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I keep getting messages about when the next installment of TIHYLH will be out or if Mr. Min has been discontinued so I decided to make this so you could see what projects I am working on and where I am in the writing process as well as a quick reference for my recent updates.


My Way (08/31/17)

Watch Me (06/26/17)

This Is How You Lose Her: Namjoon (06/12/17)


To help you understand where I am in the process please refer to this sequence all of my work goes through:

Planning > Outlining > First Draft > Revised Draft > Beta Reading > Final Edit > Published

Mr. Min - Chapter 7 - Yoongi x Reader x Jungkook

You and Yoongi are reluctantly forced to spend more time together and Mrs. Min decides to take action.

First Draft - currently at: 11k

This Is How You Lose Her: Jimin - Jimin x Original Character

Revised Draft - and now randomly writing a second version of it? lmfaopleasestopmeI’mgoinginsane

Message Received (working title)- series - Mystery Member x Reader

The only thing worse than you work life was your personal life. One night stands had lost their lure and there were too many bars that knew you by name. When your overbearing (not to mention sexist) boss demanded that you join the company fundraiser and play along with their matchmaking game the last thing you expect is to find a guy who had been harboring a secret crush on you, too afraid to approach you directly. Now if only you could figure out who he was.

First Draft - > 2k

Cinder and Smoke - series - Namjoon x 2 OCs x Seokjin (the expansion of The What Ifs)

Love can make you do crazy things. Stupid things. Hurtful things. It makes you volatile and quick to judge. You lash out at those you claim to care about, carry the burden of secrets that aren’t your own, and hide in the shadows of other’s happiness. Sometimes love is too powerful. It’s a fire that can rage uncontrolled or linger as embers that go unchecked or, perhaps, unfed. Given the right fuel, we all are capable of combustion. In an ideal world, those we care for wouldn’t be caught in the flames but, all too often, we consume them whole.



My Way series - Jungkook x Reader x OC

Coming Down (working title) - one shot - Jimin x OC

Sessions - series - Therapist Namjoon x OC

Jimin x Reader Exhibitionist One Shot

This Is How You Lose Her - series - Jungkook, Yoongi, and Hoseok

BNHA Class 1-A Hogwarts Houses

Done in no particular order other than I went down a list, but I highlighted the ones I’m really firm on:


  • Bakugou “Kacchan” Katsuki
  • Shouji Mezou
  • Uraraka Ochako
  • Kirishima Eijirou
  • Ashido Mina


  • Jirou Kyouka
  • Mineta Minoru
  • Hagakure Tooru
  • Sero Hanta
  • Aoyama Yuuga
  • Todoroki Shouto


  • Midoriya “Deku” Izuku
  • Asui Tsuyu
  • Ojirou Mashirao
  • Kouda Kouji
  • Satou Rikidou


  • Yaoyorozu Momo
  • Tokoyami Fumikage
  • Kaminari Denki
  • Iida Tenya

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Hi we don't roleplay but I wanted to let you know you're such an amazing writer and artist. I hope you're feeling well-adored and comfortable! Have a good day!

||\ Mun. hbbhbihbjbibijbjibijbijbbcj That’s very sweet, though I wouldn’t say I’m an amazing writer, I have so much to learn still. Also I still get then and than mixed up no matter how many times I’ve learned it? And this also goes for drawing? Because they’re both apart of the arts and I’m always learning. Thank you so much though!

But how about I share the good feels? That’s always a good thing to do!

@fire-hearted-father || @shadows-of-shimura || @uchiha-yuka (so many accounts, and they’re all good.)

Ok, I love Skye’s writing- I have and will continue to say that for as long as I can. Skye is a generally talented person and she has such a great mind. I’ve honestly enjoyed our interactions so much even if they seem limited. Regardless the way she can get these characters in a darker mindset is so amazing. Actually she gets a lot of genres right, but I am a fan and a very lucky friend to know someone of her caliber. Or so I hope I’m her friend otherwise fvhuuhv I’m just being a dork and over stepping boundaries.

Please, read her stuff, the vines are amazing and the stories on fanfiction are great and just. Just everything she writes is pure gold! So much thought goes into everything and it’s all easy on the eyes. 


