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Pairing: Freewood

Word Count: 690

Genre: Angst

It was late and Ryan hadn’t heard from Gavin in a while. That wasn’t necessarily unusual, but that didn’t stop the nagging feeling in the back of his mind that something was wrong. It didn’t help that Gavin had been working with a dangerous crew that night and that Gavin was supposed to have been back an hour ago. Maybe Ryan was just being over protective. Gavin had accused him of that before.

But maybe something was wrong.

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Lol at that pro-lifer saying there's no other situation like a person being pregnant. Um, I can think of a few but a lot of people get mad when I compare a fetus with a parasite sooo....

Well, I mean, there really aren’t too many, but it doesn’t matter. We don’t take away people’s bodily autonomy in other rare circumstances (ex. someone really in need of a rare blood type can’t just force another with that blood type to donate, ever), so I don’t get this argument.

We get it, antis are in love with fetuses. I’m in love with pregnant people and their basic human rights. Fetuses are cool and all, but they have to play by the rules the rest of us do.

Have some fluffy nygmobblepot headcanons.

-Oswald blushing all the fucking time

-Ed being super inappropriate with PDA and Oswald telling him to knock it off under his breath but secretly loving it

-Olga being a protective babushka and waving her wooden spoon at Ed when Os isn’t looking so he knows to stay in line.

-Sleeping in the same room/bed for the first time.

-Fanservicey comedic lovers spats with lots of yelling.

-Ed cleaning the house every chance he gets in hopes Oswald will fire the maid.

-Oswald getting kinda fat and Ed finding it charming and sabotaging his weight loss efforts.

-Ogla telling on Ed and Oswald yelling at him for it, wtf Ed.

-Going obnoxiously overboard on birthdays.

-Being inconveniently mad at each other in a room full of people. Oswald pouts a lot and makes snide double entendres while Ed glares and everyone else is super awkward.

-Zsasz is there, and he just looks around making that one face.

-Ed taking care of drunk one-too-many Oswald and carrying him to his room, reminding him to only sleep on his side, promising to give him a back rub, etc, and Oswald not listening and just trying to kiss him a lot because wow price charming when did you get here.

-Ed having to sleep on the couch whenever they have a bad fight, even though there are a million guest rooms.

-Oswald coming out to the couch in the middle of the night wrapped in a blanket to be with Ed because he can’t stay mad.

-Oswald showing no mercy on anyone who’s mean to Ed, even for little things.

-Oswald fumbling for words when introducing Ed to anyone because he’s never been in a relationship before and doesn’t know what to say.

-Saying “I love you” a lot.

-Oswald being excited to meet Ed’s parents because in his mind parents are perfect, and having to pull himself together for Ed’s sake when it turns out that Ed’s dad is a douche.

-Ed being really tight and uncomfortable around his father but not standing for any attacks on Oswald. At all.

-Both of them all smug and beaming when introducing each other to people they hate.

-Cooking for each other. Ed learns all of Gertrude’s recipes.

-Snuggling by the fire.

-Lots of hand holding. A lot.

-Jim finding out and realizing even Penguin’s love life is going better than his.

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I’m so mad at people immediately dismissing Yuri on Ice!! as queerbait like have you actually watched it? Have you seen how many typical anime tropes it breaks??

“There’s never been a queer anime that wasn’t in the yaoi/yuri niche!” 
Have you forgotten No. 6? It broke so many walls. Unless you somehow think that’s queerbaiting too in which case you are the one doing the erasure here, because they were definitely a couple. 

Look I get it. I’ve been totally hurt by queerbaiting in shows/movies before (”When Marnie was There” absolutely destroyed my soul), but unless the show pulls an actual no homo, do not write this couple off as queerbaiting because you’re a bitter little shit who wants to find problems in a show. 

