too many names to list haha


So, I figured I would make a long list of people who have helped get me hear or have just kept me company! This is in no specific order:
@shitpost-no-kyojin - So, when I first made this tumblr not too long ago, I asked Ivana (that’s her name I’m only saying it because she has said it on her blog) for advice! Which helped tremendously! (Funfact she was my first follower) And she’s also quite a nice person and we’ve become great friends!
@definitely-not-normal / @hanjizoe-official - A great artist and my smbtf! Haha, many of you guys know her as we talk a lot over our blog, and some people (shipping anon-kun) even ship us XD Anyways, we talk a lot and she’s one of the nicest people you will ever meet (also the majority of my trolls are on her) so Thankyou!
@how-to-lifu - (it’s 4pm here, ha!) Me and Blub (that’s her nickname I think I’m allowed to use that) talk a lot, and she’s both very friendly, and very evil >:D (I mean that in the best way possible). I’ve had much fun being evil with you!
@a-youngblood-killjoy heyo! So killjoy (I’ll just use that to shorten the name) is one of the first people I met on tumblr (along with the people listed above) and was such a friendly person! I’ve really enjoyed our (90% of the time very weird) talks! Even though we can’t talk too much because of a big gap in time zones, when we can it’s always really fun, so Thankyou!
@shingeki-no-dead-otp / @reblog-your-erwin / @my-cat-trastu - another person who I’ve been talking to since day one, I also asked them for any advice when I first got a tumblr! This helped very much and along with Ivana I credit them as part of the reason I got here! I’ve really enjoyed when we talk, so Thankyou!
@likeahbraus / @rolfthesonofashepard - my DADMOM! another one of the people who I started talking to very early on when I made this! She is an amazing person and has a great interpretation of Sasha from AoT and Rolf form Ed Edd and Eddy! She’s such a nice person and very funny, so thankyou!
@ackerme - my mom (but not literally)! - I started talking to her a little later than most of the people on this list, but I sure am happy I did start talking to her! BUT MESS UP AND SHE WILL SCOLD YOUR ASS BE AFRAID BE VERY AFRAID! XD All jokes aside, she has a heart of gold and is one of the best people you will ever meet, so thanks mom!
@mommakirschtein / @mikasita-ackerman / @fokal - My Momkasa! She is a super lovely person and the first RP blog I talked to (lol I remember I threw cookies at her with @definitely-not-normal)! She is such a sweet person and all her RPs are great, so I advise checking them out! Thank you Momkasa!
@teatimewithamz - although they are the most recently met person on this list, already a great (and terrible too but in the best way possible) friendship has blossomed between us! They are a very funny person and very fun and easy to talk to! Thankyou!
@daydream24-7 - A very friendly and considerate person (and a fellow member of the Mikasa support squad!). Although we haven’t had the chance to talk too much, when we have she has always been very friendly and supportive! So, thankyou!
@redcoaster - a fellow artist (and an amazing one at that)! We haven’t been able to talk too much, but when we have the conversations have always been very fun and interesting! She is a very friendly person and very nice to talk to! If you haven’t already I advise looking at her art, it is amazing! (My personally favorite is the female Titan)! Thankyou!
@hanji-freaking-zoe-official - such a nice and easy to talk to person! Thinking about it now, I don’t quite remember how we met, but I’m sure happy we did! When we have conversations (by conversations I really mean goofing off together) they never fail to keep me entertained! So, thankyou!
@h-a-n-j-i–z-o-e - I met them pretty recently, but they are such a nice person and a great RP blog! I’ve had fun goofing off with them RPing as Levi or Ymir, and they are so easy to have fun with! Thankyou!
@annie-leonhardts-ass - A fellow member of the butt brotherhood! They are such a sweet person and I’ve always enjoyed our chats very much! (We may or may not be a cult where we make sacrifices [only occasionally human] to attack on Titan characters butts). They play a great Annie and write very well! Also their responses will never make you fail to laugh (like seriously XD)! Thankyou!
@casually-not-fitting-in - one of the sweetest people you will ever meet! We haven’t talked in a while because I’ve had finals, but I can’t wait to chat with them again! I’ve always loved our conversations and look forward to the ones ahead! Thankyou!
@bxtrxyed - another great RP blog! He is a very friendly person and we always have very enjoyable conversations! AND GUESS WHAT I WAS THAT ANON WHO SAID YOU WOULD BE SALT!!! SO, HA!! XD But all jokes aside, Thankyou!
@necrochet - Not an AoT blog, but still a hilarious person and such a fun person to talk to! WHATEVER YOU DO DONT ASK HIM TO SEND YOU PICTURES OF MUSCULAR TOAD!!!! Our conversations never fail to make me laugh! Thankyou!
@timid-warrior - another person who I met VERY recently, but nonetheless ( or should I say nichtsdestotrotz ;) ) I have very much enjoyed our conversations! They RP a fantastic Bertholdt, and they are such a nice person! AND THEY STILL WONT FREAKING TELL ME WHAT IS SO BAD ABOUT MY ICON!! I have enjoyed our conversation so much! Thankyou!
So, now that the list is over I just want to give one more big thankyou to all these people! Whether they directly helped me with my blog or are the reason I enjoy doing this and stay on tumblr, they all have positively contributed to me in some way, and I have no doubt things wouldn’t be as enjoyable without each and everyone of them! Also… I’m probably forgetting someone, and as soon as I post this I’m gonna be all like,“What I talk to them literally daily how did I forget them!?”… if you’re one of those people I’m sorry! Please message me telling me, I promise you I won’t mind! Haha, I was kinda debating being a dick and leaving out people who I always talk to to deliberately annoy them, but I decided not to! Well, anyways, this is already long enough and I doubt anyone’s gonna read the whole thing, but I also want to say Thankyou to each and everyone of you who were weird enough to somehow like my trash content! So, thankyou to all of you guys!

