too many tacos

  • Teacher: *taking roll*
  • Teacher: Kuro Honda?
  • 2p Japan: here.
  • Teacher: Allen D. Jones?
  • 2p America: WASSUP
  • random student: what does the D stand for
  • 2p America: *smirks*
  • 2p Japan: don't
  • 2p America: it's D for Daniel
  • 2p Japan: stop
  • 2p America: AS IN-
  • 2p Japan: shut up
  • 2p America: -DAMN DANIEL

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27 with Dean please :)

“Alright. Use your feet, Dean. You can do this.”

“Y/N, I have to tell you something,” he slurred, leaning heavy on you. You hitched his arm around your shoulder a bit more solidly, struggling to get him into the threshold of his bedroom.

“Is it that you had way more to drink tonight than you should have? Because spoiler alert, I already know that,” you said, grunting against his weight.

“No, no, no. I have to tell you something important,” he repeated. The two of you managed the seemingly insurmountable task of getting him through the doorway and he dragged his feet as you pointed him towards the bed. A few more blundering steps and you made it, unwrapping him from around you.

“Ok, Dean,” you said, letting him fall graceless to the bed. “Tell me the important thing.” One of his legs was stretched out while the other fell over the side, and you lifted it up before starting to work on the laces of his boots.

“Y/N, come here first,” he implored. You made him wait, working both of his boots off before taking a seat on the edge of the bed, facing him with an amused grin.

“Is it a secret?” you asked, and he gave you a crooked smile, his eyes hooded and heavy.


“I’m all ears,” you said. He took your hand in his and gave it a small squeeze.

I’m pregnant,” he said, trying and failing to keep his face serious. You feigned a gasp, bringing a hand to your chest and opening your eyes wide.

“Is it mine?” you asked. He closed his eyes and laughed.

“Hell yes,” he replied. You rolled your eyes, watching him a moment as his chest rose and fell steadily.

“Congratulations. It’s a food baby,” you whispered. “Too many tacos. Too much tequila.”

“No such thing,” he mumbled, eyes still closed.

“Tell me if you feel that way in the morning,” you said, chuckling soft as he smacked his lips and turned over onto his side. You started to move away, but he reached out with more dexterity and speed than you’d thought he’d be capable of in his inebriated state, and encircled your wrist.

“You want me to stay?” you asked. He nodded, scrubbing his free hand over his face. “Are you a little bit needier when you’re drunk?”

“No,” he said, face defiant and brow furrowed. You laughed and placed a quick kiss to his forehead. He let go of your wrist and you kicked out of your own shoes.

“Are you a little bit brattier when you’re drunk?” you asked. His lips turned up in a small grin and you laid beside him, smiling as he wrapped his clumsy arms around you.

“You’re good at taking care of me,” he mumbled.

“No arguments here.”

“You’d be good at taking care of a baby,” he said. You stared at the wall of his bedroom, taking in his words, focusing on his thumb rubbing small, lazy circles over the back of your hand.

“I told you it’s a food baby,” you teased, keeping your voice light. His nose was pressed against your hair and you felt him shake his head.

“But we could have a real baby, you and I,” he said, holding you a little tighter. Your heart was pounding, images coming unbidden to your mind of a child with Dean’s green eyes, your smile.

“You’d have to give up tequila and taco Tuesday,” you said with a small laugh, keeping it light.

“Done,” he said. His voice was tired, heavy as lead, and you squeezed him back, closing your eyes.

“Tell me if you feel that way in the morning,” you said once more in a whisper. And you couldn’t help but believe him when he said in a voice more sure and steady than you’d heard all night,

“I will.”

Cannot believe I’m posting this blob of embarrassment but chubby Sarah meet less chubby Sarah 😂 the first photo was taken back in January , after 2 kids and one too many tacos 🌮 I’ve lost around 19 pounds since then which may not seem like a lot in 4 months but I’m also gaining muscle by strength training every week. I still have over 30lbs to go before I hit my goal but remember, scales are NOT the best representation of your weight loss journey, the proof is in the photo👍🏻

Gray and Juvia’s Texas/Louisiana Wedding Extravaganza Part 1

During Gray and Juvia’s trip to a Sakura Matsuri, Gray ended up proposing! But now, it’s almost time for the wedding and they decided they would elope! So, the ice and water mages headed down south to Texas and New Orleans to become man and wife! 

