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hey hey its your favourite jess here (or not, its wtv) but here i am bored and almost at 700 followers so why not do something to celebrate??!! i didnt do anything for 600 so hey lets do this!! as a thank you for tolerating me and following for so long!! (or not for long if youre new but you get the idea!) ANYWAY enough of whatever this is and lets start with the actual celebration part 

so basically you can send however many you want tbh the more the merrier right? and its for you anyway too so yeah go wild! choose whatever your heart desires! and bc i love you all so much this will all be heart themed bc yay for love! 


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  • you can blacklist #charlieweesleycelebrates to ignore all of this! 

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I’m at some end of the year school party for the boy at his school. I don’t have any school mom friends, hot bartender is the only adult I know and we haven’t talked lately cuz I’m sorta mad at him for reasons I shouldn’t be but that’s not the point. There is a DJ and hot bartender is dancing shaking his ass on the dance floor while I’m laughing and trying to ignore him looking at me trying to get me to dance.
I hate school mom’s. They have been friends for years and so clicky and it’s like high school all over again. No fucking thank you.

Dear harmos,

Please don’t ruin this for Mani by saying insane things and alienating her fanbase from the others. She needs all the support she can get and it needs to come by way of her dancing prowess and overall presence on the show. You can be supportive of Normani without demeaning other people’s favorites okay?



I Needed This

This is something I posted a month or two ago, but it was then pointed out that almost all of the links were broken…and at the same time, tumblr enacted their new restrictive linking policy. Meaning almost no one it was directed at actually saw it. I haven’t had the chance to correct the problem until now, and in that short time, the post referred to has climbed to over 14,000 notes. Like…what? Holy crap. Okay.

I wish I could sit down and reply to everyone who responded to the post, but at this point that’s just impossible. Just know, I do see the notes, and I’m grateful for every single one.

Below is the fixed post, as it was supposed to appear in April. If you’ve already read it, feel free to disregard this and scroll on by.

So…I’m gonna do one of my weird things. This isn’t really to do with FFVIII, but…I feel like I owe people this. Because I’ve been watching this silly little writing power build and build and snowball, and…it just seems…so counter to the situation of the people I seem to be reaching, that I can’t just let it sit there and rack up “points” in the form of notes without taking a moment (well, a few hours at this point, but I had the time, and this is what I decided to do with it) to at least acknowledge the response. I’ve received messages from people, a flood of kind comments and tags, I’ve watched people reach out to one another to support them in their writing endeavors. Most of it has been outside this fandom, so…I apologize ahead of time if this is somewhat off-topic.

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How to search on tumblr?

Hello everyone!

Today we will learn HOW to make my life easier help you with finding answers for your questions on Three Musqueerteers tumblr!

1. Tags are your friends

When I answer/write post I always use tags. It helps with organizing the page AND looking for old posts when I need them.

Here’s short list of tags I’m using in most of the time:

ask - if you sent a question, every answer will have it

preorder - all questions connected with volumes preorders (English and Thai, depending on which one we are currently selling)

volume - posts connected with THAI volumes

English volume - posts connected with ENGLISH volumes

other translations - posts connected with releases in other languages than Thai and English

three musqueerteers - when posts is about the team

There are also tags connected with titles so Pulse, Lily Love, The Mistress Story, 15y, Snow & Sunflower, Magnet, Mentality, Bridesmaid

Obviously I’m also using tag Ratana Satis but because it’s almost in every release post, it won’t help you BUT keep reading, you will learn sth new too.

There are also other tags that I’m using. Just look at the bottom of posts.

2. Ok but HOW I can use tags?

It’s really simple:[insert tag]

So for example, if you want to look for preorder posts you will write

Told you it’s simple :)

3.  “ Lol I will not scroll back an entire year for one question” 

And you don’t have to. 

You can use search.


