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imagine.... they screaming and yelling and then one shuts the other and kiss the other like no tomorrow........ that'll probably kill me (i want it soo baddd) ahhhhhhh

ok I can 100% picture things going like this too… they’ve both been so passive for most of the season but things are starting to boil over (we saw it a little bit tonight and things are only going to get more chaotic from here) and honestly what these 2 need is a good fight because so many things have been left unsaid and that’s what’s keeping them stuck in this place they’re at now. they need to yell it out and then make out and then have a really long talk over breakfast in bed that oliver has made for her because you know he misses taking care of her so much 

some people made instagrams for newt but they were all aesthetic bullshit so here is what a newtstagram would really look like, including

-really blurry photos of his creatures

-niffler shaming

- way too many filters on pictures of picket

- selfies with the local friedn and girl nessie

-giving frank the extremely rare and powerful magical beast cowboy hats

- somebody stole jacobs sandwich. who could it be. *niffler burps*

A Guide for Your Books of Shadows

• What is a Book of Shadows ?

Traditionally, all spells, formulas and rituals would be recorded in a Grimoire, which is now more commonly known as the Book of Shadows. Sometimes people will refer to it as either one, there’s no right or wrong name, it’s what you choose.

It’s a book of learning, sometimes these are passed down through generations with each adding to it as they learn and work. Sadly now it is uncommon and so you may need to make your own.

It is never too soon to make one. You’ll want a record of everything you’ve done, whether it worked or not. It is not a diary, rather something to record rituals, modifications, and any other workings or findings that need recording.

Some people choose to write in code, and a lot of old ones were done in runes, magical alphabets or pictures. Many people believe they should not be shared, unless you are passing on to someone or within your own coven. This may have come from fear of being tried or a want to keep what works within a few people.

• How would I record something ?

You’ll want as much information added as possible, after all if you’re going to pass it on to someone they won’t know all the details you did.

Sometimes you may draw a symbol and add notes. Other times you may record spells, formulas and rituals, therefore wanting more than a few words describing what you did. I have done a simple amulet before that took two pages of notes.

• So how would I record spells and formulas ?

You may not need or want all of these, you may have others you want to take note of, but this is a good start.

Type of spell or formula - this should state what the type of spell is (blessing, binding, protection etc). When developing formulas for lotions and potions you need to be clear of the exact purpose.

Date and time made - this gives a cross reference if you want to use planetary hours or magical days.

Reference - you’ll want to make your own system for this so you can find the pages easily again. You may choose to write SPELL largely so when you flick through it jumps out, you may want to colour dot the corners, have symbols to set it apart. This is up to you and how you would be able to find something perhaps years in the future.

Astrological phase - if you have an interest in astrology you may want to record where the planets are when you prepare.

Specific purpose - clearly state what this is for. It helps to focus and also leaves no one in any doubt of your intention should your book be shared or found. If there is more than one purpose record them all.

List of ingredients and supplies - having all the ingredients to hand within your space ensures that you won’t use the wrong thing, or need to leave your sacred space. Also if you want to repeat it you’ll be sure that nothing will change.

Specific location - some spells require a certain setting, you should note where you are when working.

Date, time and astrological phase when used - different to when setting up. Sometimes you would make a lotion at a certain phase of the moon, but want to use it on a different day. If casting a spell to take immediate effect, this would be the one to fill in. Also with spells you have not made yourself, you wouldn’t have a reference of when it was made, but you would have one of when to use. This is the most common one used in a BoS.

Results - record everything you feel are associated with your working, how successful you consider it, how it may be improved.

Deities invoked during preparation and/or used - if you call on any to aid you, here is where to record it. It will help you find who aids you best in which aspects.

Step by step instructions for preparation and/or use - list the order of ingredients, list words used, list when tools are used. Imagine you are writing the method for someone else, what would they do to follow the spell.