A sweet darling babe from the raniest of villages. The Mun is great and has such a wonderful personality, like I’ve generally laughed a few times with her? She makes a day a bit better with her stunning personality. Also she’s a cutie??? Such a sweet babe. The muse is a sweet lil orphan babe who Kintsugi has adopted because all of her children are actually with her and no one got to live with poopy pants Danzo has worked hard in becoming a diplomat for konoha and her original village. Baby I’m blanking right now on the village name, I’m srry.

One day me and you will have a pizza parlor that is combined with a dog shelter and more. Animal loving pizza pals.


Mirin is such a beautiful and talented person. I will fight her for this. I pretty much already have today ffff. Cause she is. BUT ANYWAYS, I love the spin she’s done to the character Yoshino Nara. Honestly she’s given her such a depth that I just adore. Not only that she has her own characters that are so detailed and beautiful and go along perfectly with the narrative she’s given Yoshino. She’s also great with coming up with alternate verses and I swear most of my verses anymore are either with her or the person below. 

Mirin ur a beautiful Italian goddess please accept my offerings of love and admiration.


BUG FAM!!! My sweet Fumio, darling sweet little she’s actually a freakin giant but I digress I love her Fumio. She is a perfect ball of imperfections and she has an interesting backstory to her. The Mun is so bright! And honestly another one who can do well in dark subjects cause her fave genre is horror and I luv because we can bond even more now that we got blood borne to show us the way. We actually usually end up some how getting into politics together and I find that hilarious because we could be discussing the complete opposite of it and still some how mange to get on the subject.

Honorable Mentions: aka Quincy is getting lazy but loves these guys a lot regardless.

@leafmedic || @icebloodedprince || @introverses || @foxkage || @fosphor || @paraxyt || @kikaichv || @anotheruchiha || @leucomystax || @pocketsystem || @zilveninde || @mita-rashi || @masterofwar || @thesunaroboticist || @tohomonai || @sunagakurenosato || @snakesage || - and so many more!

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Izaya headcanons of him dating an internet sensation who's always going on about this guy she adores to everyone without mentioning his name because there's too many people out for Izaya's ass

This ask had me laughing my ass off at all of the possibilities, I love it!

- When the two of you got together he was pretty excited about the new connections he could build for work; after your first interview as a claimed star he was completely opposed to reaching out in anyway whatsoever concerning work

- He underestimated the size and dedication of your fanbase right up until you mentioned your new boyfriend; the interview was cut short as an overly invested audience of fans did everything in their power to chase you down for questioning

- At one point a few people managed to find the address of one of Izaya’s side properties in Osaka which, to say the least, made him nervous

- He loved you with everything in him and you knew it which meant he wouldn’t leave you anytime soon if you kept up the indirect teasing

- He dreaded every interview because, as much as he loved seeing your face, he got a little antsy when you would mention something like “he’s got an interesting job” or “we visit Ikebukuro and Shinjuku pretty often”

- He needs some reassurance sometimes that you actually want him and that you’re not going to out him to the world

- He may also find ways to interrupt live interview recordings or call you after a completely coincidental power outage while you’re in a studio

- He gets a bit of payback though, you can count on it

- How much would someone pay for information on an internet superstar you may ask

- Izaya knows exactly how much and makes sure to mention it before each of your interviews so that you know too

- Pasya

Were only making plans for Neil, Nethanial and Norman but sadly, not for Nigel

Not one boy was named Nigel in the past year according to the UK census.

Other boys names that are ‘dying out’ in UK are Cecil, Cyril, Quentin, Timothy, and others too many to mention.

The most popular names these days are Harry, William, George and Olly.

HAPPY MOO-YEAR! XD Aaaaaaaahhhhh!!! 

even though it’s “Year of The Rooster” but—NYEH!

Thank y’all for spoiling the little TK bean with your love by giving him all the flavored Milk! (in exception of the ones spiked with MELK.You lovelies made such a commendable effort.) X’DDD He actually doesn’t mind drinking milk as long as he has something to dip it in!(Like Choco-chip cookies!! 8D) Drinking it straight though makes him…..well..blargh….