  • For example you want to get info about tracking in preorders, right? So normally you would use tagged/preorder - but you would have A LOT of results. SO you will use SEARCH

Thanks to it you will see all posts with “tracking” AND “preorder” - and it’s MUCH less than all “preorders” questions

  • But if you didn’t find the answer for your question about tracking - NO! Don’t send message yet! TRY ONE MORE THING

The difference between first and second results is that in second link, you will have ALL POSTS with word “tracking” in them. So there will be one tagged as “preorder” and some might not = you have more posts to check for your answer


/tagged/ - you use ONLY TAG words 

/search/ - you can use one OR two TAG words (don’t forget about + if you will use two words)

- OR one TAG word AND other word (for example “birthday” /search/lynn+birthday)

- OR one or two other words (but I couldn’t came up with idea it could be, because I usually tag most of the keywords for better searching :P)

4. So what if I want to know more about Ratana????

First, remember she’s also a human being that likes to keep her life private as much as it’s possible so try not to ask too many questions on tumblr or her FB ;)

Second, we have a lot questions to Ratana we already answered, so please read them. I mentioned before that it will be tagged as “Ratana Satis” but you will have like… all posts in this tumblr 😂

Use /search/Ratana Satis+ask

and you will get questions sent by fans that were already answered.

Please check also Q&A tag. Post from it are also connected with her.


DID YOU KNOW WE HAVE FAQ??? Sometimes I think people don’t see these questions and just scroll down to ask box :/


So NOW you can send the question. YOU CAN ALSO USE CHAT! 

And don’t need to write it all the time in Anons… If you will write normally and question was doubled - I can answer it privately (so you don’t need to worry if you think you will “look dumb” or something).

If you will write on Anon, I’m forced to reply it OR I WILL JUST IGNORE IT. 

So yeah, it’s better if you will write OFF the Anon cuz it’s better chance you will get the answer.

This post will be also added to FAQ and tagged as TUTORIAL so you can find it in the future.

I really hope it will help you and myself

Hi! OK, so, I was planning on putting together a group chat on instagram of people with common interests going to Vidcon who might be going alone and want some pals to hang out with or generally want to tag along. I did this for the TATINOF show I went to and it was super fun so I figured it’d be cool to do this for Vidcon too!

My instagram username is ‘greywick’ as well so you can just comment below my newest post if you’re interested and I’ll add as many ppl as I can without it being too crowded! (the chat will have memes probably so you’re warned + it’ll LGBT+ friendly ofc so everyone is welcome <3)

anonymous asked:

what do you think of a lot of the su criticism going around? i'm kinda tired of it myself, and while some had good points, i think the majority are overblown, and i wanna hear from someone else who actually likes su

hhh i’ve tried to hold my pettiness about this trend…. but i’ll do one post, because i’m the worst and can’t contain myself.

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Hello, everyone! Ok, so here’s my polyamory themed blog.. As I’ve seen there’s kind of a lack of polyamory related content on tumblr, and not too many active blogs and tags… I thought I should dedicate a blog to topics of polyamory.

This blog will mainly be for creating dialogue, share information, share experiences, have polyamory positivity, and of course a lot of pride stuff!

There’s nothing wrong with loving more people, and I want to promote that idea and give light to it! Because people deserve to not feel ashamed for being in multiple relationships with other consenting people. And I think there should be more positive environments for this, and that it should be possible to be polyamorous and proud!

I will start posting on this blog, feel free to check it out and maybe follow, and participate in creating more awareness and relationship positivity, and promoting polyamory pride!

storywonker  asked:

WRT ur tags: if I never have to see another post about 'LGBT+ history' that only deals with American sources it will be too soon

So glad someone agrees.

I mean HONESTLY. It’s not that I don’t appreciate it, obviously it’s good and cool that Americans are rebuilding their own history back up and I can find no fault with that. But like most things….I wish they’d specify it was just American LGBT people.