But for now YOI has created a really honest, dynamic, and sweet couple that feels very realistic and hasn’t once pulled any “look how straight they are” stunts or ever made Yuuri’s attraction or gender exploration into a joke. Gender and sexuality is never a throw away thing in this show, but an actual part of the storyline and how these characters develop. Respect progress. Gay anime is a rarity in Japan yes, so embrace this show that’s so beautifully pushing boundaries, and if it turns out to queerbait then be upset but right now you’re the one erasing the representation here by being the only ones saying “they’re not a couple”. 

Ever wanted a group chat to talk about the Shittiest Show on television? Well finally I’m giving you all the chance! No need to thank me, just read a few simple things on how you can be apart of this wonderful environment! 


  • cool new friends (probably?) to talk about the show with
  • a lot of new mutuals to reblog your shit !!
  • a nice group of people to help you with anything you need
  • literally talk about sp without having people get mad at you for it !!

some rules

  • reblog this post ( get it around to as many people as you can ! )
  • fill out THIS form ( i promise its short i just need some info! )

increase your chances

  • literally just talk to me, if i get to know you before hand the outcome should be good !
  • i promise im nice so don’t worry too much about that
  • tag things under the #southparkgc 

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you guys find this to be a great idea for making new friends and meeting new people! UNDERSTAND I do have to cap this at 10 people (maybe a few more or less) just because I do not want the groupchat to be too messy and disorganized! A friend and I will be choosing the 10 people on January 10th, 2017 or when it gets enough notes. Thanks again! Good Luck!

Every single day, I overhear many conversations. Today, I overheard an argument, which is prompting me to post this post right now (and because I need to get back to writing text posts just because). You know what I hate the most? When someone always says “oh do you remember when I did this for you? When I got that for you?” When you truly care and love someone, you don’t say that just to remind everyone of how kind and great you are. Don’t do things or say things to people expecting something in return or to get something out of it. Do and say things because you truly want to, not because you think it might get you somewhere. Just be real. The worst part is when people decide to do nice things for you, but it’s things THEY LIKE/WANT versus things you actually like…and then they have the audacity to act like they pay attention and truly know and care about you…The only people allowed to say “oh but I do so much for you” are my parents and sister.

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A few of TV shows that the Akatsuki would watch? I'm sorry if it's too many people, but it would just be short ;-;


Itachi would like the X Files, Breaking Bad, Law & Order, and Kisame got him into Shark Week. Sorry I couldn’t resist.

Besides that, Kisame likes Dexter and Blacklist

Hidan likes American Horror Story but just for the gory parts. Same thing for Game of Thrones

Deidara likes all those art shows on SyFy like Face Off. He also likes Always Sunny In Philadelphia 

Kakuzu wouldn’t watch much tv at all tbh. He’d occassionally get into whatever everyone else was watching. He’d take a liking to Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, and Dexter

Sasori likes Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire, and House of Cards. Kind of political, dramatics shows tbh

Nagato is into The Walking Dead and Hannibal

Obito likes Archer, Game of Thrones, Futurama, and Suits

Konan also likes AHS, Sense8 and Pretty Little Liars

i get way too angry about people who have no idea what sherlock is about like i kind of get that many die-hard casuals don’t see johnlock but those fucking idiots who go and fucking claim sherlock is not gay shall feel my wrath i’m so mad i want to punch them in the face with my weak noodle fists i will seriously resort to fictional violence i want those goddamn monsters to get away from my swishy son

the terrible magic flute college au concept that nobody (least of all I) asked for

