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kpop stans on

1. aesthetic stan: probably got a cute url or smth like … 1melon or whatever lmao …… they either reblog aesthetic posts on their main or have a special side blog for it where they post random pictures from instagram…. pretty mobile themes… usually quiet and nice. probably like using heart emojis. have a nice tagging system!

2. loud, extra stan: TAGS TAGS TAGS oh god the tags, they cant live without TAGS, you either Go Full On Caps Lock When You See A Picture Of Ur Ultimate Bias Or You Go Home, enthusiastic, lovely, and humorous! might not have many friends but many people love them and are too shy to tell them usually, they Scream and They Make Memes Probably, “INVENTOR OF THIS COLOR INVENTOR OF MUSIC INVENTOR OF JEANS INVENTOR INVENTOR INVENTOR”, feel lots of things At Once, “OJYMNDNSNDNSKDJNDND”, usually pretty popular stans, have urls that are not forgettable and funny

3. soft stan: theyll never shut up about their bias trust me, will see a picture of two trees probably and go “me and (bias)💘”, actually write love letters to their biases sometimes, really just want the best for their bias, “my baby…. my cinnamon apple😢💕💞💘💗💝💞💕”, uses heart emojis alot whew!, or just emojis in general… they love them, they seem polite, sweet and their presence is usually calming!, probably likes reblogging aesthetic stuff as well!, probably has some url like “(bias)sgf/bf/girl/girlfriend/baby/etc”, usually pretty protective over their bias, probably well liked

4. the ‘i never talk’ stan: never uses tags, never posts, all just reblogs…., they probably like ur posts ALOT, and you kinda wanna follow back, but who… are they even, mobile theme is.. questionable sometimes, i think all they care about is just reblogging the stuff they like lmfao theyre not about that tumblr life probably

5. drama stan: have beef with everyone, probably have a mile long byf page, and a block list lmfao, they usually post aesthetic stuff and maybe have nice urls too, seem intimidating and ‘mean’ usually, “callout post for (insert url)”, petty and nosy as hell, cant mind their own business!

6. the normal stan: a pretty cool person actually, you just think…. Wow i wanna be friends w them bc they seem so tolerant and nice?, uses tags but in a normal way, like “#oh my god #hes the cutest #my heart”, you just wonder how someone can be this chill…, they probably rarely come online too!

7. the multifandom stan: their blog is….. Everything, a pretty MESS, how can they even keep up like dang…, have so much love for so many people… its great!, might occasionally post personal stuff, probably a gif maker, generally liked, friends with the normal stans probably!, a great tagging system usually

8. the NASTY stan: “DADDY😫😫😫”, probably use twitter, thirsty as hell Give Them Water, theyre similar to the extra stans usually, kinky as hell, probably under 18 LMFAO, “i want them to **** ** ** *** ***”, people probably told them to chill before, they usually dont really care, NOOOOO CHILL, loves reading smut probably🙃

9. the gfx stan: SO GREAT, MAKE AMAZING EDITS, come up with great things you just wonder yoooo how they Do That, probably too cool for you, might not talk often! but they get lots of messages probably saying how nice their work is, are just great people like… thanks Gfx Stans For Existing

Dear harmos,

Please don’t ruin this for Mani by saying insane things and alienating her fanbase from the others. She needs all the support she can get and it needs to come by way of her dancing prowess and overall presence on the show. You can be supportive of Normani without demeaning other people’s favorites okay?



erinlyndalmartin  asked:

I'd love to see a post on writing Muslim characters. What sociocultural traits might they have that you wouldn't know if you weren't Muslim? I know there are many varieties of Muslim and I know not to make my character a terrorist, but I could use some help with the nuances. Thank you.

While this is a subject we all care about here at FYWH, this is something that falls outside our personal experiences in any way that would even scratch the surface of this topic. I hate to pass the buck, but … let’s get you started on some good starting places. 

[To any of our Muslim followers: See note at end.]

The Writing With Color blog has a lot of resources for you to start with your research. Here’s a list of just some of their resources for Muslim characters/Islam, and you can find more through the search function of the blog. 

It’s good that you recognize that “Muslim” is not a monolithic designation and that Islam has a rich and complex belief set and history. I hope you are able to find a more specific country/culture/generation to hone in on. Once you do that, you should be able to find plenty of reliable texts for the more factual knowledge and history you’ll need. 

