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I just got hit by this realization.

Eugene is telling this as a bedtime story to their kids.

Like, all I could imagine is this adorable little brown haired kid with green eyes sitting in bed watching as he makes this really dramatic face, and begins

“This is the story of how I died!”

and they look a little scared, so he quickly goes

“Don’t worry, this is actually a very fun story and the truth is, it isn’t even mine. This is the story of a girl named Rapunzel and it starts with the sun.”

And they both look at Rapunzel real quick because, hey, Mom’s in the story, great!

And by the end they’re both teasing each other and making sappy faces and the kid’s giggling and half asleep and

“There you go, kiddo. That’s the story of how we met. Sweet dreams, sunshine. Tomorrow night we’re gonna tell you the story of how your Aunt Elsa froze her entire fucking country because of her emotional issues.”



So I recently got around to color coding my gmail, and I thought it might be helpful to make a guide on how to do it! I find color coding email into certain categories to be helpful for finding things, as long as I don’t have too many categories.

Right now I have color codes for emails from my parents, from myself, about my new job, and of things that I need to do (for example if people email me tasks, forms, etc.) I was told at a seminar at my last job that keeping categories minimal is important, because otherwise you just have a large mess of colors. I know some people like only having “to do,” “doing,” and “done” categories, but do whatever works for you!

Now to the actual tutorial! (under a read more to keep this post short)

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Arrow Fic: Please Excuse This Little Bit of Weakness

Post-5x06. Felicity calls Susan Williams Oliver’s girlfriend one time too many.

A/N: @effie214 gets credit for a major beat of this because of THIS casual heartbreaker.

Title from “Moment” by Nate Ruess. Lyrics to this one are a killer, Olicity-wise, right now.

Please Excuse This Little Bit of Weakness (AO3)

He gets called away to introduce the concert before they can really get in depth about SCPD suspects, and Felicity finds herself following him backstage, tagging along mostly out of impulse. She watches him give his little speech, swallowing down the proud lump in her throat that still forms when she watches Oliver do all the things he thought he never could.

It brings back a pang in her chest, just briefly, just for a second. Something that feels close to longing, but deeper, something she thought she had left behind, like her ring on the dining room table.

She’s so unsettled, that when Oliver walks offstage, and makes a beeline back to her, it’s like she can’t help herself.

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Notes on an ending.

I’m going inactive until I decide what to do here. It just hurts too much to even think about Carrie right now, let alone sustain a blog that was, in part, about a story that has ended so tragically. I will never understand this. Never. I can only pray that Carrie did not suffer terribly and that she is at peace, and that her beloved ones and those who love her will find their way in her absence as best we can. 

Given the subject of this Tumblr, my thoughts also very much run to Harrison Ford, though of course, it is only one of many tremendous losses I am contemplating with her passing. Please do not @ me to talk shit about Harrison or tell me I’m focusing on the wrong thing or an unworthy topic or that I’m minimizing the loss of Carrie herself in any way, because I damn well know this is but a fraction of her tremendous story and the loss we’re all experiencing (see my Twitter if you need confirmation of that). I’m focusing on this here because this has always been a focus of my blog and I need to address it, even in a small way. If you don’t like it, jump off here and don’t look back.

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Adventures in knot theory research: 

Me at the beginning of the semester: “The picture makes it clear that this works, so to make it precise I developed a calculus that allows me to represent the effect on the surface of Reidemeister moves performed on the boundary. So, if you triangulate the space, then treat the edge of each 2-simplex as a generator and…”

Advisor: “…You know you can just draw a picture, right? It’s knot theory. A picture counts as a proof.”


Me at the end of the semester: (about my paper, which will very likely be publishable! Woo!) “So, I thought there was too many pictures in this draft, but then I read Kauffman’s ‘On Knots’ and now I’m of the opinion that there can never be too many pictures.”

Advisor: *Approves the current pictures, suggests addition of two more pictures*

Knot theory is my favorite type of math that has ever existed and I love it so much. 

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civiejay au jason sometimes seeing batman being affectionate with any of his kids (who knows how old he is in this situation) and he has to turn away bc that could have been him, maybe if he'd said yes than he would have a person he could depend on and it's only a fleeting thought bc no no no he doesnt regret saying no, he doesn't regret it. also jay who has no or little physical affection as a kid but he wanted to give it the kids he met and he tries to give them he never had before hhhh

*Sobbing*… oh, but Jason will absolutely give these kids the affection that he never got as a child; the affection and attention and security he could have gotten from Batman. 

