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How companions behave when playing truth or dare with Sole alone.


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Loves the game and always tries to get people to play it with her. ALWAYS wants people to choose truth. No exceptions. Any chance she gets to find out more about the others she takes. She does not, however, always want to reveal her own secrets…

A daredevil at heart she cannot choose anything else but Dare. She’s convinced she can handle anything anyone throws at her and actually seems to be right at that. She tends to mock the others for being so tame in their dares and/or questions. Likes playing the game with Hancock for the exact reason that he kind of goes all-out too. Lies as soon as the questions are about her family or more scarring parts of her past.

Innocent little thing asks only super nice questions such as ‘did you ever have a pet’ or ‘ What is your blood type’. Her worst dare was asking someone to get Sole a drink because they looked dehydrated. She’s spared by most because of this, as well. She also has a tendency of severely oversharing.

Stays out of it but is a keen looker-on of what’s going on when other people are playing. She just stands in the corner and kind of observes what happens. When asked to join in she immediately refuses though. However amusing to watch it may be, she doesn’t want to divulge her own secrets.

 Scribe Haylen:
Surprisingly much more up for anything than people had guessed. Doesn’t shy aware from a dare every once in a while and can ask pretty deep questions. She reveals in such a way that she picks up on much more than she might be leting on. 

Offering emotional help to anyone who has revealed some sort of deep-seated secret. He’s genuinely concerned whenever he hears something bad and shocked when someone did something even moderately scandalous. He’s the pure-hearted sweetheart of the bunch and reacts a lot like Curie, minus the oversharing.

Takes the whole thing a little bit too seriously. He doesn’t trust most people enough to play it properly, frequently refusing to do a dare. In general he tends to pick truth, so when he joins the others tend to try to keep it not too extreme. He generally doesn’t have a tendency of lying (technically even that goes against his morals to some extent as trusting your brotherhood is part of the brotherhood way) making him very bad at it when he tries. If he’s has a couple of drinks he’s more easy going and more likely to go with it, especially when people dare him to kiss someone else. As long as it’s someone he doesn’t dislike (leaving few people).

Deacon’s up for a round of truth or dare at any point, and is damn good at it cause nobody can distinguish lies from truth when they come from him. As usual he maintains his elusive persona through unbelievable stories. Because of it, few people want to play truth or dare with him in the first place, as he ‘cheats’ anyway. 

Porter Gage:
Notoriously doesn’t trust people enough to play Truth or Dare. In a raider camp, it’s just not a very advisable game as it only takes so long before people get out the guns and the dares turn into some sort of russian roulette (sometimes literally). Still, considering he  isn’t interested in pouring his heart out to right about anyone he picks dares, but only joins when Sole pretty much commands him to. 

Hancock considers it an excellent way of lightening up the mood a bit and is always up for convincing others to join in. Everyone is taking everything way too seriously anyway. At least like this, the interesting stories come out. He is pretty much up for anything as well, as long as it’s fun. He has the bést stories to tell and aims to get a reaction out of people. He’s against deep emotional questions during the truths but he’ll go with it if they come up.

No matter how much people try to get him to do dares, he refuses out of sheer principle. Unlike many others he refuses to make himself look like a complete idiot, especially when this involves doing anything that might be against someone else’s will in one way or another. He’s the responsible adult in a lot of ways, making sure it doesn’t get out of hand when the alcohol flows a little bit too richly.

Maxson officially dislikes truth or dare primarily because he likes not putting his personal life on display, let alone his past. He’s fine with being the mysterious enigmatic leader of the Brotherhood and seeks to keep it that way. He does, however, keep somewhat of an eye on what’s going on and is secretly highly amused by all that is going on. He’s only in his early twenties all. Oh, and he interferes when people are dared to kiss his Sentinel. Even though people can’t seem to figure out exactly why…

MacCready is all too familiar with this game thanks to his time in Little Lamplight. Obviously, the kids enjoyed getting under each other’s skin and playing those kind of games. Although he remembers them with less booze and far fewer sex-related questions, one thing certainly didn’t change: too. much. information… He has a preference for dares, as he avoids speaking about his kid and late wife to people he doesn’t 100% trust as he refuses to run the risk of anyone deciding to blackmail him through Duncan.

Preston is too honest for truth or dare which ensures that everyone always wants him to join. You can count on the stand-up guy to actually always tell the truth, ensuring that some (Hancock and deacon in particular) try to drag out some less honorable answers.