Secondly and as a message to any Europeans/non-Americans reading this with the potential and desire to do this: we are in sore need of more lists, posts and general content about historical LGBT+ icons not from America. They’re just doing their thing, after all, but the other half of the solution is putting out content and thought of our own, that makes sense in our contexts, not just copying/pasting from America because it’s easy. It should be clear now that American thought applies only to Americans, not to Europe for example, so we as a collective need to get creating. We’re the pioneer for next generations, after all, and this American queer theory fits like a bad shoe on real European societies.

last update.... :(

hey so, i think im going to delete.

i know what youre thinking, “inactive for basically year and NOW he delete? what a lazy, selfish douche”

i have many reasons, but here is crux of it: im fucking tired guys. im really, really tired.

im just way too depressed and sick to continue making posts, content, or even tags. i can barely waking up in morning. i don’t even checking news on Syria anymore, im going mid july to find my MIA uncle and aunt anyways, so yeah i bet that’s going to turn out well.

also, im tired of negativity. i join “fandom side” of video games- more specifically, RVB- because i think it would being fun and supportive community where memes and creative ideas to thrive and to grow. that was 2012 tumblr, i was stuck in wrong year. now everyone is zealous vigilantee and harassing people and claiming that if anyone interpreting something different than them, they’re fucking criminals. discourse, stalking, callout, whatever fucking “doxxing” mean.

it reflect society today. people are so radicalized, they cannot standing to hear different view point than them- religion, politics, and apparently fandom now too? wtf, my only escape from that horseshit WAS fandom!! and now extremist assholes are everywhere. my home country, my “friends”, and my fucking stress relief?!?! its pathetic!!!

but in the end… what can you do? just roll with punches and move on, i guess

thank you so much to those who have supported me. it was great run. i had wonderful conversations with many lovely people, and i still wonder who those nice anons were. i remember every comment and tag, good and bad. my art and writing improving so much thank to positive reinforcement. i use to feel ok with sharing my ideas, even though my predictions or interpretations were deadass wrong most of in time. but they develop and improve like i did as human. i outgrow them… just like i now outgrow this…

believe me, THATS something i don’t saying lightly

basically, im not going to use my time and energy tainting my name with toxic community. im just not. im above that. i dont wanting to invest in something that i will now being burned for. im not even mad, just severely dissapointed. consider this blog permenately discontinued, same with others. i mighg start all over again or something, have to wait and see.

im going to tag people who were either kind to me, great people in general, wonderful artists, people i admire, people with great ideas/contributions, mutuals, chill blogs i follow, or people who have been following/interacting with my blog for so long it would be insulting to not give them regonition they deserve! most are combination of these. this is mostly as promo, even if they aren’t still active in fandom. they deserve better than this toxic bullshit too. i recommend them greatly, and if any of you are reading this, YOU MAKE THIS WORLD BETTER, OR AT LEAST FUCKING BEARABLE!! many others do as well, but here are people who directly making this blog’s time and experience worthwhile.

in no particular order…. (seriously, don’t reading too much into it :P)

@drag0n-qu33n @angrymintleaf @cockbiteproductions @dangern00dle @anon-ai @meleetrash @cloudsaysthings @greyofsunshine @mercmonster @mercuryblacksleg @sugar-p0p @ghostofawolf300 @freelancerkiwi @itsnotpinkitsbloodorange @wolffepack @spaguette @rhysies-puffs @theguywiththeyellowaccents @daftprodigy @the-agent-washingtub @charles-kun @selselsky @gunmetalblxck @cecexm @mad-king-jean @rottendentist @capicada @momfrienddonut @megneato @locus-desperatus @texelations @scribbleboxfoxart @volltron @randomdraggon @gaybeedle-archive @gh0st-fl0wer @neo-trickster @rose-raspberry @astronautachance @bloodmulch @happyanon-spreadlovenothate @jacy-pennys @wolfwarrior142 @hakanakiki @freshzombiewriter @so-try-left-rvb @redvioletdelights @abageal @mrjacobi @washingtoninasnowfort @agenttexsflippedshit @bigburnsides @crownedchosen @supercasey @agent-maine @local-cryptid @locusmclocusy @tealdragon @shinytoymercs @felixmcsucc @sophisticatedbrownie @the-greatest-merc @foxtrot-12 @gavinsdumbshittynosethtnonelikes @directium @cerealmonster15 @agender-washingtons @peteykins @timorous-amorous @the-meta @stellarreqs-roulette @multifandomfuck @cili-ai @wolfebain @puffballpatriot @themad-lizardking @agent0hio @agent-fried-chicken @spuddingtonbear @sinningpaladin @agentmainemeta @officialagentwashington @madmud2730 @redgraveconspiracy @powerfulpomegranate @ahsatan785 @iamilex @flawlix @captainmurdoc @companionwolf @nonegenderwithleftbeef @vlasdygoth @vollltron @forfucksakefelix