I was tagged in a thing by the lovely Amethyst! @invisiblemassofcurls Thank youo!!

NAME: Minako
NICKNAME: Let’s see, Mina, JC, many more…
HEIGHT: A mystery even to me (somewhat short though)
ETHNICITY: Not what my pseudonym suggests.
FAVORITE SEASON: Ooh, I mainly love fall and spring for the aesthetic and nice weather. Not this spring though, which has been terrible.
FAVORITE BOOK: Pandora Hearts (for manga), and The Great Gatsby, Catcher in the Rye, and Lord of the Flies (for real literature)
FAVORITE FLOWER: I love most flowers, but the most beautiful are blue/purple hydrangeas. I also love tulips and daffodils. 
FAVORITE SCENT: Okay, so one time I went to a waffle shop in London, and damn, it was the best experience my nose ever had.
FAVORITE COLOR: Green (especially vibrant greens)
FAVORITE ANIMAL: Manatees. They’re so cute and peaceful!
FAVORITE BEVERAGE: Erm… I don’t even know.
AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: Now that I’m free from school, I’d say 7 or 8.
FAVORITE CHARACTERS: To start: ELLIOT NIGHTRAY. Also, Chuuya has been ruining my life for a long while now. There’s all my sons: Titus, Nagisa, Oz, Atsushi, Yukine, Ebisu, Itona… There are my Queens/Waifu: Kirigiri, Kouyou, Yosano, Celty, Kurisu, Riza Hawkeye… And there are so many more in general.

I’m going to tag: @mezzato @jemi0 @leio13 @96percentdone and anyone else who wants to do this!! Of course, you’re not obligated to do this, if you don’t want. 

11 Questions Tag

Thank you @mycuddlycorner for tagging me! 

1. Favorite YouTuber/Twitcher?

This is kind of a tough one as I don’t really have one for either. I enjoy lots of different videos from lots of different people.

2. Favorite book?

Too many to chose from! I don’t think I could narrow it down to one.

3. Color that you wear the most?

Black, easily. It’s 98% of my closet.

4. What time is it at your place right now?


5. Do you take selfies? Why?

Not really. I’m not very good at taking them haha

6. Do you have a pet?

Yes! One Yorkie Poo named Coco.

7. Games you recommend everyone to play? (Or just list your favorites)

I don’t play many games. I do enjoy all of the Supernatural board games though!

8. Person you hugged last?

My little sister

9. Person you sent an ask last?

I think it was @angel-withheart about the Jimin and JK cover of “We Don’t Talk Anymore,” haha

10. Do you like cuddling?

Not usually

11. Were you 100% honest when answering these questions?


I tag: @castiel-barnes @angel-withheart @splendidcas @imamotherfuckingstar-lord (feel free to ignore!)

Here are your questions!

1. Coffee, Tea, or neither?

2. Do you collect anything?

3. Favorite color to wear and why?

4. Least favorite color to wear and why?

5. Hair up or down?

6. Last song you played?

7. Earbuds or Headphones?

8. Would you rather always be a little too warm or a little too cold?

9. Favorite adjective?

10. If you could dye your hair any color and pull it off, would you dye it? If so what color?

11. Dawn or Dusk?

imaginary-chimaera  asked:

Do you know if there is a subscription box for cute stationary? I've found Kawaiibox and Cutifypack, both have some stickers, sticky notes, and pens occasionally, but I would love to know if there was strictly a stationary one.

Hi! This is actually something I would really like for myself haha. The shipping of these are generally waaay too expensive to get in Australia. Here are some I know of (click on the names to go to their site)

Brimbles Box

Olive Box

Messy Box

Happy Mail (mostly cards, and a few stickers)

Here is another list of boxes, I’m not sure how many are still available!

I don’t really know any kawaii boxes that are JUST stationery, if anyone knows please let me know because I want it too!