For Jason, the hair ruffles, the playful tackles, taking kids’ hands in his own, jokes, gentle smiles and pats on the head are premeditated, fully intentional. He knows exactly which kids are craving physical affection, and which of his kids yearn for verbal support and recognition from him. He gets a lot of kids who, much like himself, had abusive parents growing up and are suspicious, scared, and hesitant when it comes to physical touch. And he makes sure they know he will always be there for them. He never raises his voice at them but speaks in soft, level tones and always validates their voices, their feelings, their emotions. He is their safe-place, the one person they can always run to for protection and refuge.  

And in a way, though it’s not the same and he still hurts from his own past and experiences and abuse, seeing these children get better, one day at a time, is all he needs to keep him going, to get him up in the morning. Because if he can make a difference in just one kid’s life, it will have been worth it. All of his shitty life up until now will have meant something. 

One day, one of the little kids he has been hanging out with and mentoring turns to him and asks, who looks after you, Jason? 

Jason blinks down at them in surprise, caught off guard, and says, what? 

And they reply that, you’re always playing with us and making us food and giving us hugs… because you say we deserve love. But who loves you?

Jason sits there speechless, trying to give an honest answer, trying to form a response in his mind, but as he looks into those big, wide eyes looking back up into his own… he sees his own reflection staring back at him. A child, alone, hurt, unloved. And he begins to cry, burying his face in his hands as quiet sobs wrack his body. And the child gives him a concerned hug— the type of hug kids give where they bury their face into your stomach and give you a tight little squeeze— as they mumble into his coat: 

“It’s okay, Jason. You’re not alone. You have us!” 

So the next time Jason sees Batman with one of his young proteges, giving them that small side-smile of approval or ruffling their hair, he understands why he asked Jason to be his Robin, and why he continues to pester him all these years later. Because Batman also knows what it’s like to feel abandoned and alone one way or another, and he doesn’t want any child to feel that pain and loneliness again.

And even a scruffy, rebellious, hopeless street-kid like himself deserves to be loved and cared for. 

18th of December, 2016

As I wrote in my last journal entry, I’m a bit insecure about bimbofication. I thought the post would become too long if I would write about that, so I’ll do it now.

Since I only recently have been getting into bimbofication, I have been asking myself so many questions about it. Even if bimbofication is the right term for what I like. Maybe that’s because there are so many different bimbo’s, you have bimbo’s who like being dumb, who like being dick sucking sluts, who just want to be like the perfect barbie doll, some want to be more plastic than others, etc. Maybe I’m not right about this and if that’s the case, please educate me! 

What I always loved and fantasized about is being a perfect beauty doll, a gorgeous and girly, almost not human, doll-like person, a bubbly, girly girl. Someone who can also focus on looks and pretty and super girly things and is being taken care of by someone who treats her like a princess. And I find that in bimbofication. But still, I wonder if people in the community will like me and see me as good enough to be/become a bimbo.

I am also really shy about opening up about it. That’s also why I don’t have my name or photo’s here. I even feel insecure about following and liking bimbo’s on Instagram. I think I am afraid people might find it weird.. Especially since I have a bit of gothic style. A very femine gothic style, but still. That’s also why I would love to turn into a gothic bimbo. Reading this article by @bimboacademygermany made me was more confident about wanting to become a gothic bimbo, since it turned out actually to be a thing!

Such a long post! But it felt really good to open up about it, since I don’t have anyone to talk to about it.


You know what, yes I do sleep around,“ She lifts her head higher and holds his gaze. "I drink too much whiskey, and kiss too many strangers. I wake up in the morning sometimes and have no idea where I am. But that is my choice, because for one moment I can forget.” Her voice begins to quiver, tears shine in the eyes he once loved. “I can forget about you, and for one moment I am wanted by someone, I’m loved for my body and right now that’s enough," 
A tear escapes, leaving a trail of black on her cheek. 
"Because I am not ready to be loved for anything else. I gave everything I had to you and I have to create it all again.
—  excerpt from the book i’ll never write

Thinking about Adrien obvs.

