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White Shirt, Black Name Tag, Big Secret
After spending years abroad trying to convert strangers, two Mormon missionaries realize how little they really knew each other.
By Ellis Jeter

Something was seriously wrong, though. He and I had been through some pretty dark moments together, but I had never seen him so unhappy. I asked what was bothering him and was surprised when he kept dodging my questions. Whatever it was that had him down, he didn’t want to talk about it.

After one too many lulls in the conversation, I decided to fall back on my original plan and tell him the only thing about me that he didn’t know.

“I’m gay,” I said, bluntly.

The darkness in his eyes gave way to a hesitant light. He looked down for a moment, then back up to flash that quick, familiar smile. “Me too.”

I Hate That I Love You

Title: I Hate That I Love You

Requests: Hey , do you think you could do an imagine where , the reader is Josh’s best friend , and despite how long they been friends she is scared to talk about it with him ? Maybe get some rain action ? And a sappy ending ? I l or sappy endings with kisses ☺️❤️ this would be great , love your work .

Hey! I was wondering if you could write just a SUPER fluffy imagine with Josh. I need some good fluff rn before midterms.

Characters: Josh Dun x Reader, Tyler Joseph

Warnings: Underage drinking, cursing

A/N: I know the requests ask for fluff and I promise part 2 (and maybe 3 if I want to make it longer) will be fluffy!

Part 2 - It’s Always Been You

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Shopping Disasters - Stiles Stilinski

Originally posted by mischiefstydia

Summary: Stiles takes (Y/N) shopping after ruining her favourite jeans and tells a douche to fuck off.

Warnings: Swearing (just a lil).

Scott and I were sitting at a table in the cafeteria discussing how we were going to go about the new threat in Beacon Hills. He was struggling to come up with something which meant as always he’d come to me for help. Although I wasn’t the smartest in the group, I was one of if not the most determined. That was something I loved about myself. No matter what, I’d never give up. There was always a way. 

“Well, what if I distract them by pretending that one of them is killing me but its secretly like Liam dressed up and then I can attack them when they aren’t factoring me into their plan and they’ve forgotten about me.” I suggest.

“No, too many things could go wrong. You’re scent might give it away somehow too. Theres a big difference between the smell of alive and dead people.”

“Yeah, but only after they’ve started decomposing.” 

“How can you talk about something like that without even looking disturbed.” Scott shifted uncomfortably.

“Scott, come on. You’re the one thats going out and smelling this and fighting these guys all the time. Surely a conversation like this doesn’t scare you that bad.” I say matter of factly as he screws his face up. I giggle which quickly stops as I hear Stiles calling out for us and running towards us and then feeling his lunch splatter all over my pants. I gasp loudly and freeze trying to wrap my head around what had happened. 

“Oh my god (Y/N), I’m so sorry.” I laugh slightly in disbelief. 

“That was my favourite pair of jeans.” 

“I’ll buy you some more! I promise.” I start wiping myself off and laughing.

“No, its fine Stiles. Don’t stress. Lydia always has a spare set of clothes on her anyways.”

“What? Where’s the rest of it?” I ask shocked. 

“It’s a skirt, (Y/N); not a thong.” She rolls her eyes with a playful smile. 

“And this?!”

“A crop top?” 

“Never mind, I’ll just wear the spaghetti stained clothes.”

“Uh, uh. Not on my watch. A good friend would never let you walk around wearing that. Go get changed.” She says as she throws me her clothes. I look at her skeptically before she makes a ‘shoo’ sign and I throw my head back playfully exaggerating. 

“(Y/N)!” I hear from behind me. I turn around to see Stiles running towards me. “I just wanted to let yo- oh shit” I furrowed my eyebrows together.


“You’re um… outfit.”

“Yeah, it’s Lydia’s spare. I didn’t realise it would be… well this.”

“No, no, no. You look good- It looks good. Uh-anyway, I double checked with Scott and he said that he’s working tonight so he doesn’t need any help with, y’know.” He says as he lifts his hands and does the worst impression I’d ever seen. I giggled and he quickly stopped. “So, uh if you want, like you don’t have to, but I was just thinking, I could take you out. Like to the shops. To go… shopping. Because I ruined your jeans. And-”

“If you stop talking then yes.” I laugh and he nods furiously. 

“Thanks by the way. And you know what, I think the jeans you got me are even better than the ones I already had.” I smiled as we sat down in the food court.

“You don’t have to thank me. It’s my fault you lost them in the first place. I just have to quickly go pee so I’ll be right back.” He says as he walks off taking his phone.

“Hey there, little lady. Did your boyfriend leave you?” A guy who was obviously in college came over wearing his frat jumper and a dumb snapback cap. 

“Oh, no. He’s not my boyfriend.” I say as I think of Stiles and smile a little. We definitely had something but nothing had happened as of yet.” 

“Oh, really?” He smirks as he sits down in Stile’s seat.

“Oh, sorry but my friends coming back so you can’t really sit there.” He ignores what I say and picks a fry up off of my plate. I quickly send a text to Stiles saying ‘SOS’. “I suggest you put that fry back where it was.” He smirks and winks at me as he takes a bite out of it and puts the rest on my plate. I immediately stand up and lean over the table. 

“What are you gonna do, sweetheart?” I angrily glare at him and next thing I know I had punched him in the face. 

“(Y/N)? What are you doing?!” I heard Stiles say as he quickly strode towards the table. “What happened?” He asks confused to the guy sitting in his spot. 

“This psycho bitch hit me!” Stiles looked at him with the most disgusting look I had ever seen. I didn’t think it was possible for Stiles to even appear that angry but if looks could kill then this asshole would be six feet under.

“Fuck off.” He said lowly. My eyes widened as Stiles rarely ever said that word.

“Excuse me?” 

