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does anyone still want me to write some avoidant trini headcanons? as in, making a list about trini having avoidant personality disorder. its been two months since ppl asked and its been so long it felt too late. i still have the wip but im thinking about starting from scratch again

Imagines To Do list/what to expect from me for the next month or so...

So I was supposed to go to the beach today, but it’s raining extremely hard where I am which means that I’m staying home instead and working on some content for next week. And I’ve wanted to start writing a lot more imagines and fanfics so that’s what I decided to work on today. So here’s a short list of what I’ve started working on today and the imagines that I’ll be working on over the next month or so. (This is a to do list for just my imagines. Reactions, fake snaps and fake texts are also coming up, but there’s too many of them so I decided no to make a to do list for that.) 

Disclaimer: Some of those titles and/or plots might change in the future. 

Namjoon x Reader - Expensive Girl (one-shot): Smut / Fluff. In which Namjoons girlfriend wants him to sing “Expensive Girl” to her and he keeps refusing until one day he gives in. 

Yoongi x Reader - The Lyrics to my Music (chapter 3): In which Yoongi tries to get over his crush on his best friend. And [Y/N] goes to as many dates as possible trying to find someone. 

Taehyung x Reader - Tonight (one-shot??): Fluff/Angst. In which the reader breaks up with Jimin and Taehyung takes her on a nightly adventure trying to make her forget about him. 

Jungkook x Reader - Assassin (chapter 1): Assassin/Fantasy AU. In which the reader is supposed to assassinate prince Jungkook, but fails. 

Jimin x Reader, Hoseok x Reader - Falling out of love? (chapter 1): Fluff/Smut/Angst. In which Jimin and the reader are a very strong, good couple, but day after day they start realising that they are slowly falling out of love for each other and maybe falling in love with someone else.

Hoseok x Reader, Jin x Reader - Roommates! (chapter 1): Fluff, Smut, Angst?, Comedy?. In which Hoseok and Jin are best friends and roommates and fight over [Y/N] (Taehyung’s best friend).

Top 20 Larry fics in 2016 over 100k by kudos on Ao3

* criteria; completed in 2016 and not part of a fic series

1. Soft Hands, Fast Feet, Can’t Lose by dolce_piccante for docilelou
2. California Sold by isthatyoularry
3. To Be Loved To Be In Love by Angel_Dust
4. Shake Me Down by AGreatPerhaps12
5. Nameless Night by green_feelings
6. wings to break your fall by karamelised
7. Hiding Place by alivingfire
8. Time Bomb by ThisSentimentalHeart
9. Fight For Me by Mie1412
10. Bloodline by banana_louis
11. Never Be by cherrystreet
12. And You’re My Ever After by NiamJenn1994
13. Luscious blood by Deidei
14. run away home by hattalove
15. Into the wild by Deidei
16. Lights Will Guide You Home by louisxharry1
17. Only You Can Be My Alpha by wubwubnparmaham
18. Fake It Till You Make It by thealmightyavocado
19. Dominus. by SS98
20. you are in love by wildestdreams

Things I’ll Never Get Over When It Comes to Percabeth:

When Percy meets Annabeth for the first time, he legit thought that she was a princess. 

They were both blushing up a storm when Percy realizes that she was watching him all morning. Which includes him getting dressed and looking at her picture in The Sea of Monsters

Percy was high key jealous of Luke every time Annabeth brought him up even though he didn’t realize at the time he liked her throughout Percy Jackson & The Olympians

Annabeth kissed him good luck in The Battle of the Labyrinth which left him wondering what the fuck his name was until he remembered he was being hunted down. 


Annabeth took a poisoned blade to save Percy from dying in The Last Olympian

Percy was scared of the possibility of Annabeth choosing to become a hunter of Artemis in The Titan’s Curse. He was scared she was going to leave him

He gave up being a GOD so he could have a relationship with her. 

To celebrate their canonization, Camp Half-Blood threw them in the fuckin lake. Which lead to “The Best Underwater Kiss of All Time” in The Last Olympian

The only name Percy remembered after getting his memory wiped in The Son of Neptune was Annabeth. He remembered he had a Girlfriend and he continued to shut down romantic advancements on him throughout the novel. Which shows how dedicated he is to her. 

When Percy and Annabeth were reunited in The Mark of Athena, They have a romantic kiss which ended in Annabeth judo throwing him out of anger. Which made him laugh. 

Honestly throughout The Mark of Athena all the way up till The Blood of Olympus they’re already married. They’re married and nobody can convince me otherwise of this. 

Percy’s hot as fuck kiss to Annabeth at the birthplace of Athena and Poseidon’s rivalry turned me the fuck on honestly in The Blood of Olympus

Percy thinks about having a future with Annabeth constantly to the point where he always includes CHILDREN. He wants Annabeth as his Wife and to be the mother of his children and that makes me tear up a bit. 

Also Annabeth is the only one who gets away with calling him “Seaweed brain” playfully while he got pissed the fuck off when Thalia called him that in The Titan’s Curse

There are too many Percabeth moments to list off in The Heroes of Olympus series honestly that it would take a while to list them all but as you can imagine they are the team’s already married couple that’s ready to have a steamy makeout in front of everybody without being the least bit embarrassed. 