Additional notes - if anything seems strange, bizarre or noteworthy add it here. If you ever rework it you’ll know what to expect.

• So how would I record a ritual ?

Rituals are performed differently all over, you may find a need to record yours. Here’s a good start.

Type of ritual - there are many types, you’ll want to record if it is one of invocation, honouring, supplication (asking a favour) or gratitude.

Date and time made - it will help to be consistent with recording this, you may decide upon time (am or pm)/date/month/year. You may decide time/month/date/year. It depends on how you would normally keep track. Stick to what you know and use rather than switching to something new.

Moon phase and astrological correspondences - as you become more proficient you’ll wish to be more accurate and will want to draw in as much power as you can.

Weather - weather has an effect on mood and the way you would carry out your ritual. A ritual honouring Thor or Mars would have more energy in a thunderstorm for instance.

Physical health - your health is important in any working, after all your energy is being used as well.

Purpose of ritual - again, state very clearly and list all that apply.

Tools and other items required - you should list how tools were laid out and what you used. If your intuition tells you to use something make note of it so you can find out why.

Deities or energies invoked - you should start any ritual with a clear idea of the specific deities/energies required for success.

Approximate length of ritual - if you wish to repeat it in the future you’ll need a record of how long it took. Devoting less time may not give the same results if repeated. If you are calling on a God or Goddess you owe them the right time.

Results of ritual - record the results you felt from it, how you yourself felt and how any energy has changed.

Ritual composition - list the order of ingredients, list words used, list when tools are used. Imagine you are writing the method for someone else, what would they do to follow the ritual.

Additional notes - note down anything else you feel is noteworthy, how you might improve it, strange feelings or occurrences, any specific thoughts and ideas that might come to you.

• What else would I add in ?

Anything you may find helpful. Lists of herbs and their uses, you may want to draw the herbs. Any crystals, stones, candles, symbols and their respective meanings and uses. Start with what you work best with and add if needed.

☆☆Thank you for reading, I hope this was of use☆☆

The DP Phandom Must Look so Confusing from the Outside

So I was scrolling through some DP posts and had to wonder what people who’ve never seen the Phandom must think ‘cause I mean…

On one hand we have these posts praising Danny, calling him a precious child whom we must protect. We say that we should let the kid have a break, drawing pictures of the kids sleeping for once, and just hanging out living his life because he’s so stressed 90 percent of the time…

On the other hand, we have 1) ghost hunger, 2) many, many vissections/ dissections, 3) GIW captures, 4) Too many torture fics, 5) Danny going insane, 6) more torture, 7) TUE AUs where everyone is dead and Danny is angsting over the death of his family, 8) angst, 9) much angst, 10) and did I mention torture? Because wow, there’s ton of torture for this poor boy.

Then there’s Dan Phantom. The Phandom knows that he’s evil incarnate and the worst thing ever for everyone. Danny has nightmares and fears his very existence. We even have some fics where he comes back and destroys everything, as Danny watches his family get killed in the background. Simply put, he’s the ultimate enemy… 

And then there’s the pictures of Dan teasing Danny like an older brother and cuddling up to Jazz like a little demented puppy.

The fact that the Phandom is divided on whether Vlad is a misunderstood, old man who needs companionship (in what way and from who depends on the person),a  hug, and just really a person who cares about him, or if he’s an evil megalomaniac who should be hated and shunned for his actions for all eternity for what he has done to everyone.  

…Or the fact that one of  Butch Hartman’s favorite episodes is the finale, Phantom Planet and most of the Phandom hates it and practically counts it as non-canon.

…Or the fact that “It’s not gay if he’s dead” and Danny’s pink pants are things.

Don’t get me started on the pairings.

…And the pairings names.

…And the fact that we don’t have ship names for canon crushes/pairings.

…And the fact we have pairings for inanimate objects but not for some of the main characters.

