too many hearts lol

Felyne is the cutest kitty and I love him so much but I feel like Drago would be more suited to my town theme because he’s a cute lil dragon baby.. and my bf said he’d maybe give me Drago from his town because he actually wants Felyne haha. I like getting villagers from him because they mention him from time to time “I wonder how everyone is doing in my old town Stinky!” 

but then Felyne is incredibly adorable and so is his house exterior. I have 3 smugs but how tf am I supposed to kick out either Julian, Marshal, or Wolf Link?!! ahhhhhhhhhhhh it also means I don’t even have an uchi villager, even though I bought Fuschia’s card. If anyone could direct me to a picture of Fuschia’s house exterior I’d appreciate it!

when the clock advances

I literally can’t stand those “fans” who call top annoying or ridiculous just because he’s posting a lot of pictures on instagram. First of all, mind your own fucking buisness and don’t ever feel personally involved in anything what he does. It’s his life, he’s a free human being and can post whatever and how often he wants to. Second of all, if you really feel annoyed by what he’s posting just unfollow him. No one’s stopping you.

Personally, I find it so damn cute and touching how passionate top is with his new account and how artsy he is. It’s just damn cute and nothing else. He wants us fans to feel closer to him, to build up a connection to him and to make us feel happy. If you don’t appreciate what he’s actually doing here for us then fucking leave.