The Intern Pt.2   BY: Dscurve & Y. Black

Couldn’t keep them waiting too long @dscurve

**Sabrina Taylor**
I tried so hard during the interview to focus my thoughts and not look too long into his eyes, or daydream about his lips. With every word that leaves his lips my body grows warmer. I can’t say how many times I adjusted my pencil skirt without much room to give and allow any airflow to cool my kitty. Lord if he would touch my arm right now I’d swear I’m burning up, he’d find a slew of goosebumps all over me as I hung on his every word mesmerized by his tone. He was so charismatic, humorous yet respectful; now up close his Forbes cover didn’t do him justice. Maybe it was the great lighting in his office or the world in general because his hair was tapered to his head, his chiseled jaw accentuated by his deep dimple in his right check when he exposed his radiant teeth. He was intoxicating in every way. I felt myself leaning closer to him as his sexy voice soothed me. It’s the kind of voice that wraps around you and hugs you tight, the kind you hear when you close your eyes at a poetry reading in a small cozy café. For a short moment I lose the conversation until his words register in my brain, “Lunch?” I’m a little shocked and flattered and then excited. I smile shyly, “Sure, I’d love that.” As he rises to tell his assistant through the desk speaker to get his car ready downstairs, I stand wiping my sweaty palms down my skirt as I pull it down slightly. I look up to find him standing right in front of me. “Is it okay if we go someplace not too busy so we can better acquainted?” I linger for a moment spellbound by his scent as he’s so close to me. I want to be forward as I notice his tie a little crooked but I don’t want him to get the wrong impression but dammit my kitty is about to take over if I don’t give in a little to her.

Slowly I step closer to him, looking only at his tie as I touch the soft fabric and adjust it slowly lining it back straight. “Yes…..that’d be nice. I’m not that hungry so please….. Don’t make a big fuss.” I lock eyes with him with my lips slightly parted as we exchange air and breathe in each other’s scent.  If he wanted to take me right then and there on his desk I would have obliged. Just to have been a notch on his belt would have made my year whether I got the job or not. But for some reason, Mr. Baxter gave me the impression that he was looking for something more that an afternoon snack.  Standing straighter, his gaze never leaving mine, he takes my hand in his and leans over to my ear. I hold my breath as I feel his breath wet my ear and I struggle to keep my knees from buckling as he softly says, “Don’t make any plans for the rest of the day.” With that he takes a step backward still holding my hand as he leads me to the door and opens it for me. I look at the women still awaiting their turn as he nods to his assistant across the room, I already know he’s about to dismiss them as we walk inside Mr. Baxter’s private elevator.  I’m relieved when he lightens the mood with lots of small talk as the elevator travels down to the parking garage. The floor vent also aids in cooling down my kitty so I can remain focused on him as exchange childhood stories. Hearing him speak about his humble upbringing inspires me to open up more about mine and within no time we are in his car as he commands the driver where to go. I slide the ringer on my cell to silent and place it back inside my purse. I won’t be taking any more calls for the rest of the day.

**Troy Baxter**

She took my offer, I was hoping she would. I let Daniel know that we are ending the interview process for the day and to give the remaining candidates parking validation. I didn’t bother sitting back down I walked to the floor to ceiling window and peered out momentarily. It was a beautiful day out in Atlanta. I turned back to Ms. Taylor and met her where she stood. I was literally backing in her ambiance for a few seconds before she noticed me. She was absolutely beautiful. She was wearing the hell out of that dress too. I think even her low-lights were standing out to me in 1080p.

“Is it okay if we go someplace not too busy so we can better acquainted?” I ask in a polite yet assertive tone. She paused for a moment, I could tell she was examining me.  She grabbed the knot of my tie, surprising me a bit. I don’t know how she could become any sexier in my office but she did, and in effortless fashion. “Yes…..that’d be nice. I’m not that hungry so please….. Don’t make a big fuss.” She answered, and the way every syllable rolled off her tongue my heart skipped a beat, in sync with her cadence. Her eyes were setting me ablaze as we were in the moment. The way she had inundated my thoughts there is never a way I’d make a fuss. I was in a real feud with myself. I wanted to kiss her so passionately right now. Down that road I knew we’d be fucking up against the window overlooking downtown ATL. How I went from conducting an interview to warding off desires of her gorgeous skin on my bare tone I’ll never know. Zero to one hundred real quick was too slow to depict the mood of the room. “Don’t make any plans for the rest of the day.” I was compelled to spend the rest of my day with Ms. Baxter. She nodded ever so slight in agreement.
I decided otherwise as I grabbed her hand and we headed towards the door.  I mean the air was thick like it was coated with molasses. I could have taken things there I’m sure, but her swag, her very being; I desired more of. As we exited I saw a few women still gathering their belongings to head out. I didn’t even feel bad for canceling. I nodded to Daniel as my private elevator doors opened up. As we make our way down to the garage I begin to make small talk that continues into the car. I go into my background a little, letting her know I really wanted know I wanted know her on a more personal level. I gave my driver a name of a restaurant north of the city. I closed the privacy blinds and sat back in my chair. Her eyes met me with the same fire from the office. I look out of the window in attempt to stave off my blushing. “Are you ok?” she probed.  “Yeah” I replied. I turned back to her gorgeous smile. Her smile made me smile. “Why are you cheesing over there?” I questioned. This Atlanta traffic had us on chill on 85 north. She was trying to find the words to answer my inquiry.

