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Dear harmos,

Please don’t ruin this for Mani by saying insane things and alienating her fanbase from the others. She needs all the support she can get and it needs to come by way of her dancing prowess and overall presence on the show. You can be supportive of Normani without demeaning other people’s favorites okay?



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what do you think of a lot of the su criticism going around? i'm kinda tired of it myself, and while some had good points, i think the majority are overblown, and i wanna hear from someone else who actually likes su

hhh i’ve tried to hold my pettiness about this trend…. but i’ll do one post, because i’m the worst and can’t contain myself.

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Hello, everyone! Ok, so here’s my polyamory themed blog.. As I’ve seen there’s kind of a lack of polyamory related content on tumblr, and not too many active blogs and tags… I thought I should dedicate a blog to topics of polyamory.

This blog will mainly be for creating dialogue, share information, share experiences, have polyamory positivity, and of course a lot of pride stuff!

There’s nothing wrong with loving more people, and I want to promote that idea and give light to it! Because people deserve to not feel ashamed for being in multiple relationships with other consenting people. And I think there should be more positive environments for this, and that it should be possible to be polyamorous and proud!

I will start posting on this blog, feel free to check it out and maybe follow, and participate in creating more awareness and relationship positivity, and promoting polyamory pride!

alright so since i started this blog in october i think it is time to finally do a follow forever,,,,especially since i passed 500 followers wowowowowow!!!!! y’all r the best followers i could have but i honestly don’t know why y’all want to follow me but thank you so much 💞 (also sorry for the occasional shit posts lol)

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You are my small happiness that I want to love and protect.

warning to lgbt/questioning teens on this website: dont listen to the mogai community. i used to think i was “autochorisexual" or whatever the fuck because their propaganda told me that if i was “afraid to ever want sex” but “liked the idea of it” i was a-spec. do you know what it really was that made me afraid to be sexual?

internalized homophobia. the fear of being shamed for having sex. abstinence is praised in any and all health classes i’ve been to.

it’s not bad to like sex. it’s not bad to WANT sex. you don’t have to slap a fancy label on yourself like “autochorisexual” or any of the other weird shit they come up with in order to keep yourself “pure” or whatever. i condemned myself for any sexuality i experienced, even though i’ve only ever been sexual on my own. you can like sex/being sexual without being a slut, a whore, or a “filthy allo”.

sex isn’t bad. it’s ok to want, have, and like sex. if you want to have sex when you’re older, but are afraid to do so because any and all lgbt sex is seen as dirty in our society, just know you’re not alone. so many, many questioning lgbt people deny their actual identities for so long because our sex is seen as impure.

if you think you want to have sex? that’s ok. don’t condemn yourself for it. if you think you’re asexual? that’s fine too, but this post isn’t for that. explore your own identity. don’t let anyone make you afraid to pursue and do what you want. don’t blindly follow anyone. have sex, don’t have sex. but don’t feel pressured to not do what you want to.

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Rules: Tell me your favorite character from 10 fictional works (shows, movies, novels, etc.) and tag 10 people!

these aren’t in order because i just can’t

1. victor nikiforov (yuri!!! on ice) (i kind of love everyone in this anime tbh ok)

2. kento aizome (b-project*kodou-ambitious)

3. date masamune (samurai love ballad party)

4. takashi ninagawa (scandal in the spotlight)

5. belle (disney’s animated “beauty and the beast”)

6. elizabeth bennet (pride and prejudice)

7. hibiki shiina (sleepless cinderella: party)

8. kyohei rikudoh (scandal in the spotlight)

9. katakura kojuro (samurai love ballad party)

10. voltage mc (look i’m living vicariously through her i have to give her a mention. even if i don’t always agree with her, i love her)

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Tag some people you care about to show them you love them!! It doesn't matter if you've talked to them recently or not!

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“Beauty And The Beast" - Negan Imagine (Chapter 3)

Pairing: Negan x Reader

Prompt: “Being on the Lucille Lineup and Negan taking an interest in you.”

Word Count: 3441 (this is a long one, at least longer than I usually write bc I introduced a character so yah yah yah)

Fandom: The Walking Dead

Warnings: violence, (near) “smut”


Chapter One, Chapter TwoChapter Four, Chapter Five, Chapter Six, Chapter Seven, Chapter Eight, Chapter Nine

Originally posted by hardyness

You were ripped from the backseat of the van along with Daryl, Negan’s men dragged you two in different directions. You were worried about Daryl, he was wounded and you knew he’d been beating himself up over what happened to Glenn.

