too many to tag in a 5 tag limit

Tag 9 people that you’d like to know better. I was tagged by @gennykruger and @a-butterfly-on-his-tummy  (thank you!)

Name: Char
Average Hours of Sleep: 7-8
Lucky Number: 5
Last Thing I Googled: Speed limit on the M56
Favorite Fictional Character: Gosh…too many.  Mitch Rapp, Jane Marple, Jamie Fraser, Lord Peter Wimsey
What are you wearing right now?: Hideous gray, I mean pewter, scrubs– just got off work
Do I run any more blogs?: No, this is the one and only
Do I get a lot of asks?: Not really, but I’m open to them!

I tag @kschoice1982, @theharryenthusiast, @cooljewishgirl, @thebigonharrystoe, @kissmesober, @black-ink-rose, @narry-winkle, @lovemeharry and @ohhnohaz.  But only if you want to, you don’t have to,