Then there’s Wes Weston. Just all the Wes Weston. We literally created an OC from a background character we saw once or twice who’s literally Mr. Crocker if he was a teenager with a lot less tech and much more mentally stable (or at least a little but more stable).

Do you see what I mean? 

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Phandom so much for its weirdness! I’m just laughing at how confused some people must be about ….well everything if they were to see it… especially if they were hoping to see stuff about a light hearted kid show.

Wisdom from the Fire Tribe General's second son Kan Tae Jun

It’s too late. “Someday” is too late.

Tae-jun’s transformation is one of my favorite. It was a gradual process of character change until you can’t help but love him and his words and actions can make your eyes a little bit moist. He too was once like Yona and the many others securely living inside castle walls, leading people but are ignorant of what the people need and the suffering they are going through. He was just another leader blind of the big picture until he was out of the palace and “ginger soup boy” developed into an endearing character. 

The realization that “someday” is too late and “someday” may never come, that whatever you can do no matter how small it is must be done right now so that “someday” can be a reachable reality will guide him into becoming a huge influence in Kouka. And that is one of the greatest wisdom of this story.

Tired of your tablet pen wearing down too fast?

I’ve seen so many people complain about this, including some of my friends, so i thought i’d share my knowledge, maybe it’ll help someone.

Laminating pouch

Laminate Laminating pouch. (With a nice picture if you want!)

Tape laminated Laminating pouch to tablet

Never have to change your nib ever again! 

This is how much my tip worn down after using it one week without the protection. 

I’ve had this tablet for almost two years and never changed the nib. (Tho depending on how hard you press and what type of nib you like to use it’s probably going to wear down sooner or later anyway, but it sure slows it down a lot. I use the standard nib btw.)

Plastic folders works too! (And anything else that’s similar, like a regular plastic sheet of course, but anything that’s thin will tear easily and you have to change that instead.)


Louise Brealey has not been included in the 2017 Sherlock calendar. Although it’s too late for things to change, we want our voice to be heard.
Molly is a fundamental character in BBC Sherlock. Many people relate to her, identify with her and dote on her. Sherlock himself thinks she’s the one person who matters the most.
It’s utterly ridiculous that none of her pictures have made their way into the calendar!

Let’s give our disappointment a voice! Tweet #MollyforMarch and, if you want to, tag Louise herself, Amanda Abbington, Mark Gatiss, Sue Vertue and more… because Molly matters!


Okay, the picture looks like it was taken from a cheap porno. But that’s not the point… Look at the way people react to the subject of men being abused, it’s sickening.
People treat this very serious issue as a joke, and this is why so many men are too ashamed to seek help. Our justice system is so screwed up that men can’t even defend themselves in these types of situations, because they know they could be the one that ends up in trouble. The violence towards men and the stigma needs to STOP!

You know what’s amazing!

Because we have only been told that the majority of the characters are Latinos, we have so much liberty to cast the roles as people of ANY descent! 

Have you always imagined Dani as a Hijabi?
A)There are many Latinxs of Arabic backgrounds.
B) Islam is the 2nd religion in the world, if you don’t think there are Muslims in Puerto Rico, think again!
C) Just Imagine how fashionable her outfits would be!
Picture Sonny with a billion freckles?
I’ve seen Freckle on people with so many skin tones! Even darker ones!
Maybe when you thought of Camila, you’d imagined her with light features and colored eyes. 
This is highly possible too! Many Latinxs are of European ancestry. Don’t rule out someone as Latinx just because of colorful eyes or hair.
Maybe you’ve always pictured Carla looking like she is of East Asian descent?
That is not as unlikely as one may think. There are many Asian Latinxs. No matter what, She’ll always say she’s from Queens!
When they mentioned Nina had Curly hair, did you imagined her as Black?
Hey! There are Afro latinxs! That is entirely possible!
Maybe you imagined Vanessa of South Asian Descent?
Even though it is not common represent doesn’t mean they don’t exist! Hell yeah!
Ever Imagined Abuela with Vitiligo?
I’ve met many Latinxs with Vitiligo. That’s so cool!
Usnavi sure knows tons of Yiddish, What if he is Jewish?
There are lots of people not only of Jewish descent in the Latinxs countries, but also those who practice Judaism.
Always pictured The Piragüero as Mestizo with dark skin and dark features?
He’s supposed to represent the spirit of the islands, I don’t think it’d be a far stretch to imagine him looking like the indigenous people of the islands. The connection with out indigenous roots, makes Latin culture different from the rest of the world.

