too many plotholes

Things I need to see in Noblesse
  • Rai’s backstory, Frankenstein’s backstory, about their families, more details about their past. These guys are our protagonists and we don’t know much about their pasts.
  • The whole household spending more time together: going on a picnic, visiting an amusement park, having a beach vacation, etc. They’re all so precious and deserve all the happiness. Let them have happy moments as a true family after this arc.
  • More of Rai vs modern world: Rai discovering social media (we all know his Instagram, Facebook, Twitter would be showered with posts about rameyon), Rai in the karaoke, Rai in the cinema with popcorn and coke, Rai in the aqua park, Rai in the zoo, Rai driving a car for the first time (of course Franken would be next to him so he wouldn’t be directionally challenged), Rai in more casual outfits (I’m looking at you Franken, you need to take the guy shopping), Rai discovering emojis and spamming Franken with emoji texts.
  • In the future fights RK having fabulous fights from the start to the end without Rai/Franken interfering in their fights and dealing with things themselves. Let these guys shine too and show how strong they became. They have such a great potential. 
  • Bring Shinwoo & Co back. Those kids were pretty fun to have around. 
  • Muzaka visiting Frankenhouse to see how does his bestamigo live. NO but you don’t understand I have a need to see him in those pink slippers and pink apron doing Franken’s dishes. Of course doing the dishes is Franken’s ultimate revenge on Muzaka. 
  • Bad guys being very smart for a change (I count on you 1st Elder and Crombel). Please no more dumb villains with a catchphrase “how dare you???” 
  •  Raskreia fighting. I don’t remember when the last time I saw her in action. She’s The Lord, it doesn’t suit her to be just an audience. Let the girl do something.

I need to stop here, because if I’ll continue this wall of text will get longer.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: lexa was the only person who could ever truly understand clarke, she was the only person who never blamed clarke or made her apologize for something that wasn't her fault, but that was all ripped away just for "shock value" and a shitty ai plot with too many plotholes to count

*crying* I have so many feelings about Butch O’neal and Vishous, it’s htg a pain in my ass. I love and hate this bloody Series. WHY??? TTATT 



*sobbing* I love these two stupid men so much, damnit!!

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BUT YOU GUYS this is only Vilde reading the situation, it's not a definite 100% truth of the universe. and there's something called "coping mechanism" that may well be the reason why Isak said he only punched Mikael because he was jealous. He knew that excuse would be accepted and used it, it doesn't mean it's true...

Naaah, she really isn’t. And nope, this theory is so ridiculous, everyone is thrown off and not buying it. Of course it’s not true. Too many plotholes in it

We will never get a manga that have an amazing relationship like Ichigo and Rukia. Why?

Because it isn’t wishy-washy, cliche, or romantic relationship in any particular sense. There is no obsession, no flirtation, no intimate touches shared between them.
It’s just the way the look at each other. They don’t even have to use words to know what the other is thinking or feeling. Something that is so rarely seen in literature, it only comes once in a hundred years. They changed each other world. (I’m copied this comment from top 10 best anime couple. Sorry, I’m not good in english and this comment is what I felt about Ichiruki,). This is the kind of relationship I really adore, but, kubo ruined it. Yes, I’m still salty about this because not only ichiruki but with many plotholes!! All the characters doesn’t deserve that!!

IR read manga the wrong way? OH HELL NO!

This show is so fucking stupid at this point. Mellie thinking her son’s death was justified or meaningful? Are you SERIOUS? Your son was murdered and you don’t care? Fitz is trying to get justice for your son, and you don’t care? Mellie, get the fuck out already!

Also, I called it last week. Olivia being worried about Jake,  and getting mad at Fitz. Also Fitz possibly hurting Joke and Olivia being mad at him. It happened and more will happen. Olivia will be angry, yell at Fitz, fuck Jake, tell him she loves him, fight for him blah blah blah. And Fitz is, yet again, the bad guy for hurting Jake right? Well, when you’re trying to figure out who KILLED your CHILD, things can get heated.

Also, for those bashing Fitz for the “I’m screwing your daughter.” Jake said it tonight, so there you go. 

Aaaand for the next episode, is Abby really judging Fitz for being with Olivia? Yeah, he’s married, but woman, you don’t know ANY of it, unless Olivia told you. But seriously, shut up. And it’s stupid because you’ll be mad at Fitz but you won’t be mad at Jake who threw your best friend up against the wall and CHOKED her, or for threatening th man you love? What the fuck is this show? It makes no fucking sense to me. Everything is to prop Joke up and to make him seem like a saint and forget about everything he has done wrong. If someone does something bad in connection with him in someway, they won’t mention him, but everyone will out Fitz. I’m just so tired of all of this.

And just this show in general that is making no sense to me anymore and it just seems so…pointless, boring, repetitive and stupid. The characters aren’t the same, the plots are stupid and pointless, too many plotholes and inconsistencies, favoring etc. I’m so tired of it and it will NEVER be the same. OPA, Olitz, all of the characters; they’re gone. This show has changed and will probably forever remain that way. What is this show supposed to be about anymore? What’s THE POINT?

Rant over.

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Hey. I'm the artist from Ask Frisk and Company. I'm here because I don't understand one of your criticisms. "I have seen tons of things where you have to “turn your brain off” to enjoy it because logic is bad. For AFAC you must have to cut off life support completely." ...Can you please explain to me what in particular is so illogical about my comic? Can you provide examples of the instances where you have to "cut off life support completely" as you put it?

You mean besides the terrible OCs, crackships (God knows I’ve ripped Soriel to bits), and memes?

Like I have mentioned before. The blog got so cringy I stopped following. Occasionally I will see a page or two on my dash. I know you are using various timeline and dimension shenanigans (horribly might I add) and multiple versions of the same characters. (WAY too many plotholes and cringe.)

Everyone is so out of character and the plot is so random that it is no longer Undertale related. If it were all about original characters, I would probably be into it. But nope, you are ruining the good characters Toby Fox made. I know MANY people agree with me on these points. What you have created should not even be considered to be similar to Undertale in any fashion. As I have previously said, it had a promising start but it derailed itself fast. The writing is off and the logic is one of the worst I have seen in the fandom. (Seriously, Chara and Asriel are characters in it but you ship Soriel? Haha okay.)

I believe I have said enough. I sincerely hope you use actual logic in the future.