REST IN PEACE: luccicute diidatic cannibal-felix

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, @vividroute just for being my 69th follower (no i did not forget you, idk if youre even following me anymore but hey bonus points in my book)

thank you so much, i will missing you guys, but i cant doing this anymore. im sorry i couldnt having patience you do.

so why do i write this? why dont i just shut up and leave? why tag and drag these people to this post? good questions. i want you to know and understand from this experience: Karma exist. your contribution, work, kindness, EXISTENCE, ect. help me and even if you dont remembering, it impact me. i hope this doing same for you. im not going to force you believe Karma or any of that jazz. i just think that for what each of you have done, least i can doing is giving my thanks and/or explanations instead of being ingrate and abandoning everyone as i almost had, with poor rushed words. i am grateful for your presence on Earth, and i know im not only one who thinking so! ^^

now time to lay my weary ass blog to rest with one last rvb reference…


Emile out~

anonymous asked:

Hey ! I hope you are ok ! 😃 It would be nice if you told us some of your favorite pairing compatibility, not necessarily romance (but that too 😏) since you don't have a compatibility tag, I thought I could ask you ! And also explain why you like them, I always think it's a little sad when people say what they think work well without explaining why. Thanks for your hard work ~

Sure! This could be a bit longer though haha

Aries x Sagittarius - I love the dynamic, the originality, the energy, the extraness, the fun, the power. These two are such a power couple and I feel like there’s few other pairings that could raise this much energy and that would be as adventurous and free-spirited as these two together. (platonic & romantic)

Aquarius x Pisces - They’re pretty different, yes, but they’re just so adorable together, it warms my heart. Every time I think of these two together it makes me think of Aquarius teasing the shit out of Pisces and Pisces trying so hard to defend themselves and man these two are just wonderful. There’s such a pure dynamic and dorky feel to them that I really love. (mostly platonic)

Virgo x Sagittarius - I may be biased, but every Virgo x Sag relationship I’ve seen has been/is GREAT except for beyonce & jay-z. Virgos are freaks and Sags are super extra, one looks at the big picture, the other is meticulous and they’re just SUCH a great team, hands down. (platonic & romantic, but mostly platonic)

Leo x Capricorn - There’s always one of those two that treats the other like a queen/king and they both appreciate each other so much, I love how genuine these two are together. They’re just… they work so unexpectedly well together. (platonic & romantic)

Scorpio x Pisces - Might be cliché but oh boy I love the feeling between these two. It just feels so deep and bonded and I feel like they’d do everything for each other. Plus the looks, boy the way they look at each other makes my heart soft. (mostly romantic but also platonic)

Not on the same level as the ones named above but honorable mentions go out to:

Sagittarius x Pisces
Cancer x Virgo
Taurus x Scorpio
Aries x Taurus
Edit: how could I forget one of my all time favourites (same level as the ones described above): Aries x Scorpio - I LOVE the energy between those two and just this double-mars thing just really does it for me, they’re so intense and powerful together man I love that.

:: basic ::

  NAME: Defiant Bride
   AGE & DOB: 24, 16th Sun of the 2nd Astral Moon
   GENDER: Female
   PATRON(s): Menphina
   PLACE OF BIRTH: Abalathia’s Spine
   PARENTS: Birth unknown; Illuminated Bride, Mother. Stalwart Bride and Indigo Moss, Fathers.
   OCCUPATION: Goldsmith, Personal Assistant, Soldier, and Odd Jobs Woman

:: appearance ::

   HEIGHT: 4′7″
   BUILD: Chubby and thick
   SKIN TONE: Warm, clay brown
   EYE COLOR: Deep aquamarine and emerald green
   HAIR COLOR: Naturally light blue, often dyed other pastels
   SCARS: Numerous and across body, most raised keloid scars, all pale in color. Obvious when    her body is exposed.