  • next to one another there’s a coed college and a women’s college in a consortium with one another (like haverford and bryn mawr) so you can cross-register classes and all that
  • the brotherhood is a frat at the coed college. tamino is going thro rushing/hazing so that he can join the frat
  • papageno is his stoner bro buddy who’s been hanging around the frat house for so long that people just, like, accept his presence even if he’s not technically a part of it
  • the queen of the night is the dean at the women’s college and she’s bitter that her husband bequeathed the property he held to the coed school even if he left her school his fortune
  • tamino and pamina meet in a class at the coed school. the dean of the night thinks tamino is wholesome and acceptable at first but she gets mad because her daughter is taking TOO MANY classes over at the other school!! 
  • so the dean is like daughter you MUST start taking more classes over at the school you’re enrolled in! my school!!!! even if that means changing your major!!! so pamina is miserable because of that and also tamino won’t text her back???? 
  • pamina goes to the prof of the class she’s taking over at the coed college (it’s sarastro, and the course is on enlightenment philosophy naturally) and is like my mom is making me drop? and he’s like no… gotta follow your heart in pursuit of knowledge….also your boyfriend probably doesn’t hate you
  • she’s like damn you’re right and they make it through finals together (trial by fire) and some party thrown by the frat afterwards (trial by water). tamino’s now a full-fledged member and it’s great, papageno fails but he meets this one girl at the party so he’s just fine with that 
  • anyways whatever I want the two hours of my life that I spent watching the magic flute with this in mind back 

While most Big hero 6 fans are mad that the movie didn’t get the Golden globe because of his POC characters. 

I want to remind you : How many heroes are with a disability in animated movies? Here we have both Hiccup and Toothless being with an handicap. Along with others characters.

It’s a role model too for all people and kids with a disability , to have a hero like them and who is a leader.

Dragons 2 also possessed strong female characters in their own style.

To say that HTTYD 2 got the award because it has no POC character make you forget that important fact.

How to train your dragon 2 is an amazing movie, not only it was visually wonderful, the plot was good, the characters aged!! and a minority is represented . A minorIty which is very rare because they are disabled people and they are not shown in a pity way.

A Few Thoughts on 2016

The title of this post is way fancier than the rest of it, you’ll see. I got inspired by @zelo-s’ post on people that made her year great so i thought “wait can i actually do that without looking lame” and apparently yes, i can.
So here’s the tearful list; a big thank you to:
@zelo-s (there are way too many reasons to list, i can only hope you realise how important of a friend you are to me. Thank you for everything)
@iamhetaliafangirltrash (for being supportive, kind and always willing to listen to my ideas. You’re an amazing friend and i’m really sorry for all of the times i got you mad, i hope you’ll be getting only the best things in life and remember you’re a tough cookie!)
@alexthebluepretzel (my dear romanian sinning partner :“) thank you for all of the jokes and ideas we shared, and for all of your support and kind words!)
@bighetaliatrash (you’re a really strong and smart fellow, and i’m glad to have been a witness of your growth in drawing! You’re really good at managing ask blogs; keep being great and never let anyone bring you down!)
@mayonnaise-is-not-a-gender (i know we mostly exchanged funny ideas and headcanons but even with that you’re very creative! I can’t thank you enough for the support on my sideblogs!)
@chibimintcandy (i had the chance to relate to you in many things, and i’m glad i got to know what you’re like and what your interests are. I’m looking forward to new art!)
@romanothesassqueen (we haven’t talked much but i really like your art and you’re a nice presence on my dash! I hope i’ll get the time to interact with you more)
@enis-bosnia (i’m so happy you didn’t give up drawing! I still remember the very first bosherze comics you posted and how i fell in love with them in that very moment; stay strong!)
@lila-cherryblossomtree (you’re my mutual, but i’d like to get to know you more in the future; besides, i like your aph headcanons, especially your hungary ones: i think they’re very well-thought)
@yachi-hiitoka (we haven’t talked in a while, but your blog still remains an aesthetic to me)
@francofous (i want to give you a special thanks for all of the beautiful art (and accurate interpretations) you’ve created for the balkans, especially for ro! You’ve always brightened up my day whenever you posted something!)
@wolfofromania (i’ve been looking up to your rp/romania related blog since i joined with website, so keep being amazing! I guess it’d be pointless to say i love @incorrectbalkantaliaquotes too)

Welp, this came out longer than i expected. Hope it didn’t get too sappy, it’s just that i see each of you as such different individuals i just had to write all of that stuff within the brackets y'know.
Happy New (early) Years! :3

Sagittarius Ravenclaw Moodboard:Ravenclaw Sagittarians are the philosophers of the magical world. They love pure theory, pure mathematics, and anything that appeals to their yearning for far horizons, whether those horizons be physical (in which case they will do a lot of traveling) or mental. They excel at astrology and research, and have the rare gift of both being able to investigate a subject deeply and then being able to explain it to other people in plain language. This makes for excellent teaching potential. They are cheerful, athletic, brisk, and humourous, and also decidedly eccentric. Sometimes they get on people’s nerves, because they don’t have as many interpersonal skills as they seem to think they have, but it’s hard to stay mad at a Ravenclaw Sagittarian for very long. They’re just too goofy.

