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Male protectiveness is not synonymous with male chauvinism. It should be encouraged and admired as the wonderful (and yes, at least in part specifically male) virtue that it is, not scoffed at or eradicated in the name of equality.

((me @ myself: youve already designed two humans with freckles, you dont need another one
also me: okay but consider this


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When Jongsuk is asked about how he will overcome his attention-phobia in order to film. 

“I’ll look at Woobin.”

When Woobin is asked about MCing for the SBS Drama Awards.

“The Drama Awards’ stage is much bigger, there are so many people coming that I’m nervous… I think I should carry on by looking at Jongsuk (laughs).

Yuri on Ice interview translation - Spoon 2Di 2016/12 (p38-41)

Here’s an interview with Manabu Ootsuka, producer and actually also representative director of animation studio MAPPA. It appeared on the Dec. 2016 issue of Spoon 2Di. It’s very interesting, as it’s a still different point of view compared to seiyuu and other creators. It only covers the first 4 episodes because Spoon is published earlier than other magazines and this issue was sold in stores at the end of October.

By the way, in the interview he mentions Sayo Yamamoto’s short anime “ENDLESS NIGHT”. It’s also about figure skating and it’s really beautiful. I highly suggest checking it out! (It’s not hard to find, just lookup the title on YouTube..) I admit I just watched it today for the first time too because I didn’t know of its existence… 

I will also take this chance to encourage everyone to appreciate the role of Sayo Yamamoto in YOI. Mitsurou Kubo is on the SNS and you see her name often so everyone knows her, but Yamamoto is as involved in YOI as Kubo is (if not more, since the idea to create YOI in the first place was hers). As you can read in this interview too, many of the brilliant ideas in YOI come from her. Apparently she is very busy so there are still no interviews with her, but I hope we’ll see something in the future.

Since the article is quite long I’m putting it under a cut. Enjoy!

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MAPPA producer Manabu Ootsuka interview
“Yuri on Ice” has gathered many skilled creators, among which director Sayo Yamamoto and Mitsurou Kubo-san. This show, that stands out for its quality even when compared to other original anime, has been supported by the production studio MAPPA. We have invited its producer Manabu Ootsuka to ask him about inside stories and the appeal of this anime.

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Spread this MV like FIRE everywhere, they bring the best quality music and visuals so they deserve it!! for the past 2 days ive been very well but have done nothing else than promote nu'est, thats how dear they are too me, I can do nothing else but think about them every second and worry too many people arent playing attention despite this being their highest quality video EVER. It seems everyone moves onto rookie groups with frank;y mediocre songs compared to Nu'est who developed their unique sound by themselves as they LITERALLY made this album themselves with Bumzu- the lyrics, the composistion, even the visuals ren helped with

Remember its been 4 YEARS AND NO WIN!! we need ONE.

I know as an international fan its hard to support and i mostly see casual fans here, so IM BEGGING you please you need to hardcore support them- NO ONE has been though more shit than nu'est, being badly promoted, being shipped off to China and Japan while Korean and international fans forgot them. The boys Aron Jr Minhyun Baekho and Ren are the sweetest boys you could ever meet, Jr personally blames himself for their downfall which is horrendous.  SO PLEASE SUPPORT NU'EST THEY AND THEIR AMAZING TALENT DESERVE SO MUCH BETTER!!

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For the character thing again: Emily, Jane, Esme

some more lovely ladies I love!


general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: her tenderness
worst quality: too many muffins. it is the muffinpocalypse. people are screaming. everything is on fire.
ship them with: not sam lmao
brotp them with: basically the entire pack because she is their momma
needs to stay away from: SAM
misc. thoughts: someone please get her away from sam like can u believe she was forced into dating this guy bc he imprinted on her even though he literally physically wrecked her 



general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: jane is smarter than u. like she’s so clever and talented and she is my daughter who will kill anyone who looks at her wrong
worst quality: idk if this is always necessarily a bad thing but jane is very good at being manipulative
ship them with: no one really
brotp them with: alec
needs to stay away from: she tries too hard to impress aro and it’s taxing on her mental health so I’d say MAYBE TAKE A BIT OF A BREAK FROM FLAMBOYANT DAD
misc. thoughts: fun fact jane and alec are huge superhero nerds and have an extensive comic collection. sulpicia, athenodora, and gianna are their moms.