I’d put all of you milk givers names here but there just too many to mention! QAQlll So instead! Find your names or icon displayed behind TK! Hopefully you find it though! I made sure they’d be visible! >////<;;;

Again Thank you! X’DD Now TK will have healthy bones and sugar rushes for the rest of the year! X’DDD

Mun Facts

Repost, not reblog! Tag 6 muns you would like to get to know better when done!

Name: L
Nickname: too many to mention. None worthy of an online alias, though :’P
Age: 26 (omfg I’m 27 in just over a month)
Faceclaim: Yuri Plisetsky, for I too am an angry marshmallow.
Pronouns: They/Them
Height:  5ft 9ins.
Birthday: 8th October
Aesthetic: autumn leaves, fog and black coffee.

Last song you listened to:
I have ‘Gaston’ from Beauty & the Beast stuck in my head :’D

Favourite muse(s) you’ve written:  My OC, Web (beautyxinxdestruction), cos that little bitch is like an extension of myself, but way hotter. I can feel that Keith’s gonna be one, L from Death Note and Kayako Saeki from Ju-On.

What inspired you to take on your current muse (that you are posting this on):  My asshole bestie got me into the Netflix series and within five seconds flat of seeing Keith I was just ‘yep, he is fav’. I was inspired to write him because I feel like his mindset and his attitude is one that I am able to get into due to how I am as a person, and there are definitely elements of his personality that mirror my own. And he’s hot. That helps.

What are your favourite aspects of your current muse:  I love his determination and how, even though he’s reluctant to take on leading, he tries his best. He’s not 100% certain of himself in that respect, but he tries. I also love that he doesn’t back down from a fight, even though he can get himself into trouble; he’s no doormat.

What’s your biggest inspiration when it comes to writing:  is it cheesy to say music? Seriously, I can’t get jack shit done without music. But of course, having awesome partners to write with does, too!

Favourite types of threads: I’m an angstoholic. Something that makes me go OUCH when I’m writing. I also enjoy silly crack threads from time to time too.

Biggest struggle in regards to your current muse:  my ability in myself to write him and immerse myself in the RP fandom. I’ve been roleplaying on tumblr for nearly 4 years and I’ve been writing at length for well over a decade, and yet I’m still extremely self-conscious and really struggle with reaching out to new people, despite how much I might want to write with them. I suppose that’s not just relevant to this muse, but I know there are a lot of really good Keiths out there and I feel a little intimidated.

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Favorite Movies of 2014*

*That I got the opportunity to see

Terribly late on posting this. 

20. Locke

Tom Hardy is an incredible actor and he has proved it before, but he reminds us of it in this movie. The entire movie is just him driving in a car talking to people on the phone. That’s how the story is unfolded. I don’t recommend watching the trailer before seeing it because it is kind of false advertising, but definitely give it a watch.

19. Calvary

 A really great movie abouta priest who has lived a good life and been a good person, but is punishedbecause of it. All of the cast, especially Brendan Gleeson, are fantastic.

18. Big Hero 6

Baymax is awesome and you can’t help, but want to hug him. I’m not a big fan of long action sequences and I get it is a Marvel universe movie, but I could have done with less.

17. How to Train Your Dragon 2

Not as good as the original, in my opinion, but still a really entertaining movie. A little more story and, like Big Hero 6, shorter action sequences would have made it much better for me personally, but I’m sure others liked those scenes.

16. Under the Skin

This is one of the strangest films I have ever seen. It is dark, twisted, weird, and absolutely beautiful to look at. If you are a cinephile, you will be obsessed with this movie.

15. The Trip to Italy

Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon are hilarious yet again in the follow-up to The Trip. Beautiful scenery, amazing looking food, and plenty of laughs.

14. 22 Jump Street 

How many times is a sequel on par with the original movie? Not very often, but 22 Jump Street definitely is. Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum together are comedy gold.

13. St. Vincent

You really can’t go wrong with Bill Murray in your cast. He is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, comedic actors out there and he delivered the laughs. Although it is a hilarious film, it is also heartwarming and brought me to tears at the end. Worth a watch.

12. Chef  

This was the feel-good movie of the year. It’s upbeat all the way through. The food looked amazing and the music was incredible. If Hugo was Martin Scorsese’s love letter to movies, this was John Favreau’s love letter to food and I couldn’t mean that in a more sincere and loving way. Absolutely wonderful.