“Fuck. Off.” He said slightly louder but so intensely angry that the guy quickly stood up and walked off. 

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have left you alone.” He hugs me.

“It’s not you’re fault. And I think I took care of him pretty well.” I smirked as I rubbed my knuckles thinking about the punch. 

“Thats my girl.” He said without thinking and swung his arm around my shoulder. I froze for a second before easing into it. I picked up my bag and Stiles and I walked like that all the way back to his jeep. “Home?” He asks and I shake my head. 

“Let’s go on an adventure.” I smile. Stiles returns the gesture and we drive out to the forest where we then walk through it for the next hour or so just feeling complete with one another’s company. 

Time to go write my 4 Literature essays! wooo! :/

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hmm, how about when the RFA+Saeran had been stuck in an elevator before the going to Rika's apartment went on and bla bla bla.. how would they spend their time in the elevator with MC?

I hope that you meant that you and the RFA members haven’t met you before, because that’s how I wrote this. I’m scared of elevators, but this is written as if you aren’t scared of them.
My bad if any of this is inaccurate. I don’t know about elevators lol.

-When the elevator suddenly stopped, he froze.
-He was panicking a bit, frantically pushing the emergency button.
-”Uhm, I think pushing it too many times will have the opposite effect…” he heard from behind him.
-Oh yeah, someone else was in here.
-Yoosung turned around, embarrassed. “Ah, I guess so.”
-The embarrassment only grew when he stopped to think about the situation:
-Trapped in an elevator, all alone with a stranger who is… pretty cute…
-Noooooooo he can’t let himself get the wrong idea!
-The polite thing would be to ask if you were okay, right? So he did.
-”I’m fine. I was just heading home anyway.”
-Come on, Yoosung, keep a conversation going!
-The small talk continued for a while before you said “I’m ___, by the way.”
-You didn’t even introduce yourself, Yoosung!
-”Oh, I’m Yoosung!”
-You chuckled, making Yoosung embarrassed. “It’s nice to meet you, Yoosung.”
-There was a bit of silence (besides Yoosung screaming internally because he can’t think of how to carry on the conversation).
-You noticed a LOLOL pin on his shirt.
-”Oh, do you play LOLOL?”
-Yoosung lit up at the mention of it.
-So that’s what you ended up talking about.
-If you also play, you discuss a lot about the game, and if you don’t play the game, he explains the game to you and recommends you play it.
-Either way, he invites you into his guilde.
-Which is a sly way of saying he wants to hang out and get to know you more.
-Eventually, while Yoosung was talking about team composition when the elevator began working again. You were both honestly sad about it. You wanted to talk longer.
-”I’ll see you around, then?” Yoosung managed to say when you got off the elevator together.
-You stopped him. “Wait, let me give you my number.”
-Yoosung is surprised.
-Before he can really comprehend what’s happening, you give him your number.
-”Thanks for talking with me. I’ll see you.”
-He could only mumble out a “goodbye” as he watched you walk away.
-Once you’re gone, he fist-pumps and celebrates like a dork.
-He got a cute person’s phone number- and they were even into LOLOL!!

-The elevator stopped, and he was a little annoyed.
-He pushed the emergency button, and got even more annoyed.
-He had a long day and just wanted to get home already.
-As he was pulling out his phone to contact somebody, he noticed you standing in the elevator.  Zen felt bad for forgetting that someone else was there.
-”Oh, ah, are you alright? The elevator doesn’t seem to be working…”
-”I’m okay. What do you think is wrong?”
-”I wouldn’t know. Do you know the number for the support here?”
-”Oh, yeah, I do.”
-He handed you his phone and you typed in the number.
-Zen watched you, and realized how pretty you are.
-No no no I can’t think such inappropriate things, this isn’t the time!!
-Plus, this is a complete stranger!!
-”Uhm…” you mumbled as you were holding his phone out to him.
-Zen took his phone when he shook himself back into reality. “Thank you.”
-He talked to the support and told them about the elevator, and they told him that they were working on it.
-But it “might take a while”.
-Zen relayed the information to you and you sat down in the corner with your phone, assumedly texting somebody. Zen sat in the opposite corner with a sigh.
-”So, what’s your name?” you asked.
-”Sorry, I should’ve introduced myself. My name is Zen. I’m 24 and a musical actor.”
-He stopped himself from adding “I’m currently single ;)”
-You introduced yourself too, and he told you your name was beautiful.
-Such a flirt during your time in the elevator, unless he can tell you’re getting uncomfortable, in which case he would stop.
-”You said you were a musical actor? What kind of musicals have you done?”
-Now you’ve done it.
-That’s all he talks about.
-But, really, you’re not complaining. It was interesting hearing about the different experiences he’s had.
-”Oh, but I’ve been talking too much. What about you? What do you do?” He asked.
-The only problem was that the elevator started working again right after he asked.
-But, being the smooth little shit he is, he says “I didn’t get a chance to let you talk, but I can give you my number and we can pick up where we left off?”
-You smile. “Yeah, I’d like that.”

