too many lifetime movies

A Family for Christmas (1/2)

Merry Christmas to @shady-swan-jones​!  I’m your Gutter Flower Secret Santa! Although I think you figured it out already… Better late than never, right?

Summary: Attorney Killian Jones’s world is rocked when learns that his estranged father has passed away and that he may have a half-brother he never knew about. The very same day, Emma Swan walks into his office asking for his help in adopting the son she gave up years ago -  a child she somehow managed to track down after years in the foster system.  Is it fate? Can they each help the other find the family they are seeking in time for Christmas?

Otherwise known as: I watched too many Hallmark/Lifetime/FreeForm Christmas movies and this is what happened.


“Italian or Chinese?”

“Well I should think he’d be English, obviously, much like my dashing self.” Killian nudged Emma’s shoulder teasingly. “Bloody hell, Swan, what kind of detective are you?”

Emma rolled her eyes. They were two hours into another evening of scouring every corner of the internet for a trace of Killian’s elusive probable half-brother, but yet again the trail had gone frustratingly cold.

“I meant for dinner, wise-ass.”

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Guess His Name

“It’s just one night.” His mother smiled gingerly as she fixed the tie around his neck, patting it a couple times for good measure. “Maybe you’ll meet a nice boy there and he will dance with you.”

Castiel clenched his fists. “Mother, you have been watching too many Lifetime movies. The only reason I agreed to go was so that you would have pictures.”

The doorbell rang, causing his mother to clap with excitement while he sagged forward with exhaustion. How was he able to get past Junior Prom but not Senior Prom? His mother had been happy enough letting him skip last year. But now she had fantasies in her mind of him meeting a nice young man and bringing him home to meet her. If only she knew that Castiel was an outcast at school.

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Couch to 5K: 

Week 5, Day 1 

- 5 min warm up 

- Run 5 min 

- Walk 2 min

- Run 4 min

- Walk 2 min

- Run 5 min
- Walk 2 min
- Run 4 min

- 5 min cool down

App Stats:

- Avg. Run Pace: 10:41/mi 

- Avg. Walk Pace: 15:24/mi

- Overall Pace: 12:26/mi 

- Distance: 2.74 mi in 34 mins

This is the last time I will run around the lake behind my house. It’s not exactly a prime running area but it’s convenient for walking out my front door to get going.

My initial thought was that running on an unknown path (they don’t clear the leaves/brush so I don’t know what I am running on) could hurt me if I misjudge. Then, as I started through the wooded area directly around the lake, I psyched myself out thinking that at any moment a serial killer was going to jump out and kidnap me to be his next victim. I was freaking out. I even texted Emily my exact whereabouts just in case and took my headphones off (which I think made it worse because I couldn’t control my breathing while listening to myself breathe AND every crackle of leaves had me thinking I was being followed).

I’m lame. BUT I’M DONE NOW.

Tuesdayyy! Biggest Loser tonight!

I’ve racked my damn brain for some kinda shit to put here, but my day has been nothin’ but my mind goin’ numb from watching too many Lifetime movies- these things are predictable as fuck at this point, thinkin’ ‘bout just goin’ out on the beach or somethin’. How was everyone elses day/night?