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Rich: …The Squips did this to him. Threw him off his balcony. It’s a miracle he’s still…ya know?

It’s been three months…but I’m not giving up hope yet! Jakey D is tough as nails and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s just waiting for the perfect moment to wake up again…

Just. I’ll be here for ‘im, like always, ‘cause he’s my pal. The closest bro I got.

That Thomas Sangster accent tho
  • Newt: for a minute I though you had the chops to be a runner.
  • Me: *sighs* he says runner so nicely.
  • Newt: it's the maze, changing.
  • Me: he says maze so beautifully.
  • Newt: you supposed to be the guest of honor.
  • Me: he has such a way with words *sighs deeply* how he does that?
  • Newt: you wanna be useful? Go get us some more fertilizer.
  • Me: how someone can make the word fertilizer sounds so damn adorable and attractive?
  • Newt: we are all in this together.
  • Me: *casually breaks into signing HSM while thinking how amazing Newt sounds saying those words*
  • Newt: we can't risk losing anyone else.
  • Me: his voice is the most majestic thing to ever exist, especially when he's talking to his boyfriend and saying he can't risk losing him.
  • Newt: it's a girl.
  • Me: *dies*
  • Newt: *speaks*
  • Me: *comes back to life just to have a breakdown and die once again*
  • Wes: I might add that (Newt calling Thomas, Tommy) to the next one. It sounds great coming from Thomas Brodie-Sangster.
  • Me: *in my afterlife* Don't play with my feelings like this.
  • Newt: *on Scorch Trials* thanks, Tommy.
  • Me: *squeals*
  • Me: *dies in my afterlife then dies in my after-afterlife*

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1. Name: elizabeth

2. Nicknames: many many but i prefer el

3. Zodiac Sign: leo

4. Height: 5′9 

5. Orientation: bi

6. Nationality: american

7. Favourite Fruit: i love too many to have a favorite

8. Favourite Season: summer

9. Favourite Book: the song of achilles by madeline miller

10. Favourite Movies: too many. first five to come to mind are: beauty & the beast, 13 going on 30, captain america trilogy (by marvel/disney), spirit: stallion of the cimarron 

11. Favourite Scent: dont have one

12. Favourite Color: i like most colors 

13. Favourite Animal: dog !!

14. Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate: coffee but all three are good

16. Favourite Fictional Character: that’s…………. too hard sorry i have 3849385 favorite characters

17. Number of blankets to sleep with: depends on how cold it is??

18. Dream Trip: christmas in germany w @agustdicced because she deserves lots of love and festive dick cookies 

19. Blog created: 2 months ago

20. Random fact: i have a small circle dimple on my right cheek

i tag: @lesbianblossomjimin @c-cygnus @ratbyun @pkjjm @sufferingforbts @agustdicced @clairelions @kookieminnies @jeonstyle @crossroadswrite

💝30 Questions Tag💝

i was tagged by @cocoacake thank youuu qtieeeee!♥

1. Nicknames: Mario (lol) 

2. Gender: female

3. Star sign: cancer!

4. Height: 1,60cm (5,2ft)

5. Time: 2:50pm

6. Birthday: July 10th

7. Favourite Bands: i listen to so many different kinds of bands dlkjfs

8. Favourite solo artists: probably dean, crush or sik-k?? I LISTEN TO TOO MANY PPL IDK

9. Song stuck in your head: error by vixx IM HAVING FLASHBACKS 

10. Last movie you watched: the bye bye man 

11. Last show you watched: hello counselor! ♥

12. When did you create this blog: i think it was in 2013?

13. When do you post: mostly at night if im not too exhausted:(

14. Last thing I googled: ‘’where’s the CVV in a card’’ I HAVE TO MAKE SURE

15. Do you have any other blogs: noo just usernames i want to keep

16. Do you get any asks: no never kjdfgh pls send me anything:(

17. Why did you choose your url: the moon is my greatest love since i was a child:”) (fun fact: my aunt would tear up often bc whenever i was in a car ride with her,i would always look out the window and say ‘’wow look at the little moon it’s so pretty’’) 