-Jaehee was slightly panicking when the elevator stopped.
-She was pushing the emergency button over and over again mumbling “no”.
-You decided to comfort her, even though you didn’t know her. She seemed really stressed out over it. “Hey, it’s okay. Someone will come and fix the elevator.”
-She looked at you like she had forgotten you were there before sighing and slumping her shoulders.
-”Excuse me. I have a busy day is all and this is going to make things more difficult.”
-”…Well, now you have an excuse to take a break, don’t you?”
-Jaehee stopped. “I… guess?”
-You both ended up sitting on the ground, with Jaehee venting and ranting about her boss after you convinced her to talk to you.
-You had introduced yourselves prior to her ranting and you were listening intently.
-After she was done and thanked you for listening, you started asking about her personal life since the elevator still wasn’t fixed.
-You were in the middle of talking about musicals when her phone rang. The dread was obvious on her face as she excused herself and answered the phone with “Yes, Mr. Han?”
-You didn’t really have a good impression of him because you heard about how much he overworked poor little Jaehee.
-You were making annoyed faces, and Jaehee was struggling not to giggle, since Jumin sounded stern on the other end of the call.
-Jaehee talked to him for a while and when she worked it out and hung up, she laughed. “You were making that difficult.”
-”He should treat you better. You work so hard. You were even considering doing your work in here while we waited!”
-”It’s my job, it’s alright.”
-no it’s not
-Soon after that, the elevator began working again.
-”___, thank you for listening and keeping me company.”
-”It’s no problem,” you said, but you really wanted to get to know her. “Would you mind if I give you my number?”
-Jaehee was flustered but stuttered a “I wouldn’t mind”.
-the beginning of a great friendship lolololol

-Jumin was immediately annoyed when the elevator stopped.
-His entire schedule was thrown off because of this.
-During his many, many not-so-pleasant phone calls, he didn’t even notice another person standing in the elevator.
-Jumin was accompanied by a couple bodyguards, so things were a bit crowded.
-You were intimidated from the start when an obviously important person joined you in the elevator with a couple scary-looking guards.
-You were more or less shoved in the corner.
-After noticing you and ending his phone call, Jumin said “The elevator will be back in working order soon. I ordered for the problem to be attended to as soon as possible.”
-”Okay, thank you.”
-The elevator became silent again. It was becoming awkward, and, despite any nervousness you might have, you tried to start a conversation.
-”Where were you trying to go?”
-Well, I guess it’s better than asking ‘come here often?’
-Jumin told you about his duties he was now running late on, and he mentioned his important company.
-So you asked him more. Because his voice is nice
-He was kind of thrown off as to why a stranger was trying to make conversation, but he decided to be nice anyway.
-Jumin answered all your questions, and you avoided asking too many or too personal of questions.
-He wasn’t a very open person, but something about him interested you. You wanted to get to know him, as a friend.
-The elevator was fixed quickly and you didn’t get a chance to get anywhere with the conversation.
-You visit that building often trying to run into him again.

-The elevator stopped and he just
-It was kind of comical.
-He pushed the emergency button and sighed.
-”If I had my computer, I could fix this.”
-You giggled. “Can you fix an elevator with a computer?”
-”I can do anything! I’m a super genius, 707!”
-”707? Is that your name?”
-He nodded. “Well, I’m ___.”
-”Well, ___, what do we do while we wait for the elevator?”
-You shrugged, and he sighed.
-Seven was deep down nervous about being trapped in an elevator, but he hid it so that he could keep this stranger who was in the same situation as him calm.
-The whole time, he was making jokes.
-You both talked about whatever would come up. Seven was actually enjoying himself, which he didn’t feel like he deserved.
-But, if being happy and funny will make this nice person he just met happy, then he’ll go along with it.
-That’s what he’s there for, to make unpleasant situations light-hearted.
-You were laughing the whole time, and he was liking it. Your laugh was great.
-But, the elevator was back in working order soon enough, and you both had to go.
-As he was turning to leave, mentally dreading the scolding he was going to get from his boss for being late and slacking off, you stopped him.
-”Do you want to exchange phone numbers?”
-…Normally, he would’ve said no.
-But he wanted to make you happy, since you seemed like a good person. One which he didn’t deserve to be friends with, but he didn’t want to seem rude and decline your offer either.
-He gave in and gave you his phone number.
-Seven regretted it until he saw the smile on your face at you waved goodbye.
-He really didn’t deserve to have met someone that nice.
-At least, that’s how he feels.

-This was before he began losing his vision.
-V was confused when the elevator stopped.
-This hadn’t happened before and he wasn’t really sure what to do.
-Thankfully, there was one other person in the elevator with him. You.
-You pushed the emergency button and waited for help.
-”I don’t know how long we’ll be here. Are you okay?” you asked.
-”Me? Yes, I’m fine.”
-Poor thing isn’t used to being the one others are worried for, he’s usually the one worrying.
-”Are you okay?” he asked too, hoping it wasn’t too lame of a question.
-”Yeah, someone should be able to fix this soon. I hope you weren’t heading anywhere important?”
-”No, just on my way home.”
-You pointed to the bag he had. “Are you a photographer?”
-Apparently you could see the camera inside. “Yeah, I am.”
-So that’s what you ended up talking about.
-You asked about any work he had that you could see, or somewhere you could buy it.
-He was so flattered.
-”My fiance runs a fundraising organization, you could buy some there, if you’d like.”
-He told you more about the parties and gave you his contact information so he could give you the details. You seemed like a good person, someone he could trust to invite to the party.
-Thankfully, the elevator was working soon, and you were able to get off.
-”I’ll contact you,” smiled. “Oh! I’m ___, by the way!”
-It was funny that you both forgot to introduce yourselves.
-”I’m V.”
-”I know, you gave me your information,” you chuckled.
-”I guess you’re right,” he chuckled too. “It was nice meeting you ___.”
-He wouldn’t have guessed you’d later end up in Rika’s apartment, joining the RFA…

