too many pictures in so little time i cant

You know it’s hot when...

You’re sketching and every piece of paper is sticking to you and can’t have the fan on to draw, or else the paper is gonna flutter up and bitch slap me.

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i am so happy bc it seems like harry really did have a good time and knowing louis was there makes me so much happier and i cant imagine what they did

Me too. I’m very happy for him and a little surprised about the way it went (in a good way). What 21 year old gets to have a big birthday bash with tons of big named celebrities, some of your really good friends, AND the love of your life. That kid knows so many people it’s crazy. And in the few pictures we did get of Harry he looked so happy. The baby cakes were adorable. The little bit that we saw of the party looked very nice. Whoever organized it has good taste ;) And I’m glad the inside of it was more or less private so they could just let loose and have fun. He (and Louis) really deserve that. So the rest is up to our imagination. I hope they slow danced to every song, grinded on each other like no one was watching, and took so many photobooth pictures that it ran out of film strips. I also hope Louis drunkenly propositioned David Beckham for a threesome and Harry had to drag him away apologizing profusely. And maybe. Just maybe things got a little bit messy with cake again

I’m sure that party was a good time.



i hit 500 followers recently n since that is a good deal to me because i don’t even kno 500 people in real life, I’m gonna do a GIVEAWAAAYYY

what am I giving away??? my art of course!!(i have nothing of monetary value but u kno what christmas isn’t about that right) )))

i’ll draw anything ranging from a comic to pixels to a little gif!! 

the only things i won’t do are:

  • super nsfw (only because i cant I’m really bad at it ;__; ))
  • robots (i mean like the transformer type of robot)
  • detailed intestines (unless u want it looking like spaghetti)

so yeha I’m pretty much open to anything but ill warn you to not expect too much!! you might not get a mona lisa but ill put lots of love in the picture :^)))

now for the 2 rules:

  • like or reblog this as many times you want! 
  • don’t need to be following me (but I’m jus sayin’ it’d be nice if u did))

and thats pretty much it! the giveaway will end right on december 25! 

happy holidays my homies!!!!!!! you guys are great!!!!!