too many men!

that’s not a proper confession, Baku


daenerys stormborn of the house targaryen, first of her name, khaleesi of the great grass sea, mother of dragons, the unburnt, queen of the andals, the rhoynar, and the fir…

is the wider marvel fandom aware that gambit and storm are bffs 4ever

i mean setting aside the fact that storm got turned into a little kid for a while and gambit was totally cool taking her word for it that she was actually an adult superhero and joined the x-men on that basis (which is some Weird Comics Shit and obviously not everyone needs to know that)

just generally they are my favorite brotp of all time and i feel like not enough people are aware that storm and gambit are Best Thief Buddies and they robin hood it up and kick ass

the movies have committed many crimes but the loss of this friendship is the worst

today is a day of triumph

sort of

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Today, I got back in the pool for the first time since late January.

Man, did it feel good.

I know you guys probably couldn’t give less shits, but I’m stoked, so I had to share.

It started with the flu, which evolved into bronchitis, which developed into a nasty case of pleurisy. 

Guys, it knocked me on my ass.

So, today, being in the water, that’s something to celebrate.

It’s something to celebrate, and it’s also incredibly frustrating. I’m slow as fuck. My lungs are tired. My catch needs work. My abs are gonna be sore. 

Race season is coming, and I have lost my only edge.

Ah, well. There’s next year. 

I’m freaking exhausted, but in the very best way.

It’s very interesting to me how Black People are so protective of the Black Man’s image, but when a Black Male bashes black women, they come with “not all Black Men” when Black Women point out the anti-black woman slander BY WAAAAY TOO Many Black Men that permeates Youtube and social media.

Many Black Men say “Well, I’m not like that” yet there are no petitions to get the likes of Uncle Tommy and “brothas” like him off of Youtube and when there are petitions there’s not that many signatures. There is also little to no outrage. We know if that Black Women were on Youtube calling Black Men apes, gorillas, and other dehumanizing names in front of the entire world then her ass would be dragged up and down and all around youtube and social media. There would most definitely be a petition with thousands and thousands of signatures to get her (or they) off of Youtube (and social media)…forever. 

If Black People REALLY cared about the Black Man’s image, then they would see how all of this Black Woman bashing IS NOT A GOOD LOOK for the GLOBAL Black Male Collective. Black People would have had launched heavy, massive campaigns when these males first appeared a decade ago on Youtube (and Social Media) to stopped the anti-black woman bashing right then and there. The fucking Bat Signal would’ve went out that this behavior is  TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE and UNACCEPTABLE and makes the ENTIRE Black Race and Black Male Collective look very bad. If Black People would’ve taken these steps from jump this shit would’ve been shut all the way down and  not be waaay out of control as it is now.

Since Black People’s definition of patriarchy is Black Men abusing Black Women, this fuckery is allowed to flourish. If Black People knew what the fuck a real patriarchy entails then Black People would understand that a group of men trashing and demeaning the image of their women in front of the entire world WILL NOT win Black Men a seat at the World Table of Patriarchs because real patriarchs as Khadija says, “Provide, Protect, Produce, and Problem-Solve”  not trash their women NO MATTER how many issues (and how severe the issues) are between them and their women. 

As much as Black People stay “protecting” Black Man’s image, while these men are allowed to degrade and demean the Black Woman’s image in front of the entire world, there is NO WAY IN HELL that Black Men’s image is being looked upon favorably. Because while the Black Man is allowed to be portrayed in his original image (and while non-blacks will laugh, join in, and agree with the anti-bw vitriol), any person that is aware (which is pretty much everybody by now) of the vicious anti-black woman vitriol on Youtube and social media BY Black Men, Black Men WILL NOT BE SEEN  AS REAL MEN AND NON-DESERVING OF THE TITLE OF PATRIARCH or a seat at the global Patriarchal table. 

So No Black People DO NOT care about the Black Man’s image because if they did they would not allow the anti-black woman platforms to continue to flourish while educating Black Men and boys what it is to truly be a patriarch and win a seat at the table of patriarchs.-Fighting Misogynoir