11. Boyhood 

What an accomplishment this film is. Filming a story over 12 years with the same cast? Amazing.

10. Nightcrawler

 Great performance from Jake Gyllenhaal who played creepy so well. I think he channeled Donnie Darko a bit. 

9. Only Lovers Left Alive 

A fantastic vampire movie. There isn’t much of a plot and when the movie ended, I was like, “What did I just see?!” But I found that I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Just the other night, I was falling asleep and I woke back up because I was thinking about how cool this movie was. Wonderful cast as well. Tom Hiddleston, Tilda Swinton, John Hurt, and Mia Wasikowska were all amazing. If you want your faith restored in good vampire movies, check this one out.

8. The Grand Budapest Hotel

I thoroughly enjoyed this film. It’s very dark, but still has that Wes Anderson charm. I also think it is one of Wes Anderson’s most beautiful films. There are too many names to mention because everyone was great and it was a huge cast, but everyone left their mark on the film. This has become one of my favorite Wes Anderson films.

7. Into the Woods

I’ll admit that I have never seen this musical live, but I have seen the production that aired on PBS and I love it. When I heard that Disney was making it, I was pretty scared because it is quite dark. Kudos to Disney for allowing them to keep a lot of that darkness. All of the performances were wonderful, but special shout outs to Anna Kendrick, Meryl Streep (duh), Emily Blunt and Chris Pine. All of them were absolutely incredible.

6. The Babadook

We are lucky if we get one good horror movie a year. This year, it was The Babadook.  It also happens to be one of the greatest horror movies I have ever seen. I loved the story, the ending and, of course, the Babadook (even though he is an asshole). I wish this movie got a wider release, but still be sure to watch it. It will not disappoint.

5. The Lego Movie

Hands down, this is the best animated movie of the year. Another great, creative story and it is ridiculously funny. That fact that it wasn’t even nominated for an Oscar is a travesty as there was no competition and it should have won unanimously. I’ll never get over it.

4. Obvious Child

This movie handles a difficult topic to discuss in film perfectly. Everyone involved in the film did a fantastic job of breaking down the barriers and allowing a movie to truthfully portray a woman’s right to decide. My hope is that everyone, even people who are against abortion, will watch this movie. I don’t think it will change many minds, but I think it will help people look at this topic differently.

3. Whiplash

It is not very often that I can’t figure out how a movie is going to end. This film is the exception. Up until the last few minutes, I had no idea what was going to happen and my heart was pounding. Masterful acting from J.K. Simmons and Miles Teller was marvelous as well.

2. Birdman

I can genuinely say this is one of the most incredible movies I have seen in my entire life. It is filmed beautifully. I’ve never seen anything like it. The acting is superb. Everyone had to be on their game to make this movie work. Hats off to the editors of this film as well. This movie will be shown in film classes for as long as film is relevant and I am jealous of the people who will get to study it. I know there are a lot of people who are upset it beat Boyhood for Best Picture, but Birdman was the best.

1. Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy is everything I could ever ask for in a movie. It is funny and heart-warming, it has a great story and it has fantastic characters.  I’ve heard some people call this the Star Wars of this generation and I completely agree and also completely jealous that kids get to grow up with this movie and the future sequels. I cannot recommend this film enough. 

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Ur fav stories? :3

Gosh I’ve got so many! Too many to mention all, but I’ll name a prominent few: 

Kisaragi Station (

630-296-7536 (

Underground Families (

Anna (

Ickbarr Bigelsteine (

2251 Stahlheber Road (

Faulty Wiring (

Button Day (

No-End House part 1 (

No-End House part 2:

World’s Best School Psychologist (

Paradise Pine (

Anansi’s Goatman Story (


“This lovely globe means a great deal to me. The press has been very good to me, and years ago, gave me a great start. But today, I’ve learned to appreciate, respect and value the media more than ever, by constantly making us aware of the indescribable suffering in this world. They have created a global compassion which to so many has become a life line and has in fact saved millions of lives. I’ve been given a career which has brought me nothing but fun and friends and happiness and enabled me to work with some of the greatest talents this industry has ever known. and for that, I get an award… I owe so much to so many and I know we do mention too many names in thank you speeches so I’ll only mention a few. William Wyler, Billy Wilder, King Vidor, Stanley Donen, Blake Edwards, Richard Quine, Peter Bogdanovich, Terence Young, George Cukor, Fred Zinnemann, Steven Spielberg, Gregory Peck, Humphrey Bogart, William Holden, Henry Fonda, George Peppard, Burt Lancaster, Richard Crenna, Alan Arkin, Shirley MacLaine, James Garner, Maurice Chevalier, Peter Finch, Lillian Gish, Robert Wagner, Cary Grant, Gary Cooper, Tony Perkins, Eddie Albert, Sean Connery, Peter O'Toole, Richard Dreyfuss, Rex Harrison and Fred Astaire! And of course, my dear friend and agent for 35 years, Kurt Frings. To all of them and all of you, thank you with all my heart.”

Audrey Hepburn accepts the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the 47th Annual Golden Globe Awards, on January 20, 1990

Characters who change names during a series make blogging about them hard work

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good character arc. But trying to tag your posts? I mean…

Jace Wayland
Jace Morgenstern
Jace Herondale
Jace Lightwood

Celaena Sardothien
Aelin Galathynius
Aelin Ashryver Galathynius

Clary Fray
Clary Fairchild
Clary Morgenstern
Clary Fairchild-Morgenstern
Clarissa Fray

Georgina Kincaid

Tom Marvolo Riddle
Lord Voldemort
The Dark Lord
He Who Must Not Be Named
You Know Who

I mean, come on
By Any Other Name

Somewhere between DaMvtF airing and my heart imploding, this fic turned from ‘cute, short one-shot about trans lady Ford choosing a new name and adorable family bonding’ into 'twenty-page essay on all the shit both Stan and Ford (but especially Ford) have to unpack and how Filbrick Pines ruins everything he touches’. I should just rename this AU 'everybody deals with their freaking trauma’.

Anyway, have a thing.


Ford was shaking her head no before the word was all the way out of Mabel’s mouth. Her great-niece crossed it off the list on her lavender unicorn-printed notepad with a flourish, frowning thoughtfully and tapping the pink pom-pom on the end of her pen against her chin. “Not Flora. Hmm. What about Frances - no, people won’t get it until they see it written down. Francesca?”

“Mabel, these are all old lady names.” Dipper, lying sideways across the armchair, didn’t even look up from the mystery novel he’d buried his nose in somewhere between Floramund and Frieda. 

“Dipperrrrr. Grauntie Ford is an old lady!” 

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Abhorrent One, Gilles de Rais

G-BT03/010 RRR 忌まわしき者 ジル・ド・レイ Abhorrent One, Gilles de Rais
“見よ、全ての悪徳がそこにある。(Behold, all the evil in this world stands there before you.)”
Grade 4 / G Unit / Dark Zone - Dark Irregulars - Vampire
Power 15000+
Shield N/A
Critical 1
[Stride] (Unleashed if both player’s Vanguards are Grade 3 or higher!) - Stride Step - [Select 1 or more cards from your hand, as long as their combined Grade is 3 or more, discard it] This face-down card [Stride]s onto your [Vanguard Circle].
[Activate] [[Vanguard Circle]] [Once Per Turn]: [Choose 1 face-down “Abhorrent One, Gilles de Rais” in your G Zone, flip it face-up.] If you have 10 or more cards in your Soul, during that turn, this Unit gains [Power]+1000. And if you have 15 or more cards in your Soul, during that turn, this Unit gains “[Auto] [[Vanguard Circle]]: When this Unit attacks a Vanguard, during that battle, your opponent cannot call Grade 1 or higher cards from their hand to the [Guardian Circle]. If there are 2 or more face-up cards in your G Zone, during that turn, this Unit gains Critical+1.”

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because it takes one to know one


approx. 3,000 words

In which Midorima knows he has a crush on Takao, and has no idea how to deal with it.


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it sucks that too many times out of 10 your weight gets mentioned whenever your name comes up. health is important but it should be valued by you, and no one else. frankly, as an lcs player you're already putting yourself at risk as stress takes a huge toll on your health. on that same note, weight gain is actually a result of stress lol. all in all, fuck bullies.

thx for the advice