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hey! do you have any peter pettigrew headcanons?? i get that its super easy to reduce him to just a villain and obviously i despise him for betraying james and lily, but i'd love to see your thoughts on what he was like during his hogwarts years :)

  • he was the cutest, chubbiest kid in the world
  • full, round rosy cheeks
  • nose dusted with freckles
  • bright blue eyes
  • blonde hair in bowl cut
  • but he didn’t really grow out of the baby fat
  • he’s always been squat and cuddly and warm
  • he was a disappointment to his father, who left when he was young
  • to deal with the gaping hole in the household peter’s mother absolutely coddled him
  • she was the one who taught him how to bake, having fed him gorgeous treats since he was v young
  • they spend hours in the kitchen together when pete comes home from school, baking and dusting flour across each other’s noses and laughing and feeling the absence of his father ease
  • he’s a fairly soft kid?? spends a lot of time chasing butterflies, trading football cards, watching cartoons, etc
  • he’s nervous af when he goes to hogwarts, like, really nervous
  • but he sort of blindly stumbles out onto the platform, kisses his mum goodbye, palms sweaty on the handle of his suitcase
  • as soon as he gets on the train he’s hit by the sight and sound of these two, dark-haired, bright-eyed boys holding court
  • and he’s enthralled
  • bc they look just like the cartoon characters he grew up revering and he makes a beeline for them
  • at first he’s really nervous and awkward and sirius narrows his eyes at peter but james really doesn’t give af
  • bc they’re tiny and eleven and making friends
  • but then pete makes this really backhanded crack abt the chudley canons and sirius just starts laughing
  • and james’s mouth falls open and he links arms with pete
  • ‘you’re hanging out with us from now on, pettigrew’
  • james somehow rangles gangly, shy, 100% snark remus lupin into their compartment and it takes approximately 30 seconds of forced conversation before something just clicks
  • like remus is firing comments back at sirius and sirius is grinning and james is laughing and peter’s never felt so at home
  • all of them at hogwarts together is just a riot
  • peter and sirius actually get on really well?? like they’re usually together on raids and whatnot, sirius defends peter a lot, pete knows sirius’s boundaries and respects them but also knows how to make sirius laugh without getting under his skin
  • pete thinks the world of james and james thinks the world of pete
  • remus and peter are somehow the furthest apart and yet the closest together
  • they’re more like brothers, attuned to each others’ presence and more than content to just sit together than talk
  • but remus is often too quick for pete, making backhanded comments and having to explain things to him
  • in terms of the group dynamic pete is v good at diversions, at playing the victim
  • his simple spellwork is v solid
  • he’s also spends a shit-tonne of time in the kitchens
  • he’s always the one to go there for late-night supplies
  • by the time lily grows closer to their group she and pete are tight
  • like, he adores her
  • and they’re content to spend hours in the grounds making daisy chains or helping each other out in herbology or screaming their lungs out in the quidditch stands
  • he teaches her how to bake
  • they go to the kitchens and the house elves clear a little space on one of the benches and they bake cupcakes together pete lets her decorate them
  • he also gifts her pastel-coloured sweeties and sugar quills and plays gobstones with her in the common room
  • they get on spectacularly well and their dynamic tends to fit v easily with that of the other marauders
  • when it comes to making the marauders map pete was the one on design
  • he’s v proficient at simple charms?? like getting the ink to change colour, little animations, etc
  • but overall his sketches of the halls and layout is flawless
  • out of all of them, pete is easily the best at gift-giving
  • usually it’s homemade pies or sweets smuggled in from the shop or signed copies of quidditch posters
  • it’s no secret that he’s often one step removed from the boys and a fair bit less brilliant than them
  • so he spends a lot of his time listening
  • just listening
  • and watching
  • like making a note of which records sirius mentions
  • the days in his cycle when remus is most likely to slump or crave chocolate and pete always has some on hand
  • james is a tougher nut to crack
  • especially because he doesn’t really show when things get to him?? like avery’s jeers about how they’re on the loosing side, the 14 deaths mentioned in the prophet on monday, the worried look in lily’s eyes
  • and pete gets very good at recognising when james is down or needs company or when he doesn’t
  • and all of it, the little recordings, is what makes him such a good spy
  • bc he really flies under the radar
  • not only that, but he has raging self-esteem issues
  • he just doesn’t see himself as anywhere near as good as his brethren
  • and a lot of it stems from his father, feeling like he was never good enough
  • and pete thinks that they don’t appreciate him
  • but they do
  • they absolutely love him and treasure him and feel so comfortable with him
  • it’s just that as the war gets closer they become consumed with their own worries that they don’t even see pete going further and further inside himself
  • they don’t realise that he’s v fractured and cracked at that he’s slowly loosing the fight
  • and it’s because of his insecurities that pete becomes so much about self-preservation
  • the slightly more malicious side of him stuck to his brothers because he knew that they could protect him
  • the brighter side of him stuck with them because he was devoted to them, because he wanted to protect them back, because he loved them
  • but as he gets older it’s that undivided and complete devotion that really straddles the grey area
  • because it’s what ties him so sharply to voldemort
  • all pete really wants is to be safe, to be valued
  • it doesn’t excuse what he did
  • nothing will ever excuse what he did
  • it just makes it a little easier to understand the fractured, scared little boy and why he did it
  • but he still sold his best friends out to voldemort and fuck you pettigrew
  • McKAY: How's about ...
  • (He pauses for a while, then looks at John again.)
  • McKAY: How about we say goodbye now?
  • McKAY: What d'you mean, "no"?
  • SHEPPARD: I mean I'm not saying goodbye.
  • McKAY: Well, I'm saying it anyway!
  • SHEPPARD: Well, I'm not listening!
  • McKAY: Yeah, but pretty soon I won't even know who you are!
  • SHEPPARD: Then I'll remind you.
  • McKAY: Yeah, but I don't want you to see me like that. I want you to remember me as I am -- as your genius friend, not as some ...
  • SHEPPARD (firmly): Not happening.
  • McKAY: Please.
  • SHEPPARD: You're stuck with me, Rodney. Just accept it.
  • McKAY: Yeah, but I ...
  • SHEPPARD (loudly): No! (He waves a finger at him.) That's final.
  • McKAY: OK. (He looks away.)
  • -SGA, 5x06 (aka, the moment I started bawling)