I’ve grown so much since last year and I really feel like I’ve surrounded myself with positive people. Last year I kept clinging onto someone who wasn’t worth my time and was toxic for me. I thought he made me happy but I always kind of knew he was never good for me. When everything with him inevitably fell apart it made me feel like getting close to people was a bad thing because they would eventually tear you apart but this year I’m in a better place and I’m closer with the people that make my life much happier. I hope that if any of you are in a situation like this, just know that you’ll get through it no matter how painful it may be right now. I genuinely thought I could never forget about how many times this person continued to hurt me, but over time as I surrounded myself with better people I’ve learned to move on from it. I’m sure you will too.

You know what? I’m looking back on my blog and seeing how much of a TG fan I was and now that I think about it, the only reason I got so bored and tired of it was because of the fandom. Logging onto my dash and seeing all kinds of spoilers, over analyzing every tiny detail, the fandom arguments? That was all wearing on me

Where I Will Kiss You First
  • Where I Will Kiss You First
  • Mystic Messenger

Gosh… I love this voice~
I had no idea I’d be this happy to hear your voice again.
Hmm? I don’t sound too well? Oh… I’m just tired. I’ll tell you everything tomorrow.

I just wanted to hear your voice… I can’t calm down thinking that I’ll finally see you tomorrow.
I want to see you so bad…

What? Oh… right now? Uh, just a moment. I was on the phone.

I have to go do something now…

MC: Where are you right now?

Uhm… I-I’m outside. I’ll go home soon.
The party will be perfect tomorrow… so don’t worry, okay?

I know this is funny right now… but I’m having so many thoughts about tomorrow.
When I see you… this is a bit naughty but…
I’m thinking about where I’m going to kiss you first.

Haha, I said it… I’m not the only one here…
Thanks for waiting for me.
I know a lot of things happened but eventually, I was able to protect you.

I’m happy with that. I love you…

Oh, they’re staring at me now… I have to go. See you tomorrow.
Have a good night… muah.

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Name: Julia

Nickname: Marristia, Trist, Julie

Gender: female

Star Sign: Gemini

Birthday: June 16th

Height: 167 cm ≈ 5′6″

Sexual Orientation: technically bisexual, but actually more like “during my whole life I haven’t found a single person I’ve been even remotely interested in so basically aro/ace?”

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Favourite Colour: gold, black, white

Favourite Animal: impossible to pin down, there are way too many cool animals out there

Average Hours of Sleep: 6 during the week, 10 on weekends

Time Right Now: 22:45 (10:45 pm)

Cat or Dog Person: both

Favourite Fictional Character: Anakin Skywalker (my pathetic trashson), several Bruce Wayne adaptions (also my son), Michiru Kaiou (ngl I was pretty gay for her), Audrey Horne (also gay for her)

favorite movies: Gattaca, Lady Vengeance, Inception, Constantine, John Wick, The Heat, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Waterworld (several guilty pleasures)

favorite tv shows: currently: Brooklyn99, Gotham

what i’m wearing right now: black sweatpants + black cowl-neck sweater

last movie i watched in theaters: Underworld Bloodwars

Number of Blankets I Sleep With: 1 (I’m sleeping with a duvet which is arguably a lot less messy than sleeping with several blankets)

Favourite Singer/Band: Lana Del Rey, Perfume, MØ, Deine Lakaien

Song Stuck in Your Head: Kranium ft. Ty Dolla $ign (Major Lazer and KickRaux Remix) - Nobody has to know

Dream Pet: a Samoyed, a British Longhair Cat, a corn snake + several fish

Dream Vacation/Trip: just take me somewhere warm with a beach

Dream Job: living off generous royalty fees

pancakes or waffles: hot waffle with chocolate sauce and whipped cream

text or call: text privately, call for work related stuff

contacts or glasses: laser surgery (i do have a kink for glasses though lol)

day or night: night

makeup or natural: natural makeup, duh

last thing you googled: “business dog”

Pokemon Team:
in Moon: Alolan Raichu, Tsareena, Froslass, Starmie, Murkrow, Arcanine
in Go: Mystic