general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: she’s v creative and thoughtful, taking the time to get to know everyone at their truest
worst quality: cannot compute. none.
ship them with: carlisle
brotp them with: charlie tbh
needs to stay away from: her ex-husband fuck that guy
misc. thoughts: idk why but I like to think that esme would bake stuff and bring it over to charlie’s house before bella came along and started cooking and stuff for him. they’re pals

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I feel like every time I reblog a character ask, an anon comes in and gifts me with an ask for Five lol

General Opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life

Hotness Level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous | 10/10 would bang

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor | Slytherin | Ravenclaw | Hufflepuff

Best Quality: them pointy teeth no, legit, she’s smart and sassy and I love her for that

Worst Quality: pls don’t kill too many people

Ship them with: Lalnable lol

BrOTP them with: Nano (especially in worlds where they’re related in one way or another. That’s some good shit there)

Needs to stay away from: uhhhh???

Misc. thoughts: I still flip between referring to her as Five and Echo hahaha

….you know, I realized I might know who this is. Or at the very least I have an idea. Regardless, thank you for the ask!

(Sorry this took a little bit, I got this ask when I was off-island this past weekend ^^; but I’m back home now, so we’re all good now)

ICON El País, June 2016

If someone tries to explain to you who Jared Leto is, run. Not because how complicated the elusive figure of this unpredictable actor, unstoppable rock idol, Carrera ambassador and now Joker for millennials, may appear to be. It’s just that using logic to define him would smash the magic.

“Making films is like climbing Mount Everest, it can be painful and brutal. A film can move people in the same way its filming may change an actor’s life”

Jared Leto has a problem with his image, a marketing guru would say. But he has no intention to change it. When he seems fitting enough to end up in one of those labeled compartments in which celebrities are often driven to, he more so enjoys doing exactly the opposite. If they take him as a well-known and respected actor in Hollywood, he then goes on and decides to leave the film industry for six years and win an Oscar with his return (it happened in 2014 with the film Dallas Buyers Club). If he is considered a post grunge star leading Thirty Seconds To Mars, band with which he enchants sold out arenas while being venerated as a god by teenagers wearing eyeliner, the guy goes and spends a weekend camping at a Malibu forest in a sort of spiritual communion with a thousand of those followers (he calls them the echelon; he hates the word fan). They meditate around a bonfire, sing karaoke and spend time doing everything a musician who has sold ten million copies of their album would never do.
He is famous for being a deep artist but he is also capable of joining commercial works like Suicide Squad, superhero film which opens August 5 and in which he plays The Joker, the Hamlet of the genre if we consider how coveted this role is. To complicate things even further, he has 44 inexplicable years and a face of a just turned 30. Jared Leto is, to cut it short, someone known by millions but that thanks to these maneuvers no one really knows. 

Me myself, sitting in front of him by his pool at his Hollywood Hills’ house, can’t figure him out. I’m talking to a kind, introverted, intriguing, thoughtful guy who has greeted me with a fist bump and that is now devouring a vegan dish. But half an hour before, the team from ICON was photographing a rock star that moved in front of the camera like a panther, charismatic, visceral and hypnotic. He seems more comfortable in front of 20.000 fans than in front of my sad tape recorder. Is this the division between Jared, the actor, and the singer? “Well, making films is like… climbing Mount Everest”, he argues, enigmatic. “It can be something truly painful and brutal. You’re freezing, you’re near death and when you reach the top, God! You can barely enjoy those five minutes of reward because you’re worrying about getting back down. A film can move people in the same way it can change an actor’s life”.

Climbing Mount Everest requires a process of adaptation: breathing quickens because of the lack of oxygen, heart rate skyrockets. Listening to how Jared Leto replies to a question also requires adaptation. Perhaps because he’s shy, perhaps because he’s completely committed to the impenetrable persona he shows to the media. After all, Leto is famous because of the commitment he delivers to his job. In Suicide Squad, the worst and most dangerous seven supervillains of the DC universe agree, after being imprisoned, to cooperate in risky governmental secret missions in order to clean their record: some of his castmates ensure that they don’t know Jared, not even after weeks of filming, they only know his Joker who is actually the real star. In order to prepare for the role, the actor interviewed psychopaths and, according to Hollywood rumors, stayed in character for months. “I think the Joker lives in another dimension, like a shaman”, he explained. “It is a very toxic role. At the beginning I started by learning everything about him but I had to stop because he has been defined and reinvented multiple times. I had to educate myself and experiment a physical transformation. Besides, the Joker finds pleasure in violence, that’s why I met with psychiatrists and people who’ve been locked up for a very long time”.