-When the elevator suddenly stopped, so did his heart.
-You, not knowing Saeran, were oblivious to his fragile mental state.
-You were worried about the elevator, but the young man having a panic attack in the corner was worse.
-You’d spend most of the time calming him down and assuring him that help is on the way.
-You didn’t touch him because 1) he’s a stranger and 2) he’s having a panic attack for fuck’s sake.
-Saeran didn’t like being treated so fragilely, especially by a stranger. He continued to scoot away from you and you got the hint. You sat yourself in the opposite corner of the elevator.
-“They’ll get us out before you know it” you say just above a whisper.
-Hesitantly, a few moments later, you hear a muffled “Okay.”
-After several minutes, help still hasn’t arrived, but Saeran’s breathing became normal as he calmed down.
-“I’m _____, by the way,” you introduced yourself from your corner.
-He looked at you with an almost blank expression and said “Saeran.”
-“Nice to meet you,” you smiled.
-He didn’t smile back and looked at the ground.
-You weren’t necessarily put off by how distant he seemed. He obviously had a lot going on in his life, and you didn’t want to push it.
-”Do you… need anything?”
-He shook his head.
-If he wanted silence, you’d allow it. The last thing you wanted on your conscious was upsetting a stranger who is obviously in a vulnerable state, which he is obviously uncomfortable with.
-The elevator was, fortunately, fixed rather quickly.
-”Take care,” you said as you were both leaving the elevator.
-Saeran didn’t respond, which kind of disappointed you.
-Secretly, he was glad someone else was in the elevator with him. It would’ve made it so much worse if he was alone.
-Maybe he’ll see that kind stranger around. Their name was ___ if he remembered correctly.

Anything for you

Pairing: Dean Ambrose/You

Warnings: Sex. Some dirty talk. Praise Kink

Summary: Hi! I just found your blog and love the stories! I’m big Dean Ambrose trash so I was wondering if I could please make a fic request about him? How about he meets somewhat shy,little timid,mousy like behind the scenes person somewhere,but he ends up falling for her and she’s a virgin (sort of a late bloomer cause I don’t want her TOO young LOL) and because of her having low self-esteem,he’s very praise kink (body and otherwise) and he takes her virginity with hot detailed smut and sweet romance?

Notes: My most sincere apologises for how long this took Anon. The writing of it gave me some trouble but I hope it turned out well. I tried my very best for you. - Dani

Dating Dean Ambrose was kind of a dream. It was a pinch yourself and make sure it’s real moment. When you’d started working for the WWE you hadn’t even expected to spend that much time around the talent, never mind befriend or date any of them. Now months later here you are. Some of the superstars you’d admired from afar can now be counted among some of your closest friends and Dean freaking Ambrose is your boyfriend. It’s like something out of a fairytale and you can’t believe this is your life.

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My thoughts after finishing 13rw

My words on the post I made from before I finished watching the show still ring true for me. I understand more why she did what she did, but I still think it was awful for her to leave her parents with nothing.
What happened to Hannah was disgusting. What happened to Jessica was disgusting. It needs to be talked about. Sexual assault isn’t anything to take lightly and I’m glad that this show allows for discussion to take place. It has to.

I don’t understand why the creative team felt the need to add in a few things during the last couple of episodes, and it left me with a few questions that will probably forever remain unanswered:

-What happens to Bryce?
-Does Jessica press charges?
-What happened after Sheri confessed?
-Is Jeff’s family gonna be alright?
-Why was Kat brought back for questioning?
-Do the Baker’s win the trial?
-What happens when Hannah’s parents listen to the tapes?
-What happens to Justin?
-Is Justin’s mom gonna be okay?
-What happens to Alex?
-Why did Tyler pack away those guns?
-Was Tyler planning a school shooting?
-Why did Tyler take down Alex’s picture?
-Did Tyler shoot Alex and stage it to look like a suicide attempt?
-If that’s true, does Alex know or remember what Tyler did?
-What does Mr. Porter do with the tapes?
-What does Mr. Porter do with his tape?
-How was Tony supposed to publicly release Hannah’s tapes if people didn’t follow the rules?
-Is Mrs. Jensen gonna be okay when she inevitably finds out the truth?
-Is Skye okay? Will she get better?
-Is Zach okay? Is Marcus okay?
-Is Mrs. Bradley going to be okay when she finds out what happened?
-What happens to Ryan?
-What happened to the pink journal that Hannah wrote all of her poetry in? (Honestly they may have covered this one in the show but I don’t remember)
-Does Courtney come out to her dads? To everyone?
-Does Courtney realize that Hannah was right? Does she stop apologizing for Bryce like Justin did?
-What was the point of that scene where Jessica was showing Bryce the guns? I didn’t understand what was going on tbh

Overall I still enjoyed the show. I realize that all of the characters are purposefully flawed, and what happened was truly tragic. I still believe that what Hannah did by not leaving anything with her parents was wrong but I understand more why she did what she did.
I think the show sparks a great conversation between everyone about the way we handle the smallest things in life. Everyone should be more careful and considerate. Everyone deserves a friend, so let’s all be friendly, you know? The hardest scenes to watch are the most important.
I hope that I’ve come back from this experience as a better person, and I hope that everyone else does too.
I don’t like that the show left so many things unanswered, but I guess that’s just one of the morals of the story itself: you can’t know everything. You can’t jump to conclusions and you can’t assume. And when something happens, you need to take it all in in order to be prepared for the next time- because there will be a next time.

random conversations

I can totally see Ciel in a random conversation with Elizabeth briefly slipping that Edward and Cheslock act like an old married couple.

Next thing that happens: Lizzie’s super shocked. She goes straight home and assures Edward that she will love him forever no matter who he loves. Edward is confused.

Cheslock comes to hang out at Midford mannor. Lizzie sets stuff up. Edward and Cheslock get even more confused…and slightly awkward.

Soma catches wind of this as he is Edward’s friend. He mentions it to Ciel. Ciel laughs his ass off and explains to the confused Soma.

Soma scolds him about spreading unconfirmed rumors. He demands to resolve the matter. Ciel practically begs to be the one to tell Edward his sister thinks he’s gay.

Edward is very upset about the matter. It’s unsure whether it is because the rumor was right or wrong. Lizzie is confused too, she confronts Ciel. Ciel explains things to her properly.