Lucky Number: 56

drawing or painting: painting

Aesthetics: still this one

When Was This Blog Created: March 2016

Current Number of Followers: 1116

When Did Your Account Peak: whenever someone famous reblogs one of my posts

What Made You Decide to Make A Tumblr:
for this sideblog: I wanted a place to talk about MBTI/Enneagram without having to mess up my main blog
my main: all of my fav artists switched over to tumblr from deviantart so i followed

How many blogs do I follow: 290… and checking a few other ones from time to time

Why Did You Pick Your URL: my MBTI-type + something that would describe my obsession with aesthetics and other wordly pleasures while being kind of ironic considering my type

Do you get asks regularly: yeah. answering about half of them in private though and it often takes me several days/weeks to go through them

@armorofone replied to your post:  hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dragon aaaage

@dual-daggers replied to your post:  *LOUD SCREECHING CAUSE DA AU*

@misplacedxheroics​ replied to your post: YES PLS.  SIGN ME THE FUCK UP RIGHT NOW



@underplater​​ replied to your post:  Omg okay. I want to write you a Zevran in this AU so very much. T_T

*leans in close to whisper* do you know how much I love Zevran? too much. This stupid elf needs to much love and support and I spend far too much time in game trying to make him happy i s2g. 

Alive (Part 5)

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Genre: Angst/Fluff

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

***WARNING: Language, Violence, feces***

“Wake up,” your hands desperately pressed against his limp chest repeatedly as blood seeped out of his wound with the force of your compressions. “Come on, wake up, please,” panicking, you rummaged through your duffle bag in search of anything that could save him. There was a small amount of gauze, bottles of alcohol, too many pills that you knew nothing about, and a plethora of other items haphazardly bunched together. You desperately tried to recall the limited knowledge of medicine you picked up from your days before the turn, but your mind was at a blank. This was bad; If you didn’t do anything right now, he would die.

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I have so many thoughts about Lizzie DeVine from “Codename: Kids Next Door” right now that I never thought I’d ever have

Rewatching some Codename: Kids Next Door Episodes, I suddenly realize that Lizzie Devine’s characters makes a lot more sense now that the creator of the show has revealed that she was actually an Alien G:KND operative undercover: It changes her portrayal from an obsessive lunatic with a good heart but an utter lack of common sense into a character who probably had a lot of internal conflict and struggles going on during everything she did, and we just never got to realize it.

How delicious. 

(In-depth analysis of her behavior in the show in context with the new information we got under the cut!)

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blindspot-fanatic  asked:

Hi! I saw your post and thought I'd ask for 6, 16 and 17... Have a good day ;)

6. favorite band

Right now, Kaleo and I thank Blindspot for showing this amazing band to me. A/B is such an awesome disc and all the songs are different in styles and melodies so it’s pretty awesome. (but my all time fav band is coldplay tho)

16. favorite movie

oh gawd they’re too many to mention but maybe Atlantis: The Lost Empire, such an underrated movie

17. a fact about my life

I have several mental illnes such as: anxiety (which constantly leads to panic attacks), dyslexia, attentional deficit, however, I’m smart and I do well on most of the stuff I feel passionate about


170107 TVB Ent. News Report Star Talk - Exclusive Interview with Nichkhun

Interviewer: We all know that family is important to you.

Nichkhun: Very important.

Interviewer: Have you ever imagined your future family?

Nichkhun: I have always thought about my future family. But I still can’t really see it. I can’t see that far. That’s why I’m trying to work so hard to prepare myself for my future family and for my family right now too. So that I would be able to provide them with whatever they need. I don’t know when I am gonna get married, how many kids I am gonna have, where I am gonna live. Right now I cannot tell you that because I don’t know yet. The best I can do right now is to work hard and prepare myself for that future family.

Interviewer: What kind of husband or father that you think you will be one day?

Nichkhun: My dad is very tough, very disciplined, and very respectful. And my mom is very laid-back and very forgiving. So they are very different. What I would like to be is I would like to be just right in the middle between. I can be very scary at times if my kids do something wrong. But then I can very forgiving and fun.

Interviewer: Will you spoil them?

Nichkhun: I have a feeling that I might be spoiling them. I don’t think I’m gonna spoil them with toys or expensive clothes. I’m gonna spoil them with good food, a lot of activities and education. I want them to be educational like what my father did.

So I just heard this song and instantly thought about KaeRyo..

This song is seriously beautiful!! It’s a nightcore version! (I love nightcores, don’t judge me)                                                                                                     Link to vid: 

i BELIEVE ~Hoshi ni Negai wo (Wish upon a Star)~ by So’Fly

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