I don’t understand why so many people are throwing complete fits over Johnlock not being cannon? Like I get it I ship johnlock too, but there was no possibility of it REALLY happening. Like THE BIGGEST REASON for Sherlock at least was Irene? Like did everybody absolutely just miss that?? And I understand why the LGBT members of the Fandom were mad over not being represented, but have you seen the progress we’ve gotten on TV over the years? We’ve even have kid shows trying to be healthy on LGBT themes and educate children on it in a subtle way; there’s many shows like that out there, not just Sherlock to represent.


🔅Request: Could you do a Carl imagine that you are his girlfriend and daryls little sister. So one day you and Carl where in his cell and things got heated which turned into them having sex. So later you find out your pregnant, you finally go tell Carl and guys decide to tell your brother Daryl, but Daryl gets mad and tells you guys can’t see each other. So you guys always see each other at night so Daryl doesn’t find out but one night he caught you and Carl. (you can do the rest)(please do smut) thx😊💗🔅 

I hope you like it!

Family was the most important for many people at the prison, Rick lost his mind when a member of his family passed away, and Daryl probably would too if something happened to his little sister, (Y/N). 

She was all the family he had left, and even when she wasn’t, she was the most important thing for him. He was overprotective and caring, in the ways Daryl Dixon could be. And this is exactly why it wasn’t much fun for him to see her with her boyfriend, Carl Grimes. Daryl knew that he was a good guy, that he was raised right and he would never hurt (Y/N), but he was young, very young; and very young people do very stupid things. 

 -Hi, Beth asked if you had any dirty clothes here. —(Y/N) asked as she opened the curtain to Carl’s cell. 

 -No, it’s fine, thanks. —he smiled. —Oh, wait. Maybe I do. 

 He took off his shirt in front of her. He was a clumsy kid, specially when he tried to act like a grown up. (Y/N) giggled at his funny movements, she found it funny when he tried to look hot. 

 -What are you doing? —she wondered with a little laugh. 

 -Taking off my dirty clothes. —Carl said when he unzipped his pants. His feet found their way to her and his hands grabbed her nape. He pressed his lips against hers, connecting their both their mouths in a deep kiss. Without breaking apart, (Y/N) rested each arm of hers on each of his shoulders, and letting her hands meet at the back of his head. Their pulses were syncopating, that’s when Carl decided to bring both their bodies to the bed. He laid on his back and she was now on top of him. (Y/N) was wearing a flowered dress, which wasn’t hard to take off by Carl’s small but strong hands. He took her by her hips and pulled her down, rubbing her against his hard member. 

-Oh. —she said as he entered her. It wasn’t hurtful but there were definitely new sensations for her. It was her first time, back when things were normal, Daryl would scare away any boy who would dare to even say hi to (Y/N), but Daryl wasn’t around right now, so she just shook him off her head and leaned to kiss Carl in the chest. With every second that passed, Carl kept on pushing himself faster and harder to her, she was moaning and almost screaming. He touched her back, then ran his hands to her breasts, where he decided to stay and play, he lifted half his body to get closer to her torso. Carl rolled his tongue around her breasts and stopped by when he felt any of her nipples. She put her hands on his shoulders as a sign to ask him to not stop. (Y/N) felt like something inside her was broken and all her energy slipped away to her ‘girlhood’ -as she called it- only to give her a kind pleasure she had never felt in her life, followed by a warm liquid coming out of Carl’s member. He let his head fall into the pillow, she laid on him. Later that week, she started feeling a little dizzy and strange. Was that the way a girl should felt after the first time she had sex? She knew nothing about it, but she didn’t want to ask either. If she asked Carol, she would tell Daryl; if she asked Maggie, she would tell Glenn and he would tell Rick and eventually Rick would tell Daryl. She ran out of girls to talk to when she thought everything through, she only had Carl. She figured all the discomfort would go away if she rested for awhile, so she took a little break from the outside, but a month later she felt even worse. One morning she woke up to the feeling of something coming out her throat. She ran to the showers to throw up. 