Somewhere deep inside of Ciel, hidden behind heavy walls, part of him wants to stay alive to have many more fun conversations with Elizabeth. Talking to Elizabeth feels kind of nice to Ciel.

Tumbleweed, Her #4 - [BAP] Mafia!Au

[A/N] I wish I could wake up with amnesia, but then I don’t want to forget about you and that pretty smile you have. Dear reader, will you smile for me today?

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The Private Investigator: Jung Daehyun

He had always been watching. He did nothing more than that. He knew everything about you. Your daily schedules, to the place you frequent to, to the habits you have that you don’t necessarily realise having it. Daehyun knows what you liked and disliked. Daehyun knows you to the core. And you don’t necessarily know that. How far did he know?

He knows why you take the bus in daylight. He knows you take the same bus but don’t really go anywhere. You went to the train station but never got on any of it. You went back when people starts to pour in to make it look like you go home from work. Daehyun was always on the watch. He had his binoculars on him to spy on you. And he spoke to himself a lot, “Where are you heading? Why do you always do this.” And his questions were never answered.

He looked through the binoculars at you. When he first started as a private investigator, he had to overcome a lot of shortcomings. He was a tad too inexperienced in his field and he learnt the hard way that experiences truly helps in getting his name in the industry. His egotistical demeanor tend to get him in a lot of trouble but he paved his own style of investigation and a few police station had come to mimick his strategy. He didn’t necessary hates it. It just shows how the authority is lack creativity. But what he didn’t like, is when they took credit for what he did.

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I get many are upset. But I've never been one to read into every sam/cait interaction. There are times I've even thought the speculation on meaning of things went too far. Which is why I can't look into their conversation last night either as some dig to fans. Is that wrong that I just can't go to the negative regarding this?

Nah. I don’t believe it is negative in any way. It is a song. That they both know the lyrics too. They were exhausted and trying to keep their momentum up. He knew exactly what song she was, talking about immediately though.

An update, of sorts

So, it’s been a while since I posted, and really that’s because of one main reason which I’ll get to in a moment. First I want to thank everyone that has followed this, and liked or reblogged my posts. They’re not the raciest, so I wasn’t sure they’d find an audience, but I’ve now ticked over 1,400 followers, and hopefully my words are helpful to at least some of you.

Anyway, an update of sorts. Not long after my last post (a few weeks later to be exact, my Wife and I had a heart to heart. We had decided to set a three month trial period for our FLR. I was worried that, at the end of the three months, She would call an end to it - I knew I certainly wouldn’t.

Except I did.

The problem was that my honest goal when we started was to make Her life easier, and to make Her happier, but what was actually happening was that She was faltering more and more under the pressure of living up to my expectations. I’d like to say I didn’t have any, but of course I did. The reality was that, even though I was trying to take it slow, it was very much a case of too much too soon. If you think about it, it makes sense. I’d had my whole life to prepare for it, but She was thrown in the deep end. So in the end, about a week shy of three months, we called a temporary end to our FLR.

What followed was pretty lousy, and is pretty much the reason I haven’t posted about it. Firstly dealing with the thoughts of failure, that go hand in hand with the unspoken fear of so many submissive people; “there’s something wrong with me, and I will never find anyone who can love this part of me”. I don’t need to go into those fears too much. If you haven’t felt them, you are lucky, and if you have, you don’t need me to tell you what they’re like. The thing was, my Wife and I remained in some pretty open conversation about the whole thing. I told Her those feelings were going to be stirred up, and She did Her best to reassure me that those fears were unfounded. But, nothing could stop them. What followed was a pretty intense period of anger and shame, and my libido all but disappeared.

I kept doing the chores, because I liked the way the house ran, but there was nothing involved in the process but work. Our sex life, even our intimate life, vanished. I was too hurt to initiate (I rarely did anyway), and She was too trepidatious. We would talk about making time just to be intimate, but I was fearful of it, knowing that I was too emotionally raw to happily engage. Pretty crap, right?


But then, while I sat beside Her on the couch, my Wife sent me an sms; “I want to try again”. Now, I don’t know where this is going to go, it’s still fresh. I’m letting Her dictate every step. At the moment, it’s way too slow for me. I haven’t actually noticed a change at all. But there’s hope.

I hope this doesn’t dissuade those of you hoping to get in to the lifestyle. This is, of course, just my experiences along the journey. But I figure, if I’m going to be honest about the process, then I have to be open about the good and the bad. This has been the bad. Hopefully the good is on its way.

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Hi! So I was thinking, Yamaguchi is an adorable guy and he needs... no, he DESERVES more love. Could you write headcanons for a first date with him? Thanks :) P.S. I love you

Yeeeees! You’re right, this sweet freckled bean does deserve more love! These were a lot of fun to write!

Love you too, Anon, enjoy!