To help combat religious illiteracy of all types, including about Islam, Harvard University has launched the Religious Literacy Project; other free resources are listed in this article (check out book rec slide show at the end of the article; more below). 

If contemporary society is your focus, Al-Jazeera has tons of stories, profiles, news, videos, etc… that can help round out your knowledge of the Middle East and the Muslim experience around the world. [They produce content on many topics, not just those relating to the Middle East or Islam, fyi.] 

Nothing will help more than finding a Muslim beta reader, too. Or just someone you can discuss things with as they come up in your writing. I haven’t gone through to see any specifics, but we’ve got links from our tags for beta/prepub help. Like this. This tumblr, tho on hiatus for new content. And help for giving and receiving criticism.

You might want to keep an eye on this project, too: Dinner With Your Muslim Neighbor. There’s one video that’s been made and featured on NBC News, but another is in the works. Real people getting together and getting to know one another.

Here’s a list of not-YA novels that shows just a bit of the breadth of how Muslims live (and have lived in the past) around the globe – though it is one person’s choice of books, just be aware. And here are some YA novels

(Not So) Final Note: I’d be happy to collate suggestions from our Muslim followers, too, for a follow-up post. Resources, experiences with cultural ignorance, good websites, etc … 

– mod Aliya 

My South Side Girl (Jughead x Reader)

200 Writing Prompts: “Can I please have a jughead fic with prompts 147, 73, 154?” –Anonymous

Imagine: You’ve always despised Jughead Jones III. But when a mystery comes up and you go to find out the truth, it’s only natural that Jughead tag along, and maybe learn a little bit about you too.

“You’re impossible!”

“Sorry if I have my own way of doing things, Princess.”

“Call me Princess one more time…”



You were in the most recent of your many spats with your so-called friend (you preferred the term arch-nemesis) Jughead Jones III. He was lucky you adored Betty and were borderline in love with Veronica or else you’d barely give him the time of day. Together, you had formed the three divas of Riverdale High School. Because of this, you often found yourself dragged into adventures with mysteries with the teen amateur detectives. Your surprising analytical skills and out-of-the-box thinking made you a valuable asset to their team. You loved the adventure and suspense that came with spending time with the “Riverdale High Core Four”. However, a certain beanie-clad South Side boy always seemed to get on your nerves. You were like oil and high-end sparkling water–it just didn’t mix.

“Guys!” Veronica yelled at the two of you. You silenced and blushed, embarrassed for showing such unpleasant emotions to your friends. “We’ve got a lead.”

Archie leaned into his girlfriend, placing a hand on her shoulder as he read her laptop screen. “Looks like Councilman Johnson has a mysterious ranch a few hours from town. There’s bound to be a clue there.”

You were in the midst of investigating a slew of missing person’s reports that coincided oddly well with the installation of a new city councilman. Were the missing people perhaps his personal enemies? Or victims of something more perverse?

“We need to go there,” You said. “I can go tomorrow!”

“Me too!” Jughead said.

“Oh, sorry guys, I’ve gotta study for AP World or else my mom is gonna kill me…” Betty said, looking away.

“Yeah, Coach is making us train in the off-season,” Archie said.

“I wouldn’t be caught dead near some ranch,” Veronica said, rolling her eyes.

“Well, I guess that leaves…” You said.

“You and me,” Jughead finished with a scowl.

You both packed up and left the room. This was going to be a long week.

Upon your exit, Veronica giggled. “This is perfect!”

“Perfect!? Ronnie, they’re gonna kill each other,” Archie said.

“I think you’re thinking of another four-letter word that starts with a K,” Veronica said with a wink. “Some alone time on what is basically a rustic honeymoon is bound to get them to admit their repressed teen emotions for one another, and they’ll finally be in love and out of our hair.”

She grinned her beautiful, yet sinister Veronica Lodge grin. “It’s the perfect plan.”

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I am so tired of Louis never being given credit for the wonderful things he does. These days, literally every single good thing he does, every gesture, every word; is discredited; brushed off as something he had to do, a stunt, ‘his team’ doing it, twisted to fit one conspiracy or other. Can’t we just accept things at face value once in a while, and acknowledge that maybe Louis just wanted to do something nice, because he is a good person and he wants to make other people happy?

