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Girl Crushes

• Lauren Jauregui
• Kristen Stewart
• Floriana Lima
• Chyler Leigh
• Camila Cabello
• Cara Delevinge
• Lyndsey Gunnulfsen
• Shay Mitchell
• Troian Bellisario
• Sasha Pieterse
• Ashley Benson
• Alycia Dabnam-Carey
• Eliza Taylor
• Cara Delevinge
• Sophie Turner
• Marie Avgeropoulos
• Katie Macgrath
• Rowan Blanchard
• Sabrina Carpenter
• Dua Lipa
• Lena Headey
• Natasha Negovablis
• Elise Bauman
• Katie Stevens
• Rita Volk
• Eva Green
• Sarah Poulson
• Cate Blanchett
• Rooney Mara
• Emily Blunt
• Kendall Jenner
• Maia Mitchell
• Jessica Capshaw
• Sara Ramirez
• Anna Kendrick
• Gal Gadot
• Caity Lotz
• Naya Rivera
• Dianna Agron
• Jennifer Lawrence
• Emma Watson
• Lily Collins
• Emma Roberts
• Amber Heard
• Shannon Beveridge
• Taylor Schilling
• Lana Parrilla
• Rose and Rosie
• Ally and Stevie
• Kate McKinnon
• Natalie Dormer
• Laura Prepon
• Megan Fox
• Natalie Portman
• Jennifer Connelly
• Charlize Theron
• Normani Kordei
• Dinah Jane
• Ellen Pompeo
• Alexis G Zall
• Lindsey Morgan
• Scarlett Johansson

Zimbits Battle of the Blades AU

so. well. Y’all remember this post? About a Canadian TV show that makes hockey players learn how to do pairs routines with figure skaters? It’s Jack and Bitty now. Leggo. 

  • It’s a year or two after Bitty graduates from Samwell. He won the Frozen Four in his Senior Year, and Jack has a Calder trophy and Stanley Cup win under his belt. They are both publicly out, but they’ve kept their status as a couple lowkey for now. 
  • The execs in charge of Battle of the Blades decide they need a new gimmick to increase ratings. Enter: Queers!!! On Ice!
  • They want one F/F and one M/M pair of skaters, in addition to the regular straight couples. It’s easy enough to find female skaters willing to pretend to have a gal pal, and the NWHL has several out queer players, and yet…
  • The producers can literally find no male hockey players or figure skaters who are a) available, b) notable public figures, and c) willing to spend months within inches of another man at all times, except for Jack and Bitty. Fuck it, the producers decide, and make some calls. 
  • Cue the Intense Relationship Discussion.
  • Bitty would love to figure skate again, and Jack thinks the cross-conditioning sounds like a good idea, but both of them have reservations about the public scrutiny this will put their relationship under. 
  • Enter George with a life-saving idea: what if they announced their relationship via the show? They’d have to pretend to just be good friends early on, but then Jack could gradually dial up the heart eyes and Bitty could stop self-censoring, and by the end of the show they would have “started dating.”
  • The two of them agree to George’s proposal and filming starts.
  • All the hockey players are sent out on the rink in hockey skates first, and Bitty pulls off a flawless double axel the second he gets on the ice. “Dear me, I must have forgotten which skates I’m wearing!”
  • Jack Zimmermann, hockey god, falls flat on his face the second he puts on figure skates. He and Bitty unintentionally recreate the “Toepick!” scene from The Cutting Edge at least twice. 
  • Lift training is a total wash. Half of it is unintentional flirting- “Yes, Mr Zimmermann, your hand is supposed to go on my butt.” “I see you’ve been keeping up with your squats, Bittle.”- and the other half is Jack screwing up and Bitty nearly dying, as per canon.
  • The judges are always commenting on what great chemistry the two of them have, probably because they were linemates back in the day, right? “Well,” says Jack, “we’re a team.” 
  • Dear lord the interview segments are ridiculous. 
  • Half the time, Bitty’s explaining some bullshit heteronormative requirement of pairs skating, and the other half he’s slowly but surely unloading Jack Feels™ onto the audience.
    • “Rule number one, never fall for a teammate.”
  • Meanwhile, Jack isn’t even bothering to hide his crush on Bitty/Bittle/my partner/Eric- what he calls him depends on how adoring he is at the moment.
    • “Jaw-dropping. Awe-inspiring, the best thing that’s ever happened to me… wait, this was supposed to be about the Stanley Cup win, not being on Bittle’s line? Yeah, that was nice too.”
  • Around Week 4, the entire nation of Canada needs to know- are they partners, or are they partners? 
  • Every. Single. Song. fits the dramatic arc of their “new relationship.” Canadian hits? “Stop Desire,” Tegan and Sara. 80s week? “How Will I Know,” Whitney Houston. Hollywood? “I’ll Cover You,” RENT.
  • They get to the finale on the combined strength of Jack’s cheekbones and Bitty’s media savvy. Ransom sends them updates on his family’s latest adoring comments. 
  • Of fucking course their last skate is to “Halo.” What is this, amateur hour?
  • Of fucking course they win. What is this, Yuri On Ice?
    • Yes this headcanon was 37% inspired by the fucking Episode 12 pair skate but that’s a whole other kettle of fish
  • When Jack hears they’ve won, in the “heat of the moment,” (read: in a carefully choreographed move endorsed by George months ago) he sweeps Bitty into a show-stopper of a kiss. 
  • The nation of Canada gets a little weak at the knees. 
  • “So, yeah!” Bitty announces in his last interview segment, post-win. “Me and Jack are dating!”
  • This is getting super long but then they’re a public couple and they donate the money they won to You Can Play and the SMH Squad hosts viewing parties for every episode, thank you for your time.