Like even with Benny! I know Benny is usually black in the Broadway Production, but really all Benny’s requirements is: to not be Latinx. So just imagine school productions and Benny is Korean. Benny being Pakistani. Benny being Maori. 

Look I’m not shitting on the original performers we are used to seeing in fan art or anything. They are freaking fantastic! I’m just saying let’s appreciate how inclusive Lin made these characters!

“I finally found the right ones worthy of mine”

(Because I have more thoughts about this apparently)

FINALLY and RIGHT ONES signals that there was trial and error up to this point

Basically, I’m picturing younger, more trusting Ezekiel giving his love wholeheartedly to so many people

He’s too open and too loving and too caring

And eventually he finds out you can’t be that way

You can’t love people just because you love them. That’s how you get taken advantage of. That’s how you end up hurt and alone. That’s how you end up thinking, “how did I let this happen again?”

But god knows Ezekiel can’t just stop himself from caring, so he learns to hide it. He learns to hide himself.

What he learns is that you can care for people, you can even love them, but you can’t let them see it.

And eventually it’s easier just to leave when he starts caring. Eventually, it’s easier not to have any ties to anyone ever.


I have many memories and photos to share, but, until I’m back home I won’t be able to scan my ops and look through the thousands of pictures I took.

But, I will share these two ops with you, because this is what I had always been dreaming of. I’m still too overwhelmed and emotional to realize that the only dream I ever had, did in fact come true.

None of this would have happened without the people behind the whole #getmel2houscon campaign.

Not only did my one and only dream come true - I also had the pleasure to meet so many amazing and kind people. You all know who you are.

Until I’m able to give you all a full report, this post will have to do.

Thank you to everyone involved for making me the happiest woman on earth. Just… thank you. I’m crying again… the words are swimming away. Just give me time to process everything and you’ll get more and smarter words from me. <3


(Official Disclaimer)

I hate that you can be so aloof with people you don’t know. It can be hard for others to approach you, honestly, because you can come across as snobbish.

I hate that, when I finally do get to know you enough so that you’re comfortable around me, you’re basically just a nut. That Ne is like so overwhelming at times–like whoa, too much, too many, no, stop, pick one dammit get a grip agh (that was my ENTJ-ness interfering with an accurate picture of you, feel free to ignore if you don’t want the opinion of a xxTJ.)

I hate that you don’t like share your brilliance. You can be kind of a clam. But you’re so, so funny and nobody but your close friends get to enjoy that! Why?

Probably because you (mistakenly) believe that you’re annoying or imposing on others. And no, I’m not contradicting myself! You can be obnoxious at times. It’s a matter of degree, guys. Talk sometimes, not all the time. It’s like there’s an on/off switch in your brain when it comes to socializing (fyi, the rest of us have a dial that like, slowly increases or decreases….)

