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Steven Universe + the diverse cast of female voice actresses → requested by anonymous

From top to bottom: Susan Egan, Estelle, DeeDee Magno Hall, Michaela Dietz, Charlyne Yi, Erica Luttrell, Jennifer Paz, Kimberly Brooks, Shelby Rabara, Rita Rani Ahuja, Aimee Mann, Nicki Minaj, AJ Michalka, Grace Rolek, Kate Micucci, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Reagan Gomez-Preston, Toks Olagundoye

My favorite things in a fanfiction

• When one sits on the others lap for any non-sexual reason.
• One of them is cooking and the other wraps their arms around their waist.
• Comfort cuddles
• When one of them is insecure and the other refuses to let them think of themselves that way.
When one of them is an angry ball of rage and will only be calm and happy when their s/o is around.
• Band AUs.
Kissing and then being picked up so their legs are wrapped around the others waist.
One of them is a jock and will always give their team jacket to the other.
• 5 + 1 (these depend on the topic).
• Comfort during an anxiety/panic attack.
• Coffeeshop AUs.
• Morning cuddling.
College AUs
Small one wearing tall one’s clothes.
When one of them is asexual and the other one hundred percent respects that and will do anything to make them feel comfortable.
• Sick fics.
• Saying “I love you” without directly saying it.
High school AUs.
• Friends playing matchmaker.
• Falling for the best friends brother/sister
• Youtuber AUs.
• One is a cinnamon roll that needs protection and the other is a brutal rebel and if anyone hurts their cinnamon roll they will destroy them (if you’re familar with my posts, you know how much I love this one).
• Meeting the parents and the parents are so accepting of the relationship.
• Friends noticing hickies and embarrassment ensues.
• Jealousy
• Saying their first “I love you”.
• Height difference cuteness where one of them is super short and their s/o will always pick them up to make them eye level.
• When they get locked in and that forces them to confess.
• Sloppy make outs.
When the relationship is already established.
When one of them comes back from a long trip and the other one picks them up from the airport/train station/bus stop and they have a big reunion scene.
When one of them is scared to fall in love but ends up loving the other too much and so when they kiss for the first time they just say “fuck it” and freaking go for it.

• (since I keep seeing people add it and I enjoy it on occasion as well) Fake dating. 

And that’s it so far. I’ll most likely add more to this list later. Feel free to add your own. : )

Also I made this to help out any struggling fanfic writers, hope you like the ideas.

i’m happy that the “stop infantilizing trans men” movement is gaining more traction, but i still don’t think cis people realize all the little ways they strip trans men of our manhood.

earlier today i saw a post about healthy binder wearing, which is great, but the post began with “to all my binder-wearing babies…” and no. stop. do not pass go. i don’t care how informative or helpful your post is, calling us babies is still disrespectful, and i have seen far too many ‘friendly reminders’ that contain the same type of language. there are 1000 other things to call trans men (bros, buddies, dudes, etc) that don’t infantilize them, thanks

since our fandom is relatively small and we all follow each other i was wondering if i should make a discord server for us? would anyone want to join if i did? i mean we’re all in gafou/stanfou hell anyway and most of us are good friends/mutuals, it might be fun. i’ll tag a bunch of people who i think might be interested, let me know what you think and if enough people want it i’ll make one

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Trump tried to go after Sweden last night telling the world that we are living in some apocalyptic war zone after letting in a lot of refugees (Sweden has taken in about 100 000 during the last two years and we currently have a population of ten million. Only Germany has accepted more in Europe.) and let me tell you I am hella proud of that!! And so many other swedes are too. Almost every politician, journalist, etc has taken it upon themselves to make sure that this doesn’t go unnoticed. People are pissed. Trump was never popular in Sweden but if there is something swedes are good at it is being passive aggressive and holding a grudge (see the very ironic hash tag #lastnightinsweden). He will not get away with this. Just letting all you americans know that you’re not alone, we’re in this together. And together we are strong. In the words of Sweden’s former prime minister, America “don’t mourn, organize!”.

