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snapstreak - one

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genre: fluff
pairing: jungkook x reader
summary: in which your snapstreak with hoseok is in danger because he decided to go without internet access for ten days but he hires someone to maintain his streak
words: 1.1k

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day one

your hope sent you a snap!

“Okay, we’re boarding the plane soon,” Hoseok says, the camera starting to shake when Jin barges into the frame, sending flying kisses all over the place. “Jin-hyung! I’m trying to send a mess—”

You laugh when the video cuts off at the ten second mark, immediately holding down on the snap to re-watch it while waiting for Hoseok to send another one.

your hope sent you a snap!

“Alright, we’re leaving for Palawan in about ten minutes, and I promise we won’t lose our streak because I got someone to take care of it for me! I’ll be back in ten days!”

He blows a kiss towards the camera just before the video is cut, and you grin, taking a video of yourself catching the kiss before sending it to him with the caption, “have a safe flight!!!!”

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okay wow. i’m late af but don’t hate me, i had to work. but i’m honestly so freaking excited about this rp !! the hype is real okay. i can’t wait to develop my sweet child and to plot with all of you lovelies! so don’t be shy, come at me with any ideas or plot or just give this a like and i’ll go to you. also.. i have been know to use way too many smiley faces. you have been warned.

「 ✦ ˚ — oh my gosh, no way SCARLETT LEITHOLD just walked passed us ! what, no, that was definitely KENNEDY LEBLANC.  you know, the EIGHTEEN year old SENIOR at mbhs. they’re  known for the THE ACTIVIST title of the school and it makes a ton of sense. anyone who is PASSIONATE & COMPASSIONATE, but also HEADSTRONG & UNFORGIVING deserves that title. for senior superlatives they won MOST LIKELY TO SAVE THE WORLD and captioned the song PHENOMENAL WOMAN - OLIVA NEWTON JOHN under their yearbook photo. hopefully their dreams to ATTEND COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY come true after graduation and it’s a good last year at MBHS !

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cheolsoo + bookstore au?

“Oh my god. Cheol. If you don’t go up to him right now I swear I’m just going to walk over and tell him about your huge crush on-” Jeonghan is cut off by Seungcheol’s hand over his mouth.

“Shut up,” Seungcheol hisses, glancing at the boy at the check out counter to see if he’s heard. 

“I don’t want to deal with your incessant whining about how “dreamy” his eyes are anymore. Just go ask for his number, oh my god,” Jeonghan rolls his eyes and huffs. “Whatever. I’m going to look for that book Wonwoo was talking about. Just ask him out and stop being such a boy about it.” 

Seungcheol sulks, but waves his best friend off. He’s hiding behind a shelf of books, so Checkout Boy won’t notice his very blatant staring.

He pulls his phone out of his pocket when he feels a vibration.

wonwow: his name’s joshua
wonwow: you’re driving jeonghan hyung nuts
wonwow: he told me to text you
wonwow: just ask him out he’s really nice. he can play the guitar, is into music, can speak english, grew up in america but he’s into guys so you’re safe

Seungcheol narrows his eyes at the texts, but sends a silent thank you prayer to any deity that will hear it. 

He takes a deep breath and decides, fuck it, I’ll do it.

“Um, hi,” he clears his throat, and Checkout B-Joshua, looks at him. Seungcheol wants to die because his eyes are literally sparkling.

“Can I help you?” 

“You have a really nice voice,” is the first thing he says.

Joshua laughs, and Seungcheol wants to find the nearest manhole to jump into. 

“Thanks, you’ve got a really nice smile,” Joshua’s smiling, not unkindly.

“I’m sorry. That came out. I didn’t mean for it to. I’m Seungcheol. And I probably should stop rambling I sound like an idiot and I’m sorry. Sorry.”

Seungcheol wants to die. This is exactly why he didn’t want to approach cute Checkout Boy.

Joshua eyes him for a minute, before bending over to scribble something on a slip of paper. 

“You’re cute,” Joshua says, handing it over. It’s a string of numbers followed by a “Joshua” and a smiley face. 

“You come in way too many times without actually buying something, and I haven’t gotten the nerve to talk to you. But that’s my number. We could hang out some time?” Joshua’s giving him the brightest smile, and Seungcheol can’t feel his legs.

“Yeah, we could,” Seungcheol says with breathless excitement.

“Call me,” Joshua grins. 

wonwow: it took you a fucking month get over yourself i got mingyu’s in two days

Signs As Typing Styles

As Requested By Anon

Aries: Always writes you as ‘u’ unless they’re being very serious

Taurus: Always has correct punctuation.

