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What do you get when you merge Giant Pants Guy and Dan’s Instagram outfit? You get a bad idea. A very bad idea.

I’m like so fucking excited for EXO to be on party people because like they’re gonna be chillin there on jyp’s leather couch sipping on champagne and they’re probably gonna talk about what it’s like being the top boy group after debuting for 5 years and then they’re gonna dance power and kokobop and Chansoo are probably gonna perform an English cover with yeol on the guitar and it’s just gonna be so chill and EXO are gonna talk about themselves and probably do some exposing and like I’m just so excited because jyp really does know what fans want and he really has respects for the artists that appear on his show and ahhhh IM SO EXCITED LIKE IVE WANTED THIS SO BAD AND I CANT BELIEVE ITS ACTUALLY HAPPENING

Choose your own adventure

1. “This is what happens when the party in your pants escapes.”
2. “ Oh look, the sparkler eggs have hatched!” 
3. “Samuru loves the treats, I love the tricks.”
4.” Uplander birth sparkly-booms.”
5.” I’d love to know what else he keeps in there. “
6.”You’d think this is unusual, but it really isn’t.”

A Cat, a Fox, and a Bee walk into a Bakery 14

Afternoon classes were sheer torture.

Now that Adrien was suspicious, it was so very hard to not turn around and study Alya, trying to see Vixen in her face.

Each time Alya spoke, though, a small thrill shot up his spine.  He knew that voice.

His breath stuttered slightly as he took a deep breath.  He couldn’t jump to conclusions before confronting Alya, even if it felt incredibly obvious now that he considered it.

Because holy crud if he was wrong, he’d be outing himself to the girl in charge of the Ladyblog.

Which, now that he thought about it, Alya hadn’t posted any videos she herself had made in a while, although she still posted fan-submitted videos about the heroes.

At this point his suspicion was steadily evolving into a near certainty, but he still had to be careful about this.

By the time the bell rang to signal the end of the day, he had what even he would consider a half-baked plan in mind, but at this point it was better than nothing.

Trying his hardest to seem casual, Adrien didn’t even look up from where he was putting things away in his bag when he spoke.  “Hey Alya, if you have time could I talk to you about something?”

Out of the corner of his eye he could see her exchanging a slightly confused look with Marinette, then she shrugged.  “Sure, I’m free right now, but I have to be home in an hour or so to watch my sisters.”

“Don’t worry, it shouldn’t take long,” Adrien assured her as he shouldered his bag, then led the way out of the classroom.

The lockers were too busy, what with everyone getting their things to head home, and Adrien wracked his brain for a quiet spot before eventually settling on a classroom that he knew to be empty for final period (having an encyclopedic knowledge of what rooms were empty for which period had come in handy for finding out of the way places to transform).

“Why are we in here?” Alya asked, her eyes narrowing slightly in suspicion.

“Just wanted a private place to talk, is all.” Adrien set his bag down on a desk, then heaved himself up slightly to sit on it.  Ooooh, this so wasn’t going to work, he knew it, but it was his only shot.  “So, I’ve been thinking about getting a pet, and I wanted to run some names by you.”

Alya raised a brow.  “That’s… nice, but I don’t see why you’d come to me about it.”

“Well, your dad is a zookeeper, and I was thinking of getting a pet fox.”  To Alya’s credit, she barely twitched at the last word. Now, what had Vixen said her kwami’s name was that one time… oh yeah.  “I was thinking of picking the name Trixx.”

Alya froze, eyes going wide as Adrien stared her down, then suddenly rushed forward and slammed her hands to either side of him on the desk, leaning up and getting nose to nose with Adrien.  “I don’t know how you figured it out, but you can’t tell anyone.”  She groaned and rubbed at her forehead.  “Oh fuck, Ladybug is going to kill me.”

Adrien couldn’t contain his steadily growing smile.  “I’d be a huge hypocrite if I outed you, Vixy.”

Alya froze, then looked up to stare at Adrien in disbelief.  Slowly, as if she couldn’t believe where her mind was going, she reached up and ruffled up Adrien’s hair.

As soon as she pulled her hand away, she jerked back.  “Oh my gosh. You… you’re-“

“In my defense, I wasn’t completely certain until you reacted.  And I only began to suspect you after Nino told me about you two breaking up.” Adrien couldn’t contain the Chat-grin on his face as he chuckled, then suddenly jerked and winced.  “Oh gods, I’m dating Nino’s ex, I’m totally breaking the bro-code.”

“Wait. Wait-wait-wait.  If you’re Chat… Adrien Agreste is Chat Noir… then that means…” Alya suddenly put her head down on what would have been the desk if Adrien’s lap wasn’t in the way and began to laugh.

And laugh.

Aaaaand continue laughing.

“Okay, there’s a joke I’m not getting here and that is completely unfair,” Adrien complained as he lifted a hand to gently stroke Alya’s hair even as she began to get the hiccups from laughing so hard.