I ask him if he feels a special pressure for having to fill the shoes of a role that has been amazingly delivered by Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger. He nods. “I did the best job that I was capable of doing. I’ve tried to do something very different, it couldn’t be any other way. I had to test new territories, even if that means I could fail. At this point, the rest is up to the audience. I did the best I could. I can’t change it now”. 

The loneliness of a deep writer – “I’ve been more hours up on stage than in front of a camera. I’ve felt fulfilled with both, but the process is… different”, he reflects, elevated, visual, abstract, like an artist has to sound when he’s sitting by his pool in his Hollywood house. “Making films is an incredibly collaborative process, there’s a lot of people involved. Even in today’s photoshoot: look how many people we were. In order to create a song it only takes two people, or less: in my case, my brother Shannon and I. It’s something intimate that allows you to be tremendously selfish, and sometimes being selfish is important because it helps you listen to your own voice. I don’t recommend it for everything, but for music it can be something wonderful. It doesn’t matter whether you compose and nobody listens to you or whether you’re Mozart. The process can be as powerful as the outcome”. It makes a lot of sense but I don’t remember my question any longer. It could seem that Jared Leto is pulling a hugely long joke on human kind but reality advises to take him as a unique human being that comes from a highly unusual place. 

“They gave Obama the worst job in the country. And I think he’s done an amazing job. I’m not one of those who thinks a president is a superhero”.

The silver lining – Not long after Leto was born in Bossier City (Louisiana), in 1971, his father abandoned the family home and the boy never saw him again. His father, committed suicide when he was only eight years old. Jared was raised along his brother by their mother Constance, a circus acrobat that raised their children in nomadism and under hippie values. They lived in an infinity of places, including Haiti, where the family worked in a free clinic. When he won the Oscar, in his heartfelt speech – two viral minutes in which he mentions Venezuela, Ukraine and the 36 million people that died because of aids – he dedicated the award to his family. “Today, I would still give the same speech”, he mentions. “There’s still people in both Venezuela and Ukraine fighting legitimately for their rights, risking to lose everything. And I would dedicate it again to my brother and mother. I would say something worth saying. You’re given a moment on a stage in which you can share something with the whole world, whatever you want, and I wanted to redirect that light that was on me back to important issues worth mentioning”. 

And what would be worth changing in the world right now?
That’s a dangerous game: changing things before they have to be changed. One has to be cautious. I guess I would change ignorance. That our desires wouldn’t cloud our judgement. I wish we had the capacity of seeing people and the world without prejudices 

The message shouldn’t surprise us: it works coming from him. In March 2014, Leto assured that one of his style inspirations was Jesus Christ, someone with whom he shared the long hair, the enlightened gaze and the accurate speech. There’s no doubt Leto’s style is always worth mentioning. His outfits for the Oscars have been described as “perfect for a 1974 prom dance” (The New Yorker, about the 2015 ceremony), but the actor is no alien whatsoever when it comes to fashion. In the last edition of the award ceremony, he was accompanied by Alessandro Michele, friend and designer of Gucci, and a few months ago he signed up as the new face of Carrera. With these sunglasses he shares a childhood bond. “My brother and I used to have a pair of Carrera and we shared them, they were some Porsche Carrera that could be folded and came in a little bag, so my memories of the brand remind me of a very special time in my life”. 

There’s a spark of honesty in his words. As if that simplicity could be possible in the Donald Trump era. “I don’t know why people get surprised by the attention he’s receiving. Why wouldn’t he with the stuff he says? This allows us a great opportunity to take off our eye mask and see how things really are: we’re far from perfection and what’s happening it’s a reflection of it”.