Please re-blog and help us spread the word. It’s time to show love and support for Bughead and the amazing actors, Cole and Lili. I’m tired of reading certain hostile bullies constantly attacking them and the writers. Instead of tweeting support for their own pairing, they invade our Bughead tags on twitter and tumblr…and insult people on all the Bughead related posts. 

So let’s show lots and lots of LOVE. I would really dislike to see bullies get their way through hate and anger. Showing support is better in the long run for us. 

So next Thursday, during the first LIVE airing of the NEW episode, we will tweet “Believe in Bughead” phrase…and let’s hope it trends. I’ve listed different timezones for fans living in different states in the US. Of course, I don’t really know the timezones for all the other countries involved. We would LOVE to get help from as many countries as we can for our trend. So if you know the time it airs in your country, please write it in the comment section for others to see. Or make a different postcard. 

I want Bughead to stay a couple in season 2. And I would hope the writers would rather listen to a supportive fanbase than people who call Bughead “lice” and tag actors and writers with constant hate. 

Please re-blog and RT on twitter too. Also, if you know how to make fan art, please do create your own postcards to promote.

Thanks so much. (I didn’t tag it in the Riverdale tag because I don’t want bullies to invade my post.) Just used Bughead and Sprousehart/Lilicole tags to keep it friendly and nice for the fans.

Miraculous Monday!

As it’s Miraculous Monday, I thought it would be a cool idea to tag @officialmiraculousladybug and let them know how many friends I’ve made because of the show! (If anyone else wants to reblog and tag the friends they’ve made, feel free to do so too!)

Because of Miraculous Ladybug, I’ve made friends whom I now can’t imagine being without. It’s wonderful and I’ll always be thankful to the show for not only giving me my creative spark back, but introducing me to the likes of @edendaphne @kryallaorchid @artsyfartsyana @whitepaintedlotus @maerynn-blog @sweetprincessluck @eizabet @portentous-offerings @wintermoth and countless other people who I’ve talked to over the past year and a half.

Thank you Miraculous Ladybug, for making my life that much more miraculous- and more than on just on Monday!


some more ffxv doodles…….

the first ones are me being cranky that Luna never got to go camping. I remember playing the game for the first time and naively thinking she might get to hang out in the party as a guest character later but I WAS A FOOL anyway I feel cheated

also some sad boys and a big fish

I just discovered this hellhole of a tag and have a few questions…

So from what I am seeing here is that people feel like heteroromantic aces shouldn’t be in the LGBT+ community.

The most common reason why that I see is “They benefit from straight privilage” and yeah, I can see how that would be generally speaking. Many hetero trans people would also benefit from straight privilage would they not?

Another rebuttal I see is “They don’t face the same level of violence for who they are” which is oppression olympics but okay. I would argue that people who are ace face repression more so than oppression. Which is still caused by society being shitty and is totally valid.

 Also this societal thinking can lead people to have sex when they don’t  want to, which is just awful. And obviously bullying and teasing for not conforming to societies expectations sexually. Not to mention asexuality having been pathologized as a disorder forever and being perceived as LGB for not partaking in hetero sex.

The last one I believe is important because I think it is why people who are heteroromantic ace are in the LGBT+ in the first place. You can argue that it’s just a perception so why are they here but perceptions are powerful. The LGBT+ comunity wouldn’t exist without other peoples incorrect perceptions. 

For example, LGBT+ people in general are perceived as evil creatures by a lot of religious groups. They are perceived as broken and wrong and in need of fixing (ace people experiance this too). They are perceived as a danger to children. They are perceived as deserving of death. Their existance is debated in wether or not it’s evolutionairly logical/helpful to the human race (ace people experiance this too). This is why the community came together in the first place is it not? To combat these toxic perceptions?