Juvia: Gray-sama!! Juvia is so excited! She can’t believe it’s almost the day of our wedding! Juvia feels so scandalous having eloped with Gray-sama!

Gray: Well, we wanted things to be more private, so we had to do things this way. Otherwise, an idiot like Natsu would probably burn the place down during the ceremony.

Juvia:  Juvia thinks it’s so romantic!  But we do need some wedding guests…

Juvia: What about inviting this beaver, Gray-sama? He looks so friendly! And he has such wonderful stores! Juvia had no idea beavers were such impressive entrepreneurs! 

Gray: Are you crazy? He’s HUGE! He’d take up all the space!

Juvia: Well here’s a smaller beaver, Gray-sama! And he’s so fluffy! 

Gray: No! I don’t want any beavers at the wedding, no matter how fluffy they are!

Juvia: What about him, Gray-sama? He would make a great wedding guest! He seems very reliable, and could guard our ceremony! 

Gray: Well he’d certainly scare people off, that’s for sure! I don’t know, I think this guy is bad news. So no!

Juvia: Juvia found another potential wedding guest! He’s so cute! Good horsey!

Gray: What is with you and animal guests?!

Juvia: We could ride him up the isle, Gray-sama! OR he could be our transportation when we leave for the honeymoon!

Gray: Idea rejected!

Juvia: Time for a lunch break at Torchy’s Tacos! Juvia heard they were delicious!

Gray: Why did you order so much?! 

Juvia: Gray-sama said he was hungry! Juvia will not let her husband-to-be starve! Gray-sama must be well fed in preparation for the wedding! 

Gray: I only have one stomach though! Oh whatever! I guess there’s no such thing as too many tacos. Let’s just eat!

Gray: Juvia….

Juvia: …Y-yes Gray-sama?

Gray: …There were too many tacos.

Juvia: ;_;

Juvia: Gray-sama, we should definitely buy these!

Gray: Huh? What for?

Juvia: For our honeymoon! *blush*

Gray: What?! T-that’s ridic….Yeah ok.

Juvia: YAY!

Juvia: This man looks very nice!

Gray: Juvia… he’s behind bars!

Juvia: Because he’s so desirable as a wedding guest! He wouldn’t just go to anyone’s wedding, so he must be protected!

Gray: No! Stop inviting everyone and everything you see to our wedding!

Juvia: Oh! Gray-sama is so picky about guests. >_< 

Juvia: This sign represents us perfectly, Gray-sama! 

Gray: Yeah, it’s pretty nice.

Juvia: Ah, Juvia is so happy Gray-sama agrees! We’ll be married so soon! Juvia can’t wait!

Hearts Don’t Break Around Here (Laurens x Reader)

5 times you hear your song + 1 time you don’t 

Time Period: Modern

Word Count: 4.8K

Warnings: Swearing, Death and Dying, Car Crash mention, eating way too many tacos?? (someone teach me what warnings are pls)

A/N: Four hundred years later, I finally finish this fic.  I wanted to try to write angst and there’s a little, but not a lot bc I’m a chicken and can’t handle it.  Also, the song that is repeatedly mentioned is “Hearts Don’t Break Around Here” by Ed Sheeran.  He’s a fav of mine.  Feedback is appreciated!

I. the clearing

Fields and trees and her smell, fill my lungs
Spent my summer time beside her
And the rest of the year the same

The two of you met at Camp Woodsmoke.  You were both counselors.   John needed the money and you loved to be around the kids.  

John had walked into the counselor’s cabin already regretting his summer employment decision.  But as he pushed back the door, you were there in all of your beauty.  Head thrown back, your Y/H/C hair in lazy waves, and your laughing filled the room.  He knew, without knowing your name, without having said a word to you, without even having to think, that you were the one.  And he would have been damned if he was going to let you get away.  So, he introduced himself, and it was the start of something beautiful.

