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Oikawa the Senior (Citizen?) HCS

So I was in the car and passed by an adult daycare center on Oikawa’s birthday and that is why this exists ~Elle

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  • Aoba Jousai decided that they had enough of their captain’s bullshit so they leave him for a day at the adult daycare Watari’s parents work at
  • They would’ve left him at a child daycare because of his childish attitude sometimes but he would most likely not be allowed in the building
  • Oikawa is v hurt but accepts reality
  • So after a couple of hours the third years go to pick him up and
  • Oikawa is surrounded by like three old ladies, they’re all braiding each other’s hair and giggling
  • Iwaizumi doesn’t know what to think
  • Hanamaki wishes to be in that group as well
  • Matsukawa is not surprised by anything
  • When it’s time to leave the old ladies start pinching Oikawa’s cheeks and covering him with kisses and hugs
  • Oikawa kisses and hugs them all, then proceeds to blow kisses as he walks towards the door
  • “Bye-bye, Hattori-san! I hope your recovery goes well! Bye, Endo-san! Congratulations on winning the game earlier! Goodbye, Gladys! Say hello to the grandkids for me!”
  • The four of them are walking out of that building in an awkward silence Oikawa is oblivious to because he’s humming happily as he walks out with his newly styled hair
  • Seijoh’s punishment backfired because Tooru was visiting his new friends every week after that incident
  • Watari won’t allow the team back in the adult daycare ever again because Oikawa stole the attention he’s used to receiving from the senior citizens there and he wants to be doted on again