Girl Crushes

• Lauren Jauregui
• Kristen Stewart
• Floriana Lima
• Chyler Leigh
• Camila Cabello
• Cara Delevinge
• Lyndsey Gunnulfsen
• Shay Mitchell
• Troian Bellisario
• Sasha Pieterse
• Ashley Benson
• Alycia Dabnam-Carey
• Eliza Taylor
• Cara Delevinge
• Sophie Turner
• Marie Avgeropoulos
• Katie Macgrath
• Rowan Blanchard
• Sabrina Carpenter
• Dua Lipa
• Lena Headey
• Natasha Negovablis
• Elise Bauman
• Katie Stevens
• Rita Volk
• Eva Green
• Sarah Poulson
• Cate Blanchett
• Rooney Mara
• Emily Blunt
• Kendall Jenner
• Maia Mitchell
• Jessica Capshaw
• Sara Ramirez
• Anna Kendrick
• Gal Gadot
• Caity Lotz
• Naya Rivera
• Dianna Agron
• Jennifer Lawrence
• Emma Watson
• Lily Collins
• Emma Roberts
• Amber Heard
• Shannon Beveridge
• Taylor Schilling
• Lana Parrilla
• Rose and Rosie
• Ally and Stevie
• Kate McKinnon
• Natalie Dormer
• Laura Prepon
• Megan Fox
• Natalie Portman
• Jennifer Connelly
• Charlize Theron
• Normani Kordei
• Dinah Jane
• Ellen Pompeo
• Alexis G Zall
• Lindsey Morgan
• Scarlett Johansson

So I was trying to describe All Might’s dading tenancies to a friend and I said
“Basically, he can’t get within 40 feet of a kid without adopting them”

And that just made me think, Toshinori’s real quirk, Dad For All. He just needed to be a suitable dading age for it to activate. Then I just started thinking about an UA wide psa like

WARNING: No student or faculty between the ages of 0 and 25 should reside within 10 meters of or make sustained direct eye contact with All Might. Failure to follow these guidelines will cause him to immediately assume a strong parental role in your life. Current victims of his quirk include:

Todoroki shouto: “He was in the room when I accidentally mentioned that I never really did anything fun with my dad. The next thing I knew, we were building a deck behind the dorms together. He still calls me sport.”

Ururaka Ochako: “I said that I really missed my parents the other day, then all the sudden we were at a baseball game. It’s not even baseball season! How did he-”

Kirishima Eijirou, Ashido Mina, Sero Hanta: Frequently refer to All Might as ‘Dad-sensei’ None seem aware of or perturbed by this.

Midoriya Izuku: Instances too many to list

nargles  asked:

BABE! So I know this might be weird but I love the fonts you use for your edits and I'm looking for some good new fonts (cause I'm a font hoe) can you tell me some of your go to fonts please? Ily!

Hi Mia! I love collecting fonts as well & I have too many to choose from. But for clarity, I’ll list some of my favourites by their style and provide you a few links where to find quality fonts c:

Also I recently made a font pack on my sideblog so you should definitely check that out for more fonts <3

Handwritten / Calligraphy fonts:



Websites for high quality fonts:

Creative Market | Font Bundles | TheHungryJPEG | Behance

are you ever just watching a show and and you get annoyed when your ship isn’t on screen and you’re just like ‘ugh i don’t care about your problems and i just want to believe that love is real and adorable, gawd is that so bad’

because that’s me every time i watch any show that has any ship

Voltron blogs to follow:

I often get asked about nice Voltron blogs to follow (hate free) so I made a small list of the blogs I personally recommend. Please keep in mind some of these blogs may be NSFW occasionally and not all of them are only Voltron.

General Voltron or character focused content:

@ace-pidge/@sednamode | @istehlurvz | @geckostuffs | @alteanbae | @neptunearts | @bosstoaster (mostly Shiro) | @vld-space-bbys | @legendary-defenders | @relatablepicturesofshiro (mainly Shiro) | @polydinshiro (mainly Shiro) | @chishionrnr | @hunk-appriciation-squad (mainly Hunk) | @aliveshiro | @voltronreference | @eghfeithrean | @lionbots | @primagrine | @kit-replica | @alluras-castle | @voltron-hq | @notllorstel (mainly Coran) | @shir-yo (mainly Shiro) | @theartofvy | @hoshikage | @eight8xeight8 | @zillabean (mainly Shiro) | @cryopods | @skdaks2 (mainly Hunk) | @hardlynotnever (mainly Lance) | @softshirogane | @sichichi (mainly Shiro) | @takashi-kogane | @keithyourpal | @voltronisbae | @non-toxic-voltron-blog | @voltronprompts | @intense-memeroni | @vldrarepairs | @sevenfivetwo-art | @damare-draws | @heero-yuy | @nwarrior777 (mainly Hunk) | @redrobokitty | @rachelhuey88 | @biblicacelestia (mainly Shiro) | @lancesexual | @rejected3 | @robot-lion-pyramid | @jasjuliet (mainly Hunk) | @michiyo966 | @pk-buttcheeks | @spaceshiro | @0arcadia | @amalgamoffaces | @keithkagone | @ravenbow | @liftingtheteam (mainly Hunk) | @queen-allura (mainly Allura) | @miichiru

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Mainly hance:


Mainly kallura:

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Mainly shallura:

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Mainly plance:

@planced | @pidgance | @justpidgance

UPDATE: Added a bunch of new blogs, some of which I don’t even follow but they’re now a bunch of very nice people!

UPDATE 2: @keiths-salt also made a more comprehensive list here!