:: body language and physicality ::

   How does your character walk: Quickly, with light steps, as if always late or trying to keep up    with someone who has a far longer stride. Often keeps her head down a bit.
   What does your character’s voice sound like: Quite gentle and soft, a touch deeper than        her appearance might suggest. Tends to giggle freely, peep or squeak when in distress.
   Do they have any tics or unique mannerisms: Stuttering. Fusses with her clothing when          nervous, smoothing and fixing it over and over. Tail tends to give away emotional state.
   How do they smell: Like fresh gardenias and sweet lavender… and occasionally wine.
   What’s their posture like: Naturally a bit hunched, though she works to stand straight. Likes      to knit her hands in each other, usually folded before her waist or behind her rear.
   Are they able-bodied, or differently-abled. Describe: Somewhat handicapped. She lacks a      horn on her right-hand side, and prior damage to her left horn has left her hard-of-hearing. It        rarely hinders her when someone is speaking directly to her, but the more voices there are the    more she needs to focus to understand them. She has poor hearing from her bad side, and          cannot hear sounds behind her unless they are very loud.

:: psychology ::

   Is your character neuro-typical or neuro-atypical? Describe:  Neuro-atypical, suffering          from depression, occasional bouts of severe anxiety, and PTSD as a result of childhood                trauma. Has had very little treatment for any.
   How do they respond to stress: Drinking. Sex. Throwing herself into work, hyperventilating      and self-harm at the worst extremes. Occasionally remembers to go to lunch with friends or          take a day off instead but usually just piles it up until she dies.
   What makes them anxious or uncomfortable: Large, intimidating men; awkward situations      between others. Being asked about Doma and Raen Traditions.
   What makes them happiest: Seeing the smile of someone who rarely does so… or any smile,    if she’s been putting in the effort to make another person happy or content.
   Are they an introvert or an extrovert: Shy and timid, but an Extrovert at heart.
   Do they find it easy to make friends, why/why not: Yes. Her earnest nature and desire to        help and befriend people tends to shine through and earn her a bit of affection~
   Do they have any triggers: Being physically picked up without warning. Gunshots.
   What is their worst fear: Falling from a great height and not dying on impact OR Losing her        mind to a Voidsent and slaughtering her friends and loved ones before she’s killed.
   Do they sleep well, or have trouble sleeping: Fairly deep sleeper.
   Are they most active during the day or at night: Day
   How intelligent are they: Relatively smart… not always the most clever, but a good learner        who’s eager to pick up new skills and has the willpower to practice them to improve.
   Do they lie often, and how good at lying are they: Not often. Tends to be bad at lying if           she’s not prepared to, much better if she has a moment to think first.

:: relationships ::

   What’s their sexuality: Bisexual, Polyamorous
   Are they currently in a romantic relationship: Yes, but terrified about it
   Are they currently in a sexual relationship: Yes
   How important is romantic love to them: Would say it isn’t important at all. It is, to her.
   How important is sex to them: Very, very important.
   How important is friendship to them: THE MOST IMPORTANT
   How important is family to them: The second most important
   What kind of people do they get along best with: Friendly folk, be they shy like her or              rambunctious and outgoing
   What kind of people can’t they stand: Cold people who casually treat others poorly and            have no interest in changing how they act. People who use violence and threats casually.
   What attracts them most: Warmth, passion, strongly held beliefs and convictions
   What is a huge turn off: Callousness, deliberate intimidation and bullying
   Are they close with their family, why/why not: Only with her immediate family within the          Bride clan… a significant event lead to a significantly chilly relationship with the extended clan.
   What’s their most significant relationship: Her sister or Khyran Oisin.


Nabbed from: @amongwolves-xiv because they said anyone could and there were some interesting things that caught my eye!

Tagging: It’s late and I can’t think of anyone aaaaaa ok it’s been too long and I’ve forgotten everyone’s urls and looking at the list just made me nervous that so many cool people started watching me??? IF YOU LOOK AT THIS AND THINK IT’S NEAT DO IT AND THEN TAG ME!!!

