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It’s finally done!!

Funny thing is that I doodled this comic out on valentine’s day and just never did anything about it. But then recently I got a bunch of followers who liked my cheerleader+nerd girl ideas so I thought I’ll finish this comic out for you guys!

Also they have names now!

Valerie (cheerleader) and Emma (nerd). I want to think of an official series title for them but nothing is coming up at the moment but I will eventually!


Okay, so it’s not bad at all. The actual bad news is that I’m an ass who keeps spamming WIPs. What else am I good for? (Aside from being in a massive rut I don’t feel like rolling out of HA.)

Getting faster. Still constantly distracted, though.


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“It’s okay to cry, but it’s not okay to let it become a barrier to becoming a better and stronger person.

It’s okay to feel your heart break because of unrequited love, but it’s not okay to stop yourself from experiencing love ever again.

It’s okay to worry about the future, but don’t let it stop you from enjoying the present.

It’s okay to take your time, but don’t let yourself miss out on the amazing gifts that the life has to offer because you don’t think you deserve them yet.

It’s okay to not have everything figured out, but don’t forget to believe in yourself and let that be a lesson in making a brighter future for yourself.

It’s okay to let go of those who don’t cherish you, but it’s not okay to doubt and treat those who love you unfairly.

It’s okay to let your guards down even after being hurt, but it’s not okay to let yourself repeat the same mistakes again, instead learn from it.

It’s okay to believe that God has everything planned out, but it’s not okay to let that stop you from getting where you want to be by yourself.

It’s okay to not be the best in the class, but it’s not okay to let that stop you from dreaming or pushing yourself into achieving the greatest things that the world has planned for you.

It’s okay to lean on other when you a tired, but it’s not okay to become dependent on them and believe that they’ll walk in your path with you because it’s your fight and not theirs.

It’s okay to have arguments with the ones you love, but it’s not okay to let that get in the way of expressing how much they truly mean to you.

It’s okay to see your ex with someone else, but it’s not okay to tell yourself that you won’t ever find someone to love again.

It’s okay to feel like not wanting to wake up tomorrow, but it’s not okay to wake up and tell yourself that you didn’t deserve it because you are here for a reason and you matter, even if not to anyone else, you’ll always matter to God and me.

It’s okay to start rough and get better slowly, regardless of what other’s tell you.

It’s time to choose yourself. It’s time to put yourself as your own priority.

It is always going to be okay to choose yourself, I promise.” - Hafia H.


And the last part! Which leads straight to this one.

Feeling lost? Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

(Coffee shop AU)

Light Me Up | Chapter 1 |

Originally posted by chwelove

Pairing: Vernon x OFC featuring S.Coups & Jeonghan

Genre: Fluff, angst, suggestive smut

Word Count: 2842

[ Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 ] + Moodboard

Summary:  Just as the moon had her scars and imperfections, so did she. And he loved every bit of it. To him, she was the moon that shone brightest in these rare moments. The moon who’s light had been dimmed. To her, he was the sun that would eventually, light her up in every way. Only she hadn’t accepted it yet. She hadn’t yet accepted the light slowly growing inside her chest, but it wouldn’t be long until she did.

“If you can love the wrong one so much, just imagine how much you can love the right one.”

A/N: ALRIGHT! It’s finally here! I have been working on this for weeks, maybe even a month lol. I think I got a little too many people excited for this. This is a little different from what I’ve previously written. It’s going to be one hell of a ride, I can promise you that. A huge thank you to @tookorean. Thank you for editing! You’re the best. Here’s a little present on my birthday to you all <3 Enjoy!

The colorful lights bounced around while the music swallowed the place whole, beating against her eardrums. This wasn’t anything new. She was more than used to this atmosphere.

Her uncle owned the club and about a year ago, he left her in charge as he took care of his other businesses. He trusted her enough, as she was of age and more responsible than any other twenty-one-year-old he’d met. She, respected him in return, treating him like her own father.

Besides, there wasn’t anything particular she planned to do with her life anytime soon. Any plans were washed away with her past relationship. She had lost her motivation and enthusiasm, burying both deeply within herself.

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i wanted to draw the hair


Person: YouTubers don’t do anything useful, they just waste their lives making stupid videos. 

