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I saw that jaz girl stuff but like what happen?

I got six asks asking about this so I’ll just answer it all in one shot. So. Prepare for the essay.

Jaz, in case you don’t know her, is an 14 year old “artist” on Twitter who Leafy has responded to many many times for her fanart. Also, if you remember, she was the girl who had a breakdown on Halloween because Leafy didn’t respond to her messages in a week- but she had apologized and Leafy forgave her. 

Recent stuff- so she was asked to do art for Leafy’s christmas shirts. About 2 days ago, she started saying on Twitter that she thought his new videos had no effort, and that if he “didn’t care” she shouldn’t care to draw him or some other bullshit. Apparently she wasn’t happy with the $150 she was getting for doing the designs. Which is so fucked up to me- keep in mind she should be so grateful to have an opportunity like that being so young. Her commissions/followers have boosted so much because of Leafy supporting her, and him offering her this is a big deal. 

Then it came out what she did- she recorded their fucking skype call (which she’s delusional if she thinks that was okay) and had intentions of using that call against him in an expose video (apparently). She sent screenshots of their skype messages to many people, without blurring out his skype name/profile picture (thus leaking it to others). And finally, she was “debating to release his skype and any other information she has”. (actual words, the dms of her saying this was posted). 

So basically, after Leafy has supported her art so many times, after he forgave her after she pulled shit on him on Halloween, after he offered her a huge opportunity that other artists would hope for, she spits in his face and betrays his trust. For what reason? Because $150 was too little for her? And now I heard he’s stressed and very cautious, and I’m afraid that this might break his trust in us. 

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I don't wanna sound mean. But I don't understand Amy.. Like didn't she say she wanted to keep her relationship with Mark private? Like if she wanted it private why would she post stuff with Mark online and stuff.. Sorry if I sounded mean.. Amy seems like a sweet girl.. But it's just a bit weird

You have to understand that prior to the relationship becoming public, Amy wasn’t known to as many people as she is now, and Mark had always been private about his relationships.

Their relationship kinda came out mainly due to everyone finding out about little things and seeing screenshots and photos of them together, which became too much for them to simply ignore.

At first they didn’t really show their relationship. but as time went on, and as Amy has been publicly acknowledged as Marks girlfriend, the support for her has been absolutely outstanding so I imagine she and Mark have felt more comfortable with introducing the relationship a lot more! 

They’ve been taking small steps, and they’re obviously at the point now where they feel comfortable enough with us as a community to not hide it anymore.