  • When this boy has a crush on someone, better be sure that he will take the time to get to know them - like really know them - before making a move to ask them out on a date.
  • And when Yamaguchi finally does it’ll happen smoothly, almost like natural conversation between the two because he’s comfortable around them and the friendship that they had built prior.
    • I feel like his hope would be to portray that he would be okay with either a yes or no answer so that they would know their friendship would still be okay if they weren’t interested in him romantically.
    • Like, maybe he had jumped the gun one time and then things got awkward between them to the point they couldn’t be around each other anymore - things like that would break his heart.
  • And once they’ve said yes– wait, omg, they’ve said yes. They actually said yes. Oh, god, what’s the next step? What does he say in response? He hopes that he’s not blushing to the point his freckles disappear (he is)!
  • Now is when this sweet boy sort of falls into a panic - poor thing - and quickly tries to find reassurance both from Tsuki and from others on the volleyball team (aka, Noya and Tanaka who happened to overhear him taking with Tsuki).
    • Tsuki: “just do something nice. I’m sure they’ll like whatever you plan.”
    • Noya & Tanaka: get out a dry erase board and start game planning on ways to swoon them with absurd tactics.
  • And while I could try and lay out details of a date Yamaguchi would plan, I legit think this boy would personalize it so hard. Into astronomy? Get ready, they’re going to an observatory and star gazing. Theater? There’s a weird play being performed at a local park. History nerd? Better bet he got tickets to the new Mesozoic exhibit at the museum. Sport fanatic? Name the game: they’re there.
    • Like I said, he knows them.
  • But when the day arrived, he’s be a total mess of nerves. Everything would look so perfect but what if EVERYTHING WENT WRONG?
    • I mean, there are so many things to consider. Should he dress casually? Or would they think he’s not taking it seriously? So should he wear a tie? Or was that too formal? Should he hold their hand? Would they be upset if he tried to kiss them goodbye??????
  • Of course, everything didn’t go wrong and the date went over smoothly despite his nerves. As soon as they start talking, he loosens up and their conversation comes easily as they night goes.
  • Handing holding is a go almost from the very beginning and kissing happens far before the end of the date - only making it that much more heated when the end of the night does come around.
  • Let’s just say that there will be a second date!
Malec Week Day 2- Disney AU: Malec Inside-Out AU

Couple: Alec Lightwood and Magnus Bane (Malec) 

Setting:  Alec Lightwood has a lot of emotions going on in his head. The emotion most in control is Fear, but what will happen when Joy finally has his time to shine? 

Will have a part 2 at some point.

Day 1:

Day 2: you are here

Day 3:Skippped 

Day 4: skipped

Day 5:

Alec’s Joy Pov- There are 7.4 billion people in the world and each one of those people has emotions. There are all kinds of emotions to feel but the main ones; joy, sadness, anger, fear, and disgust are the ones we all feel the most. I’m one of those emotions and I belong to one of the most amazing kids in the world. Sure every ‘Joy’ say’s that about their kid but mine is actually true.

I am the emotion of joy for an amazing boy named Alec Lightwood. Oh, man I can write a whole book about how amazing this kid is. He’s sociable, fun, loves being around people and always follows his heart… or at least he would do all those things if I was in control.

As I said before, the brain consists the emotions Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust. All the emotions work together but there’s always one emotion that is the leader of everyone else. Can you all guess who is the leader of Alec’s emotions? I can tell you it’s not me.

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Coming to Terms

A/N: I have a request for MOREID! I’d eventually like to do a full fic with them, and if I do, this might be the jumping off point/first chapter. In this piece, Morgan comes to terms with his feelings for Spencer and ends up confessing. P.S. Towards the beginning, if I say anything incorrect, please (kindly) let me know. @coveofmemories Not my gif at the bottom…but look! <3

P.S.S. I think I might add gifs at the bottom of my stuff more often. I like how this looks ;)


Morgan was normally a very happy guy. Unless a case got to him, he was always smiling, always laughing; he just always looked on the brighter side of life. But he’d been miserable lately, and everyone knew he was miserable…they just didn’t know why.

No one on the team had any idea that he was harboring an all-consuming love for one of his co-workers - and not one of the ladies. For years, he had struggled with his feelings for his friend, Spencer Reid. 

At first, he wondered if it was just because they spent so much time together, but he didn’t feel the same way about any of his other friends, male or female, that he did about Reid. Day after day, he thought of cuddling with him on the couch and watching TV, kissing him…and having sex with him. 

It had just taken so long for him to come to terms with how he felt. He’d never felt that way for another man - only ladies. Now, he could admit to himself that he was bisexual; he definitely still liked women, he just also wanted Reid. Growing up, he was surrounded by people and ideals that made it seem like love between two men or two women was wrong, and it was even worse as a black man. Even today, the African American community was left out of mainstream LGBT. It had taken years for him to come to terms with the fact that he was no less manly because he happened to want a relationship with Reid - but now he could do that.

Saying it out loud, to anyone, including Reid - now that was another story. 

He had to though. 


It was eating away at him to not know whether or not Reid might feel the same way. Morgan had assumed he was bisexual because he’d gone out with quite a few ladies, but had made a point of saying years ago that he all he wanted was someone to love - and whether that was a woman or a man didn’t matter to him. But maybe he was wrong. Maybe Reid only liked women and he was mistaken or he’d heard wrong. Maybe even if he was bisexual, he wouldn’t be interested in him. The thoughts rolled around in his head constantly as of late.

In a few days, Morgan was going to have a few days off from work. If anyone wouldn’t judge him, and might be able to give him some advice, it would be his mother, so as he sat at his desk, he purchased a ticket to Chicago so he could visit his mother and sisters. They would be able to talk him through this.


At the end of the week, everyone started up with the usual conversation. What were the plans for the weekend? Morgan said he missed his family, so he decided earlier in the week to take an impromptu trip to see them. 

Hours after that, he was finally in Chicago, being enveloped in a warm hug by his mother.

“Hey, baby,” she said, cupping his face in her hands. “How’re you doing? How’s work and life treating you?”

He heaved an enormous sigh. “Work is about the same as it always is. Some days are good, some days are bad.”

“And what about life? What’s wrong?” she asked.

How did she do that? “Why do you assume something’s wrong?”

“A mother knows, Derek,” she replied, linking her arm through his and pulling her baby boy close. “Tell me what’s wrong.”

His stomach lurched into his throat. Anyone who said it was easier to talk to your parents about things like this the older you were was full of shit. He was over 40 years old and he felt like he wanted to throw up. “I-I’m finding myself having feelings for someone I didn’t expect,” he started, searching his mother’s face for any kind of disappointment, which was the one thing he was always afraid of. His mother’s approval and love meant everything to him. 

“Someone you work with?” she asked.

“Yes,” he continued, not making eye contact with her for fear of what she’d see in his eyes “It’s my friend…Reid.”