Art: Commissioned from the wonderful Magical-Ondine!

alright so since i started this blog in october i think it is time to finally do a follow forever,,,,especially since i passed 500 followers wowowowowow!!!!! y’all r the best followers i could have but i honestly don’t know why y’all want to follow me but thank you so much 💞 (also sorry for the occasional shit posts lol)

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You are my small happiness that I want to love and protect.

10 Songs You’re Currently Vibing To

Tagged by @apvrrish​ ♥  Ok gonna be honest… it’s all FFXIV bc I’ve been playing Stormblood in between doing zine work fjsdkljf anyways here are my favourite pieces from the expansion so far… in no particular order…

  1. Revolutions – Stormblood theme; spoilers
  2. Stormblood’s Final Boss Theme – mega spoilers ok rofl
  3. Susano – primal boss fight
  4. Lakshmi – primal boss fight
  5. Shisui of the Violet Tides – dungeon
  6. Doma Castle – dungeon
  7. The Fringes – daytime; zone
  8. Yanxia – daytime; zone
  9. Azim Steppe – daytime; zone
  10. Othard Town? – village theme thing

Tagging: jfkldja I know too many people and I’m worried I’ll forget some of you so whoever would like to do this go for it and @ me because I like music.

anonymous asked:

You're just so adorable, like I'm sorry if this sounds weird but like I came for your art and I stayed for your adorable personality (and of course the art too obvs but like ur so cute) I always read all ur tags because ur always so funny and cute and ugh why are you so sweet? Omg I'm sorry this is coming off so creepy it's just that you brighten my day with ur cheery little notes and there's something v pure about how happy Namjoon makes you and ok I love you bye

THIS IS SO SWEET AND CUTE!!! not weird at all! I’m so????? My heart is racing??? Thank you so much??? Bless you for reading my incoherent tags omg

Seriously though, I’m super flattered and flustered I never expect people to call me adorable or funny?¿ I’m just a fumbling adult most of the time with too many feelings to handle weeps But I’m glad to have people like you who stay for me! It’s such a heartwarming thing to hear 😭 my heart is so full

I love u guys and namjoon with every fiber of my crusty being :’-((( have an amazing day/night, eat well and stay hydrated! 💖💖💖

“Beauty And The Beast" - Negan Imagine (Chapter 3)

Pairing: Negan x Reader

Prompt: “Being on the Lucille Lineup and Negan taking an interest in you.”

Word Count: 3441 (this is a long one, at least longer than I usually write bc I introduced a character so yah yah yah)

Fandom: The Walking Dead

Warnings: violence, (near) “smut”


Chapter One, Chapter TwoChapter Four, Chapter Five, Chapter Six, Chapter Seven, Chapter Eight, Chapter Nine

Originally posted by hardyness

You were ripped from the backseat of the van along with Daryl, Negan’s men dragged you two in different directions. You were worried about Daryl, he was wounded and you knew he’d been beating himself up over what happened to Glenn.

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hey! do you have any peter pettigrew headcanons?? i get that its super easy to reduce him to just a villain and obviously i despise him for betraying james and lily, but i'd love to see your thoughts on what he was like during his hogwarts years :)