18. Following: 405

19. Followers: 702 ILY ALL SM

20. Favourite Colours: everything blue!

21. Average hours of sleep: 6:(

22. Lucky number: 7!

23. Instruments: i cant play any but i really want to learn how to play the guitar and the violin

24. What am I wearing: my sleeping shorts and a white tshirt

25. How many blankets I sleep with: i sleep with 1 very comfy and soft one

26. Dream job: english teacher abroad or a stylist or work in a bakery!!

27. Dream trip: sk and japan!!!

28. Favourite food: i love bbq chicken pizza and sushi!! &&all kinds of soups!

29. Nationality: greek

30. Favourite song right now: sweet lies-exo, the whole ‘love yourself:her’ album,iffy-sik-k!

i tag: @5hyuks @aovi @7flora @chimnin @youngslove @sofglows++++  @ everyone pls do thiiss!!♥♥

Goal: tag 9 people to get to know them! I was tagged by @babiijayla

Relationship status: single

Favourite lipstick colors: red, pink, black

Last song I listened to: Gashina by Sunmi

Last movie I watched: BTS Memories of 2016

Top 3 shows: The Bachelor(ette), Hockey (yes that counts), and Parks & Rec

Top 3 ships: too many lol lets not go down that rabbit hole

i’ll tag people who i already know a lot abt but considering i have limited friends its gotta be like this: @pizzaplanethq @romangodfvey @rax-writes and anyone else who wants to do this bc im lazy


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Nicknames: Too many but most common one is Cori (and various cosplay ones)

Star sign: Taurus

Gender: Female or something lol 

MBTI type: I’ve never taken this test and I’m too lazy to do it now

Height: 1,80m 180 cm or just 5′11 ft

Time: 10:20 am

Birthday: May 15th

Favorite bands: SABATON!! 

Favorite solo artists: Err I dunno, I don’t really listen to solo artists 

Song stuck in my head: None at the moment 

Last movie I watched: Harry Potter and the prisoner of Askaban 

Other blogs: here have a list: @ask-the-useless-german @ask-the-german-commander @laos-artdump @identity-mess @elysee-neighbors @romemustbestopped 

When I created my blog: Uuuh, May 2012 damn that was 5 years ago

What I post about: Hetalia, german things and also dutch things, and lots of relatable posts and stuff of my friends (occasionally some other fandoms= 

Last thing I googled: what’s the perfect facebook cover image size 

Following: 239

Followers: 388 

Favorite color: Green

Average hours of sleep: Around 8-9 hours, sometimes less, sometimes more

Lucky number: I don’t really have one hah

Instruments: I used to play the piano and guitar 

What I’m wearing: My Pj’s lol 

How many blankets I sleep with: One

Dream job: I  am so clueless, i don’t know at all. Maybe something like working as a historian at an institution and having access to all those old documents and stuff. Yea, that’d be awesome 

Dream trip: There’s so many places I wanna visit! I wanna see more of Northern Europe like Great Britain + Ireland and Scandinavia but also I wanna see more of Eastern Europe! Like Poland and the baltic states. 

Favourite food: Oh damn uh, i love Mexican food and just plain old BBQ yeah! 

Nationality: DUTCH, even tho many think it’s german lol (i feel half german if that counts) 

O right now I gotta tag people: @wait-what-pancakes @zapha @windlebonne @mmd-ask-italy @hoork @velveteen-mango @artsbysmarty 


thank you for tagging me: @deadly-calm

rules: answer the questions and tag 20 followers you’d like to know better!

01. name: sofia 

02. nickname: sofi or sof

03. zodiac sign: Scorpio 

04. height: i don’t remember lol 5′10???

05. orientation: straight

06. nationality: Chilean 

07. favorite fruit: mangoes, grapes, and watermelon 

08. favorite season: spring 

09. favorite book to read: unwind series!!!

10. favorite movie: too many i love movies

11. favorite scent: literally anything from bath & body works

12. favorite color: yellow, blue, and purple.

13. favorite animal: dogs

14. coffee, tea or hot cocoa: tea

15. average hours of sleep: if i don’t get more than 8 i cant function lol

16. favoorite fictional character: way too many 

17. number of blankets to sleep with: 3

18. dream trip: italy, spain, and brazil

19. blog created: uhhhh 2014 ?? but i  didn’t really started posting until 2016

20. followers: 716

21. random fact: i looooooooove ice cream with all my heart that’s it

here are 20 bloggers i’d like to know better!

