straight men.) Because, of course, “no homo,” to preserve your masculinity. They don’t want Deadpool to be anything other than straight, so they pretend that the way he talks to men is “just bros”.

The fact that people deny Deadpool being labelled as anything other than straight simply based upon his sexual experiences shows how deep heteronormativity cuts into our culture. You do NOT have to sleep with someone to know that you identify as non-heterosexual. Sexual orientations (and romantic orientations!) can be fluid and ambiguous, and are deeply personal. Despite what non-LGBT+ people would like to think, you do not get to decide what label fits us. We do.

People don’t like ambiguity, and when a character’s sexuality is not referenced or pinned down, or even refined, people panic. They want a coming-out story, an “origin” story, a reason for why a character is the way they are or an explanation of the parameters of their existence. There have been far too may coming-out stories for LGBT+ characters, and not enough stories about their EXISTENCE. And we wonder why society pretends LGBT+ people don’t exist?

But what if a character’s sexuality just IS, without needing an explanation or an excuse? That’s the kind of movie I want to see.

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Peter in mid fight with a villain with notices the cool awesome tech and he's just stops and is like "What! How'd you manage to make ice cream into a weapon, etc."

Peter twisted sharply mid-air, only just avoiding the spout of fire aimed in his direction. When he dropped to the ground he shot up and waved his hands over his head.

“Hold on, hold on!” he called to the motorcycle helmet-wearing villain on the other side of the street. The bank robber paused with her hand against the button on the side of her head. Peter couldn’t see her face through the dark tinted windshield, but her body language clearly said, What the hell is this guy doing?

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