Last night was a perfect example of that. I was disappointed not to see him at the Brits. I had assumed because he was there last year when he had nothing to promote that this year, he’d go, especially when he had music to promote, an award to possibly win, and when he did the promo for the nominees show and said how important they in particular were to him. When he flew in 3 days before, it seemed pretty much a given that he’d attend. And it was strange to not have him there and not know why; especially as he was on social media and didn’t appear at the time to have other things going on. And when he posted the video it was such a sweet gesture, to show that it was still important to him that we voted, that he still appreciated the award, that he wasn’t taking it for granted. And it was great that he was getting to spend time with his family. Yet I still wasn’t sure why he chose to go back home at that specific time, why he chose then of the several nights he had been home to do something with them, especially because it really would benefit his solo career to be with the music industry people.

Then, I realized that there was a reason for it. Louis specifically chose that time and that night *because* it was the night of the Brits. His mum went to the Brits with him last year, and I believe she did in prior years. He spoke very fondly of sharing his first Brit win with her, and always said how special they were to him. And, his family probably always watched the Brits together, or, once he was there himself, attended it. Louis PURPOSELY stayed home to do something with them, because it was more important to be there for and with them for support because the Brits was a big thing to his family. Watching it with them and maybe having dinner or something was his top priority and he wanted to show that, instead of being about himself and going to promote himself. Then, to add to that, he then made us a really sweet video, which was posted only 12 minutes after the award was announced, proving that while his family means everything to him, he really does care about us and is grateful for the things he wins too. And not only did I totally understand it then, but I was so proud of him for it.

And seeing people dismiss it and brush it aside and say ‘he could have tweeted that’ or making it about him refusing to attend the awards show for some sort of rebellion or to fit some theory, I just felt like I needed to say something, this time. He went out of his way to make everyone happy, and why is it never good enough for people? He really does do special things to show how much he cares whenever he can, and, too many people dismiss them and turn them into something they’re not. He deserves more credit in all areas than this fandom ever gives him.

your divinity stems from the needle
you thread through your lips
to hold back the violence gathering like a storm
at the port of your tongue.

lightning flashes against your teeth and thunder
rumbles through your throat.
there is power in the sound and you hold it
in your mouth like a kiss not yet given.

your divinity begins between your ribs,
where your heart creaks, pumping ichor
through veins like water through a river system.
it stretches to the ends of your hair, curled soft
like snakes against your shoulders.

you press fingertips to dirt,
each grain like a garden growing outwards,
each tree a network, a brain of firing synapse.
you are naked within the grasp of the Earth
no, you are naked
and you stand with the Earth in your palms,
you are in no ones’ grasp but your own.

your hands are steady and warm
and they hold the world with more ease
than Atlas’ shoulders could dream.  

GODHEAD // l.s.

Also, got in touch with an Actual Visa Specialist Person ™ who was qualified to give me some pretty substantial advice, and it looks like I’ll be able to work the whole thing out without too many problems. I’ll probably have to travel back to Canada a couple times to get paperwork cleared up, but it’s not like my family is gonna complain about that.

Onward and upward!

A walk around the dormitory halls under the cover of darkness brings to light two important facts: sleeplessness and boredom don’t mix well, and Kokichi and Shuuichi have a little more in common than they thought.

(Non-despair, HPA-verse AU.)

this is an ouma-centric oneshot for @akiibun, with a hint of saiouma and some angsty undertones. i hope you enjoy it!

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My love was lit by Hector long ago.
It’s with him now, locked up inside his tomb.
But yet my son is left. And one day you’ll know
How very far a mother’s love will go.
And yet, I hope at least you’ll never know
The anguise I’ve been made to feel for him.
So many things could give me joy, but he’s
The one good left they want to take away.

   — Andromache (III, 4), Racine.

heaven made me for you: xiuchen!au (read it on AO3)

Summary: “Either waking up or getting up late was rarely an occurrence on the Kim household.”


Ok so I read so many people saying that Rick was a coward and didn’t give a fuck about Beth’s divorce. That is a huge lie right there… No one even thought that maybe he saw some of himself in Beth and maybe that was just not healthy for him? Yes, he is her father, but Beth’s a grown up and let’s face it, being like he is, Rick has too many problems of his own and a lot of things to think about… After all that happened to him recently, having to deal with her daughter’s divorce was not making anything better so yes, he might have ran away. He didn’t left her all alone though, he just took his time to sort some shit up and look for a better way to help her rather that just stay by her side being depressed too.