Immediately, she stopped in her tracks, forcing her son to look at her. “You’re not looking at me. Were you afraid to tell me?” Her eyes glossed over with tears.

He shook his head. “Yea, mama. You know the town we live in. It’s not looked upon as a good thing. I…”

She pulled him into her embrace. “There is nothing wrong with liking men,” she said. “Do you like women too? Or was that a…”

“Cover?” he finished her question. “No, it wasn’t a cover. I still like women…too many women, really, but he’s the only one I’ve ever felt this way about. I don’t know what to do.”

They finally got to the car after waiting at baggage claim for what felt like hours. It was probably just the heavy conversation that was making the time feel like it was going so slowly. “Do you know if he likes men or women or both?” she asked. “If he likes men, then you need to tell him, whether anything works out or doesn’t.”

“I don’t know for sure,” he said, feeling a little bit lighter as they drove home. “He’s dated a couple of women, but I think I remember him saying that it didn’t matter to him - man or woman.”

“Well, then you absolutely have to say something,” she said emphatically. “For your own sake, you need to let him know how you feel. You’ll feel a weight lift off you.”

“What about the rest of the team? My job?” he asked. If Reid was interested, how would the rest of the team react? Would one or both of them lose their jobs if they entered into a relationship? He should just push this thought out of his head and forget it - there was way too much at stake.

As she turned the corner, just 10 minutes from the apartment, she continued, asking the exact questions and saying the necessary things he needed to hear. “What about the rest of the team? What would they think?” she asked. “From what you’ve told me about them, your team would do anything for you and I can’t imagine that changing for something as trivial as dating a man.”

While he looked out the window, listening to his mother speak the truths she always spoke, he smiled slightly. She’d said him dating a man was trivial. In the scheme of the world, she didn’t think it mattered either way, as long as he was happy, which was exactly what he was hoping for. “As for your job, that would be something you’d have to look into, but if you were seeing a woman from work the same would apply, so the fact that it’s Spencer wouldn’t matter there either.”

He’d definitely made the right decision coming home for a couple of days. His mother’s wisdom was exactly what he needed right now. 

Over the course of the next few days, Morgan was able to see his sisters as well, confessing to them how he felt about Reid. Both gave him a hug, saying how brave it was for him to admit how he felt given the way they grew up. Then they both said he should go for it.

“So,” Desiree asked, spooning a mouthful of mashed potatoes into her mouth, “Are you gonna tell him?”

He was. He had to. He was gonna combust if he didn’t. “I think I may end up doing it on the way back to my apartment when I go back, otherwise I may chicken out,” he said, burying his head in his hands. He could barely eat, he was so nervous. Sarah immediately walked over to give him a hug.

“Do it,” she said. “I want you to be happy, and I remember him. He was cute and he loves you. I don’t know about romantically, you’ll have to see about that, but he definitely loves you.”

After removing his head from his hands, he took a deep breath, deliberately inhaling and exhaling over and over again, so he could steady his mind. He was gonna tell him. Monday night. As long as Reid was home Monday night, he was going to stop by and just do it.


Hey, Pretty Boy.

You home?

Morgan pressed send, his heart ready to burst as he waited for an answer. Within a few minutes, he had a reply.

Of course I am. I always am. I’m pretty boring. :)

Morgan smiled to himself. Reid was always self-deprecating. If anything happened between them, they’d have to work on that. 

Mind if I come over for a few?

Morgan hoped Reid wouldn’t push for a reason why he wanted to come over right now. He did not wanna do this over the phone. Thankfully, he didn’t ask straight out.

Sure. Anything wrong?

Reid was one of the most caring individuals he’d ever met. It was one of the many reasons he found himself attracted to him.

Not exactly. I’ll let you know when I get there.

Reid replied back quickly that he’d see him in a few. 


“Hey, kid,” he greeted as Reid opened the door. 

“Are you okay, Morgan? You look like you wanna throw up,” Reid said.

The disadvantages of being a profiler - nothing went unnoticed between friends…or lovers. “I’m okay, I just need to say something…I don’t know where to start.” Reid sat down on the back of the couch, encouraging Morgan to continue.

“What is it, Morgan? You can tell me.”

“For years now…I,” he hesitated, wanting to throw up, “I’ve liked you.” He watched as Reid’s eyes went wide at the admission. “Romantically. I’ve never felt that way about any other man, ever, and it’s taken me a long time to admit it to myself, but that’s it. I like you and I have no idea how you might feel about me. I just knew I couldn’t go on not admitting it, especially to myself. I also don’t know who you’re attracted to because we’ve never really had a straight up conversation about it.”

“I like men and women,” Spencer said, his breathing slightly heavy. “I loved Maeve. I was attracted to Lila. But none of that worked out.”

“And me?” Morgan asked, swallowing hard and waiting for his reply. Instead of replying with words, Reid walked right into Morgan’s arms and kissed him.

Morgan couldn’t believe he’d gone more than 40 years without the feel of Reid’s lips on his.

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It’s Different This Time

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader
Words:  1805
Requested by @angelwriter3895:  Requests are up? Awesome. I was hoping for a Gabriel x reader where the reader has been hurt a lot by men. She no longer trusts them and e tries to get with her. Happy ending please with a little angst but mostly comfort. Smut if you want :) 

Warning: Smut…it’s so fluffy!

          You walked into the living room and saw Dean, Sam, and Gabriel sitting around together. It was still weird to see the guys okay with hanging out with Gabriel. After everything he had put them through, you would have thought they would completely despise him, but he actually hung out with them quite a bit.

           “Hey, Cupcake,” Gabriel smiled at you.

           You smiled back, “Hi, Gabe.”

           “What are you up to?” he asked.

           “Just going to get a snack,” you said, “What are you boys up to?”

