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After talking with my GOOD OLD PALS @ratboysims & @paragon-polygon , i decided we needed these teeth options available for our little tiny sim goblins.


  • Available for both genders.
  • Custom icons!
  • Found in the ‘Teeth’ section.

DOWNLOAD (Buck Teeth) (SFS)
DOWNLOAD (Gapped Teeth) (SFS)

Dream Daddies: Brandon Roger Quotes
  • Joseph: "Got a few demons up here, but Jesus is my helmet."
  • Robert: "I told everyone to get fucked. Then I stabbed a kid."
  • Craig: [falls off the treadmill]
  • Brian: "These trees are the oldest living things in this cul-de-sac."
  • [Robert appears]
  • "I was wrong."
  • Hugo: "You couldn't get into the WWTF."
  • Mat: "Carmensita, please come to the front of the store or Pop's cookin' Lunchables."
  • Damien: "I have sown my fingers into the cashmere."
  • [runs around the cul-de-sac]
  • Mary: "Shit where's the baby. No guys, it's serious this time."

I don’t even have a cool caption for this I just wanted to draw some wholesome boys surrounded by plants.

(posting it as a gif here automatically means the quality is going to be horse shit I’m sorry but I did some closeups!)

Prankin’ with the Marauders

the tcc works better than the US government when there is a new shooting

out of nowhere someone find 20+ childhood photos of the killer, before the shooter even dies the shooters autopsy report has been reblogged 3790 times a group of people screen shot every social media they have and find them on ,in the corner people are hurrying to make side blogs and change their name to the shooters name before someone takes the username, next thing you know they have a massive tag for the shooter  flower crowns, poems and their 3rd grade essay that they wrote including their elemantry school drawing they did in art class is trending