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What do you get when you merge Giant Pants Guy and Dan’s Instagram outfit? You get a bad idea. A very bad idea.




Biker Surface Fell Boys

I know we all view Pyrus as kind of a classy dresser, but I am honestly so down for interpretations where he has a sort of put-together biker aesthetic going on. Vests with nothing underneath, jackets with too many logos, black leather pants, spiked boots, all worn with a sort of casual elegance. Sans, once he gets aboveground and can stop using the jacket and collar as a defense mechanism, goes for something similar, albeit sloppier.

Papyrus gets a motorcycle once he hits the surface. Sleek, powerful, and fast. He’s addicted to the way it feels. Sans gets one too. With all his interest in mechanics, he picks up the junkiest one he can find and soups up the engine to dangerous levels. With the Royal Guard dissolving and Papyrus not really having a purpose in his life anymore, they both decide to road trip

-Them playing pool in dives, Sans nursing a bottle of cheap alcohol while Papyrus cleans up on bets. Sometimes a fight will break out. They almost prefer it when one does.

-They both never really get tired of exploring the variety the Surface holds in terms of landscape. Monsters stayed in their own zones Underground. Here there are no such restrictions.

-Papyrus can’t stand seedy motels and so they generally end up camping out under the stars on longer trips. Its the most they’ve talked in years, and it brings them closer than they’ve been in a while

-Frisk riding on the back of Papyrus’ bike, wearing an oversized helmet. 

-Papyrus constantly nagging Sans about showing off on his bike, he’s gonna get killed one of these days, when Papyrus himself can’t resist popping wheelies when he’s in a good mood.

-Undyne drag-racing Papyrus

Biker Fell Boys

Alex and Laf ruined too many pairs of pants during the revolution due to their habit of bending John over a table/chair and just ripping them for easy access. Eventually they made a pair for him that had holes in the right places but was hidden by his coat. John refused to wear them when it was cold.

So this started out as trying to do PB, then it didn’t look like PB at all so I turned her into PB’s-BFF-Ryder-Who-Sometimes-Steals-Her-Clothes, I guess. The point is, I played with texture brushes and it was fun and i’m happy about it ok.

Now I need to go draw my actual Ryder since she’s actually attractive (I like attractive OC’s so sue me)

Little Kisses

PAIRING - reader x steve rogers


WARNINGS- slightly language and implication of smut at the end of you squint really hard 

Request from Anon - Hey :) would you do an imagine with Steve where you’re dating but then you get pretty hurt during a mission and need to lay in the hospital for a few weeks. Then back at home you need to learn walking again and Steve is there all the time helping you and encouraging you when something doesn’t work. Also he then always gives you a kiss when you have a success during your practising :) I hope you’re okay with that <3

So i may have gone a little bit off the prompt but i read this request and this is what my brain came up with, i hope its ok :) 


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The mission had been compromised, that’s all you could think of as you raced back to the jet, they had been expecting you and the rest of the Avengers and they were ready for you. It was clear from the beginning that the team was no match for what they had in store for you, you were fighting desperately to get back to your team mates but there were to many of them, and you were hyperaware of how outnumbered you were

“I can’t fight them off, there’s too many of them,” you panted as you took down another attacker.

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How Long Has It Been?

Characters: Spencer x Reader
Words: 1802
Requested by Anonymous: Hey could you do a spencer one shot where he and the reader are in a relationship and they both work for the BAU and they can’t seem to find any alone time to have sex (NOT for the first time please) 

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        You watched him walk across the room to get more coffee. Your stomach clenched at just the sight of him in his dark jeans that hugged his butt just right, his white dress shirt rolled up to his elbows, making him even more desirable. His tie was loosened and damn it was sending thoughts through your mind.

           He turned around and saw you watching him. He gave you a small, sad smile. You both knew you’d be here for a while. And then quite possible end up on the jet if things went south before you figured out the case. How long had it been since you had spent time alone with your boyfriend?

           Spencer walked to your desk, “I promise, we’ll have some time for us after this case,” he said, knowing what was going through your head.

           You nodded, “How long has it been?”

           “A few days,” he said.

           “Feels like longer.”

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Aah~ Don’t look at me like this, Machi! 
Because you turn me on ♥

Hello guys! I think you all know that, recently, I’ve watched HxH 2011 (because I spammed you with all the gifs with hxh) and I decided to draw my favorite ship!

I know I promised a Jerza drawing and you will have it!! Next time >.<

Strangers in the morning.

Pairing : Sam x Plussize!Reader
Word count : 1,089
Author : Mel
A/N : what I wish would happen if I got off my ass and went running haha.

Part 1 of the ‘Who Are You’ Series

Running, not really your thing. Especially not in public. Yoga, Zumba, hell even biking, all in the comfort of your own home. That was more your thing. Not running. Running got you winded and fast. Plus people stared, since you weren’t exactly what most people called fit. But a treadmill wasn’t something you could afford right now, and you needed to keep pushing.

So here you were, disgustingly early in the morning, moving along a bike path hoping to not see too many people. You were panting, and walking having jogged as long as you could before taking a walking break. Enjoying the view of the river the path followed.

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