Gemini: uses “gosh darn” a lot, and other things like that

Cancer: Talks like they are from a Shakespeare play

Leo: Capitalizes Every Word In The Sentence

Virgo: Swears A LOT but in a good way

Libra: Often becomes a spazz and creates their own words

Scorpio: Uses many question marks and hardly any exclamation points

Sagittarius: Uses :) too :) many :) smiley :) faces :)

Capricorn: shortns sentnces by leavng out letrs

Aquarius: Talks like they’re writing a formal letter

Pisces: Uses the “O_O” face quite a bit

Lead Me Home [Part Two]

summary: As a young girl, you sat next to Bucky Barnes every single day on the bus, claiming your rightful spot as his best friend. But as the two of you grow older, Bucky and you seem to grow closer together in a way that neither of you expected.

word count: 1,088 words

warning(s): brief language, FRESHMAN YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL

pairing: bucky x reader

note: I’m so thankful for all of you who supported the first part of Lead Me Home and I hope you like this part just as much! Remember you are loved and should never feel like you have to change to make people fall in love with you. Sorry I’m posting this AGAIN. My anxiety got the better of me and I felt like it wasn’t good enough to post. Thank you @amrita31199 for sending me a lovely message in my Inbox that gave me the courage to post this again and @thenightmarebeforebucky for being the best friend a girl could ask for. Also can we start a post-political animals support group because I HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS.



Freshman year was the worst year of your life. You thought it couldn’t get worse than middle school when your acne was terrible, and you had train tracks with purple rubber bands on your teeth, but then you became a freshman and discovered that life got so much worse. Ninth grade meant you were too old to ride the bus and be cool, but too young to drive. Ninth grade meant that the braces came off but the insecurities came on full force. Ninth grade meant Bucky Barnes would be back in your life daily.

Your crush on Bucky had never died down but you did your best to conceal it by pretending you were interested in other guys, and you faked it until you made it, eventually falling head-over-heels infatuated with other guys. All the guys you liked fit the same mold, cute but not James Buchanan Barnes. The only guy you had really thought you could love, other than Bucky, was Steve Rogers. He was tall, strong, beautiful, and was known for his fuck boy tendencies. You thought that he was amazing despite all the rumors and your childhood best friend knew that. Bucky was constantly trying to set the two of you up, but Steve Rogers just didn’t seem all that into you.

That was the moment a switch flipped in you. You started packing your usable clothes into boxes. You wanted to get rid of it all; you wanted to start over. You knew a lot of teenagers must’ve felt like they too were losing themselves as they grew up. It was all apart of the teenage sob story you had heard from all the adults before you. You believed yours was different though, you hadn’t found out how to be the girl you wanted to be until that moment.

If you had a car, you’d just drive to Plato’s Closet yourself and sell your clothes so you could buy expensive brand clothing, but you didn’t and nobody in your family would waste the time to take you to the nearest mall. You hated how your childhood best friend was also your designated driver, especially on a mission like this, but you didn’t really have a choice. You needed his help. You needed to climb the social ladder if you were ever going to have a chance. It wasn’t necessarily a thing you wanted to do, change yourself for someone else, but it was something you felt you had to do.

Your fingers nimbly slid over your iPhone’s screen. It was two years behind the current model; your contract had locked you into keeping your phone for three years before you could get a new one. All you had wanted to do at the time was get a current model, but you couldn’t afford a phone over six hundred dollars when it would function the exact same way as the current one you had. You pressed down on Bucky’s number in your messaging app. He was the type of person who would instantly respond to a text and you knew it.


It was a subtle way to get his attention. You were too embarrassed to tell him what you you were planning on doing, so you figured you’d just wiggle your way around the truth. It wasn’t necessarily lying, you just weren’t going to say what you were really doing.

You were could see the dot-dot-dots in the corner signifying that he was in fact replying. Watching his response time still gave you butterflies even though you knew he’d respond that fast to anyone. It was cute; it made people feel important. He was a natural born leader, his heart was made of pure gold.

Y/N! What’s up doll?

The pet name he had just called you reverberated in your mind over and over again. You were so infatuated with all of his mannerisms; he was a gentleman who made you feel like you were on top of the world. It was why he always had a beautiful girl on his shoulder. He was the actual definition of a “babe-magnet.”

um… what are you doing?

Nerves were getting to you. He was almost always with his girlfriend, and when he wasn’t he was thinking about her or talking about her. You wouldn’t be surprised if he was busy with her. He was so miserable after Natasha broke up with him, but then he met Adelaide. She was in the same year as him and the most gorgeous girl you had ever laid eyes on. Her only downside was her temper; the beauty queen could go from the sweetest cupcake you’d ever met to fire-breathing-raging-bitch-queen in minutes. In all honesty you were surprised they had lasted so long, nearly two years and counting.

