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How To Apologize

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Summary: After remembering that they’ve forgotten your celebratory dinner… Teamiplier works together to make it up in hope that it isn’t too late. [Part I]

The long-awaited sequel to Left Behind is finally here! Wowzie, not gonna lie, wasn’t expecting this much love for this story since it was my first time dealing with a few different aspects, so I was so happy to see how much you guys liked it and wanted a continuation of it! Hopefully I didn’t make you guys wait too long, if I did, I’m sorry 💙 But, it’s here now! So please enjoy!^^

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     “… And that’s a wrap!” Kathryn calls, a relieved sigh leaving her lungs- while hanging out with everyone was amazing, after so many hours had their antics lost their charm. Amy is still adorable in her hijinks, though. How couldn’t she be?

     Nonetheless, the lot of them were overall glad to be done for the day. It was always exciting to work on a new project, whether it be big or small- it was fun! Time consuming and sometimes difficult, but fun all the same. By the end of the day, everyone would be at least a little bit tired if not exhausted. Mark and Tyler are continuing to laugh about the jokes from the skit, adding onto it with even cringier and sillier jokes making the brunette roll her eyes playfully. Her attention then turns to her fellow ukulele enthusiast who looks lost in thought, lips pursed and brows knitted together, “What are you thinking about?”

     Ethan groans and slides a hair through his blue waves, his hand scratching the back of his neck where it meets the bottom of his hairline, “I feel like we’re missing something… Did we have anything planned today?”

     “Other than the shoot?”

     “Yeah… I don’t know, maybe there’s something at work I needed to take care of,” He assumes, deciding to try and suppress this weird feeling for the moment. Ethan only hopes that whatever it is that was subconsciously nagging at him doesn’t result in him being fired. That would a bummer.

     Kathryn thinks it over herself, head leaning to the right as she ponders in case she happened to remember what it was.

     “Guys, let’s get some ice cream!” Mark chimes in, throwing his arms around the pair with an enthusiastic grin spread across his expression. Though as soon as those words left his lips, Kathryn’s own smile falls and she realizes what it was that not only Ethan forgot, but that they all forgot.

     “Mark… What time is it?”

     “Ah, let me check,” He pulls himself away and pulls the phone from his pocket, a quick glance tells him the answer, “A little past nine, we’ve still got enough time to get ice cream.”

     A heavy sigh falls from her lips as she shakes her head, Kathryn’s heart clenching with guilt, “I can’t believe we forgot, oh my God…”

     “Forgot what, Kat..?” Amy asks, confused and lost as to what’s happening.

     “His dinner party, we missed it. (Y/n)’s dinner party- to celebrate him graduating culinary school and we missed it…” She trails off, her expression dropping with each word as she comes to realize her, no, their mistake.

     All the smiles disappear quickly with her words, put out like a candle from a cold breeze. As if time stopped and their reality simply shattered with this new truth; this new betrayal that they’ve unknowingly committed. Silence falls over them, each not knowing what to say nor do.

     How did they even forget? Tyler was always so great with his planning, Ethan and Amy have phenomenal memories, Kathryn was wonderful with dates, and how could Mark forget anything that involved cake? But he did. They all did, and they’re feeling their guilt weigh on them for being so wrapped up in their work that they managed to forget something so important to one of the dearest friends. A project accidentally took priority over their friend.

     How could they have let this happen?

     “We need to go over there.” Mark breaks the silence and starts to wander back towards his car, only waiting for the other’s to follow him.

     “Are you sure? I want to, but he might be angry and he might not even want to see us,” Ethan points out, eyes cast downward while he speaks and unconsciously biting his lip.

     Tyler sighs but nods all the same, sticking his hands in his pockets, “Ethan might be right. We should try calling him first, at least.”

     “No, because apologizing over the phone doesn’t mean shit when you can do it in person. And I think we may have royally fucked up… We need to go there now,” Mark insists, a shaky hand running through his messy black locks as he shakes his head, visibly frustrated by his obliviousness.

     Amy frowns and walks up, taking Mark’s hand in her own, “I think… We should calm down for a minute and plan on how we should go about apologizing. Besides, (Y/n) may be upset like Ethan said and it might be good to give him his space tonight.”

     A pause follows but nevertheless, Mark exhales heavily and nods in agreement, “You’re right… Tomorrow, we’ll fix this. We have to.”


     Your head hurts.

     The first thing you notice when you wake up is the pounding sensation against your skull, an exasperated groan leaving your lips. Why does your head hurt so much?

     When you open your eyes, you slowly start to take in your surroundings, confusion now entering your mind as you see the mess surrounding you and the almost empty bottle of wine in your hand. “What the..?”