@sinceredly @anghellrose @siopaocore @artsypuppy @emoglxtter @moood-s @moonables @02soph @katelynsgnarlyblog @fridasschild and i don’t know who else to tag sorry!

Rules: answer 30 questions and tag the people you’d like to get to know better

I was tagged by @snsdsanniversary ~ Thanks babygirl 💕💞💖

Nicknames: Zee
Gender: Female
Star Sign: Taurus
MBTI Type: ?? idk
Height: 5'7 
Time: 5:51 pm
Birthday: April 27th
Favorite Bands: Exo, Red Velvet, Seventeen, Girls’ Generation, umm too many to count
Favorite Solo Artists: Ariana Grande, Miguel, Kana Nishino, Jhene Aiko, Luhan
Song stuck in my head: Into You by Ariana Grande lol 
Last Movie I Watched: The Good Neighbor. It’s on Netflix. This movie is proof white privilege is real.

Last Show I Watched: Criminal Minds aka my favorite show
When did I create my blog: I made this account like years ago, but only started using it in Jan./Feb. cause I lost access to my old account :)))
Do you have other blogs: Ya, I have like 6 other blogs. but I mostly only use @baekhyunsbuttplug 
Last thing I googled: How to spell privilege 💀💀
Do you get asks: Lol no
Why did you choose your url: I wanted something with the word moonlight in it cause the moon is my bae, so I just slapped Sehun’s number in front of it cause it sounded nice.  
Following: 257 

Followers: 3 102

Favorite Color: Blue

Average hours of sleep: Hmm idk cause I sleep A LOT. maybe 12 hours in total? 
Lucky Number: 27, the day on which I was born.
Instruments: Piano
How many blankets do I sleep in: 1  
Dream job: I wanted to be a producer for like movies and tv shows but I can’t afford college for that so lol it’ll remain just a dream.
Dream Trip: Tour around Europe and South America.
Favorite Food: Steak. Also pizza. And pasta. And ice cream 
Nationality: American

I tag: @taeminsgrl, @taenchilada, @92s, @xbacks, @pinksones, @junganti, and @kokokjm! 💕💓💘💖 Y’all don’t have to do it if you don’t want! (except for Becca. You gotta.)

30 qs tag game

Thank you Rana, @addictionmarvel, for the tag!!

Rules: Answer thirty questions, then tag twenty blogs you would like to know better.
1. Nicknames?
Angel, Kika, Ange, Angus, too many tbh
2. Gender?
3. Star sign?
4. Height?
5′7 just about lol
5. Time?
6. Birthday?
20th March
7. Favorite band?
Catfish and the Bottlemen, Kaiser Chiefs, The Wombats and so many more
8. Favorite solo artist?
Atm defo Dua Lipa
9. Song stuck in my head?
Helena Beat - Foster the People
10. Last movie you watched?
Descendants 2
11. Last show you watched?
Gossip girl
12. When did I create my blog?
Lol idek, like 2013?? But I’ve been on this hell site since like 2010
13. What do I post?
A load of Marvel, SebStan bcs have you seen him?? Whatever catches my eye or makes me laugh, really
14. Last thing I googled?
Toothpaste kisses lyrics😂 (I was trying to prove a point??) 
15. Do you have other blogs?
16. Do you get asks?
I’ve waited 84 years….
17. Why did you choose your url?
Because I couldn’t think of anything better
18. Following?
Idek, who cares?? I’m here for Seb updates tbh
Same as previous
20. Favorite colors?
Grey, pink and blue
21. Average hours of sleep?
Probably like 5/6 maybe less maybe more idk
22. Lucky number?
Will it still be lucky if I tell you??
23. Instruments?
A little bit of piano and violin, drumssss, used to play the guitar but not long ago when I picked one up it seemed that I couldn’t remember anything lol
24. What am I wearing?
My pjs and dressing gown bcs it’s super cold in my room😭
25. How many blankets I sleep with?
2 in the summer and like 7 in the winter, the numbers gradually increase/decrease during spring/autumn - I have an unhealthy obsession,ok? 
26. Dream job?
Something to do with theatre or dance
27. Dream trip?
Atm it’s Iceland and Vietnam
28. Favorite food?
29. Nationality?
I’m a pole (sorry I just love saying it)
30. Favorite song now?
26 - Catfish and the Bottlemen
I’m gonna tag my faves: @deanwinnchesterisbae @kazekagegirl @completely-nonsequitur @kit-kat-coffeeworld @littlewichita
If you guys don’t want me to tag you bcs it’s annoying or whatever let me know, I’m pretty chill with that😊💘