-Are you okay? —Carl asked her, he was worried. 

-No. —she answered. It wasn’t that she felt so bad after throwing up, it was the thought that came with it. —I think I might be pregnant. 

The look on Carl’s face was confusing. He was worried, confused and scared, but there was a little smile on his face, like he thought it was a joke. —Are you kidding me? 

-No. —she fixed herself. —Look, I’m not sure. 

-There’s only one way to know. 

 He meant a pregnancy test, the group wouldn’t go out in a supply run in a while due to the pouring rain. But (Y/N) remembered that Maggie occasionally kept them in her cell, just in case. 

 -I’m gonna ask Maggie if she has… —Carl began to say. 

 -No! —she interrupted him. —No one can know this, okay? I’m gonna steal one from her. 

 She went to Maggie’s cell and looked everywhere, even under her bed. She found one, it was dusty and a little old, but it was enough. After she took the test she found out it was true, she knew her body all too well to know that she was pregnant even before she found the pregnancy test. She felt as the everything fell down on her, she carried the weight of the world on her shoulders. 

 -Positive. —she handed Carl the little stick. His blood froze in place causing his skin to turn paler than it already was. -We can make it work.

 -We can’t.

 -Yes we can and we will, (Y/N). —he said. —I love you. 

-I do too. 

-So first things first. We’ll have to tell my dad. —he smiled a little. —He’s gonna be okay with it, he’s gonna be happy. 

-Yeah, alright. Later you can tell Daryl. 

-Why do I have to do it?

 -Because he will kill me. —she said.

 -He will kill me too! 

 -But I’m the one carrying a baby. 

 Their argument went on, but they finally got to the conclusion to tell Rick and Daryl at the same time. They gathered them in a cell block that wasn’t occupied yet. Rick and Daryl already knew that these two were dating, so they kinda got an idea when Carl and (Y/N) stood in front of them with a big announcement.

 -So, you’re probably wondering why we ga… —Carl was saying when he was interrupted.

 -Just say the damn thing already. —Daryl said. 

-I love Carl. —(Y/N) stepped in. —He loves me. I just wanted you to know. 

-Okay. —Rick smiled, he thought that was all. They were kids after all. 

-We have to tell you something. —Carl looked at (Y/N) ready to spill the beans. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. 

-I’m pregnant. —she finally said. Daryl looked at Carl rather than his little sister, he was angry. No, he was furious, his blood boiled with rage and he didn’t even want to see (Y/N). Rick had to hold him when he was running to Carl. 

-Daryl, —he said as he held him. —calm down. 

-Yeah, it’s easy for you to say it. It’s not your baby sister who’s pregnant because of a jackass. 

-Daryl, stop! —she yelled. 

 -I’ll take care of you later. —Daryl pointed at her. Rick tried to make him come back to his senses but it was impossible, he even smacked him on the head with the back of his gun. So he took him away to a cell. 

-What the hell was that? —Rick asked. —Do you want to kill my son or what? 

-He shoulda thought that when he got his dick inside my sister. —he yelled. 

-Hey, calm down. —Rick told him. —This ain’t gonna solve a thing, okay? Get your shit together. 

Daryl did calm down and left the cell. He went back to the two love birds. 

-You can’t see each other. 

 -What? —she asked. 

 -You heard me. —Daryl told them and then walked away.

 -You can’t forbid me to see Carl! —(Y/N) yelled. He turned around and looked at his sister and then he looked at Carl dead in the eye. 