     You try to stand up, stumbling slightly, but eventually finding solid ground despite the growing feeling of nausea in your stomach. You roll your head, neck cracking pleasurably as the tension leaves your neck. Apparently, falling asleep on a hardwood floor is not good for your body- leaves it quite stiff. But then again, that was the least of your worries last night. You remember bits and pieces, although you remember very well that you and your celebration was all forgotten and instead of finding company in your friends, you found it with the celebratory wine and when you were trying to find answer, you found it in the shards of broken plates and glasses. The inner turmoil poured out from you, and like a thunder storm, devastation rained when everything inside had started to come out.


     You should probably clean up.

     Setting the wine down on the counter, you sluggishly move around to pick up the reminisces of last night. It takes no longer than an hour to have your kitchen and living room fixed up like nothing had ever happened. And to be honest, having a clean house helped to clear your mind as well. The aspirin you took also helped, but cleaning was a good boost to help your mood.

     Are you upset, still? Of course. They left you alone on such an important day- you aren’t going to forgive that so easily. Yet, the moment you pick up your phone and notice the missed calls and texts, you have to hold yourself back from answering them. An odd wave of relief washes over you; so they realized they messed up then? Good. They needed to know and you are not about to explain to them why you’re so upset when the reason should be obvious.

     Instead, you’ll let them boil over for a bit as you allow this hangover to pass. Thankfully, it’s fairly light and with the help of the pain killer your head has been feeling well enough to plug in your headphones and mindlessly listen to music while lying casually on the couch. The music drowns your ears with melodies and soothing voices, your first smile in a while making its way onto your tired expression. You almost fall back asleep but a consistent knocking persists under your music, determined to alert you its existence. A yawn escapes your lungs and you sit up, walking through the previously shard-covered floor and up to the door that you had wished would open all of last night, but only now is it being knocked on. You take a peek through the peephole and automatically a surge of last night’s emotions- primarily anger, return. A scowl forming on your lips when you spot Mark on the other side, a mental debate occurring as to whether or not you should open the door. You turn around and lean against it, pinching the bridge of your nose from frustration.

     “(Y/n)? I could hear you coming to the door… You have every right to be upset, but please let me explain.”

     You scoff and roll your eyes, what’s there to explain? They were too lost in their own world to even think of your big day- simple as that.

     “Go away, Mark. You can’t change what happened.”

     “No, but we were hoping we could direct the future,” Amy’s sweet voice pipes up from the other side of the door, successfully getting your expression to soften. Not that they could tell.

     “Please, (Y/n), we have something that might help.” Kathryn, too… So they all must here, huh? You shake your head and rub the back of your neck, unsure at this point.

     “What is it?”

     “You have to open the door to find out.”

     Or you could look through the peephole again…

     “It’s waiting in the car for you, dude!”


     Sighing, your hand reaches out to the knob and twisting it painfully slow, still uncertain about whether this is the right thing to do or not. When the door finally opens all the way, their expressions light up with hope and a newfound energy. “Are you ready?” Tyler asks, a slanted smile on his lips as if whatever their way of saying sorry or explaining was something you had to truly prepare for.

     “Let’s just get this over with,” You state blandly, not wanting to hear some poor excuse nor get an insincere gift as an apology.

     Mark and Ethan rush to the car and appear to be checking over something before a flash of golden fur passes your eyes and instantly, a soft smile replaces your cold expression at the scene in front of you.

     Chica not only has a chef hat, but a whole chef uniform as she pounces over to you and greeting you with a million slobbery kisses, you try to hold back a laugh but fail to and kneel down, giving into Chef Chica’s pleas for pets. It isn’t until Kathryn taps your shoulder that you look up to see the giant platter of cupcakes held by Mark and Ethan. With varying amounts of neatness, each cupcake has a letter that when put together spells out a message, an apology.

     Sorry we gave you a RUFF time!

     And once again, despite trying to bite back laughter, it flows into the air after reading the obscenely stupid and punny message. “This is your apology for missing my big day?”

     “We thought that you would’ve liked this better than some sappy apology,” Ethan shrugs, a sheepish smile spreading onto his cheeks, “And since you made us dinner and all, we wanted to make you something in return. It’s not as good as your cooking, but it’s still made with love?”

     Chuckling you shake your head, eyes glancing around to meet all of hopeful eyes and with a slow nod, you admit your defeat, “… Alright, fine, you won me over.”

    “Yes! I swear this won’t ever happen again- promise! Right guys?” A variation of ‘yes’es follow and you only roll your eyes playfully.

     “Good, now I’ll help myself to an apology cupcake if you don’t mind,” You take one of the plate and after removing the wrapper, take a bite.

     It has an… interesting taste?

     “What do you think?” Ethan’s big blue eyes widen as he asks you and you feign a smile, swallowing thickly.

     You are reminded as to why you’re the one with a culinary degree, to say the least.

     “They’re… pretty good, guys! Although, it’s only a little past ten in the morning, how about I make us a proper breakfast?”