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Abandoned Luxury Spa/Resort - Quintana Roo, Cozumel, Mexico, February 2017: So I guess this is my first “Resounding Mexican Echo”? Sounds like something that happens after eating too many tacos. Anyway, while on a cruise with my dad this last week, we got off the boat for a couple of hours when it stopped in Quintana Roo for one day. They ended up being an incredibly exciting couple of hours, and got even better when we found this abandoned building while walking along the beach road on the way back to the boat. My dad said “well, it’s not quite Mayan ruins but let’s check it out!”, and so we did. We just walked in through the front and kept going. I thought from the outside that it was a storefront or a mini mall or something, but once we got inside and went upstairs we discovered what this place really was. The first room we found had a couple of baths, so we thought it might have been a bathroom. After climbing up on the roof, we could see dozens of identical concrete units stretching back into the distance on either side of the main entryway. This place is absolutely huge, and incredibly beautiful in a stark way. The sky down there was so clear that it looks like something out of a dream. It created this surreal feeling that I still get when I look at these pictures. This place seems to have been abandoned for at least 12-15 years, maybe more judging by the tree growth, but the building itself is still in amazing shape. I cannot find any information about this place online, but I think it speaks for itself.



I couldn’t believe this moment had finally happened. After months of imaging all the different ways this encounter could happen, it did in the simplest ways of all. It was personal and that’s all I really wanted from him; I just wanted him and now that he’s here, I don’t know what to do with myself. After years of wondering if I’d ever get the chance to hear from him to finally communicating with letters back and forth to this moment now felt like everything. I was at peace knowing that he was within arm’s reach. Although his presence did bring a little bit of anxiety to my life, knowing that at any minute this could blow up in our faces – it calmed me at the same time knowing that he was out of hell. That everything we had once talked about came to fruition. After last night, we both decided to stay inside and reconnect. I ordered something off of Uber Eats and had it delivered. I didn’t want to get into the thick of everything so soon so we settled on light conversation. It was hard to contain ourselves and not try to talk about that particular situation. I wanted him to know that I didn’t resent him for his actions nor hated him but I didn’t want our first night to be sour either, reliving an old situation.

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Too Many Tacos Tuesday - a new story from kyaada

Too Many Tacos Tuesday
original weight gain fiction by kyaada

So, I’m sitting by the window at the local Mexican fast food restaurant enjoying my 2-for-$1.55 tacos for “Taco Tuesday” and something large and white passes by, immediately capturing my attention.  It was a late 20’s daddy, bringing up the rear on his heifer of a female and skinny little daughter.  His slow gait was pretty much a requirement with the heavy spherical protrusion in front of him and the thick bulges of each love handle at his sides, all squeezed into a very tight, crisp white tank top.  He saw me staring at the window at him as he turned his head to look in the restaurant and offered me a half-smile with a manly nod.  Various tattoos marked his muscle-gone-chubby arms and he swung those meaty limbs as countermeasures to the sways of his enormously rotund gut.  I found myself actually speaking out loud with “oh my GOD! look at the size of his BELLY!!” and was glad that the dining room was nearly empty at 9:30 PM.  

His large-framed girlfriend/wife/baby mama came in first and ordered food for what seemed like an eternity.  Then, he wobbled his way in after their young, very skinny, daughter emerged through the door.  He spent a lot of time hovering at the counter, usually putting his hands down and leaning forward to rest, as if lugging his hefty belly around was a significant chore.  From the back, his shape cut an interesting outline with moderately wide shoulders transitioning down in a “V” shape to even-wider love handles; his painter jeans were tight around his fat butt, but loose on his obviously thick thighs.  He seemed a bit impatient waiting for their food, which could have been a late evening snack on top of an earlier lengthy dinner session.  When he turned to the side, his belly was at least a full six inches farther out than the taut jeans waistband and perfectly round from pec muscle to pants button.  His smooth appearance was accentuated by the fact that he’d shaved his head recently and sported a nicely outlined head of nubbin’ short hair that was cool for summer.