 -Yes, I can. —he said as he grabbed his crossbow, not getting Carl out of sight. The week was boring without each other. (Y/N) occasionally turned to look at Carl when Daryl wasn’t around. Carl sent her kisses through the air and she took them and sticked them to her belly, that was growing each day. Days went by and (Y/N) was beginning to forget what Carl’s voice sounded like, so she couldn’t take it anymore. 

-Hello. —she stood on Carl’s cell doorway, running the curtains. He was surprised, scared maybe. 

-What are you doing here? —he asked, as he sat on his bed, leaving the comfortable mattress that held his back. —What if Daryl…? 

-He won’t. —she interrupted him. —Carl, I can’t stay without you any more days. I need you. 

-I know, I’ve missed you like crazy. 

 (Y/N) sat next to him and kissed him. Their voices were whispers and the grunts of the walkers drowned any sound in the cell block, but Daryl could hear it. He couldn’t sleep so he was cleaning his crossbow. He went to his sister’s cell but it was empty and that could only mean one thing. Daryl went to Carl’s cell and opened the curtains, there they were.

 -I told you to stay away from her! —he yelled, waking everyone up. —Let’s go.  

Daryl took (Y/N), pressing it so hard that her blood couldn’t circulate. 

-Stop! —(Y/N) complained. —You can’t tell me what to do! 

-What’s going on? —Carol stepped in. —Hey, you’re hurting her!

 -Leave her alone, Daryl! —Carl said. When Daryl heard his voice everything stopped. He let go of (Y/N) and threw her to the floor, his mind drifted away and he forgot about anything that happened around him. He looked at Carl in the most defying way, the only aim in his brain was to kill that kid. Daryl walked towards him and was preparing his fist to meet Carl’s jaw, when Rick grabbed his wrist and punched him in the face. 

 -What the hell, Daryl? —Rick confronted him. 

 -He was… She was… —he couldn’t even speak. —She wasn’t in her cell. 

Everyone tried to calm Daryl down, Carol gave him some tea she made with some herbs and she caressed his back. 

 -She’s pregnant. —he told Carol. 

 -I know. She told me. 

 -How could that happen? She’s a baby. —his pulse was increasing again. 

 -I’m not. —(Y/N) walked in. 

-You are to me. —Daryl said with his eyes in the mug. 

 -And you’re an asshole to me, but that doesn’t mean you really are. —she smiled when he looked at her. She was right, she wasn’t a baby who needed protection anymore. 

-I didn’t want you to grow up. 

-I didn’t want to grow up, either, but here I am. 

 Daryl left his seat and went to his sister. She looked at him in the eye, and then tiptoed to reach him and give him a warm hug. He responded and grabbed a handful of her hair, he smelled it and realized it, she was still a baby to him.

Mad hatter headcanons

-Hatter’s made a hat for everyone he knows. Even people he doesn’t know occasionally get hats inspired by them. There are too many hats.

-All of the rogues that he associates with regularly or semi-regularly have a Wonderland character that they are. Scarecrow is the March Hare, Riddler is the Caterpillar, Two Face is Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum.

-He’ll drink any type of tea except for iced tea, which he thinks is an abomination. Hatter and Scarecrow argue about that a lot, because unless it’s iced tea, our dear March Hare won’t drink tea. He prefers coffee.

-Jervis has used mind control on almost everyone in Arkham at one time or another.

-He used mind control on Jonathan to get him to drink proper tea.

-Alice Pleasance checks up on Jervis regularly. She isn’t allowed to visit him, because he gets upset and excited (and breaks out directly following her visit) but she talks to his doctors to see how his treatment is going and how he’s progressing.

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Hello, this is a message to Jude: I see many people come here and drop their problems, expecting you to fix everything. If that doesn't happen, they get mad. They complain answers don't come in time, they expect everything to be given on a silver plate. What I want to tell you Jude, is: Fuck them. Your true followers, your true believers are here too, and we understand. Keep saving our lives, and we'll keep following you to the end of the world. Love, Sylvia.