21 Facts About Me!

Rules: Answer the questions and tag 20 followers you would like to know better.

name?: Kim

nickname?: A friend of mine calls me Kimmers (:

zodiac sign?: Scorpio

height?: 166cm

orientation?: Straight

nationality?: Australian, but Viet/Chinese

favorite fruit?: Mango!

favorite season?: Autumn or Spring

favorite book?: I HAVE SO MANY IC ANT CHOOSE

favorite movies?: All the High School Musical films

favorite scent?: The smell of new books or textbooks

favorite colour?: Yellow!

favorite animals?: Has been a dolphin since I was like, 5

coffee, tea, or hot cocoa?: Tea w/ milk

average hours of sleep?: I’m too embarrassed to say LOL It’s very less

favorite fictional characters?: Christina Yang from Grey’s Anatomy, Gabriella Montez from HSM, Rosie from Love, Rosie

number of blankets to sleep with?: Two!

dream trip?: Santorini

when was your blog created?: A while ago in 2015

number of followers?: More than I thought I would ever get!

random fact?: I’m born exactly nine months after Valentine’ Day wink wink

I tag all my followers ! So if you see this and want to do it, go right ahead !

tag game

i was tagged by @earthlyhansol <333!!!!

Relationship status: single :)

Favorite color: dark greyish blue 

Lipstick or chapstick: chapstick!!!! 

Last song I listened to:  Un Haeng Il Chi - Svt

Last movie I watched: ‘It’ it was gr8 lol

Book I’m currently reading: too many,,,, uh im finally reading the welcome to night vale novel!!

Top 3 characters: this is such a broad question but let’s go with Veronica from Heathers, Inej Ghafa from Six of Crows, Wallace Wells from Scott P vs The World

Top 3 ships: mm i dont rly ship much?? me x jaewon/one lmaooo 

i’ll tag @pilipiliwonpili @sixdaywithyou @belazygirl @xxxtenchittaphon @grapefruitwoozi @youngdroog if you’ve already done it or dont want to do it feel free to ignore!!! 

Facts Tag

Tagged by @taev-gucci thank you so much, I love these!!

Name: Méabh

Nicknames: Mev, Snow White (lmao)

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Height: I think 5′7 but not actually sure because it’s been a while since I last checked…

Orientation: Straight

Nationality: Irish

Favourite Fruit: Apples

Favourite Season: I haTE this question I can never choose hmm probably Winter… or Autumn…

Favourite Book: I have too many, probably all the Harry Potter books

Favourite Movies: Again, all the Harry Potter ones, Now You See Me (and Now You See Me 2), Rise of the Guardians (lol) , Letters To Juliet, High School Musical (1, 2 and 3 obviously - don’t judge me)

Favourite Scent: Smell of freshly baked bread, the sea and books

Favourite Colour: The rainbow (yes I’m that person)

Favourite Animal: Dogs, I love cats too but I’m allergic :(

Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate: TEA but Coffee when I’m dying and Hot Chocolate at night

Average Hours of Sleep: 6/7

Favourite Fictional Characters: Fred and George from Harry Potter, Emma Swan and Captain Hook from Once Upon A Time, Simon Lewis from The Mortal Instruments, Peter Pan from Peter Pan and literally every Marvel Character ever honestly

Number of Blankets to sleep with: Just one

Dream Trip: Around the world!!! Give me the cultureeeee

Blog created: I think 2016?

Number of Followers: 67

Random Fact: I do martial arts and am known for accidentally punching people in the eye, literally by accident