After watching their demeanor for awhile, I guessed that they’re were on welfare, food stamps and go to the food bank for supplemental.  He just didn’t present himself like the kind of guy that works very hard (or can!).  I began imagining him sitting at home like a god with his dedicated baby mama cooking all of the time for him.  Gauging by the size of his belly, he must stuff himself into a stupor on a regular nightly basis and maybe all day on Sunday just because.  At some point, after multiple platefuls of dinner, he must roll back in his thrift store recliner or go belly-up on their broken-down old couch, let out a wall-shaking belch and signal that he’s ready for his dessert.  Then, his hefty handmaiden will meander out with a big box of marked-down day-old donuts or a mixer bowl full of affordably priced ice cream with dollar store toppings.  Or perhaps another can of cheap beer.  Or both.  

The well-fed couple chose a table on a diagonal with where I sat, knowing that his gut was simply too thick to pack into one of the many booths around the perimeter of the dining room.  He’d filled up the largest size cup with Coke and was sucking away on it when he arrived at the table, giving me another nod as he sat down facing my general direction.

Their order was soon brought out and looked absolutely sublime.  Two teenage boys in the kitchen watched as their young female coworker guided the heavily laden tray through the dining room, nudging each other in recognition of the super-sized order.  There had to be a dozen tacos, several burritos and two large orders of Potato Olés.  The round guy practically inhaled food, gorging on more than his share of tacos and burritos, giving the little girl just a taco and a few drinks of his large Coke, which he had his female companion refill twice.  When everything was devoured, he leaned back in his chair, smiled, let out a very deep, throaty belch and puffed his cheeks.  His gut was even wider from side to side and the fullness of his stomach had manifested in a rather deep shelf upon which he rested his right hand.  

“MMMmmm… Taco Tuesday,” he proclaimed, even looking in my direction. “Ooof…I’m gonna bust!”

I was literally sweating from the desire to speak.  “Good stuff, huh?” was all that I could intelligibly manage.  

“Oh yeah.  Even though we already had dinner, I can’t miss Taco Tuesday.”

“How many tacos did you eat, if you don’t mind me asking.  Some friends of mine had a taco eating contest here one time and Cameron ate 17 tacos.”

“Whoa! That’s a load of tacos!  I only ate around six of them tonight.  And a couple of bean burritos.  And a large thing of Olés…”

“Yeah, but on top of that huge steak, two baked potatoes, pile of mac ‘n cheese and strawberry shortcake already in your belly…” his female companion shared, leaning forward to stick her finger in his swollen beach ball.  “Your poke big poke ol poke fat poke belly!”

“Ow, careful,” the big bloated guy wheezed, “don’t pop me!”

“Think you could eat any more tacos there, big guy?  I’ll go get them for you…”

“I don’t know….” he paused.

“Oh, he can.  Trust me.  He’s got two hollow legs.”

“And a very, very big stomach!” I thought to myself as I got up to go order him a flattering number of tacos and send them to their table.  The two teenage boys nudged each other again as the order came back to them and there was a general sense that they were going to make these tacos “special”.

“Mind if I join you?” I asked upon my return.  

“Not at all.  Pull up a chair,” said the fattened ball of gluttony, who introduced himself as Jake and pointed out Heather, his female companion, and Lexi, his female companion’s daughter.

“Thanks.”  I emptied my tray from the other table and took a seat right to the left of the very handsome Jake, who radiated fullness.

Jake shifted his ample weight (I guessed him at 5’10” and around 260 pounds), causing him to belch most confidently.  “Ooops, sorry.”

“No worries– gotta make room in there for more tacos, right?”

“You’re right.  They’re gonna get stuffed in right on top at this point.  Ooof, my belly….” Jake caressed his mountain of a pudgeball.  As he was rubbing around his fattened midsection, one of the teenage boys delivered the tray this time– with a big smile on his face.

“Enjoy, sir,” said the taco maker.  

Jake didn’t hesitate with cramming more taco in his mouth, his ruggedly handsome face barely evident of the extra weight that he carried below.  “Damn.  These are even better than the last ones– they’re bursting with meat and cheese.”

Throughout his gorging, Jake and Heather filled in the blanks about their story.  Jake is a stay-at-home dad to her daughter, but there seemed to be some tension around the fact that he mostly just ate and played video games all day.  Not only had the housework been mostly neglected, Jake had gained a hundred pounds in a year on food that Heather’s “extreme couponer” friends had helped them acquire.  

