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Unicorns are real you guys. Real.

PASADENA, CA - JANUARY 07:  Actress Yvonne Strahovski attends the 2017 Hulu Winter TCA Tour at the Langham Hotel on January 7, 2017 in Pasadena, California.

My real talk on Nickelodeon Alopex

 In the series she’s the same age as Tiger Claw, so practically an adult here. 

Alopex will be one of the few ADULT female characters that will actually have a tangible presence on this show. 

THIS IS SO IMPORTANT TO ME!! All the adult ladies so far are either robots, kraang/utrom, dead, killer experiments of a woman in disguise, or a one episode character.  

It’s not clear if she’s going to be a full on ally of the Hamato clan, but with the huge number of male authority figures in this show, it be nice to see a woman imparting some wisdom to the turtles as well. What ever that may be. 

I drew more Game Grumps!

With everyone’s favorite characters; such as:

Scared flannel man

Angry samurai

Suprised Princess

Suprised Princess’ equally suprised wife, Suzy

Jovial Grandpa

Goddammit Man and his trusty sidekick Birb Lady

And last but not least, Skateboard Kid!



Sleeping neji AU, the loveliest princess in all the lands + T10 fairies. TY gabzilla-z & matchaball for this treasure oh my god ……..I had to take like a 20 min break before finishing these drawings

#14.2- Being Twins (girls)

• “One of us is going to have to change…”
• “I call dibs!”
• “Lyd, I called him first!”
• Every night is a sleepover
• “I think for you skin type we should do an avocado mask.”
• Shopping everyday
• Also study dates with each other every day
• “ I can’t believe this is only your first date! You’re the prettiest one of us.”
• Her always picking your outfits; meaning she barges into your room every night
• Doing each other’s makeup
• “Lydia! Cover up, Mom’s on her way up.”
• Always going with her to find the bodies
• “Ok so which winter/autumn color? This burgundy, navy blue, or dark green?”
• “Hey Lyd, did you get this problem?”
• “Lydia! Where is my deep purple peplum top?!”
• “What?! That’s your date shirt! Who’s the guy? Do I know him?”
• “No, he’s in my physics class.”
• “(Y/N), honey, I know everybody.”
• Everybody being jealous of you and Lydia
• “Oh hey (Y/N), you died your hair,
• “It was either me or Lyd, we decided I would look better with chestnut brown hair.”
• “(Y/N), let me try this makeup technique I learned on YouTube on you.”
• “You’re the only person I know that would spend 10 hours out with me in the mall and outlet mall.”
• “What else are sisters for?”

• “Call me when you get there!”
• “Let’s see who can hit the very center of the target.”
• “Dad! You can’t let Allison get her license and not me!”
• “Don’t tell her, but you’re my favorite, if you can drive then you’ll leave me.”
• “I’m the favorite child! Ha!”
• Threatening Scott
• Threatening Isaac
• Eventually becoming close to the both of them
• Always helped her with her boy drama
• “I don’t think that’s very safe.”
• You having your proper skill like hand to hand combat or something like that
• “Can I borrow that sweater?”
• “How could you have possibly failed that French test?”
• “Dad we made you breakfast in bed!”
• “What do you guys want for your birthday?”
• “Los Angeles has a brand new state of the art training facility, we want memberships there.”
• “How can we tell the difference between you two?”
• “Oh my gosh you can’t tell?! Her hair is obviously mahogany mousse ebony and mine is ebony mousse mahogany with a dash of milk chocolate flair.”
• “She’s joking, I’m the paler one and she always has earrings on.”
• Being the more immature one between the two of you
• Being really good friends with Lydia and Stiles
• “So what movie will it be tonight girls?”
• “Iron Man 2, Scarlett kicks epic ass.”
• “You can’t say no Dad, it’s 2 against 1.”

• “Hold your katana like this.”
• Always training together
• Helping her with her Scott problems
• “Kira! You forgot to curl this part of your hair! I told you!”
• You were the one who first introduced yourselves to the pack
• Always helping the pack
• “Oops! Use protection!”
• “Girls, really a C? In English.”
• Coming up with elaborate stories to cover up your secrets, which are technically not lies
• “Focus on me Kira, Mom and Dad would kill us if you burned out another light bulb!”
• “(Y/N)! Those are my boots! Off now!”
• “But they’re so much cuter on me…”
• Switching places when absolutely necessary
• You being the more outgoing one
• Except with boys
• “Just go talk to him!”
• “I can’t do that! I need a flirting dummy! Where’s Stiles?”
• You kinda sorta being her anchor when she can’t control her inner fox
• “Mom, why are all these books fake, I mean come on, Great Gatsby too? How many ninja stars do we need?”
• “We must always be prepared girls.”
• “We’re like ninjas.”
• “Ready to go to Scott’s?”
• “Not with you hair like that! Don’t worry sissy will handle it.”
• Always being partners in crime

• Helping to acquaint her to modern day stuff
• Visiting her everyday in Eichen House
• “Tell me about this Stiles boy… He sounds fishy.”
• “No! He’s really nice!”
• “Doesn’t that mean you’d be a coyote too?”
• “No, she got the full changing powers and I didn’t.”
• Helping her with hair and makeup stuff
• “Where is my straightener?”
• “Lydia borrowed it.”
• Helping her pick out “girly” outfits
• Being the more feminine one of the two of you
• “How can we tell the difference between you 2?”
• “Malia has brown eyes and mine are green.”
• “Don’t you dare hurt her Stiles, I’ll rip out your vocal cords.”
• “Yes, ma'am.”
• In return she threatens every guy you date or talk to
• Really just any guy that looks like you
• Helping her walk in heels
• Eventually becoming good friends with Stiles
• Being good friends with Kira
• Helping her study with all she’s having trouble with
• You both studying for SATs and ACTs
• “Just let me do your nails!”
• “No, you’ll just put pink on.”
• Chasing her around when she won’t you do her nails, hair or makeup
• “I love you! Text me to come pick you up after your date!”
• “I love you too! See you later!”

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