too many walking dead feels right now

Don’t read this if you think it gets better. I’ve walked every trail of this dark forest that too many people are walking in right now and I promise there’s no way out. When the clock strikes 3:37 AM in the dead of summer you will feel the cold crawl out of your bones and you’ll remember how she used to love you. Don’t cry. Don’t be afraid. Don’t feel bad because you are the dead sea while other people are the vast ocean because both are too deep to try and understand. Don’t feel bad because your mind is uninhabitable. There’s not enough self help books to drag me out of this god damn hole and I promise you there’s quick sand at the bottom. I have read every pamphlet and looked through the hollow eyes of every alcoholic psychiatrist there is. The light at the end of the tunnel is a flickering light bulb. So smile while you can and kiss them like you mean it and love the scars on your thighs and never give up on yourself, but don’t ever think it gets better. And I wish you didn’t read this.