Me: Oh really? *slams folders of evidence onto table* explain THIS then

Yeah, raising money for charity. Not to mention the fact that these guys make people happy every single day with their videos. Totally not achieving anything… not useful at all… such a waste of time… SURE… xD

Although this was kind of silly/funny, I have actually heard people say before that YouTube isn’t a proper job, the videos they make are stupid, they don’t do anything useful, etc. All the usual stuff. When these people, weirdly enough, are always people who have never even watched YouTubers before. So whenever this comes up, I always use my YouTube expertise (I watch way too many YouTubers lol) to explain exactly why these YouTubers are amazing people and are doing something good. Charity is just one of those things! :D

It is absolutely amazing what they’ve raised and I think it’s a great cause that this money is going towards. It’s lovely to see this kindness and selflessness from these guys, doing something so amazing for others, especially as this is pretty much what Christmas is (or should be) all about! I already respected these guys but now I do so even more. Who knows, maybe some day in the future I will be able to do something like this with my channel. :)

Anyway, if you YouTubers see this (which I know you probably won’t), I love and respect you guys a lot! I love everyone who donated too and those who spread the word about it if they were unable to donate for whatever reason. It’s amazing to see YouTuber communities coming together like this! Let’s just hope all this YouTube algorithm stuff sorts out and that we can stay together. Because let’s face it, it’s pretty awesome what we can do! <3

Deconstructing Snape's "Obsessive Love"

Usually, Snape’s love for Lily is discredited with the word “obsessive,” so I wanted to examine that a bit. See, I would probably describe his feelings as obsessive, but I hesitate to use that word at all because it has been thrown around as meaning “Snape never loved Lily; he was obsessed with her.”

However, if we can manage to separate the word obsessive from its context in the Snape debate–Severus is an obsessive person. It’s unlikely he ever cared about much of anything un-obsessively, whether it was potions, (Defence Against) the Dark Arts, or Lily. This is a guy who waxed poetic about “the beauty of the softly simmering cauldron with its shimmering fumes” and a million other things. Snape is…really dramatic. 

The anti-Snape rhetoric tries to fit Snape’s story into a narrative that goes like this: A guy is obsessed with a girl, but he doesn’t love her. He thinks he loves her, but really, he loves the idea of her. He doesn’t actually see her as a person; he doesn’t even really know her.

And that narrative is pretty common in real life and in fiction. It’s the basis for understanding the Manic Pixie Dream Girl trope. So it’s easy for a lot of people to say that’s all Snape’s story is. 

However, there’s no reason to believe that Severus did not see Lily as a person. They were best friends for about five years. I do not believe they could’ve been best friends without Severus truly knowing Lily–her likes, her dislikes, her dreams, her fears, her everything.

Yet simultaneously, Lily probably did represent an idea to him. To explain it very simplistically–the idea of someone who loved him and cared about him (and before that, the idea of a potential friend who could do magic). Eileen probably loved him, but she clearly neglected him, and his parents’ relationship was an unhealthy one, so Severus didn’t have much of a model of what healthy love would look like. If you’re starved for love and affection, you latch onto the first person who shows it to you. That could’ve been the basis of Snape’s feelings before he really got to know Lily. But he did get to know her.

He needed her more than she needed him, most likely–love was more freely available to her. He had no one else. His love was likely to be intense–maybe more intense than hers ever could’ve been. That’s what happens with an intense person like Severus. He was as fixated on his love of Lily as he was fixated on his hatred of James.

It’s unfortunate we have to spend so much time denying that Snape’s love was in any way obsessive in order to prove it was real. I really want to talk about Severus as an intense and obsessive person. Because he loved Lily as a friend, and it was genuine. And he also loved her obsessively, because that was his nature, and because his time as her friend was likely the only time he was happy. Because knowing her, appreciating her, valuing her only made that feeling more intense. It wasn’t an uncomplicated love, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t love.


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Ok so since I immensely enjoyed the conspiracy theory and pretty sure everyone around me thinks I've gone off my rocker laughing like an idiot to myself - I'm gonna add some fuel to the fire, lol. There's the pic from vday with the candy rings on Taco's ig (yungtaco) with caption 'wifey' & 'material' on each hand respectively. WHat if he meant each other *gasp* *shock* *ded*

Oh wow, I included the photo Bella posted on Valentines because I thought it was funny but I didn’t even realize Taco did, too, omg. And he would know, too, since he was part of their friend group back when they were nothing more but young love in LA….

I’m glad you thought it was funny, lol, way too many people took it more seriously than it was intended haha…. Kinda figured that would happen. Thank you for the fuel! 

INTJ thoughts #1

- I’m not a pessimist I’m a realist.
- Everyone here is an idiot.
- Why doesn’t anyone know how to fucking drive?
- *Something sarcastic*
- Why doesn’t anyone understand? Oh yeah because I don’t really talk to anyone LOL
- There’s too many people on this earth, we need another plague.