Yeah. And you remind me vaguely of a male peacock. You show off a lot. Which I hate.

i hate to be the scolding mom but in light of recent events i’d like to remind people in the soukoku & bsd fandoms about general rules concerning posting artwork because seeing stolen art one (1) time is one (1) time too many:

  • find out who the artist is if you find a picture you like. “credits to the respective author” or the like is not appropriate credit.
  • if you can’t find the artist to credit consider: maybe don’t post it
  • reblog it directly from their blog if they have a tumblr, don’t repost. and don’t delete their comments.
  • ask permission if you want to repost
  • include their name/handle and link back to their deviantart/pixiv/whatever their main page is
  • if the artist doesn’t speak your language i.e. a japanese artist on pixiv, either find someone who can translate a request to repost or just don’t repost it. (i speak japanese so hell, ask me!)
  • respect the artist damnit. we know you love their work, so do we, they’re a blessing on this earth for their talented fandom contribution, so show your love through RESPECT

if you have reposted someone’s work without following these steps here’s how you fix it:

  • take it down immediately.
  • apologizing is always a good idea.
  • do it right this time or don’t do it at all.

i want to give people the benefit of the doubt, i think there are some young or naive people who don’t understand how damaging this is but Here, Now You Know.

in the meantime be on the lookout if you see hijacked art don’t be quiet about it. tell them to delete it and if they don’t take steps to fix it report that shit. it’s theft


Face behind the blog tag

i don't take selfies so here are the worst/okay-est pictures of me i could find/ones without snapchat filters :^)
Rules: Share a selfie (how ever many you like) and tell your followers about yourself! Tag 3 or more people. 

Name: Sophie
Age: 16
Height: 5 something? idk i haven’t checked in a while it’s probably 5′4 or 5′5
Pronoun: she/her
Race / Ethnicity: white as heck
Partner: lol nnop
Pets: i have 3 cats and i think they all hate me :^D
Occupation: student? i guess?
Hobbies: video games, sleeping, doing nothing 
What you like about yourself: i think i’m all around p great except not a fan of the way my face looks sometimes 
Side blogs: @palechiffon
People you want to get to know better? Tag 3 or more: @simreaper @thosefuckingsims @dazzled-simblr @cabsim if you’re up to it :^)

Looking over videos and photos, I noticed this happened a year ago. Around early December, 2015, Peter visited a boy named Daniel in the hospital when he was too sick to attend the Doctor Who Festival in London. He has two health conditions:  EDS (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) and POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome). Peter talked with Daniel for about an hour before making his rounds to other kids in the children’s ward. Nurses and staff members also got to meet him and take pictures.

This is why I love this man so much. Not just because he’s Doctor Who, but because of the many wonderful things he does for his fans and people in general. No one told him to do this. It was all his idea. He cares deeply for everyone around him; he wants to make sure everyone has a positive and memorable experience.

Video belongs to Daniel (on Twitter). The first photo is from Verity while the second is from Geek Syndicate.

  • What he says: I love Laxus.
  • What he means: I used to hate Laxus when he was first introduced. He was an ass, and his reasons for being violent and wanting to take over Fairy Tail seemed shallow and Donald Trump-esque. It wasn't until I saw his issues with his lack of individuality, his abuse at the hands of Ivan, and his breakdown that no matter how much he denied it, he still loved Fairy Tail too much to kill even a single person in it, that he started to come together into a really cool character in my eyes. I'm also glad he reaps a realistic consequence for his rebellion and hurting so many people, and even though I knew he deserved it, I broke down and cried with him when everyone showed that they still held him as one of their own at the end of the Fantasia arc. It's even better that when he next comes back into the picture, it doesn't mean that he's automatically forgiven or even welcome back into the guild, nor does he think he should be or is let down when he isn't. And seeing how much he's changed as a person since his exile was a refreshing thing. As a final note, Laxus hasn't been Worfed to hell and back for new villains, nor has he been shoved into the arms of the nearest free big-breasted female character to ship with, and I'm so happy he escaped those trends. To make this short, if you don't love Laxus we can't be friends.
Bawson AU - Oneshot

Beach vacation AU: Ginny Baker, the rising star of a small screen TV show, has had enough of work. She is in desperate need of some alone time, away from people and spotlight so she heads to a small remote seaside town where she hopes no one will recognise her.