Heather said, “I can always tell what kind of a day that Jake had and how clean the house is by the size of his belly when I get home,” she said, starting to giggle and jiggle, “a hungry Jake means that most everything is sparkly and I’ll be making a great big dinner.  On the other hand, if Jake’s belly enters the room before he does, it means the only thing he’s been cleaning out is the refrigerator.  At least I won’t have to make as much for dinner.”

“Oh, now you can’t fault him for enjoying his food, now can ya, Heather?”

She laughed again. “No, I guess I can’t.  I kind of like that big tummy.”

“Of course you do, Heather!” I affirmed, watching the last of a fifth additional taco get swallowed down the hatch.  Summing up every ounce of courage I had, I slowly reached over and patted Jake’s distended belly.  “…and it’s getting bigger!”  The skin on Jake’s midsection was taut like sausage casing and he was incredibly solid. 

“Oh my God I’m so full,” Jake moaned.  “I wanna finish all of these tacos but I think my stomach is gonna have a blowout!” 

“You’ll be fine.  Just think ‘Thanksgiving’!”  I offered.  Jake responded positively and found renewed vigor in devouring his way through the final seven tacos with a bonus refill on his Coke.  After that, there was no denying that Jake was stuffed into place and the restaurant was going to be closing soon.  He was forced into more of a leaned-back position by his way-oversized balloon of a belly, so heavy and dazed that he softly groaned when I tapped the side of his belly.  “There, Jake, you ate 18 tacos.  One full taco more than Cameron.  Not to forget or minimize, but 18 tacos yet on top of that great big dinner.  You’re a winner,” I told him, “you’re a great big winner!”

“Ooof… unhhh… too… much… food…” Jake stammered, planting both hands on his enormously rotund belly, “stick me with a pin and just pop me already!  Put me out of my misery!”

“Oh honey,” Heather cooed from across the table.  “Just relax and breathe.  Well, as best you can.”  It was obvious to everyone at the table that Jake was breathing very shallowly and winced sometimes when he’d attempt a deeper breath.

Jake tried to shift his bulk forward and could scarcely bend in the middle to allow forward movement.  One of the teenage boys came over to reclaim the decimated tray and inform us that they were locking the doors soon.  “Wow, dude– you ate all of those tacos!  And we stuffed those things…don’t tell anybody…we’ll get in trouble.  We just wanted to see if you could eat all of ‘em… and whoaaaaa…” the tall lad, his mouth remaining open in awe, reached down and gave Jake’s majestic bellyful a slight squeeze with his hand.  “Chad, oh my God, you gotta come over here,” the teenager called to his kitchen cohort.  

Chad’s reaction was of equal or greater admiration.  Jake, now with a gangly teenage boy on either side of him, must have felt like a hog being judged at the County Fair.  Chad could barely contain himself, “oh man, can I rub it for luck?”

Jake managed a smile and nodded.  Chad quickly wiped his hand on his shirt before applying it to Jake’s bowed-out front and rubbing it around in large circles.  “I can’t believe it.  This is the fullest belly I’ve ever seen!”

“Well, as long as you’re both here, can you help me up?” Jake asked, tilting his face to look at each of the teenagers, seeming completely unable to move outside of simple head movements.  Each took hold under Jake’s moist arm pit and exerted themselves as they provided required assistance to the overstuffed daddy.  Once Jake had pressed himself up and achieved a fully upright position, he relaxed his enormous gut and allowed it to blossom to ultimate bulging size.  Jake lazily tilted his head down to peer at the roundness that dominated the view and proclaimed, “holy shit!  I’m pregnant!”  

Chad’s friend Roger, who had introduced himself while he strained to get Jake up off of his hefty butt, grinned from ear to ear and agreed with Jake.  “No lie, dude.  And that is like a twenty pound food baby there.”

Chad chimed in, “probably twins.  He’s way big.”

Jake smirked and tried to move from the spot on which he’d been stood.  His arms flapped out on either side to steady himself, then he began to wobble up towards the front counter.  Jake’s bellysphere dominated the room and all anyone could do was marvel at his slow, deliberate, exhaustive movement.  Then, almost like a peal of thunder, Jake emitted a long and windy belch.  “Oh yeah, that’s better,” the giant bloated daddy shared.  Roger and Chad were still close by Jake, watching him wobble and making sure he didn’t trip and fall on that magnificent gut, which would surely burst.  

