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i’m..convinced the mcelroys are incapable of creating a show without a gay character of some kind? 

like. taz has 3 canon gay relationships, monster factory’s mëlissa has a girlfriend, bone dogg from touch the skyrim has kissed and married (and killed) 2 men, busto 2.0 from car boys has had intercourse with both himself and iron man, doug from law abiding citizen is undeniably falling in love with russ, and at one point in things i bought at sheetz, dwight and justin just straightup get married


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Hello! I'm working on a canon-divergent AU fic, and I was wondering...what are acceptable reasons to break a betrothal in Westeros?

Ummm… mostly we just know unacceptable reasons, really. I mean, it depends what you mean by “acceptable”. Just because one party decides to break the betrothal contract doesn’t necessarily mean the other party’s going to be especially pleased by it. And there’s certainly going to be some social criticism, one way or the other. Also, in our-world medieval times, where these could be the reasons to invalidate a betrothal:

  • revelation of an existing betrothal or marriage
  • evidence of infidelity
  • evidence of infertility
  • failure to meet the financial or property stipulations of the betrothal contract

the party whose actions invalidated the betrothal generally had to pay some kind of financial penalty. There could even be a suit for breach of promise.

But I can at least give you some reasons for broken betrothals we’ve seen in ASOIAF:

  • Joffrey Baratheon and Sansa Stark: the treason of Eddard Stark. (“Your Grace, the gods hold betrothal solemn, but your father, King Robert of blessed memory, made this pact before the Starks of Winterfell had revealed their falseness. Their crimes against the realm have freed you from any promise you might have made. So far as the Faith is concerned, there is no valid marriage contract ’twixt you and Sansa Stark.”) Mutual agreement on both sides. (Although Sansa had to make sure she didn’t look like she was pleased by it.) Note that Ned had wanted to break the betrothal based on the revelation of Joffrey’s incestuous parentage, so that would also be a reason to consider a marriage contract invalid.
  • Robb Stark and Roslin Frey: broken by him, because he married Jeyne Westerling instead. Caused the Freys to desert him, and also eventually the Red Wedding, so y’know… not exactly acceptable there.
  • Arya Stark and Elmar Frey: broken by the Freys, after Robb married Jeyne; pretty much mutual (Robb was in no position to complain, and Arya never even knew she was betrothed to begin with).
  • Brienne of Tarth and Ronnet Connington: broken by Ronnet, on meeting her, because he thought she was ugly. No mention of any financial penalties, but certainly the parents were displeased (and Brienne was utterly crushed).
  • Brienne of Tarth and Humphrey Wagstaff: because she beat him in single combat. Mutual, as he had told her he would expect her to not wear armor, and obey his wishes or be chastised, and she said she’d only allow herself to be chastised by a man who could outfight her. No mention of any financial penalties.
  • Maegor Targaryen and Rhaena Targaryen: not sure how definite the betrothal actually was (whether it was just proposed or what), but it was broken by the High Septon on the grounds of incest.
  • Duncan Targaryen and the daughter of Lord Lyonel Baratheon: broken by him, because he married Jenny of Oldstones. Which started a mini-war because of the insult to the Baratheons.
  • Jaehaerys Targaryen and Celia Tully: broken by him, because he eloped with his sister Shaera. Caused major offense to the Tullys, though it didn’t go as far as war.
  • Shaera Targaryen and Luthor Tyrell: broken by her, because she eloped with her brother Jaehaerys. Ditto re the Tyrells.
  • Daeron Targaryen and Olenna Redwyne: broken by him, because he preferred the company of his boyfriend. It’s not said how offended the Redwynes were, but Olenna likes to say she was the one who put an end to the betrothal.

(Also, several betrothals broken by the death of one of the parties before the wedding: Alys Karstark and Daryn Hornwood, Brienne of Tarth and the younger son of Bryen Caron, Robert Baratheon and Lyanna Stark, Catelyn Tully and Brandon Stark, Arianne Martell and Viserys Targaryen, Viserra Targaryen and Lord Manderly, Laena Velaryon and the son of a former Sealord of Braavos, Lucerys Velaryon and Rhaena Targaryen, Jacaerys Velaryon and Baela Targaryen, Tywald Lannister and Ellyn Reyne.)

Oh, and note that according to one rumor, Rhaenyra Targaryen tried to seduce Criston Cole because she hoped if her betrothed Laenor Velaryon found out she was not chaste, he would break their betrothal. (She didn’t want to marry him, as he was gay.) Though whether she was a virgin at her marriage or not, she and Laenor were married anyway.

Anyhow, hope that helps!