I’m studying. If my grades get any lower I won’t be able to play football anymore.

You sighed. Bucky was extremely smart, he just didn’t care enough about school to apply himself. He did care about college football which was the only thing that kept him afloat. He just kept telling himself he had to graduate high school, play college football for a couple of years, and then move on with his life. He was still set on his dreams of joining the military.

well i won’t bother you then buck :) grades are important.

You threw your phone on your bed, feeling defeated. You weren’t going to get the ride you needed until you saved enough cash for a car, which would mean you’d be too broke to buy the new clothes you wanted. It was a vicious cycle of brokenness.


A smile reappeared on your face when you read his text. It was a surprise that he wanted you to distract him, of all people. You always assumed you were the last resort; that he’d only ask you to distract him from real life if all of his other friends were busy, but Bucky had too many for them to all be busy. He was the leader of the clique.

well in that case… can you be a babe and pick me up? i need your help with something.

He responded quickly with a message along the lines of ‘I’ll be over in ten’ with a dozen too many smiley faces. A smile appeared on your face as you read his text. Maybe you could redeem this night after all.

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How would I have done it? I would have done everything he’s done to me and my family. So, I would murder him in many ways. I’d have to cut off his head, too many times. And draw a smiley face on every part of his body that I cut off. Make him look at it. Here’s your foot! With a smiley face on it! And sew wolf parts back on, like a wolf hand. Then he’s a wolfman. And strip him naked and fire at him with a crossbow. He doesn’t get to keep any essential parts. Castrate him too.
—  Sophie Turner on the Purple Wedding

echoicbursts  asked:

Can I request Hanamiya and the tattoo soulmate au. Maybe the reader is having a bad day and when Hanamiya finds them they realize their tattoos match

Two Hanamiya requests in a row lmao this trashbag is loved <3 Thanks for the request!

Number Two of the Soulmate Event :D

Hanamiya made his way to the roof to eat his lunch in peace, that is until he opened up the door to hear light sobs. He rolled his eyes, how dramatic. He sat down against the fencing, and started unwrapping his bento.

“Hey, could you keep it down, idiot?” He called bluntly. “It’s not nice to annoy people while they eat.”

He heard a sniffle, and a light apology. A girl rounded from behind the storage unit, and tried to scurry to the stairwell down. Hanamiya actually felt bad now, he didn’t want to make a girl feel any worse.

He sighed. “Hey, you’ll look like a fool if you go into the halls. Just sit up here since I already know you’re crying.”

He peeled off the sticky note his mom leaves on his bento box every morning after quickly reading it, she uses too many smiley faces. He noticed the girl sit against the fence a few feet away from him, she lightly apologized to him again, and he shrugged.

“Didn’t do anything to me.” He snorted. “What’s your deal?”

He didn’t really care, and he didn’t really expect an answer. “I failed three of my exams. I don’t know if I’m going to pass my classes.”

Okay, Hanamiya was a dick, but he felt for that. He sighed, looking over to her. “What classes?”

“Chemistry, reading, and kanji…”

Great. Of course. His best subjects. Now, he appreciated a stupid girl, but he couldn’t just not help her pass. He choked on his words a bit. “I can help you…” He had to throw in a jab. “Idiot.”

She looked over to him. “Would you…?”

He rolled his eyes and turned to his lunch, looking at her from the corner of his eyes. He spotted a black spider tattoo on her ankle. He felt his own tattoo tense.

He smirked, and held up the back of his right hand, showing his own tattoo off. “I guess I kind of have to now.”

Her eyes widened, and she checked her own tattoo just to make sure. “Oh.”

He laughed. “You sound disappointed! Well, heads up, so am I.”

“I-I’m not disappointed! It’s just… You’re the captain of… And… Yeah.”

Aw, so she knew him. He leaned over to her, noticing her cheeks were pink. “Aw, did you have a crush on me before this? How sweet.”

“I did not!”

“You so did. Don’t try to trick me, I’m not an idiot like you.”

She smacked his shoulder, and he smirked. “Come on, soulmate. It’s not nice to hit other people.”

“Says you!” She huffed. “You injure anybody in your way on the court!”

Hanamiya kept teasing her, and it was the beginning of their friendship. As they studied together, he found he actually really liked her, so he didn’t mind so much about her being his soulmate. Plus she was pretty sassy, so he never made a snarky comment without getting one in return.

He liked the way things were. He just wasn’t going to say it aloud.