It took a few more minutes for Alya to finally stop laughing long enough to talk.  “You keep *hic* asking who Marinette h-*hic*-as a crush on.”

“Yeeeees?” Adrien tilted his head.

“I know I *hic* promised the girl I wouldn’t tell, but…” Alya lifted her head to give a wide, mischievous grin, though it was spoiled slightly as she hiccupped again.  “Marinette has had a crush on *hic* you since your second day here.  And is *hic* now dating you without even knowing it.”



Adrien’s jaw dropped, and Alya dropped her head back into his lap to start laughing again.

Little Kisses

PAIRING - reader x steve rogers


WARNINGS- slightly language and implication of smut at the end of you squint really hard 

Request from Anon - Hey :) would you do an imagine with Steve where you’re dating but then you get pretty hurt during a mission and need to lay in the hospital for a few weeks. Then back at home you need to learn walking again and Steve is there all the time helping you and encouraging you when something doesn’t work. Also he then always gives you a kiss when you have a success during your practising :) I hope you’re okay with that <3

So i may have gone a little bit off the prompt but i read this request and this is what my brain came up with, i hope its ok :) 


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The mission had been compromised, that’s all you could think of as you raced back to the jet, they had been expecting you and the rest of the Avengers and they were ready for you. It was clear from the beginning that the team was no match for what they had in store for you, you were fighting desperately to get back to your team mates but there were to many of them, and you were hyperaware of how outnumbered you were

“I can’t fight them off, there’s too many of them,” you panted as you took down another attacker.

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Biker Surface Fell Boys

I know we all view Pyrus as kind of a classy dresser, but I am honestly so down for interpretations where he has a sort of put-together biker aesthetic going on. Vests with nothing underneath, jackets with too many logos, black leather pants, spiked boots, all worn with a sort of casual elegance. Sans, once he gets aboveground and can stop using the jacket and collar as a defense mechanism, goes for something similar, albeit sloppier.

Papyrus gets a motorcycle once he hits the surface. Sleek, powerful, and fast. He’s addicted to the way it feels. Sans gets one too. With all his interest in mechanics, he picks up the junkiest one he can find and soups up the engine to dangerous levels. With the Royal Guard dissolving and Papyrus not really having a purpose in his life anymore, they both decide to road trip

-Them playing pool in dives, Sans nursing a bottle of cheap alcohol while Papyrus cleans up on bets. Sometimes a fight will break out. They almost prefer it when one does.

-They both never really get tired of exploring the variety the Surface holds in terms of landscape. Monsters stayed in their own zones Underground. Here there are no such restrictions.

-Papyrus can’t stand seedy motels and so they generally end up camping out under the stars on longer trips. Its the most they’ve talked in years, and it brings them closer than they’ve been in a while

-Frisk riding on the back of Papyrus’ bike, wearing an oversized helmet. 

-Papyrus constantly nagging Sans about showing off on his bike, he’s gonna get killed one of these days, when Papyrus himself can’t resist popping wheelies when he’s in a good mood.

-Undyne drag-racing Papyrus

Biker Fell Boys

Aah~ Don’t look at me like this, Machi! 
Because you turn me on ♥

Hello guys! I think you all know that, recently, I’ve watched HxH 2011 (because I spammed you with all the gifs with hxh) and I decided to draw my favorite ship!

I know I promised a Jerza drawing and you will have it!! Next time >.<

How Long Has It Been?

Characters: Spencer x Reader
Words: 1802
Requested by Anonymous: Hey could you do a spencer one shot where he and the reader are in a relationship and they both work for the BAU and they can’t seem to find any alone time to have sex (NOT for the first time please) 

Originally posted by gublrnation

        You watched him walk across the room to get more coffee. Your stomach clenched at just the sight of him in his dark jeans that hugged his butt just right, his white dress shirt rolled up to his elbows, making him even more desirable. His tie was loosened and damn it was sending thoughts through your mind.

           He turned around and saw you watching him. He gave you a small, sad smile. You both knew you’d be here for a while. And then quite possible end up on the jet if things went south before you figured out the case. How long had it been since you had spent time alone with your boyfriend?

           Spencer walked to your desk, “I promise, we’ll have some time for us after this case,” he said, knowing what was going through your head.

           You nodded, “How long has it been?”

           “A few days,” he said.

           “Feels like longer.”

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One More Time.

Can also be found on AO3 and, also under the cut…

Authors Note: This is my seventh prompt for the Olicity Hiatus-Fic-A-Thon organised by @thebookjumper This is my one-shot version. Now a few words, as with these versions they are SMUTTY, they are NSFW!!! Be warned I just got super smutty for this, I just wrote. I’m not feeling too well so all mistakes are mine but yes, enjoy some nice hot smut.. 

Summary: Post 5x23. Oliver and Felicity share a night alone.

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