Many people in this tag do not understand why ace people belong in the lgbt community simply because they don’t understand the more nuanced and repressive struggle that ace people face in their daily lives. Even though a lot of LGBT people who live in more accepting countries are already in a similar nuanced and repressive struggle.

I really don’t get why there is a debate besides misguided distain at people you… perceive as “straight”

Too much Underversary fanarts NYEEEHHHH!!

I’m so glad many people sent me submissions and tagged me in their blogs showing their lovely drawings and messages about Underverse 1st Anniversary.

I can’t say any other thing than a THANK YOU. Because thanks to you all this project started. It has been a hard time to me but I do really hope I can continue with the next animations soon.

I’m gonna post the lasts submits you sent me on this blog because Underversary was a day too fast to post all of them and I didn’t want to spam your dashboards ;w; so here we go.

And again, thank you so much <3

A friend posted this. I don’t know the source [edit: thanks to @cynicalcripplepunk I now know this was originally posted by @candidlyautistic. I hope you don’t mind this, Candidly. Folk, please check out the original blog]. I figured a lot of you would enjoy it. While I’m mainly tagging this for autism, it works for other conditions too.

I don’t yet feel like I have a community of ‘penguins’ to love as I’ve met too many narrow-minded autistic people among the decent and open-minded ones. I think that, autistic or not, people tend towards mannerisms and thought processes I can’t abide. It’s not the differences between non-autistic people and autistic people I find weird, it’s the similarities.

I hope one day I’ll get the feeling of belonging to “The Tribe” so many autistic individuals speak of. I hope I’ll find many penguins to love and I hope loving sparrows becomes easier. So far, the sparrows and penguins I allow in my life for any real length of time are wonderful. I don’t see them much or get out but when I do, they look out for me.

And my own late diagnosis has mostly felt the same. I’m no longer unaware of why I am me. I’ll be going to see the doc about this comorbid ADHD possibility because of the research I’ve been doing. If it turns out the specialists agree, I’ll know there are parts to my “being a penguin” which make it difficult to get by and there’s possible treatment so I can waddle about easier, on my terms.

I don’t know how to summarise this.

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Dear harmos,

Please don’t ruin this for Mani by saying insane things and alienating her fanbase from the others. She needs all the support she can get and it needs to come by way of her dancing prowess and overall presence on the show. You can be supportive of Normani without demeaning other people’s favorites okay?



anonymous asked:

Hi!! So I love your writing! Masterpiece was honestly such a beautiful series and Purple is really good and just all your scenarios are amazing! I was just wondering if you could recommend some bts fanfics to read? Thank you :)

Really? That’s so sweet of you! Masterpiece and Purple are basically my favourite pieces that I have written :)

So yes, I have a few fanfics that I would love to recommend but ask other people too because I haven’t been able to read that many on my time here, and I would love to read more.

Note: None of the pieces of writing I recommend will be smut because I don’t read smut but I know some of the writers do write smut so if you like reading that then check do out those as well :)

Also, make sure you check out every writer’s masterlists and all their works because they’re all amazing writers, I’m just recommending a few in particular which are my personal favourites 

And I have a fic rec tag to which I reblog some of my favourite fanfic so definitely check that out too!

I even made a banner for this guys

It’s serious

They are in no particular order, I just love them all, okay?

And sorry if the majority is Jimin fanfic *hides*


I am so thankful I found this author because I don’t really see much of platonic BTS scenarios and she writes platonic BTS!!! And I just started reading LaFT and let me tell you DAMN it’s amazing. By the way, the last two aren’t actually called that, that’s just the prompt she used to write it, but it’s one of my favourite pieces by her :)



Honestly so good!!! I loved it! It was so fluffy and cute and just !!!!!!!!

I don’t KNOW how to describe how this fic made me feel except:



Photographer Yoongi is so adorable and this fic is so adorable and my heart couldn’t take it. She’s so good at describing and making each moment worthwhile to read.