Likes truth or dare because it brings some fun into the settlement. He’s kinda moderate when he plays it, meaning that he doesn’t ask ridiculously wild dares or too deep-digging truths. Keeps it low-key, keeps it fun and sees it as a good bonding experience. Usually tells the truth when asked for it, as he’s just not ashamed of what he’s done with his life so far and doesn’t mind owing up to mistakes.

X6 refuses to take part in such utter nonsense. This is a typical reason why human logic is fawlty: too much of a focus on scandal nullifies their focus on more important matters. Not to mention the sorts of answers and actions which came out of these people, absolutely ridiculous.

Sheith Fic Recs

Hey anyone looking for some good Sheith fics.  I’ve recently updated my rec list.  Too many outside links to post directly to the tags but you can find it here.  Give some of the authors some love, they’ve done an amazing job.

If there is any story you really think should be added to the list, let me know (self-promotion welcome).


female character challenge: one character you will always defend
↳ Martha Jones, Doctor Who

I’m training to be a doctor. Not an alien doctor, a proper doctor. A doctor of medicine. Well that certainly is nonsense. Women might train to be doctors, but hardly a skivvy and hardly one of your colour. Oh, do you think? Bones of the hand. Carpal bones, proximal row. Scaphoid, lunate, triquetal, pisiform. Distal row. Trapezium, trapezoid, capitate, hamate. Then the metacarpal bones extending in three distinct phalanges. Proximal, middle, distal.

This idea of having to explain why it’s racial when we’re swimming in our own blood is silly.
—  Jesse Williams on Mike Brown (and honestly all the brown people whose blood has been spilt since).

•Alicia admits repeatedly that Elyza’s stupid smirk is the most irritating thing (secretly loves it)

•Alicia tries to act sassy, snarky and sarcastic to piss off Elyza, but Elyza just chuckles for Alicia is adorable when frustrated

•" I’m starting to think you’re not as straight as you say you are.“

“Fuck off.”

“Care to prove me wrong?”

•Elyza always catches Alicia staring whenever she thinks she’s not paying attention

•"Are we seriously stopping, so you can charge your IPhone during a zombie apocalypse?“

"Use the time wisely, to go take a shower. You smell.”

•Elyza teaches Alicia how to shoot a gun and how to fight

•Alicia collecting all the candles whenever they stay overnight in an abandon home

•Alicia sneakily taking a photo of Elyza when she’s asleep or spacing out

•"Always make sure you have perfect aim so your shot doesn’t backfire and you accidentally shoot me.“

•"You wear way too many flannels, to be considered straight.”

•"Will you stop getting distracted by my legs, please?“

•Stealing clothing from abandon houses

•"We’re supposed to be stocking up on food and here we are, eating candy and junk food.”
•"Hey, want to do something dumb?“
“Like what?”
“Lie down in the middle of the road or sit on the train tracks?”
•Alicia not sure how to feel about killing her first walker and Elyza saying “Blood Must Have Blood.”
•Elyza keeping a sketchbook on her if she has the time to draw (possibly Alicia)
•"Why do you wear war paint?“
“I don’t know. It just feels right.”
•"Life is about more than just surviving.“
•Alicia being a fast learner and being able to challenge Elyza when sparring
•Elyza wearing her hair in braids one day and Alicia being caught off guard
•Arguing over who gets the only bed in the house, but ends up sharing the mattress in the end
“Just because we’re sharing a bed, does not mean we need to spoon.”
“It’s for body heat.”
“Lame ass, excuse.”
“Why am I the little spoon?”
“Shh, shut up and go to sleep.”
•Crossed arms and pouty lips
•Alicia constantly snorting at something stupid
•"I was dreaming and you were there.“
“Awe, I’m even in your dreams? How sweet.”
“That’s not what I meant.”
“I get what you mean. You’re in my dreams too.”
•Elyza always amused whenever Alicia’s talking
•Elyza playing doctor when Alicia gets hurt
•Alicia being stubborn and refusing help because she hates being treated like a baby

@myfandomsmakemecry [Didn’t want to bombard your post with a list of non-stop headcanons, just incase it was too much]

Anyway, can we just appreciate how every character page in the volumes are all completely different

i think my favorites are the second one, where all Might, Izuku and Bakugou are doing some kinda weird dance thing (and idek what Aizawa is doing back there), and the third, where they’re all adorably bundled up for winter

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All of David’s TV and Film roles (including commercials, not including animated characters).

Can you name them all?

Cheat sheet available here:

Scrolling down is like watching him grow up

…may the list continue to grow and grow and grow

SHINee in glasses: Kim Jonghyun

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