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gerrythomas_photo#canadiangoldmedalist @tessavirtue17 @virtueandmoir Announced as #canadian Flag-Bearers today. Had the pleasure of doing a feature #photographyassignment with this incredible couple in Detroit where they train in 2010. #figureskating #olympians#canadianolympicteam #fashionista#teamcanada #fashionblogger #cute #love, met Tessa at Chateau Lake Louise a couple years ago and enjoyed reminiscing our previous photo shoots 🙏🏻. 
Photo: GerryThomas

we tend to take our body for granted or completely despise it simply because of the reason that we don’t like our “size” or “shape” or even choose to neglect it at some point in our lives. We tire ourselves out until we’re completely worn out because hey, some things are more important than your physical health, right? NAH.

but seriously you gotta take care of your body and make sure to sustain it because it’s been fighting bacteria and viruses just to keep you warm and alive.

your body loves you so much. It deserves to be loved back.


Happy anniversary #BI6BAN9 ♥

How can I even begin to put into words that one group has become my entire world? I think #BI6BAN9 is a good place to start. 9 years with BIGBANG… this is such a special day because we’re not only celebrating 9 years of having BIGBANG in our lives; we’re celebrating 9 years of success, 9 years of passion, 9 years of hard work and determination, 9 years of hardships and obstacles to overcome, 9 years of good times and great memories, 9 years of smiles and laughter, and 9 years of incredible music. I think I speak for all VIPs when I say that I feel truly blessed to have BIGBANG in my life. I am so incredibly proud of you guys, for every accomplishment, every award, every praise… and that goes beyond your music. I’m proud of the men you have become, I’m proud of your kind hearts and gentle souls. I’m proud to call myself a VIP. We all are. All I want is for you all to continue on with your passions and future aspirations, and most importantly to be happy. Nothing makes VIPs happier than seeing those beautiful smiles on your faces. I’m looking forward to seeing those smiles for many years to come. VIPs thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. 

Never stop shining; even the brightest star in the sky is jealous of your light. VIPs will be forever with you, always. #VIP고객감동9주년