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Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, and send it to 10 of your favorite followers (non-negotiable). SPREAD POSITIVITY! ♡

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Ok, so I am really bad at this, but I think that’s exactly why I should do it.

1. My ‘evil witch planning her revenge in a dark cave laughter. (I was told that this description no longer is accurate, and it’s more of an ‘ evil witch planning her revenge in a dark cave laughter while making cookies for her co-workers or do some gardening and growing some nice strawberries’ laughter.

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2. That I was able to lure so many awesome people to be my friends *hugs*

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3. My ability to improvise very simple foodstuffthings and people love them and send my I love you messages for the recipe (It is a greek yogurt, Orange, nuts, carrot, pear - thing-y)

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4. That I sometimes have a glimpse of creativity in me and make something nice like a cover and be genuinely proud of it.

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5. That I still get a solid 27 at ‘Let me guess your age’ #skincareroutine

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Ok, so I was tagged by @accidentallyantheia to do this:

Rules: Tell me your favorite character from ten fictional works (Shows, Movies, Novels, etc.) and tag ten people.

• Haytham Kenway (Assassin’s Creed 3)
• Shay Cormac (Assassin’s Creed Rogue)
•Henry Green (Assassin’s Creed Syndicate)
•Nick Valentine (Fallout 4)
•Sherlock Holmes (from any book/film)
•Lucifer Morningstar (Lucifer)
•Nick Cutter (Primeval)
•Han Solo (Star Wars)
•Captain Nicholls (War Horse)
•Louis Mazzini (Kind Hearts and Coronets)

Aaa this was really hard to do! I have way too many characters that I’m madly in love with. Definitely more than 10, but this’ll have to do.

I’m going to tag @amyhwilliams

And also @mahmah-tee @lesbleusthroughandthrough @loserpool @vintagemeltingpot @napoleon-darling
Just because I love your blogs and it would be cool to know more about you! 😊

Obviously no pressure to do this if you don’t want to, or if you’ve done anything similar before.