Collage - made by me, pictures found via google

Hope you enjoy :D

AO3 link:

A Heavenly Vision, oneshot

Her bungalow is cosy and overlooks a semi-private beach so there aren’t many people there which is very much to her liking. She’s had enough of paparazzi to last her a lifetime. All she wants is some time to herself, with no bodyguards, no cell phones, no social media or fans wanting to take her picture. Don’t get her wrong – she adores her fans, but sometimes, it’s just too much for her.

She knew what she was getting herself into when she decided to pursue acting, but she could never have dreamt the fame she would achieve. Thousands of fans flocking to conventions just to see her and her castmates, take a picture with her, reporters asking her the same questions over and over again, paparazzi following her every move and everyone she’s involved in, reporting fake stories and relationships, harassing her… Her anxiety levels have reached a new high and she was afraid it was a matter of days before she broke down… again.

An escape from reality is what she needed.

Ginny wasn’t even aware just how exhausted and sleep deprived she is until she came here. Luckily, there’s no one here to bother her so she basks in her newfound freedom, at least for a little while. She enjoys walking the sandy beach, swimming in crystal blue water, sleeping all day if she wants to and basically doing nothing but relaxing.

Until one day, her peaceful vacation is interrupted by a sight of a handsome surfer.

The first time she sees him, she’s climbing up the stairs to her bungalow, freshly out of water, having taken the opportunity to take an early morning swim before anyone comes. From the corner of her eye, she catches a glimpse something bright blue. Turning to her right, she sees a man carrying a surfboard, his wetsuit pulled way low on his abdomen. His chest glistens in the morning sun and Ginny unconsciously swallows, licking her lips as her gaze travels down from his pecs across his six pack to the very visible bulge in the wetsuit.

Before she could inspect him some more, Ginny flees into the house because she’s here to have some alone time and not ogle at men, hot as they may be.

The next time she sees him, she’s just woken up, pulling open the dark drapes on her terrace door. He’s in the wetsuit again, gracing Ginny with the sight of his fine toned ass leaning over the surfboard as he stretches on the beach. Her eyes linger on it, take not on the way he flexes and before she knows it, she’s clenching her thighs together as her finger on the glass follows the outline of those curves.

A knock on the door startles her and Ginny almost feels ashamed for indulging in such actions. She chastises herself and hurries to open the door, painstakingly aware of her damp panties.

The next couple of times the man appears on the beach and in Ginny’s line of sight happen to be a pure coincidence. She definitely tried to avoid him as much as possible but it seems like fate just didn’t want to oblige. And she has to admit - there’s just something about those waves and the way his body moves with them so gracefully.

The following week, Ginny makes sure to lounge on her terrace around the same time the surfer comes down to the beach. She puts on her shades and her wide brimmed sun hat, and pretends to read a book while drinking her ice-tea though her eyes wander to the water more times than she would like to admit. Whatever, she’s just appreciating the view.

In the following month, it becomes a sort of routine for her, so much so Ginny is surprised he’s not aware of her creepy, borderline stalkerish behaviour. It’s not like she’s hiding behind a tree or anything. She always lies on the beach chair, her shades and sun hat on. She even wears her favourite brightly coloured swimsuits, so there’s no fucking way he can’t at least catch a glimpse of her, taking in account how close to the beach her bungalow is.

She is getting frustrated because damn it, she wants him to notice her. Ginny is tired of ‘casually’ posing every single morning, hoping the guy would at least acknowledge her with a wave.

Nothing. Zero fucks given by him.

Fine. Who cares about some surfer dude? Wasn’t this suppose to be a ‘her time’?

She stops her surfer-watching sport and decides to dedicate time to herself, going on mani-pedis, massages, eating as much as she wants without anyone scolding her, watches old movies and cheesy rom-coms until the wee hours, and almost completely pushes the thoughts of the surfer guy aside. She goes to the beach when she’s sure he won’t be there because it’s better than clinging onto somebody she doesn’t even know.