Tagging: @taengerinee @bangtansonyeondarnit @saltyassuga @lthyl @cloudycypher

~~~If you’ve already done it please ignore and apologies if I tag you a lot lol


Guess who got into FE hell. This is such a great game! I don’t know how to describe my feeling toward this series. The expression of characters from the movies is just… brilliant!

There are many other FE:A characters that I want to draw, I just have to find more time… hmm, I think I need time to play games too so what should I do? Haha.

And yeah, here’s a Lon'qu for you @thecarnivorouscat! Thank you for suggesting such a wonderful game! Since you and I both have him on our top favorite male characters list so I decided to draw him. Hope you don’t… mind being tagged? (Tell me if you do!)

The next is my version of male Robin and the last is Ricken (Is it hard to realize him lol). I didn’t give him much thought at the moment I first met him, and he then turned out to be one of my strongest unit so he got my attention. I really love his line “Don’t look down on me!”, it’s so full of energy.

I really don’t know if this game helps me to release my stress or to take up my time.


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TAGGING: Anyone interested / hadn’t done this yet! Calling out @dreadfularrow, @raven-with-eyes-of-red @staginstasis @pink-haired-kunoichi @brokenuchiha @oneesands 

TWO ( BIRTHDAY ): July 15

THREE ( ZODIAC SIGN ): Cancerrrrr!

FOUR ( HEIGHT ): 5′5″ last time I checked

FIVE ( TIME ): 10.52 am

SIX ( SLEEP ): Since I recently graduated college and looking for a damn job that wants me, I’ve been sleeping like a BABY lately lol 

SEVEN ( FAVORITE BOOKS ): Man, too many to count, that’s fer sure xD


NINE ( LAST MOVIE WATCHED ): Inglorious Bastards for like the 100th time lol 

TEN ( COLLEGE ): Graduated like a month ago from Graphic Design :3

ELEVEN ( DREAM JOB ): freelance illustrator like all the illustrators I admire OAO

TWELVE ( THE MEANING BEHIND YOUR URL ): well, it’s shika and he’s lazy and his last name means deer, cause they’re the deer family, so… you know xD

get to know me tag

i was tagged by @apricoto to do this! sorry it took so long but here it is finally woo. idk who to tag bc i don’t know that many ppl on here lol so if you wanna do this tag, just say i tagged you. hmu too i’d love to meet new ppl!     

relationship status

single pringle

favorite color

muave or light lavender

lipstick or chapstick


last song i listened to

ocean eyes by billie eilish

last movie i watched

spider-man: homecoming 

three fav fictional characters

i have a lot but my top three would be isadora smackle from girl meets world, noora sætre from skam, and america singer from the selection series

three fav ships

chuck & blair (chair) haha i love that ship name from gossip girl, smackle & farkle (smarkle) from girl meets world, and noora & william (noorhelm) from skam

30 Questions Meme

Rules: Answer 30 questions and tag 30 people. I was tagged by @felina-marlena-vasquez​ and I’ve had this sitting in my drafts for a week because I’m trash so I’m not going to bother tagging 30 people lol I’m sorry

1) Nickname: Gnarl

2) Gender: Female

3) Star sign: Sagittarius

4) Height: 5′6

5) Time: 11:51pm

6) Birthday: December 8th

7) Favourite bands: Brand New is the only band I’m a big fan of, but recently I’ve been listening to Too Many Zooz and it’s slowly creeping up my favourites list. 

8) Favourite solo artists: JOANNA NEWSOM, Kanye West

9) Song stuck in my head: Power by Kanye

10) Last movie I watched: The Departed

11) Last show I watched: Forensic Files 

12) When did I create my blog: August 2016

13) What do I post: Sweet elite, but mostly I just shitpost.

14) Last thing I googled: “English-Ukrainian dictionary”

15) Do you have other blogs: Yes, many.

16) Do you get asks? Occasionally

17) Why did you choose this blog name? Because Arlignton Academy is GnArLy

18) Blogs you are following: 666

19) Followers: 58 

20) Favourite colours: Red, green and yellow but only in combination with red

21) Average hours of sleep: Sometimes it’s 3, sometimes it’s 12

22) Lucky number: 5

23) Instruments: I play the violin and the flute (fuck the flute, I hate it)

24) What am I wearing: A garbage bag

25) How many blankets I sleep with: 2 in the winter, 0 in the summer.

26) Dream job: Forensic anthropologist, or leader of the free world.

27) Dream trip: New Orleans 

28) Favourite food: Miso soup, and raw salmon (can’t stand it cooked though).

29) Nationality: Canadian (w/ French and Ukrainian lineage)

30) Favourite song now: Only Skin by Joanna Newsom

“There are still a lot of movies where women are dependent on the guy. We don’t always need a love interest. We can stand on our own. There are so many movies where guys are alone, doing their own thing, so I don’t see why we can’t have that too.” –Elle Fanning