I loved it <3


This story hurt me and I can’t explain how much I loved that pain. I love the way the author writes, it just made me keep wanting to read even though I started to fear what was going to happen




This story is actually the first gang au I’ve ever read and it’s so good?? L is so good at writing, like her descriptions are amazing and you can tell she put so much thought and work into her writing

Make sure you read all her stories

ALL of them


Idk if you know how much I love angst, and heartbreak so like… Farewell is literally my type of scenario, while Simply Loveable is super adorable and asdfghjkl imagine dating Taehyung like…. it’s so cute



I love me some Jimin CEO stuff and she writes tHE BEST CEO PARK JIMIN


This story is so angsty I love it so much. I honestly don’t know why I do this to myself but I just love reading angst even though it hurts me both mentally and physically… I still do it

Make sure you check out this scenario as well as all their work!


Okay but who doesn’t die when they read about Jimin as a dad? (Was about to write Daddy Jimin but…) This story is so cute and fluffy and asdfghjkl You need to check out all their work!


So, as I stated before, I love dying. So I read angst, it’s good for the soul you know? 



It’s angst guys


Idk if you know by now but I love angst more than anything else in this world and






This writer is amazing and I keep reading fluffy stories so like…. it’s super fluffy and cute.


SO FLUFFY I DIED WHEN READING THIS. I just love the character Jimin has in this story and ahhhhh she’s such a good writer!!


If you’re have a BTS tumblr and you don’t know Kaye, then what are you doing with your life? And if you haven’t read the story about the adventures of Prof V, what are you doing with your life? This is personally one of my favourite stories on tumblr/wattpad, so if you haven’t read it, get to it! And if you already have read it, why not read it again? XD


This is super cute, if you like super cute then read this super cute fic


Beautifully written, honestly


So some are super cute but then the others…. you know…



Guys!!! This is so frikin heartbreaking I just-

I love it so much


Both of these are sooooo damn cute!!!! I especially love the first one because like I feel like I could totally imagine it happening. The writer is actually so good in their detail and I just love reading her work <3

And now you see that I really haven’t read that many fics in my time here, and the ones I read are mostly Jimin

Love you guys!!

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oreo’s klance fic recs #3

All the fanfictions are completed, some may have NSFW content (please check the tags!)

* are personal favorites :)

moments of silence by attemptsonwords

Quiet moments between two boys who spend most of their time yelling at the other.

how much do you want it too by attemptsonwords

Keith is many things: dropout, orphan, pilot, defender of the universe, traveler in space. He’s also a human teenage boy, and even light years away from Earth, there are just some things he has to deal with as one.

That doesn’t make a crush on Lance any better though.

people like you, people like me by ilgaksu

Lance takes the seat directly opposite Keith without asking, and only grins wider in response in Keith’s death glare. He leans over with his own spoon and grabs part of the faintly toxic-looking rehydrated strawberry from Keith’s plate. Keith tries to slap his hand away, although it doesn’t work.

Not much works on Lance. It’s the third day, and Keith’s a fast learner.

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For the first OC Roundup, I figured it was high time I did a complete post on what console-tan designs I was responsible for!  When I made XBone-tan in the /co/ doodlechat back in 2013, I never figured it’d become as popular as it did (I mean the only place I ever posted the doodles was here, and back then I probably had something like 25 followers).  It’s sort of crazy how the whole thing took on a life of it’s own.  My intention was merely to play off the old Windows ME-tan comics from 2chan that were popular back in the day, focusing on giving the characters a good deal of personality based off the flaws or quirks in their products.  Here are the relevant tags for the -tans I created, listing them off from left to right in this picture:

#V. Flash-tan (nsfw)
#GameBoy SP-tan (nsfw)
#DS tan (nsfw)
#GameBoy Color-tan (nsfw)
#Mac-tan (nsfw)
#PC-tan (nsfw)
#Vita-tan (nsfw)
#PS4-tan (nsfw)
#Xbone-tan (nsfw)
#U-tan (nsfw)
#3DS-tan (nsfw)
#2DS-tan (nsfw)
#GameBoy-tan (nsfw)
#GameBoy Advance-tan (nsfw)
#Dreamcast-tan (nsfw)
#Switch-tan (nsfw)