She’s still sleeping, having drifted off to dreamland only three hours ago when a knock on the terrace door wakes her up. Still groggy from lack of sleep, barely able to open her eyes, Ginny pulls a yellow dress with white polka dots on them that’s hanging over the bathroom door     over her lithe frame and sleepily saunters to the door, fighting a yawn.

Her eyes pop open the second her brain registers the man in front of her, nervously biting his lip, his hands on his hips.

“Hey. So… I’ve been watching you on this terrace for the past month and a half and fuck, I’m sorry it took me this long to come up here, but I was wondering if you’d like to go out for a drink sometime. ”

Her mouth doesn’t work, like, at all. Ginny’s blinking at him, eyes wide, but no words are coming out.

The surfer dude is here! He’s right in front of her, sporting a five o’clock shadow and a grey Henley which does nothing but draw her attention to his huge biceps.

“Sorry, did I wake you? I know you’re usually up by now, that’s why I came…” he sounds unsure and starts to retreat starting Ginny into action.

“Hi, hi. Um, yeah. I was sleeping.”

He stops in his track and gives her s shy smile before pushing his hands in his pockets. “Sorry about waking you. I’m Mike, by the way.”

“Ginny,” she sways lightly on her toes, biting back a grin, because damn, he’s even better in person.

“So… about that drink… ”

“Umm, sure. Tonight?”

“Tonight. I’ll come pick you up,” he starts walking backwards smiling widely at her and Ginny can’t contain her own smile.



She closes the door, making sure Mike’s gone before she starts jumping on her bed like a love struck teenager.

The end :D

anonymous asked:

Hi!! Sorry to bother you but I'm from Europe and the only way for me to get the EW magazine is through Amazon, which would take more than a week. So I was just wondering if there would be more information about season 2 of stranger things or only what has already been published, cause I'm not sure if it's worthy to buy it... Thanksss

Hi! @telekineticeggos bought it and sent some pictures of the magazine and there are no new photos that haven’t already been released, and basically all of the info has been released already as well. Here’s some new tidbits that didn’t come out the other day with the article:

-The Palace (episode 4 title) is the name of an arcade in Hawkins
-Some of the episode names will change because the Duffer Brothers saw too many people figuring out plot points from the original titles (though they basically said a few of the ones they first released were never final anyways, they’re more like working titles)
-The plan is to end on 4 or 5 seasons; they want to end on a high point and not drag the show out too long

Fic 421: Art Appreciation

So I’m on vacation right now, so I apologize for my somewhat sporadic posting! Here’s some Red Oktoberfest for you!

How long had they been here?

Medic’s sigh echoed through the open gallery, earning him sideways glances from the other patrons. He scowled as he saw Heavy’s posture stiffen in front of him, fully aware of the doctor’s ever growing boredom and displeasure at being dragged to yet another museum, but also as resolved to ignore it which only lead to Medic’s frown tugging down the corners of his mouth all the more. He sometimes hated just how well the giant knew him.

If there had been even the slightest acknowledgement of Medic, he would have had an in. He would have been able to start poking and prodding his schatz that hadn’t they spent enough time inside for one day? They were in New York, after all! There were so many things that they could be doing instead of looking at pictures painted by people too dead or too avant garde to care about the appreciation that two mercenaries on furlough. There was that lovely Central Park, for example, which had more than enough nooks and crannies that they could hide away for an hour or two. Or that exceptionally seedy side of town where they could find some thugs to bait into an exhilarating little sparring match. At this point anything would be better than looking at yet another Monet, Rembrandt, or Raphael. But Heavy’s back remained steadfastly in front of him while he took in the brushstrokes of Gustav Klimpt, leaving Medic to his thoughts as he stood there quietly stewing.

To be fair, Medic had agreed to the whole affair before they’d even left Teufort. It only seemed right after Heavy had squeezed himself through the catacombs in Paris, and the helped him harvest spare body parts in Tijuana. He just hadn’t realized how dreadfully boring the whole thing would be.