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1) Rules: Tag 9 people. @bookishwallflower @reading-out-loud @readingoncloud9 @reluctantreader00 @never-too-many-books @blondebookblogger @lunaloveboook @horcruxed-books @adriftinfiction . If I didn’t tag you and you want to do it then consider yourself tagged.

Last song I listened to: Monster by Mumford and Sons (I love that song)

Last book you read/listened to: 13 Reasons Why. I’m in a small slump that I plan to finish soon. In the meantime I am catching up with my batman comic books

Favourite color: Purple

Top three shows: Just three! that is so not fair! OK, if you make me choose I’ll say: Community, The Newsroom, and… and… god, how can you do this to me? El Ministerio del Tiempo (literally The Ministry of Time in Spanish. It is such a good show. And I am still so mad that they made Timeless, because it’s just a cheap copy of this show. Seriously, Spain makes very few good things nowadays and EMdT is just brilliant. The “creators” of Timeless even expressed their interest in making their own version, and suddenly they dropped all the communications and Timeless showed up. Not cool. Seriously, if you watch Timeless you would love this show even more and it is available with English subtitles. Rant over)

Top three characters: Karen Page from Netflix’s Daredevil, Luna Lovewood from Harry Potter, and Maryann Flood from 79 Park Avenue (I read this book when I was way too young to understand it completely, so now I read it every now and then and I always reach a different conclusion. But my love for this character still remains)

Top three ships: Cormoran Strike and Robin Ellacott from the Cormoran Strike series, Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak from Arrow (I like to suffer), and Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy *heart eyes*

2) Rules: BOLD the statements that are true for you!

I am 5'7" or taller: For those who use m (1,70m)
I wear glasses
I have at least one tattoo
I have at least one piercing
I have blonde hair
I have brown eyes
I have short hair
My abs are at least somewhat defined
I have or have had braces

I love meeting new people
People tell me that I’m funny
Helping others with their problems is a big priority for me
I enjoy physical challenges
I enjoy mental challenges
I’m playfully rude with people I know well
I started saying something ironically and now I can’t stop saying it
There is something I would change about my personality

I can sing well
I can play an instrument
I can do over 30 pushups without stopping
I’m a fast runner
I can draw well
I have a good memory
I’m good at doing math in my head
I can hold my breath underwater for over a minute
I have beaten at least 2 people in arm wrestling
I know how to cook at least 3 meals from scratch (doesn’t mean they are good lol)
I know how to throw a proper punch

I enjoy playing sports
I’m on a sports team at my school or somewhere else
I’m in an orchestra or choir at my school or somewhere else
I have learned a new song in the past week
I work out at least once a week
I’ve gone for runs at least once a week in the warmer months
I have drawn something in the past month
I enjoy writing
I do or have done martial arts

I have had my first kiss
I have had alcohol - I am VERY underage
I have scored the winning goal in a sports game
I have watched an entire season of a TV show in one sitting
I have been at an overnight event
I have been in a taxi
I have been in the hospital or ER in the past year
I have beaten a video game in one day
I have visited another country
I have been to one of my favorite band’s concerts

I’m in a relationship
I have a crush on a celebrity
I have a crush on someone I know
I have been in at least 3 relationships
I have never been in a relationship
I have asked someone out or admitted my feelings to them
I get crushes easily
I have had a crush on someone for over a year
I have been in a relationship for at least a year
I have had feelings for a friend

I have at least one person I consider a “best friend”
I live close to my school
My parents are still together
I have at least one sibling
I live in the united states
There is snow right now where I live
I have hung out with a friend in the past month
I have a smartphone
I have at least 15 CD’s
I share my room with someone

I have breakdanced
I know a person named Jamie
I have had a teacher with a last name that’s hard to pronounce
I have dyed my hair
I’m listening to one song on repeat right now
I have punched someone in the past week
I know someone who has gone to jail
I have broken a bone
I have eaten a waffle today
I know what I want to do with my life
I speak at least 2 languages
I have made a new friend in the past year
I have been given flowers before

Your Fav is Problematic: Goose

* Never updates fics
* Sleeps too much
* More anxious than a small anxious dog
* Watches the same movie immediately after finishing it
* Too nice
* Very attached to stuffed animals and also people
* Owns too much blue
* Blind as a bat
* Tags people in too many things
* Isn’t cute, but thinks so
* Very picky, lives off dry cereal and mac and cheese
* Kind of Dumb
* Talks too much
* Answers with percents