Chad walked up alongside Jake and looked down at the broad expanse of thick round belly.  Without asking, he put one hand on Jake’s shoulder to steady himself and began rubbing the engorged warm ball of flesh again.  “Okay, big guy, I’m building up some more luck.”  Jake didn’t seem to mind and welcomed Roger, who took over the other side.  After all, a gut the size of Jake’s required multiple sets of hands to please.

Heather and her daughter grew tired of waiting and excused themselves to go outside.  Jake seemed to thoroughly enjoy the attention he was receiving and offered several manly belches in payment.  Roger sniffed the air and said, “I smell tacos.  Lots of tacos.”

I piped up.  “Eighteen tacos, guys.  Including the dozen of the ‘stuffed’ tacos you made for him.  Like I said before, he’s a winner.  He deserves a big prize.”

“Well, how about some dessert?” Chad suggested.

“Oh man, I dunno.  I had a whole pound cake and strawberries and whipped cream earlier after dinner.”

“Wait a minute– you already ate dinner tonight?” Chad asked incredulously. 

Jake nodded and shared the menu with them from his homecooked meal.  

The two teenagers looked at each other with a rich combination of shock, admiration and happiness.  “Damn.  This guy is a total glutton, Roger.”

Roger patted around on Jake’s massive belly and ended up thumping the lower part of his titanic bulge, in the shady region south of his belly button.  “See, that first heavy meal is already way down here in this big fat puffball of a belly,” Roger moved his hand up the lengthy curve of Jake’s gut until he dwelled over the more solidly packed stomach region under his ribs.  “And this here stomach,” Roger smacked it once to produce a surprised grunt, “can stretch to hold just a little dessert.”

“Oh, come on, guys…” Jake protested.  

“Good thing he’s so damn fat he can hardly move.  He won’t be able to get away,” Roger confidently stated with a devilish grin.  “That’s one thing about an overeater– they really don’t want to roll away from more food!”

I enjoyed the view as the two teenage boys pushed Jake against the counter after having found a soft-sided case on which to sit his protruding gut.  They knew that they could get more food in him standing rather than sitting, and they wasted no time in shoving desserts down his gullet.  Gooey donut bites hot and fresh out of the fryer dripping in icing, churros and ice cream sandwiches made with chocolate cookies, and even a milkshake they fashioned out of melting extra ice cream were all destined towards Jake’s increasing mass.  Jake couldn’t help but love the flavors and textures, absorbing more filler into his over-capacity stomach.  

“Good, good!  All of those extra calories should fatten him up nicely!”

“How much do you weigh, Jake?”

Jake could scarcely find time to answer with all of the nibbles being force-fed into his admittedly-willing mouth.  “I’m not sure,” he managed to get out, “300 I think.”

“300, huh?  That’s an awesome size, Jake,” I walked around the counter and tapped his rock-hard stomach with my index finger.  “You need to be fed well and often to maintain that weight.  But you need to be stuffed extra tight once in awhile to grow, because, after all, you do want to be bigger, right?”

The moment came when no more donut bites could be forced down Jake’s gullet and icing rimmed his lips like an angel’s halo.  

Suddenly, the outside door opened producing a rather irritated Heather.  “Are you com–” she stopped speaking as she realized that object of her desires was in a thoroughly gorged state, surrounded by guys who were looking at him like he was their next meal.  “Jake. I’m ready to go.”

As exceedingly difficult as it was for him to manage movement, he wobbled his way over to the door, looking back with an expression of thanks, if not painful gratitude.  

Once the door closed, I looked at Chad and Roger.  “So, see you next Tuesday?”


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  • Tyler: i think i might have cleaned out an entire taco bell, and i may have one too many tacos than i know what to do with..
  • Tyler: so...can we scratch taco tuesday and make it a taco wednesday instead?

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Since there were so many girls at that autograph session, I imagine The*Kan has lots of gay subtext and possibly copious amounts of shirtless guys (don't ask me how this works for a cooking manga).

Food Wars but with all the female characters being Isshiki.

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