too many people to tag lol

OMO I have so many these tag thingies to do. I am sorry people, but you know I’ve been way too busy (+ lazy tbh lol) these days. I promise I’ll do everything soon. But now, I’ll do one before I hit the bed. xD

Was tagged by the lovely jonghyunnie-ssi to post 6 random facts about myself. Thank you bby❣ ♡

1. I really love the rain. It’s pretty much the only thing that makes me relaxed and really happy. Don’t even ask. xD 
2. I am a post graduate student, getting my MSc degree in Geography. :3
3. I really like snakes… and cats. xD
4. I love Hyukjae to the moon and back  lol
5. Reading and collecting books is my #1 hobby. 
6. I have this obsession with candles. (jk I just love candles is all…)

I am too tired to tag people… I’m just going back to sleep. Night ♡


"Broken wings won’t bring you home" (x)


tw xmas meme

:: day #30 // best of teen wolf - sterek
lovely, awesome words by amy rose (x)


Some sketches I did at C2E2 this year! (I wasn’t in Artist Alley, but I did speak on a panel, which was great.)

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The West Wing cast, 1999-2006 

"We all came together at a time and in a place with a conception that all of us knew at the time was quite phenomenal." - Martin Sheen

so, because it’s my birthday, and I passed another hundred followers, I wanted to do something. And I decided, why not do a follow forever?

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Full ‘Ellen’ Breaking Dawn Special - November 18, 2011

Part 2 here

the show was pre-taped on November 14 (:

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luhan singing (and rapping) compilation