This is another particularity Leto possesses: he is a man capable of seeing a positive side on Trump. “People are paying attention to politics thanks to him and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. He’s making us debate about immigration. He has fomented a conversation, not only among the extreme republicans, also among all the other parties. I adore people from all over the world but in Los Angeles we have a special connection with Mexico. We’re neighbors. Not long ago Los Angeles was Mexican territory. Culturally we’re very similar. There is no difference between the north and the south of the border. I think culture is something beautiful. And Mexican culture makes California richer in every aspect. Cultures enriching each other makes the world a much more interesting place. Can you imagine if we had to eat the same dish every night? Consuming always the same type of art, design, architecture, music, or speaking the same language? I’m totally given into diversity. It’s strange how this scares people so much. But we’ll get through it, because things are far better now than ever before. There are people that want us to believe that that’s not how things are but they’ve never being better. Life quality. There’s too many people living in poverty in the world, but it’ll get better, I’m optimistic”.

It’s almost comical how tempting it sounds to turn tables and ask him to look for a negative side of the president he supported with such enthusiasm, Barack Obama. “They gave him the worst job in the country”, he says. “Economy was shattered. Confidence was at its lowest. The Middle East was in a disastrous situation. And I think he’s done a fantastic job. We’re lucky to be enjoying the stability we have in this country. I’m not one of those people that think a president is a superhero. There’s a thing called Congress, and it has the power to allow you to do things or not. History will book him a good place”. 

Written by Lucas Arraut 
Photography by Van Mossevelde +N
Styling by David St. John-James

Translated by letorgasm (twitter)
Please if you share this translation make sure to credit me, it took me quite a while to do it and it would be highly appreciated ♥


I realised today that sometimes in this fandom, and perhaps more particularly, the Harry&Louis part, we lose sight of what it is we’re even doing here. We get distracted (and rightly so) by tours, interviews, tweets, instagrams, and videos of the boys – as well as fighting, drama, anon hate, and dragging each other within the fandom to the point where many lose sight of what brought us together in the first place. For a lot of people, that’s the music, and for others, it’s Harry&Louis – and others, it’s a combination of the two. We look at every new event or interview with microscopic tunnel vision, looking at Harry or Louis for some sign of interaction to the point where we need to watch the video back two, three, four times just to be content there was/wasn’t something there, as well as to even register what it is the band is doing. We take out fine tooth combs to scour the internet and sources and articles, looking for links and missing puzzle pieces and things that management or journalists were too sloppy (or too cocky) to leave out. The supporters of Harry&Louis are so caught up in reinforcing that we’ve forgotten how to remember – to remind ourselves why we’re here and what we’re doing all of this for. And to me, it’s love. The fact that it’s happening between two men or within the world’s biggest band is of course extremely significant, as LGTBQ+ representation in today’s society is something you hardly see, and when you do, you have to hold onto it and fight for it. But beneath it all, at the very base level, it’s love that we’re advocating for and fighting with. Personally, I’d rather people think I had wasted months or years of my life believing that two people were in love than to have dedicated the same amount of time to harassing, bullying, and abusing strangers on the internet for their beliefs. I think the supporters within this fandom need to be reminded that we’re here because we believe in love, and that’s always more powerful than hate, even if it’s hard to remember that with a full inbox of anons or shitty tags or comments on an otherwise harmless post.

So this video, to me, is the perfect way to remind everyone who supports Harry&Louis of why we’re here and what we’re doing blogging our lives away – it’s for love. Their love, yes, but when you think about it, we’re held together by it, proving that it’s a force to be reckoned with. Take a moment of your day to remind yourself of love and watch the video, then go back to your regularly scheduled examination of that stranger whose girlfriend is the second cousin of that one person who stood next to Louis in April, then was spotted with Harry in July, because your thorough examination and powers of deduction are scarily brilliant. And everyone else in the fandom, don’t let the anti’s get you down - because I know where I’d rather be standing when it all comes out in the wash.

[Rainbow Direction | Video]

That time a minor animation detail nearly made me bawl my eyes out.

So I didn’t catch this on my first two viewings of “Lightsaber Lost” (directed by giancarlovolpe, OF COURSE), and it wasn’t until I went looking for pics that I saw this.

A criminal takes two innocent bystanders hostage while fleeing from Ahsoka…

And then I noticed something…

She pats the child to calm the poor thing down while there is a lightsaber held to their throats. 

Her baby’s comfort is still a top priority while death is literally six inches from her throat. 

Best. Mom. Ever.