      Thankfully they all agreed and the cupcakes could be easily forgotten. Nonetheless, seeing them in your kitchen like last night never happened, remembering how hurt you were and knowing that they felt awful too, yet, being able to smile and laugh with them again is better than any feeling you’ve known before.

     This is how things are supposed to be, and you hope that this is how things continue to be.


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I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful blog! I am as obsessed with BC as you are and I love your all your great comments about him-including his beautiful physical attributes. It always lifts my spirits when I visit your blog!

Dear Anon, I’m sorry it took so long for me to send out my thanks for your kind compliments!  Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the here & now–especially the here & now of Our Beautiful Obsession, that I let slide simply courtesy. Merci, my dear–and I hope you can accept too many hours mooning over

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as a good enough excuse. For he really is the best inspiration for even the naughtiest sort of behaviors, don’t you think? And of course for waxing poetic when the moment calls for it.

(PS  I thought of you specifically on the reblogged post that follows, hoping you enjoy reading the tags as much as I did writing them!)

Prince of Tennis

I know some of the people in this world thinks POT is a shit since when the nationals and the new series starts– the tennis looks like not tennis anymore. As if they are from Yato clan…maybe, they are descendants of the Ackermans.

Moreover, you cannot believe that they are people that still like that manga\anime. And you’re calling them shitty? At least, our preference is just shitty and not who we are. Unlike these opinionated feeling mighty intellectuals.

Yes, we still like it. We grow old with those ridiculous athletes with super saiyan abilities. So, what? Just let us be.


I think I am going to be parent soon and Echizen is still a 12 year old brat

Another warmup doodle with another rant attached, you’ve been warned!

For everyone who has been concerned about my absence, I’m sorry to have scared you, but I’m alive! With the stresses of this pending move, I really can’t handle baby warriors shitting their britches over ships I draw on a regular basis. Once we’re down in NC and settled in, I’m sure I’ll be back with the usual spit and vinegar. Until then, like the Crewniverse, I just find the baby war tiring as hell.

“Imagine being heterosexual enough to ship pewey.”

I’m pansexual, and most of the active shippers in the Pearl/Mayor Dewey tags I’ve seen are also part of the LGBT+ community. A lot of us keep repeating that, as I am now, but that seems too complicated for the ship haters in the tags. It’s just so much easier to dismiss us all in favor of a strawman narrative like the one above. Funny that, in a grand crusade to Stop Lesbian Erasure In Headcanons, some posters are positively eager to erase real peoples’ identities, to mock them, to invalidate them.

Some LGBT+ people ship Pearl/Mayor Dewey. Some can’t stand it. Others are indifferent. What matters is how you act around real people in regards to your cartoon fandom. So far, ship haters have stormed into the little shipping sandbox over there in the corner and tried to kick down all the castles.

Lesbians who have posted in support of the ship have been called “traitors”, called liars, labeled as having “issues”.

Pan/bi shippers who headcanon Pearl like themselves, as you can see in my doodle? Yeah, we’re faking it too. This reminds me of the fallout after Korrasami–even though Bryan flat-out said “Despite what you might have heard, bisexual people are real!”, parts of the fandom and several publications insisted they were lesbian anyhow. We just can’t possibly exist. (The personal irony here is that I started opening up on Tumblr and especially in the SU fandom about my own sexuality because I felt I’d be safe. Boy was I wrong!)

“Ace? What’s that?”


Don’t forget, we’re talking about personal headcanons here.

There is no petiton to make Pewey canon.

Making Pewey canon is not one of the hot topics in the next Presidential election.

There is no letter writing campaign to Cartoon Network demanding Pewey be made canon.

No one is holding anyone’s pet hostage until Pewey is made canon.

So this particular group of ship haters don’t want us to see ourselves in personal headcanons unless it toes their line, and they continue to give this loving show one of the most hateful fandom reputations I’ve seen while they enforce that “rule”.


Some nebulous reason that typically involves juvenile insults against the character Mayor Dewey, and the word “lesbophobia” tossed around like salad.

Ship haters, you need to step up your game, if you honestly have the courage of your convictions. Shipping has never impacted the actual production of a show. Calling shippers names changes nothing. Spamming tags changes nothing. Just take me for example, I’m still drawing what you don’t like, doo-diddy-hoo~! Meanwhile, by the sound of it, a lot of you are spamming at people who have long since blocked you. Productive!

What you need to do is take all this vitriol directly to the Crewniverse. After all, they are the ones sanctioning the shipping. They encourage it. They even draw it themselves. And they dare to call your actions “harassment”. All that makes them lesbophobes, right? So many of you also tag your hate with “Jaspis” to the point it shows up in related searches on “pewey”–look at what Rebecca just drew! Surely, she is the enemy!