When President Nixon fired independent special prosecutor Archibald Cox during the Watergate investigation, it started a chain reaction that included the resignations of Attorney General Elliot Richardson and Deputy Attorney General William Ruckelshaus (an event that became known as “The Saturday Night Massacre”).  Public opinion turned decidedly against the President for firing the person responsible for the investigation, most saying it made Nixon “look guilty” with many politicians and those in the media saying it was “a constitutional crisis” because the President was basically demonstrating he was “above the law”.  Too many Republicans turned against him in the days that followed and impeachment loomed.  Nixon resigned before that could happen.

Got7 as police officers:

Jaebum: usually an undercover because he’s got the looks/takes the police car on a cruise when on duty/the first to fall asleep in case meetings

Mark: the single, women officers all have a thing for him, but he never notices and counts them as extremely friendly coworkers who love their job/everyday at work is a good day for him

Jackson: asks too much questions about each case/wants to help catch bad guys but is always given paperwork to do/constantly begs chief to put him in an active unit “please please please please”

Jinyoung: right hand man of the chief/tries to save Jackson from trouble most of the time/has the best stories of catching bad guys

Youngjae: the happiest officer on the job/whenever he pulls a car over for speeding, he never forgets to talk about his dog with pure excitement for a few seconds

Bambam: the officer who adds additional accessories to his uniform to display his pride in serving the community/checks himself out at every glass door before entering

Yugyeom: a newbie on the job/gets pranked too many times at the station that he pulled his gun on accident a couple of times

omgcp oc: marguerite zimmermann

hey guys! i know i haven’t really been too active with @omgcpwomenfest, but i figured i might as well talk to you about an OFC of mine! (noted: i have not thought NEARLY as much about her, or talked about her really at all on here, this is more of me just sharing a headcanon than anything!)

anyway, my contribution for OFC day is marguerite zimmermann!

•marguerite is bad bob’s mother, jack’s grandmother!

•she was born in 1933 in quebec. unfortunately, this was when the great depression was hitting pretty hard, and her dad left his wife and newborn baby soon after. he told them he was going to try to find work and just…never came back. so yeah, she had to learn to be pretty independent pretty young. her mom worked as a seamstress to pay the bills, and though they never quite starved, things were VERY tight growing up

•as you can imagine, all of these life circumstances left marguerite with a pretty low tolerance for bullshit. when she was 20 and found out her first husband was cheating on her, she moved all his furniture out on the street in front of the house and changed the locks, and that was that. she’s an icon.

•she eventually marries bob’s father about two years later, and they’re, like, crazy happy together. they have bob in 1957. unfortunately, her second husband dies from lung cancer (lifelong smoker) in 1971. bob is 14, she is 38. she never gets married again.

•listen, this woman has gone through some tough shit, but she raises her boy RIGHT. she knows how “those” hockey boys are, and after what her father and first husband did to her, she did everything within her power to make sure her son didn’t turn out that way. she made sure he didn’t neglect his studies too much (“because you won’t be playing hockey forever”), she made sure he didn’t party too hard or break too many laws, and you better believe bob grew up with a healthy respect for women.

•also, while losing her husband hurt, but what was also really difficult was trying to make it as a single mom. her husband had been the primary breadwinner, and with him gone, she and bob really struggled to get by. bob wanted to quit hockey to cut back on the bills, but she refused. she picked up two jobs, sometimes three, and they managed to pull it together for the next four years. when he got a massive contract after being drafted by the pens, she cried.

•she was strict (though fair) with bob growing up, but when jack is born? oh my godddd, she spoils him like it’s her job. she’s always calling alicia (she LOVES alicia, by the way, and frequently tells her son that she’s out of his league) and asking about him, or sending him some new toy, or asking for more photos for her scrapbooks. she’s crazy about him, and he is about her, too. going to her house makes him feel happy and safe and he doesn’t have to worry about the outside world anymore.

•after the OD, jack spends a lot of time at his grandmother’s house. she doesn’t judge him or try to make him talk. she’ll just cook the same food she did for him when she was little, and they’ll watch tv or read together quietly. he feels safe there again.

•when jack and bitty eventually adopt a daughter, they call her maggie. it’s short for marguerite.

I’m Not Really the Best - (Poly!DemoReps x Reader) Part 5

WARNING: Bullying, Pain, Injuries, Blood, Getting beat up, and Cursing.

A/N: Part 5 is done! I made a lot out of my short vacation and I hope you guys enjoy it, thank you again for the likes and reblogs. <3333333333333333

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“Hey, you know it’s alright to stay as long as you like. It’s not like my mum would know.” George said before going down the small steps of his home, “And it gets kind of lonely sometimes around the house.” He stopped at the last step, eyes soft. (Y/N) chuckled and shook her head, wearing the washed clothes she wore when she stayed at his house.

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