Sometimes we need that time to put our shit together so we can make better decisions, Rick knew he wouldn’t be able to think straight if he just stayed there drowning in a glass of water. He figured out that if he helped the children he would help Beth as well, because even with all the issues she has as a woman, she is still a mother, and even if she thinks her decisions are good for her as an individual, she needs to know she isn’t hurting her children in the process.

So there as the genius he is, Rick came up with something that actually helped the three of them. He cares. He doesn’t need to show it with hugs and encouraging words. He shows it with his actions.

Rick Sanchez cares. He’s still an asshole, but he actually gives a fuck.

End of the rant.

mywerewolfblog  asked:

Hi♡ I'm new on Tumblr and I was wondering if you could give me any advice

Hey love! 😀

The first thing I’m going to say is don’t get too caught up with notes, you’re probably not going to get ask many as you except when you first start up, but the more you post and the more tags you use the more you’ll start gaining followers. I know a bunch of people who started a blog but eventually got fed up because they were only getting like 20-30 notes. I’ve been posting on my blog for a year and a half now, but I still have posts that have less then 10 notes, and it’s okay! Just keep in mind why you started your blog in the first place, put out content for your own enjoyment, not for other people. When you start focusing on pleasing everyone else, that’s when it starts getting stressful, and trust me, you don’t want that.

Try to make some friends as well, don’t be afraid to message other bloggers and try to form a relationship with them. I have made some of my closest friends on here and idk where I’d be without them.

Finally, have fun, at the end of the day it’s just a blog, post whatever the hell you want to post (just make sure you’re not being offensive 😅), don’t let any hate get to you, and don’t stress too much!

If you want to talk about anything feel free to message me! ❤️

3 important tips for simple colour palettes

these don’t work for every one and every style but hey what does

1. Focus more on tones and shades instead of colours.

this^ looks more natural and eye pleasing than this v

2. Don’t put too many colours in, it’ll just complicate things


oh my god how do i use all of these

3. Choose colours that reflect the mood you want your piece to give off (!!!!!!!!)





-you can ignore the first rule with this if you want something eye-catching and crazy e.g:


Hi everyone, I just wanna say that I am really so freaking grateful for all of you who like my art and write such nice things in the tags (I read them all!). To be honest, I’ve been struggling with my art and basically everything else lately, and I’ve wanted to give up drawing for good so many times… But reading those comments always makes me so damn happy (I sobbed quite a few times too, I’m a mess) and I wanna thank you all for supporting me like this! I appreaciate you all so much, I don’t feel like I deserve you at all, but I am and always will be so thankful. Love you to the moon and back!

Ok But Get This Guys:

(I know some of you probably hate this because it’s not a quicksilver gif but this has been bugging me for a while now)
How reasonable do you think it would be if Warren was afraid of dogs? Like, I’m a sucker for bird!warren, (give me it if you find any I’ll bless you for life) and birds are afraid of dogs, because well, dogs hunt birds, right?
I bet he would especially be scared of smaller dogs because of how yappy and loud they can be.
Just imagine Warren being charged at by an overly excited dachund, and just backing away until he spreads his wings subconsciously and takes off, no questions asked. Leaving behind his confused and rather surprised friends. (Because Warren hides shit like this)
I bet if they see a hound dog or certain hunting dog of any kind, he just freezes and his feathers fluff up full height like an angry owl,and everyone stares at him like ‘wtf.’ Warren would probably ignore them and stare dead on at the dog incase it made a move, or got any closer.
It’s not that Warren WANTED to hate dogs, he just couldn’t help what the animals thought of him. He had tried owning a dog once when he was younger maybe, but he chooses not to think about that. It hadn’t worked out for these very reasons.
Even the most lovable lab could be happy to see him with a wagging tail and smiling mouth, oblivious to its natural instincts, and he’d still freak out? I’d guess he’d do a thing where he smacks frantically at it and backs away quickly, falling over furniture and yelling curses or excuses of ‘Oh, dogs are stupid I don’t care!’ And, 'I’m allergic, get it away!’
Of course none of the group members would notice this obvious yet subtle fear of his, or how every time any animal of the canine family showed up, he’d come up with a random excuse and fly away.
And he wouldn’t just fly away, he’d fly UP. I bet he’d fly to the highest point he could find as fast as he could, and just sit there after a dog had long gone and been done barking up at him for many minutes.
And I bet dogs would just CHASE him.
What predator animal doesn’t love birds?
I bet big hounds that pop up at the mansion or on their days out, would sprint after poor Warren, who is also sprinting away from this barking beast that is snapping at his giant wings and trying to grab a hold of him, and the group would watch as a frantic Angel with beating wings took off away and into the air as dogs would bark and go after those fancy feathers of his.
I bet it isn’t until a bad event like this that the team really notices Warren wasn’t just being mean to cute dogs and puppies.
So obviously they do something about it, because they really do love Warren, right?
It’s a nice day out, the gang having a blast at a park in the hot sun, going about their business, and Warren of course being too cool for everyone in his black leather and mean expression. But then a dog shows up, maybe a mixed breed, no higher than the knee, and is totally off leash. Warren notices it right away, and immediately tenses up. 'Fold your wings in, don’t move, maybe it will be a good boy and pass by,’ he thinks, but doesn’t show it of course.
Only this time the others do notice. And so does the dog. As the fluffy beast runs up to Warren, the angel shoots up, getting ready to bolt, just as Kurt himself bamfs in front of Warren, snarling at the dog and stopping it dead in its tracks. The pup would whimper, because Kurt is a down right bad ass, and back away, running off with its tail between its legs because damn it Warren is KURTS, not yours, you dumb dog.
And Warren would stand in shock as Kurt turns around, beaming up at Warrens blue eyes and flashing his pointed teeth in an award winning grin. “You don’t have to worry about them anymore, ja?” He would say happily.
And when Warren would look up from Kurt, he’d see all his other friends around him giving reassuring smiles.
Because to Warren, dogs are terrifying. And it’s taken one too many sharp-toothed mouth fulls of lost feathers to establish that.
(Someone draw me this please, I’m tagging my favorite accounts because I love you guys btw) @saberghatz @ask-nightangel @kiddo-w @warrenworthingtoniiidefensesquad @eieiot @angel-is-alive-i-promise

I was tagged by @snuperssnankbar to make a playlist using my url. Hey, thanks!

D-Day, D-Lite
Afraid to Be Cool, Miyavi
Everything Has a Face, the Garden
Surfer’s Cat, Kreatures
Until the Light Goes out on Me, Electric Century
No Make Up, Zion.T
Give it to me, Se7en
Stupid, Brendan Maclean

Cherry Coke, Ayna
Reason, M.Fect
Excuse Me Miss, SHINee
[Erika], the GazettE
Kiss, Dara

I tag @sweetsangho @daesungstrash @iloveziont @sunpeachs @suhyunggeun and anyone else bored enough

Ummmm @myn-sii and @avacados—at—law you are both??? So sweet??? I cry thank u so so much for ur lovely words I. Don’t post selfies often (ever?) Because I’m a shy bab but aaaaa it’s so nice of you both

(Also z you can do the thing if you like too I always try and tag you then forget how many dashes are in your url and I give up because once I tagged a complete stranger)

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List your three favorite things about yourself!

uhhhhh I can write, I’m a supportive friend, and I’m gay

🐝- Tag three friends and your three favorite things about them! (yeah fuck that “three” things i have too many thoughts)

@nomadicdeer u always have the Raddest hair, u give gr9 cuddles, and u always give me super great book suggestions! not to mention ur unending support, ur sense of humor, ur motivation thru spite, ur art, ur writing. U were one of the main people that made me feel like I actually belong in school and I have a place in a group and I’m not Shit

@cloudtalking u put up with my many many rants about,,,, well everything. u got me into bmc nd since that’s my current hyperfocus uh that’s a REAL good thing (also u support my hyperfocuses nice). i can tell u ANYTHING. i love ur singing voice i love ur writing and art and alSO Haven!!!! Dude!!! oh and the fact that u picked up the name birdie and love it so much ((fun fact i named @twnyards birdie and i get warm fuzzies when people call her that)) 

@floweryvoids ur so zany???? like that’s a weird word but that’s a Rock Fact. (I can talk to about otgw which is Rad). U have a super neat aesthetic and a hella good sense of humor. Also we can be the ace aces so Neat. U get super passionate over shit (like om nd shakespeare) and that’s fun

@borderline-bluegreen we literally just started talking but ur so nice??? ur super cute and funny and i love ur art. ur a good listener and u got real neat ocs and ur just a really really great person!!!