too many people to tag (i'm feeling lazy)

Friendly reminder to everybody in the owasera fandom.

I’ve been in the tags a lot, and I end up seing a lot of re-posts of fanart without source or permission. 

Just to get something clear:

- We heart it does not count as a source, neither does instagram unless the one posting the art is the original artist.

- Re-posting art is NOT cool. I have seen my art being re-posted, as well as many of my artist friends. 

- Artists use lots of time and effort on their art, while you use a few minutes to simply re-post the picture, taking credit while you do so. That’s disrespectful and rude. The least you can do is source it, it won’t kill you to ask for permission either.

- Please take your time to find the original work and reblog it from there, if you wonder how to find the original artist, google got a nice feature called search with pictures. 

I suppose you like the fanart you re-post, so please give the original artist some credit. After all, they not only use a lot of effort to make the art, but there’s years of practice behind it too. 

Last but not least, if you want the artist to keep drawing fanart, supporting is a big help. We all love our fans, and seeing that people like our art is honestly the best feeling in the world. But it sucks when somebody else takes the credit away from you.