Admittedly, there’s other takes by other artists in those tags (after all, there’s no possible way for me to say my -tan design is the “official” one for the system, and many people come up with really excellent designs for the systems too), but that’s why I decided to include the above picture as a reference for which designs were mine under each of those tags.  Hope it helps!

when people hear fat people say don’t use the body posi tag if you’re skinny and get offended it’s like you all really think these people are trying to say if you’re skinny you aren’t allowed to think positively about yourself and want them to feel bad about their bodies when really the issue is that too many skinny white girls have taken over that tag and have started to use it as another #thinspiration type thing when really that whole thing started as a way for people with different body types of feel more comfortable with themselves by seeing others that looked like them and now it’s just become another thing that’s once again blocking out the voices of fat people 

I said I wasn’t, but here I go...Why can’t Michonne be vulnerable?

It’s not just Michonne either. I’ve often heard that that in relation to other character’s, Rick…Carol…Glenn even. It seems that if you show an emotional side, it somehow makes you weak. How many times had Maggie cried over Glenn? How many times have you seen those two bad asses(Maggie and Glenn) cower in their love, because they thought they had lost each other?

Let’s see…when Merle kidnapped them in season three and Maggie gave up the prison. When Glenn got all emotional, because he thought she was raped by the governor. When the prison fell, and they searched for each other. When he thought he lost her and found her again, and vice versa. When the “Glenn and the dumpster” shit happened and she was all reckless and wanted to go look for him. When Maggie was on the look out post and screamed for dear life, because she thought Glenn was gonna get eaten by that horde around him. See in all those instances, we have two lovers who are showing emotions, because that’s what humans do.



So redneck Daryl, can become compassionate. Rick can become a killer. Glenn can become strong, Carol can become a badass assassin, but Michonne can’t evolve. She just supposed to shuck and jive. Just be a silent “yes massa, you want me to kill that walker, oh yessa i’s a kill em good.” She just supposed to be the dark skin filler for the series.

Also, if you don’t get this pairing by now, you are 100 percent racists. I don’t want to hear about you not liking the pairing. I don’t like a lot of pairings but I’m never seem to be spouting that in those other delusional tags. Racists feel the need to tell people how much they hate something.

That’s insecurity. People who have to shout off of skyscrapers that they hate something, instead of just moving TF on really grind my gears. Like, y’all never been in love. It make you do crazy things. She learned a lesson, if she see Rick go down again, she still gotta fight. Their love can’t hinder her.

Personal attacks are never warranted. They are disgusting and show the lack of compassion that you have for other humans. Please stop attacking Richonner’s. We just watch the show, we don’t write it. Take your vile rude comments to the producers and showrunners, who would laugh in your face because Denise Huth, Scott Gimple, and Gale Ann Hurd love Richonne). AMC been promoting them to the heavens, more than any other ship.(I’ve been a faithful viewer it premiered).

Racist lovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee to be anonymous too. Why do you ask? Cause they know they would get dragged from the pits of hell to deeper depths. They never show their face. They hide behind a dumbass president and a news channel. I digress. Soooo many people are so ignorant and have so much hate, that they would use something that is supposed to be a form of entertainment to denigrate and defame people for their own insecurities about themselves.

I just can not with you all. I can’t even recall going to another tag to talk about that tags pairings, and I’ve seen some nasty ships. Just plain old nasty and trifling. Some of y’all need to be reported and definitely need Jesus. I thought the point of the tag was for a safe haven for us to talk about our ship. I shouldn’t have to come to this tag to read the vile things I have read. Y’all need to get a serious life. That hate for my skin color is hurting your heart, but keep it cute…

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