When he looked back up, Heavy had moved on. It took him only a minute to spot him as he towered over the rest of the crowd, and he quickly moved to follow. His shoes rapped loudly across the marbled floor, earning him more raised eyebrows as he left the gallery to catch up with him as he stood considering a pristine white sculpture of some Roman or Greek god or another. His large feet were planted with the same set determination as they would be facing down a wall of BLUs. The Russian was going nowhere soon. Medic let out a huff before dropping down onto one of the small benches that sat in the middle of the room and shoving his hands in his pockets.

“Give the art a chance to speak to you, dorogoy.” Those were the words that Heavy had said before they had left their hotel room that morning. “The museum is filled with the greatest art in the world. Surely there will be something there that will appeal even to you.”

So far Medic had managed to defy the odds.

The tips of his fingers brushed across something in his pocket. His ticket stub along with the small map that they’d been given when they arrived. It was something at least, and he pulled out the map and started folding it idly as he let his gaze wander around the room. The walls of the gallery were white and boring, reminding him all too much of his years back at school and then the hospital. The hospital had at least had some excitement. All around were men and women milling about and talking in hushed tones as they pretended to know about art. There were society men and matrons in long black coats standing next to a few of the bohemian set who were dressed in the garish fashions that seemed to be the style in the city now. Medic held back an eye roll at them all.

Heavy at least seemed to be truly admiring the statue in front of him. Whether due to his native tongue or his nature taciturn personality, he had been largely silent since they’d arrived. He hadn’t stopped at every painting on the wall, but had strode through the halls with a sense of purpose until he found what he wanted. Medic had to admire that, at least. There was no fake posturing, only pure artistic interest. It was that earnestness that really was the man’s ultimate charm. Heavy did nothing by halves. He lived, learned, and loved completely.

Of course, the entire body of work wasn’t bad, either. That gentle nature was wrapped within a body that was just as strong as the resolved that it housed. From a purely academic standpoint, Heavy was not what could be termed “classically handsome”. That appellation was much more appropriate to the statue that he was currently admiring. Where the young man captured in stone had broad shoulders that tapered down into a narrow waist, Heavy’s shape was reminiscent of a rather broad rectangle. The stone youth’s jaw was gracefully shaped and his nose romantically aquiline. Heavy’s jaw was like a block of stone, with a nose that had been flattened from several fights too many. Curly hair sat upon the statue’s head like a marble crown. Heavy’s shaved head shone slightly under the gallery lights. No. Classically handsome was not something Heavy would ever be.

Perhaps postmodern handsome would be better? Medic mused on the thought for a moment as he watched Heavy shift slightly on his feet. A rejection of classical beauty that, if you used it as a measure, would have most people ranking Scout of all people as more attractive than his Schatz. It was such a ridiculous notion, the ranking of such shallow aesthetics over the deeper nature of a man. Heavy’s brilliant mind aside, there was a raw physicality that had to not just be seen, but felt, experienced in order to truly appreciate. It was a physicality that Medic was intimately familiar with both inside and out after hours and hours of laborious study. He caught the sudden laugh that welled up inside him before it escaped.

He should start his own artistic movement. Mishaism, he could call it. An appreciation of the man who stood in front of him. A movement of one, founder, student, and master all wrapped into himself, as he would never allow anyone else near enough to that precious subject for even the most elementary of study.


Medic blinked, and Heavy seemed to have suddenly moved. He was no longer looking at the statue that still stood motionless before them, but rather fixing his gaze down at him with a bemused expression on his face. His large hand reached out to take the map that had been wrinkled almost beyond usefulness by Medic’s fingers. “Doktor is getting bored. Should pick next exhibit.”

“Ach, nein, nein.” Medic waved his hand. “This is your trip, Liebe. You pick.”

“But you have not found one yet that you enjoy looking at.”

Medic smiled up at him. “Oh, but I have.”