I don’t know what to say. Thank you. 

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Jude E. Day

Too many feelings right now. Way too many.

I just finished watching The Hunting Ground. A documentary I’ve been dying to see since I found out about it’s existence last Spring. 

I was expecting to be fired up; I’m a raging feminist, I was expecting to get angry, get mad, and be sick to my stomach at people’s ignorance. And I was.

But I didn’t expect to have my heart absolutely shattered. I didn’t expect to be sitting here shaking, still, and to be crying on my couch over mint chocolate chip ice cream and Sun Chips.

I thought this would be easier to watch. I know the statistics. I know that 1 in 4 will be assaulted, and I know about the amount of schools currently in violation of Title IX. Women in my life that I am so, so close to, have had this happen to them. One of them is currently in the process of reporting (and if I understand Title IX right, our University is three days away from being in violation- trust me, I’m counting because I will NOT let this fucker get away with this). 

But I’m still shaking. I’m 26 days away from graduating from Central Michigan University, and I have never once genuinely felt unsafe on campus, or at my apartment in Mt. Pleasant. But there are hundreds of thousands of students, men and women, across the country who feel unsafe every. single. day. because their attackers are still on campus. Or, if their attackers are not on campus, those who support the attacker still are. College has been the best four a half years of my life, and for these women in The Hunting Ground and for the hundreds of thousands more just like them, college has been the worst years of their lives. I absolutely cannot imagine living like that. 

I am so grateful for this movie for putting the names and faces of assailants and piece of shit University officials out in the public, but I am so enraged by the way things were handled when it came to athletes. The post-interview special is on now, and they’re talking about Jameis Winston. Fuck your Heisman Trophy. Fuck your celebrity status. None of that is even relevant when you look at the choice you made to rape her. I don’t care how much fame, success, or glory you have. It means nothing in comparison to the felony you committed. And it’s absolutely deplorable the way that the police officer and school stood behind someone just because they can run fast and throw a ball. Fuck. That.

I want to speak to the piece about Fraternities. I won’t say “not all fraternity men are rapists” because that’s unproductive and we know that. But it does kill me to see that there are Universities where active chapters are known as the date rape fraternities… and I thank the Lord that the fraternity on Central’s campus who partook in such things has been shut down (don’t get me started on the fact that their National’s still recognizes them). These campuses are so different from the one I’ve experienced, but I look at it and all I can see is entitlement. These fraternities partake in these actions because they feel entitled to girls, and entitlement (to anything) is an overall issue that needs to be shifted within all Greek communities. 

Now I’m rambling. But I am a ball of emotions who is so, so upset by so many things. Upset by the number of Tweets about The Walking Dead and AMAs when something so much more important was happening. Upset when I look at Central- I am so grateful for things like SAPA, but then I think of last year when someone who assaulted a professor was only banned from certain academic buildings. Upset by the fact that so many schools knowingly violate Title IX by waiting too long. Upset by how many athletes continue to play for two more seasons despite being accused of sexual assault. And upset that I am only one person, and it takes many more of us to make an impact.

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It is unfair how you Southerners have all kinds of insults for the Northerners (Saupreiß, Scheisspiefke) but Northerners have none!

Baden: My dear little Northerner, we have so many insults for so many things in our dialects, so so many.

Baden: But we don´t just have insults for Northerners, oh believe me, we love to insult each other too! Like me and my big bro Württemberg do have quite some beef at times and insults just flow around our ears! 

Baden: Conclusion - We in the South are friendly people most of the times until we get mad, so just a warning. Don´t. Fuck. With. Us.

I love the race/political tensions in America today

Let’s fight those flames with gasoline

That’ll show them

Anyone who defends these people are racist

Anyone who doesn’t see a hate crime is a racist

Anyone who tries to justify this is racist

Anyone who tries to blame any factor like home training, Trump, societal racism, slavery, etc. is a fucking racist

I don’t connect these people with BLM, but you see way too many BLM defending this bullshit, then they get mad when you put them and these people in the same fucking group

Fuck off