too many zeros i think

;; a sweetheart of a guy came around to me and showed me his Nightmare Before Christmas tattoos because he saw on my name tag it was my favorite movie!!!! makes me hype that people enjoy NBC and other Tim Burton movies and getting  tattoo dedicated to the movie even more now!

[ ZE X DR : Phi X Komaeda’s green Jacket  ]

Phi is Love Phi is Live ~~ (Too many Komaedas in Zero Escape)

( after finished 55% of Zero Escape VLR ….. I only think Zero Escape too many refering DR like a rules of games and else wwww idk why …. wwww blame @kurokku-tokei for game recommendation // runs )


25.03.16 “damn right, i’m not zero yet.” 

i keep thinking i have too many things i need to do that can’t be squeezed in this weekend and so many other things i want to do but can’t. i keep daydreaming about when all this stress’ll be behind me.

p.s irrelevant but my fave on the rhs page aHHHhhhh *cries*