  • he was the cutest, chubbiest kid in the world
  • full, round rosy cheeks
  • nose dusted with freckles
  • bright blue eyes
  • blonde hair in bowl cut
  • but he didn’t really grow out of the baby fat
  • he’s always been squat and cuddly and warm
  • he was a disappointment to his father, who left when he was young
  • to deal with the gaping hole in the household peter’s mother absolutely coddled him
  • she was the one who taught him how to bake, having fed him gorgeous treats since he was v young
  • they spend hours in the kitchen together when pete comes home from school, baking and dusting flour across each other’s noses and laughing and feeling the absence of his father ease
  • he’s a fairly soft kid?? spends a lot of time chasing butterflies, trading football cards, watching cartoons, etc
  • he’s nervous af when he goes to hogwarts, like, really nervous
  • but he sort of blindly stumbles out onto the platform, kisses his mum goodbye, palms sweaty on the handle of his suitcase
  • as soon as he gets on the train he’s hit by the sight and sound of these two, dark-haired, bright-eyed boys holding court
  • and he’s enthralled
  • bc they look just like the cartoon characters he grew up revering and he makes a beeline for them
  • at first he’s really nervous and awkward and sirius narrows his eyes at peter but james really doesn’t give af
  • bc they’re tiny and eleven and making friends
  • but then pete makes this really backhanded crack abt the chudley canons and sirius just starts laughing
  • and james’s mouth falls open and he links arms with pete
  • ‘you’re hanging out with us from now on, pettigrew’
  • james somehow rangles gangly, shy, 100% snark remus lupin into their compartment and it takes approximately 30 seconds of forced conversation before something just clicks
  • like remus is firing comments back at sirius and sirius is grinning and james is laughing and peter’s never felt so at home
  • all of them at hogwarts together is just a riot
  • peter and sirius actually get on really well?? like they’re usually together on raids and whatnot, sirius defends peter a lot, pete knows sirius’s boundaries and respects them but also knows how to make sirius laugh without getting under his skin
  • pete thinks the world of james and james thinks the world of pete
  • remus and peter are somehow the furthest apart and yet the closest together
  • they’re more like brothers, attuned to each others’ presence and more than content to just sit together than talk
  • but remus is often too quick for pete, making backhanded comments and having to explain things to him
  • in terms of the group dynamic pete is v good at diversions, at playing the victim
  • his simple spellwork is v solid
  • he’s also spends a shit-tonne of time in the kitchens
  • he’s always the one to go there for late-night supplies
  • by the time lily grows closer to their group she and pete are tight
  • like, he adores her
  • and they’re content to spend hours in the grounds making daisy chains or helping each other out in herbology or screaming their lungs out in the quidditch stands
  • he teaches her how to bake
  • they go to the kitchens and the house elves clear a little space on one of the benches and they bake cupcakes together pete lets her decorate them
  • he also gifts her pastel-coloured sweeties and sugar quills and plays gobstones with her in the common room
  • they get on spectacularly well and their dynamic tends to fit v easily with that of the other marauders
  • when it comes to making the marauders map pete was the one on design
  • he’s v proficient at simple charms?? like getting the ink to change colour, little animations, etc
  • but overall his sketches of the halls and layout is flawless
  • out of all of them, pete is easily the best at gift-giving
  • usually it’s homemade pies or sweets smuggled in from the shop or signed copies of quidditch posters
  • it’s no secret that he’s often one step removed from the boys and a fair bit less brilliant than them
  • so he spends a lot of his time listening
  • just listening
  • and watching
  • like making a note of which records sirius mentions
  • the days in his cycle when remus is most likely to slump or crave chocolate and pete always has some on hand
  • james is a tougher nut to crack
  • especially because he doesn’t really show when things get to him?? like avery’s jeers about how they’re on the loosing side, the 14 deaths mentioned in the prophet on monday, the worried look in lily’s eyes
  • and pete gets very good at recognising when james is down or needs company or when he doesn’t
  • and all of it, the little recordings, is what makes him such a good spy
  • bc he really flies under the radar
  • not only that, but he has raging self-esteem issues
  • he just doesn’t see himself as anywhere near as good as his brethren
  • and a lot of it stems from his father, feeling like he was never good enough
  • and pete thinks that they don’t appreciate him
  • but they do
  • they absolutely love him and treasure him and feel so comfortable with him
  • it’s just that as the war gets closer they become consumed with their own worries that they don’t even see pete going further and further inside himself
  • they don’t realise that he’s v fractured and cracked at that he’s slowly loosing the fight
  • and it’s because of his insecurities that pete becomes so much about self-preservation
  • the slightly more malicious side of him stuck to his brothers because he knew that they could protect him
  • the brighter side of him stuck with them because he was devoted to them, because he wanted to protect them back, because he loved them
  • but as he gets older it’s that undivided and complete devotion that really straddles the grey area
  • because it’s what ties him so sharply to voldemort
  • all pete really wants is to be safe, to be valued
  • it doesn’t excuse what he did
  • nothing will ever excuse what he did
  • it just makes it a little easier to understand the fractured, scared little boy and why he did it
  • but he still sold his best friends out to voldemort and fuck you pettigrew