too many plotholes

We will never get a manga that have an amazing relationship like Ichigo and Rukia. Why?

Because it isn’t wishy-washy, cliche, or romantic relationship in any particular sense. There is no obsession, no flirtation, no intimate touches shared between them.
It’s just the way the look at each other. They don’t even have to use words to know what the other is thinking or feeling. Something that is so rarely seen in literature, it only comes once in a hundred years. They changed each other world. (I’m copied this comment from top 10 best anime couple. Sorry, I’m not good in english and this comment is what I felt about Ichiruki,). This is the kind of relationship I really adore, but, kubo ruined it. Yes, I’m still salty about this because not only ichiruki but with many plotholes!! All the characters doesn’t deserve that!!

IR read manga the wrong way? OH HELL NO!

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: lexa was the only person who could ever truly understand clarke, she was the only person who never blamed clarke or made her apologize for something that wasn't her fault, but that was all ripped away just for "shock value" and a shitty ai plot with too many plotholes to count