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Signs As Typing Styles

As Requested By Anon

Aries: Always writes you as ‘u’ unless they’re being very serious

Taurus: Always has correct punctuation.

Gemini: uses “gosh darn” a lot, and other things like that

Cancer: Talks like they are from a Shakespeare play

Leo: Capitalizes Every Word In The Sentence

Virgo: Swears A LOT but in a good way

Libra: Often becomes a spazz and creates their own words

Scorpio: Uses many question marks and hardly any exclamation points

Sagittarius: Uses :) too :) many :) smiley :) faces :)

Capricorn: shortns sentnces by leavng out letrs

Aquarius: Talks like they’re writing a formal letter

Pisces: Uses the “O_O” face quite a bit