           “Trying to figure out this next hunt,” Sam said, “Gabriel’s helping. Might be a tough one.”

           “If you need me, I can help.”

           “You’re a great hunter, Sugar,” Gabriel said, “We could probably use you for sure. Come sit with me,” he patted the spot on the loveseat next to him.”

           You smirked and sat down, “Don’t get any idea, Angel Boy,” you said.

           “Like what?” he asked, leaning toward you a little bit.

           “You know what, Gabriel,” you said.

           Gabriel chuckled, “You’re adorable when you get flustered.”

           “Just brief me on this hunt, Crazy.”

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Dransy: Sixth year. For highbornparkinson-zachary

You’re quiet.”

Draco raised his head to look at his girlfriend sitting next to him on the carpet, his thumb running over the back of her hand. They had never been an extremely intimate couple.

“You wore your hair up,” he responded in an attempt to switch the conversation topic. He turned his attention to the fire in front of them, the silence engulfing them for a few minutes in the empty Slytherin Common Room.

“You barely come to dinner anymore,” she stated.

“I’m always busy.”

Pansy glanced at Draco. He was far too cold to be beautiful. His face was too sharp, it had become hollow and paler since their sixth year had started, as if he hadn’t seen sunlight in years. He was too tall and too vindictive and sometimes she wondered how the two of them even managed to stay together.

A sigh escaped her lips as she tried to think of the right words to say. Bluntness had always been a key trait of hers, so attempting to tread lightly in the conversation would be difficult. He’d probably go hide wherever he’d been disappearing to for the past months if she said the wrong thing.

She was smarter than he and many others believed. She had an idea of what was taking place. Of course You-Know-Who had returned, and it wasn’t entirely ludicrous to believe he was residing in the Malfoy’s manor.

Noticing the black ink on his forearm was also another giveaway. The skin around his mark was bright red, clashing against his pasty skin. The scratches confirmed her guess that Draco had tried to peel off the mark.

Underneath his demeanor and cruelness, Pansy knew that the man she loved was a scared boy.

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Hey Cas, I have to agree with you on your 'need to control' comments. I can see the next thing brewing already. Where blogs are saying - 'actually no, our expectations for the professional standards of Louis' team need to equal that of every other 1D member, and the website is an example of not good enough'- there is a growing shout down of 'well I trust Louis', trying to silence people. There should be no lowering of the bar for Louis' team and if blogs wish to be vocal about that, then good.

Hi anon! Yeah, the “I trust Louis/Harry” thing is something I have a huge problem with. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I do trust Louis and Harry a LOT. They are so smart and intelligent, and know what they want from their careers, and have a lot more knowledge about how to obtain that than I or anyone else here does, because they are actually living within this situation. So I trust them to make the best decision for their careers, because it is, well… /their/ careers after all. 

Having said that, the “trust” topic always seems to be used to silence conversation, and I don’t like that. When people send anonymous asks, or raise valid questions about something, they’re not always looking to cause drama. Some people are, but not all, and those people don’t deserve a condescending or aggressive answer. Some people just want answers, or want to discuss stuff especially since a lot of people in this fandom “market” themselves as like PR people (which we’re really lucky to have), or whatever, or people who would have more knowledge about contracts than the rest of us. But then the whole, “well I trust them and you need to too, otherwise you’re a bad fan/you can leave/whatever” is used by SO many people, and it’s just not right. It’s not fair. If you don’t wanna have a conversation, don’t. If you peep that ‘hey, this anon is trying to start some drama,’ don’t answer it. But don’t answer just to guilt people, or back them into a corner where, if their way doesn’t align with your way it must be the wrong way; that’s not cool!!!!

We’re all just here, you know? We’re all working with roughly the same information, and we all think differently. We process things differently, and despite how sometimes a lot of people come to the same conclusion, doesn’t always make it a right conclusion. The whole point of fandom – of this gathering of people – is to dialogue and share our thoughts, and hey! just because those thoughts go against the grain, or just because you have a problem with this thing, doesn’t mean you’re wrong! And it certainly doesn’t mean you don’t trust Harry and Louis. That’s silly lol. 

Anyway, tl;dr don’t let people silence you!! Your blog, your voice. If you’re wrong, you’re wrong, but people with 5000 followers and 500+ notes might be wrong too.

Nyauri Maari Pachuto

Was it his fault that this had happened? Had he pushed too much? Had he forced himself on the other? Had he not listened to his lover, and had he only heard his own words? Had whatever he had done been for naught?

The guru felt like a broken man. There were so many unanswered questions in his head, as well as regrets. Things he maybe should have done, could have done. Things he had ignored, or should not have ignored. Everything went past him through his mind. Memories of past events and conversations were played back, Zenyatta trying to find his own flaws, where he went wrong. 

He felt like as if he was going to overclock.

Seated on his knees in his room of the monastery, he silently wept, because omnics could shed no tears. Omnics were not supposed to have a broken heart.

They were things, after all.

High School Never Ends If You Keep On Getting Expelled
  • Later, in class
  • Remus: So, uh, you and Lily evans are going out and stuff?
  • Sirius: Well, I mean, it's not so formal as all that, it's just uh--why do you ask?
  • Remus: No reason, just curious.
  • Sirius: You know, this reeks of a conversation I had earlier today
  • Remus: Oh lord, please dont take me the wrong way. I'm not her. I'm not really...I'm not really into girls.
  • Sirius: Really? I mean, oh. Cool. Well. I um...the Lily thing...that's more of a um...not a thing that's real is what it is. It's very...Not real. She has a few too many X chromosomes for my taste.
  • Remus: [smirking] There are a lot of girls who are gonna be disappointed to here that.
  • Sirius: I hope not EVERYONE is disappointed though.
  • Remus: I'm sure SOME people are actually rather pleased