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I was tagged by @2-ho, thank you<3

rule 1: always post the rules.

rule 2: answer the questions the person has asked then ask eleven new ones.

rule 3: tag eleven people.

rule 4: tell the person that tagged you that you answered the questions.


1.) Whats your instagram?

  yeah I don’t have instagram

2.) Favorite Color ?

*coughs* pearlescent aqua blue*coughs* did i spell that right lol it’s blue anyway

3.) Whats your lifelong dream?

  don’t have one

4.)Top three movies
uhh, the perks of being a wallflower, the sisterhood of night and tomorrow nation, yes I picked these randomly I like too many movies

5.) What show are you watching now a days?

  uhh, I wanna start shadowhunters? but currently there’s spn, criminal minds, the 100, shameless and tvd that have new eps each week so those

6.) Do you have a crush

  *coughs* aromantic *coughs*

7.)Do you regret anything in life ?

lots of things which I won’t elaborate

8.) Favorite Ice cream flavor ?

 chocolate mint thingy flavour

9.) Can you dance ?

classical ballett with an assigned and studied choreoghraphy, yes, if I took it up again, apart from that, no

10.) Whats your star sign


11.) Tell us a funny story

uhh, uhhhhh, yesterday my math tutor said math is always practical and makes sense and u can use it all the time and then I showed him our assignment and he said he takes everything back this makes no sense at all, which he does every lesson I’m just saying, is that funny? I don’t know anything funny rn

I did this yesterday with different questions and i thought of other questions and I already tagged everyone so yeah, I did this specially for you, dearest arjin, ily<3

anonymous asked:

What other writing blogs do you follow?

I follow 5sos-writing-things 5sosafterparty 5sosbang 5soslore 5sostxts acidcxlum alltimevevos anarchyaustralia ashtonangst barakatxhood calentinesday calumspiercedhood calumsturbation chilloutluke classifiedluke clemmogram cliffyluke defcliff0rd drflukeloops featuringluke fightingirwin gagmeniall graphicluke hectichoods hemmingswritings hemmojaw hoemichaels hulkcalum irwinpvnk lashtonallthe-a-way lashtonpetal lsotboy lucasassy moanlucas nialledfrombehind niallslittle peachash peachysos plainwhiteluke quiffedluke redhairedmike shelookssoaverage shybabyluke smuttums somethinglikeasweater subhemmings tokyoluke veinmichael

I think that’s all of them!!!!!! :-)

so, because it’s my birthday, and I passed another hundred followers, I wanted to do something. And I decided, why not do a follow forever?

addictedtoweatherly ; aedisons ; alwayswatchthewatchers ; alyssinmymind ; anonymous033 ; anthonystarrk ; baring-our-souls ; baringoursoulss ; beckett-wave ; boobsdepablo ; cherisheachother ; codencis ; deadlyandadorable ; dinutzzo

easylion ; fivefeetofme ; frilencer ; girlwiththefeels ; gumandmagazines

israelifemmefatale ; jerusalembells ; keepcalmandkeepshipping

marykatekumar07 ; mcgeekle ; mcsnoopdogg ; mcstealthy ; mistergibbs ; mon-petit-pois ; msdavid ; natashaaabartonss ; nciswag ; noimnotgoingwithoutyou ; oceanandsheabutter ; onyoursex ; parischangedher ; pokingacave ; probalicious

quotelation ; risetotherush ; riskinghearts ; rosefuckintyler ; rumpleswagskin ; sammythinks ; sarcasticmcgeek ; screamerdavid ; tivaau ; tivainthesnogbox ; thedinozzos ; theduckman ; tonyandzivauk ; ttiva

vivaziva ; weatherlysexual ; wheaterly ; zivadahveed ; zivaisthetype ; ziver ; ziiver

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Full ‘Ellen’ Breaking Dawn Special - November 18, 2011

Part 2 here

the show was pre-taped on November 14 (:


I saw a photoset of GIFs for this, lemme just bring it back. I hope the opening for this year is just as good!

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niallurby answered your question: new icon: keep? yes/no?

yesss =)

zaynfarts answered your question: new icon: keep? yes/no?

yes i need to see this pic everyday

writeivywrite answered your question: new icon: keep? yes/no?

Is lick an option?

ahhaah it’s your computer screen so go right ahead! ;)

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His face is art…ART! (We’re all changing our icon today :) )


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i’ll cry everyday Patricia’s right .. ART

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yes but you’ll have to deal with casualties. SHIT SON!

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yes :)

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It looks a little bit… not right? Awkward?

Hmm, really? Oh well.

I’ll keep this one for a bit, test it out. Thanks everyone for answering <333 ily