So go on. Spam them for real change. Hell, boycott the show, how can you support it when the creators refuse to support you? Sure, you might get banned off whatever social media platform you choose to launch your attack from, but then you can just boycott that too! How dare they not bend their rules to let you give the Crewniverse what they deserve!

Shit, while you’re at it, go call Pearl’s VA a “boring straight” and mock her husband.  

I’m not laying bets that any of you will do any of that. You don’t give a damn about it unless it’s just against shippers shipping things you don’t like. You only punch down because you know it’s largely safe and easy, and I’m sure it makes you feel very powerful. You want to bully. That’s it. You’re cowards. You don’t put your money where your mouth is, but your mouth is too full of shit to hold anything else, anyhow.

Thank goodness the Crewniverse isn’t a petty lot like you, because the show would never exist if they were.

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Do you still like Saphael? Because I've seen a lot of hate in the tag and many people calling it toxic and unhealthy, so what's your opinion?

I mean yeah I do still ship them but I dont see how that affects anyone lol theyd be a nice couple since I feel like they have great chemistry but also like this is all fiction none of it is real lol lets just tone this whole intense vibe down a little

Get To Know Me Tag

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I’ve done this one so many times, but there’s always something new to say. Thank you for tagging me cx

nicknames: People usually don’t call me by any nicknames cause I don’t really like them and all the ones I do have are too cheesy (Vai doesn’t count because it’s a self given nickname which I use instead of my name on the internet)

gender: female, I think

star sign: cancer

height: 178cm

time: 12:06

birthday: 10.7. (Meaning 10th of July and not 7th of October smh)

favorite bands: Let’s fricking see; Green Day, Bring Me The Horizon, The Killers, The 1975, Sum-41, Arctic Monkeys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pierce The Veil, Day6, The Rose, B.A.P, Monsta X, BTS, Luck Life, OLDCODEX, Twenty One Pilots, The Brobecks, EXO

favorite solo artists: P!nk, Kris Wu, AGUST D, Jooheon, RapMonster, Eminem, Halsey

song stuck in my head: I actually don’t think I have one right now but up until an hour ago it was I Guess I Need You by B.A.P

last movie I watched: Dracula Untold or Arthur: Legend of The Sword, I can’t remember

last show I watched: EXO Next Door (with my mom <3)

when did I create my blog: somewhere in 2013

what do I post: I’m trying real hard to make this an art/writing blog but I don’t even know anymore

last thing googled: andante

do you have other blogs: yup yup @vai-s-side-blog for reblogging and shitposting

do you get asks: of course not

why did you choose your URL: Vai - my nickname, should be quiet - I should just never ever talk because everything I say is just really embarrassing and stupid

following: 1159 (I should really clean that up)

followers: 2131 (yet all my posts get 5 to 10 notes. 50 if I’m lucky. I must really suck)

favorite colours: black (don’t even say anything it counts in this context so shut it), white, purple, blue

average hours of sleep: 7-8

lucky number: I don’t have one

instruments: guitar

what am I wearing: sweatpants, Twenty One Pilots t-shirt, hoodie

how many blankets I sleep with: one when it’s hot, two or three when it’s cold

dream job: writer or producer or artist or performer or translator… can’t you tell I’m all over the place?

dream trip: I have a list of 61 destinations in Japan, South Korea, Russia, Romania, Canada, USA, China, France, Germany, Italy etc. etc. etc. - basically the world
favorite food: pasta, lasagna

nationality: Serbian

favorite song right now:  누군가 필요해 (I Need Somebody) by Day6 and Shot At The Night by The Killers

full offense but before you derail a positivity post for an oppressed group you should

1) not do that
2) dont do it
3) fucking dont derail positivity posts for oppressed groups of people by saying ‘EVERYONE is [good thing]
4) scroll past the fucking post and dont fucking be a shithead

Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day - Reylo edition

There are so many people in the Reylo fandom I want to send kudos and gif of otters to today!

Some already well known writers, some who I’m happy to call my friends and a few others I don’t even know if they have a Tumblr account (if you recognize the author, please let me know so I can tag them too!)

~(˘▾˘~) (~˘▾˘)~

@kuresoto * @politicalmamaduck * @hegelstriad * @solikerez * @ladyice13 *

@cosette-giry * @hyperscanvindicator * @reylotrashcompactor

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@acefinnskywalker * @thejgatsbykid *

~(˘▾˘~)  (~˘▾˘)~

The ‘orphan’ stories: 

Runaway by somebodytoldme  

Buried Light by ALoveToIgniteTheStars (Rachel_Ren)  

EDIT 1: This author is on Tumblr! @rad-venturetime

EDIT 2: Tumblr borked half the tags so trying to repair that

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Also, special mention to @dearmisskitty &  @om-nom-berries because I read their comics like fanfics 

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Thank you everyone for being awesome  ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)