Morgan the Red-Bearded Dragon
Had a very shiny beard
And if you ever saw it
You would even say it glows
All of the other dragon
Used to laugh and call her names
They never let poor Morgan
Join in any dragon games…

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Anyway, can we just appreciate how every character page in the volumes are all completely different

i think my favorites are the second one, where all Might, Izuku and Bakugou are doing some kinda weird dance thing (and idek what Aizawa is doing back there), and the third, where they’re all adorably bundled up for winter

Things I’ve Noticed in Stuckony fanfic

1. Bucky and Steve are obsessed with Tony’s ass. (I don’t blame them.)

2. Bucky and Steve shower Tony with old-school pet names. Ex: Darling, Doll, Sugar, etc.

3. Tony refers to Bucky and Steve as his Brooklyn Boys™.

4. Spitroasting. So. Much. Spitroasting.

5. Tony loves to bottom. (Sometimes Steve and Bucky switch though.)

6. All three of them are kinky motherfuckers. Especially Steve.


8. The absence of condoms. Boys, why?

9. The snark is tripled when these three are together.

10. Bucky and Steve love teasing Tony.

11. Tony is super oblivious that these idiots like him oh my god.

12. Natasha is tired of their pining and tries to help them get their shit together.



∟anonymous asked: So we know Hugh Jackman, but who are you top 10 favorite celebrities/celebrity crushes?

I hate these top 10 things because I have a really hard time picking these things. I really have a top 4 that stays the same pretty much always and that’s Hugh Jackman, James Marsden, Michael Fassbender and Stephen Moyer. I really like those 4 guys. The rest are some guys I’m kind of gaga over as well, but the order is not like extremely strong. 

Listed in the photos: Hugh Jackman, James Marsden, Michael Fassbender, Stephen Moyer, Troy Baker, Dan Stevens, Robert Downey Jr, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan. 

Honorable Mentions: Idris Elba, Matt Bomer, Tom Hiddleston, Charlie Weber, Jeffrey Dean Morgan has aged well,  Taron Egerton is cute….oh heck, there is a lot of cuties in the world :P 


Sorry for my lack of activity, I’ve been quite busy with school. And Skyrim.
I thought I’d doodle some of my favorite mers, so have these before I ruin them with colors :’)

Prime and Prejudice: Silence is Golden.

After Madeo’s visit and his warning about the Goldscales, Cerina decided to send in a scouting party to take a look at the areas around the Altan tribe’s camp. A few agents had volunteered their services for the task, and in the end, Caden Agron was the one who was chosen to take the team in. The call went out, and the agents began to prepare. It was perhaps fortuitous that Caden had been standing at the agency aetheryte at the time – Lall Altan appeared out of it quite suddenly. He was covered in blood and signs of battle – though only superficially injured. The young Xaela clutched Caden and dragged him through the aether back to their camp, where the Agron was made to witness a raging battle.

The Goldscales were attacking the Altan camp. The assault was far earlier than anyone had expected, and much larger in scale than the Altan was prepared for. Lall sent Caden back to Astral Place in short order – where he called for anyone who would assist the tribe in battle. A sizeable force gathered (Caleb, Caden, Khadan, N'hara, Reks, Tiranae, Aiouxdaux, Tiergan, Cerina, Tarot, Zachary, Mikha, Beexu, Danoria, T'dras), and using both Caden’s attunement and the chunk of aetheryte that had been gifted to them, the team whisked off to the Altan camp…right into the middle of the carnage.

The Agents hesitated none – they were in their element. Very quickly they moved toward three disadvantaged groups of Altans to push their golden-scaled enemies back. The Xaela thralls were single-minded in their need for conquest and gave no quarter. The agents responded in kind.

As the battle wore on, Tarot used a pair of odd goggles to take a look around the area. They were at the foothills of the Spine, with the white-capped peaks visible in the distance. From that distance, something watched the conflict.

The Goldscales were utterly without mercy, and moved in a bid to burn down a tent filled with elders and children. The Agents did not stand for it at all, and subdued the torch bearing marauders before they could do any more damage. Khadan, Zachary and Mikha ushered the frightened children and elders out, and did their best to protect them while the battle continued.

It wasn’t long before all the Goldscales were defeated – even though much of the camp was burned and ransacked. Even as the Altan celebrated however, the Agents noticed six golden, glowing points in the sky, over the mountains in the north. Tarot and Reks were quite familiar with the destructive workings of the enemy, and urged a quick escape by way of the camp’s aetheryte. Caden agreed, and along with Cerina, ordered a retreat toward the crystal.

The order had not even been completed. Those six golden points converged aether into an arcane array that shot a beam of gold light directly toward the aetheryte.

The explosion was catastrophic. Many of the agents were flung like ragdolls, and what little remained of the camp was laid flat by the resulting concussion. The crystal rose into a giant cloud that sparked, strobed…then violently released its aether back into the land.

With many now injured, the group sought a way out before such an explosion was made repetition of. Reks provided a path, while the rest of the group gathered both themselves and the remaining Altan. So it was that the team of agents…along with forty-five Altan refugees arrived in the yard of Astral Place. The refugees included the original envoy of eight, twelve children, three elderly, and twenty-two others. The yard was quite crowded.

All the able bodied set to work at once; Khadan and Mikha ushered the children away while the adults tended to the wounded and began organising shelter and provisions. Cerina and Tarot both held meetings with Mountain to discuss moving forward…

But for the moment, the Agency is host to a tribe of forty-five without a place to call home.

Back at the destroyed camp, a macabre figure of glittering gold appeared…and claimed the space as its own.