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“The sun is nearly gone…”

“…The lights are turning on…”

“… A silver shine,”

“…that stretches to the sea…”

humans more like ew-mans am i right


Mystic Messenger Stickers { 4 / 7}

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DGM Timeline

For the sake of simplicity, I’ll sign the start of canon as C0.

When Allen arrived, he was 15. It was already 3 months in November, year C0, that Allen joined the Order. This is the start of the Rewinding Town arc. 

- mangacap from chapter 19, page 11

- mangacap from chapter 27, page 9

The next time we can assume a season is when the survivors of Anita’s ship board in Japan, exactly during the cheery blosson season in early spring of C1.

- mangacap from chapter 77, page 1 

The next time an exact season in mentioned is during the Phantom Thief G arc

- mangacap from chapter 172, page 4

This was December of C1

Then we have a three month timeskip after Allen fled the Order

- mangacap from chapter 207, page 5

Meaning, canon is currently in early spring of C2, probably March as they still wear long coats. Since the start at least 19 months have passed.

So the current age of characters are:

Allen, 15 in C0 November –>  (approximately) 17 in C2 March

Kanda, DOB 6th June –> 9 mentally and 19 physically

Lavi, DOB 10th August –> 19

Lenalee, DOB 20th February –> 18

Miranda, DOB 1st January –> 27

Krory, DOB 1st December –> 29

Timothy, DOB May 7th –> 9

Maire, DOB July 15th –> 28

Bookman DOB, 5th August –> 89

Klaud, DOB 1st November –> 34

Tiedoll, DOB 19th April –> 41

Sokalo, DOB 18th March –> 41/42

Chaoji, DOB 4th May –> 20

Lou Fa, DOB 20th March –> 19/20

Rikei, DOB 17th February –> 21

Shifu, DOB 25th November –> 20

Wong, DOB 21st September –> 75

Bak, DOB 11th November –> 30

Komui, DOB 13th June –> 30

Reever, DOB 8th September –> 27

Johnny, DOB 2nd July –> 26

Link, DOB 29th December –> 20

Tevak/Tewaku, DOB 9th July –> 15

Tokusa, DOB 4th April –> 19

Madarao, DOB 2nd October –> 20

Lulu Bell, DOB 22nd February –> 24

Wisely, DOB 4th February –> 18

Jasdevi, DOB 21st December –> 18


- information about DOB are from Wikia

- The Earl, Road and Tyki were introduced in C0, the rest in C1

- Asia Branch members were introduced in C1, so they are older with 1 year

- Generals were introduced in C0

- Thirds and Link were introduced in C1

concept: after the lion swap, team voltron realizes “hey, since more than one person can pilot a lion, why don’t we recruit more paladins?”

  • once shiro is back (and kuro cured of galra influence), lance and keith go back to red and blue. lance and allura alternate piloting her, and if one is injured or tired or etc., there’s no major problem bc the other is there to save the day
  • everyone kinda wants to recruit people they know, so when allura uses her powers to search for people w compatable quintessence and nyma shows up keith is like “nyma. yes. they’re the second red paladin let’s go”
  • even before allura uses her powers hunk is like SHAY
  • pidge is the only one with a partner they hadn’t met before, the second green paladin they recruit is an unilu only a bit older than pidge named lenii. pidge is a huge lesbian for her
  • when kuro tried to pilot black they refused bc they sensed the galra influence in him, but once that’s gone black opens up to him and he and shiro make a brother power team
  • just like allura, the new paladins choose their own armor colors. nyma has the same teal of her outfit, shay has the orange-gold of a sunset, lenii has the same light hazel color of her skin, and kuro has white bc he thinks it’s funny that shiro has black armor (since shiro means white and kuro means black)
  • family members come live at the castle, so along w the new paladins there’s rolo & beezer, shays family, and lenii’s dads
  • since there’s now ten paladins, the five og ones take a few days to travel to earth and get their families. lances family all surrounds him in a suffocating hug and are very proud of him and all demand to go to the castle. hunks 3 moms and big floofy samoyed are sobbing wrecks and when hunk asks them to join him they start sobbing even more. pidges mom has quiet tears running down her face as she hugs pidge tightly, and she joins pidge in her search for matt. shiro and keith’s dads aren’t much for crying but they are much for celebrations so they order a bunch of pizza and have the two sleep over for a movie night before going back to the castle with them
  • allura is able to finally grieve with the extra breathing room more paladins gives, and with the castle full of people she’s growing to consider family, she feels lighter than she has since waking from cryosleep.

Bellward + New Moon.

some authors could really use a “plot twist limit” or a “you’ve killed too many characters already” notification you know


My scans of Kenneth Branagh’s Poirot from the new Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express Illustrated Edition’ novel. The book has been released by Harper Collins on Nov 30 2017, a gorgeous large format hardcover featuring over 200 production photos and concept art from the 2017 Murder on the Orient Express film. Many of them are exclusive to the book. Each character gets new pictures we haven’t seen before. I’ll post more tomorrow!